Rail Wars!

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Japanese: RAIL WARS! [レールウォーズ]
English: Rail Wars!
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 4, 2014 to Sep 19, 2014
Premiered: Summer 2014
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Lantis, Pony Canyon, TBS
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Passione
Genres: ActionAction, EcchiEcchi
Themes: HaremHarem, WorkplaceWorkplace
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.391 (scored by 9370793,707 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #74122
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Popularity: #1153
Members: 212,694
Favorites: 289

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Preliminary Spoiler
May 25, 2015
(At Studio Passione, a meeting between the director and the animators)

Director: Okay. Thank you for coming on such short notice. I just wanted to discuss some minor changes that I thought would be appropriate.

[Animator A and B both nodded their heads and said, “Okay.”]

Director [smiling]: Great! Okay. Animator A, you are charge of animating most scenes involving Haruka Koumi, right?

Animator A [nodding]: That is correct.

Jul 26, 2014

What a disgraceful, irredeemable, repulsive piece of trash this anime truly is. This show has thus-far been the most uninspired, lazy, and forgettable pulp I’ve ever had the misfortune of sitting through. Not a single OUNCE of effort was put into this butchering of a somewhat promising and unique concept, and while the show thinks it can distract the audience from its laughable “plot” (if you can even call it that) and its worthless, pathetic, cardboard-cutout characters with absurdly excessive fanservice, they aren’t fooling me. It's unbelievably stupid, it's misogynistic, it's cliche, it's rushed, it's... Y'know what? Let’s just go ahead and delve ...
Sep 20, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Right first review so be gentle please though feedback is welcome.

Rail wars...so lets get one thing straight right of the bat this is a HAREM ECCHI anime if you don't like those genres stay the hell away from this show.

so moving on the lead characters are all pretty generic we have Naoto Takayama your typical dense harem lead and his co-workers Aoi Sakurai the typical tsundere heroine who has a particular fondness for guns Koumi Haruka the big breasted gentle character and lastly Shou Iwaizumi who serves as the stupid best friend as well as some other minor harem members.

story....well there wasn't much ...
Oct 19, 2014
Preliminary (7/12 eps)

Rail Wars! is one of the worst anime of 2014. The series is about a bland protagonist who works as an employee of the government run railway system. He and his harem of bouncing G cup babes must fight against the evil forces of capitalist extremists that wish to privatize the Japanese Railroads using terrorist tactics. This show is like a soft core porn that was written and directed by Vladimir Lenin while he was high on mushrooms!

Plot and characters: 2/10

Rail Wars takes place in an alternate world where the only major difference seems to be that the Japanese railroads are still owned by ...
Mar 26, 2015
Rail Wars! is a confusing show. It is an ecchi harem with the primary gimmick being that it supplies the viewer with plenty of train facts.

There is no progression to this story. Although it is a harem, there are only two moments in the series that could be considered "plot development between characters" in which two different girls' announce to the screen that they have feelings for Naoto, our main character. However, while both of these girls may have revealed their feelings (to no one in the story), the only effect this has on the story is the addition of blushing throughout the ...
Nov 6, 2014
In reality, trains are actually fascinating inventions with great enterprise and a means of transportation. But put that into anime form under the title ‘Rail Wars’ and you’ll get a pseudo-harem anime where you wonder what this show is really about. Is it really about trains? Sort of. Are the characters completely devoid of interest? Somewhat. Is this show memorable for what ultimately tried to achieve? Hell no.

Based on the light novel of the same name, Rail Wars apparently takes place in some alternate version of Japan. The only difference is that the setting involves a railway system that has yet to be privatized. ...
Sep 21, 2014
Rail Wars has much to offer anyone who is interested in the Japanese way of life surrounding Public Transportation Systems and as an added result can provide some history about the industrialization of the country. It is an average anime that is surprisingly entertaining with some flaws of course. Nevertheless here's my review, continue to read and see if this show is for you.

Story: 6/10

From what is clear by the synopsis, one can probably tell they're not going to get an epic or an incredibly heart throbbing romance out of this show. You do however get a satisfying slice-of-life feel from it as ...
Jan 5, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Warning! following Review is wrote in sarcastic tone, although it quite accurately describes my feelings about that anime.

Rail Wars is yuri anime about, like name suggests, titties. Main heroin, named Takayama Naoto, is a girl, that always wanted to drive trains, so she didn't cared about anything else in her life and her education level stayed in kindergarten. Fortunately she passed high school and got admitted to Japan Rail School, where she met new friends:
Ojou-sama Titties, Police Titties, Boss Titties, Osananajimi Titties and Captain Titties. There was also Iwaizumi Shou, the only male character from main cast.

Unfortunately Naoto was born with powerful titties magnet ...
Sep 19, 2014
Ok, so another summer anime has just ended, so no more fucking around and just present my ratings for each of this anime's category:

Pathetic 1.

Story- there isn't any, in spite of what its genre states, each of this anime genre applies each one of the characters, also the plot where it's an alternate world where Japan's railway system isn't privatize and was treated by people who would like to privatize it, didn't really fan out, rather this anime's story plot was pretty random to say the least. Also, the title "Rail Wars" was simply too misleading since one would expect that there where two entities ...
Oct 3, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Not bad. Definitely is unique. I couldn't think of many related titles.

Does not have a plotline that flows through the whole series. Individual arcs. Overall they're average. Arcs are straightforward with no complex side plots or whatever.
Kind of a harem, but not in the way a harem works. If you get over the fact that the protagonist meets a lot of pretty girls, then its not a harem at all.
However, I think it would be great as a romance with an good ending.

Fluid characters, lots of still backgrounds. This is modern animation. It looks good by making the viewer's focus the best part. It ...
Sep 18, 2014
The title should be called "Oppai Wars".

STORY (2):

The story takes place in a nationalized railway system in Japan that was not privatized. Naoto Takayama and the gang are trained to become securities by doing physical training and learning how to operate trains.

In going to see this anime, I have no expectations because from the first 3 episodes, they show us fanservice like skirt blown by the wind to reveal panties, man accidentally landing on a woman with his hands grabbing her boobs. If I see another of such thing happening, I would snap.

Basically my expectations will be determined by the trailer and the first few ...
Nov 15, 2014
When I first saw the name "Rail Wars", I was thinking some futuristic style anime with fighting, action, lasers, cyber space settings, and all that! Luckily I ended up half right. There is fighting, action, and a cyber space animation paired up with the ending theme. But overall, it's an anime about trains and the troubles that come with the job of working with them. No laser shooting, space ship having, mecha fights for my rather active imagination this time around.

Let's jump right in.


The story's about following our main character, Takayama Naoto, who wants to be a train driver. He went through a boot camp ...
Oct 12, 2014
Preliminary (6/12 eps)


After that holy shift opening, Generic Harem Lead has the natural ability to lead all of the chicks to fall in love in him like some sort Whores Masturbator because of his good heart while its completely bounded by Your ordinary Harem ending, like, why can't it should've been a Hentai in the first place with the whole group banging each other excluding his one male friend? And the reason why this review exists? F**king Holden and its all about trains. Obvious Fact.

Hearing the word Harem, I pretty much see mass clones of the same thing over and over again, ...
Oct 5, 2014
Rail Wars! is a series which says would mainly discuss about train. As I thought it's quite interesting to see a series with unique main theme, I took this series. It turned out quite wrong if you want to come and see a train in this series.

As I previously mentioned above, it's a train series. It came with a good premise but deviating plot. The series follows Takayama Naoto, a boy who wants to be a train driver. But, he couldn't do that and instead, he entered as a trainee in the Railways Security Force. There he met some of his harem.

The story is quite ...
Sep 26, 2014
Ah, Rail Wars.... The trainwreck of this summer!

Okay, sorry, everybody already heard that pun but I just had to use it here. Now that this is out of the way, I think that I should start with my real review.

First of all, I think that I should mention that I'm quite interested in trains, so I actually had high hopes after I heard the title and the premise of this series. Sadly, all my hopes were crushed after the third episode.

Story: 2/10
If I'm really honest, this show is nothing for people who are interested in good stories. It's not even really good for people who ...
Jul 31, 2015
Preliminary (3/12 eps)
I wanted trains. Because I like trains a lot. I'm a huge nerd who wastes their time reading train schedules and learning about engines. So, I wanted to see trains. I got fanservice. I like hot girls, not gonna lie. But I dislike animes without plot. This anime didn't have plot.

My geeky needs are not met and I will cry.

The opening was very nice though. I liked that
Sep 27, 2014
Mixed Feelings
I'm not sure where to begin with this...show. I can't analyze it from the beginning so let's look at it from the end. SO IN OTHER WORDS, THIS SHOW IS NOW CALLED CABOOSE WARS!

On a more serious note, those looking for a serious show with a great story, interesting characters, and an overall good time, just stop right now...

This show...can be summarized by fan-service.

Let's start with breaking down the specifics.

Story: (3 of 10): Let's look at the synopsis above, now back to this. (wants to make an old spice reference, but holds it in). The synopsis is partially right. This is about ...
May 25, 2015
Rail Wars! A show about trains! Or not.

I found Rail Wars through a gif of a model train running into a woman's breasts. No joke. And if I had to describe Rail Wars, that's the gist of what I would say. Rail Wars is, pun intended, a train wreck, with a ton of boobs (and butt and legs).

Overall: 2

Rail Wars! is bad. The only things decent about the anime is art and sound, and neither are all that great. Characters are just 2D cardboard cutouts. There was no creativity in story. While the short arc formula worked for the anime, it didn't help it. Rail ...
Oct 4, 2014
Rail Wars is quite the bizarre series indeed. Anyone who actually bothers to research something would have understood that this series was going to have harem influence and the lead designers of the characters, same as the one who handled Witchblade, should also have told most people that a focus on T&A would be fundamental.

Where things really came out of the left field though was execution. From what I hear, the light novels are significantly more action packed and actually...relevant to the plot. Apparently there was a bit of an argument between the anime director and the novelist and as such the anime is nothing ...
Nov 17, 2014
Mixed Feelings
***spoiler free***

So, I wrote this review with 6 episodes released, and after watching the other half of the anime, my opinion remained the same.

What started a sort of different anime, at least for me (trains!), fell to the ordinary and pointless screen time of forced ecchi.

The 3 first episodes had an interesting development and were really getting me into the wave of the anime. Interesting story, new topic, very nice art, characthers progressing fairly well, the right ammount and balance of a good story and seduction. Sadly, from episode 4 henceforth it was just pointless ecchi just to fill the episodes. Nothing new, the ...