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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2
Mar 13, 6:05 PM
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Demi-chan wa Kataritai
Demi-chan wa Kataritai
Mar 5, 6:22 AM
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Little Witch Academia (TV)
Little Witch Academia (TV)
Feb 27, 8:32 PM
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TheRealAngel Mar 12, 3:13 PM
It's a great game nad I really like the Switch. Hope to see you on there when do you get a Switch.
TheRealAngel Mar 8, 6:07 PM
Hey you, did you get your switch?
Rosny Mar 6, 11:29 PM
Nice reviews mate! It was a blast to read, even for shows I've already seen. Some of the character writing issues mentioned in some of your reviews (Zankyō no Teroru, Erased and Higashi no Eden) definitely saved me the time. Perhaps I'll watch them some day, but there are better shows waiting, your reviews partially reaffirmed this stance.

I disagree with your take on the side characters fleshed out in Katanagatari, I found the character battle explanations/power irritating, the common used characters tropes e.g. the maniwa ninja corp, Emonzaemon uninteresting.

I didn't care much for the 'deconstruction of shounen' and while the ending was a slight shock, I simply felt underwhelmed with it all. Oh well, that's the great thing about opinions, we all have something different in mind.

Higurashi and Requiem for the Phantom sound interesting.
Anonalypse Feb 24, 10:32 AM
Nice reviews!
TheRealAngel Feb 8, 8:36 PM
Ooo that sounds cool.
TheRealAngel Feb 8, 9:20 AM
Well that's good at least. Demi Chan?
TheRealAngel Feb 4, 9:19 PM
So, how's this season for you?
Lemons-Chan Feb 2, 9:09 AM
Well I'm a big of the first season of KonoSuba and I'm really loving the second season.
Another series that I'm enjoying, but is a lot darker than I expected is definitely Kuzu no Honkai.
I'm also surprised that Studio Trigger finally made a TV series of Little Witch Academia!
Lemons-Chan Feb 1, 9:49 AM
I came from your profile picture being from Zelda: Wind Waker lol
and I've also been watching the same seasonal anime except for Onihei.
Raptor1221 Jan 30, 8:13 AM
Imho yes both are worth picking up for now. Youjo senki is surprisingly just the most fun action show in a long while. It really has you hooked by the 3rd episode (Salary man is best girl). If you go in looking for a fun thriller with a fun MC Youjo you will not be disappointed Acca's pacing is top notch and how it slowly and methodically adds tension is really well done, however how good the pay off ends up being will determine how good Acca will end up in the long run (amazing if the pay off is good, mediocre if its bad). Both are still a league bellow Rakugo which is a classic / cult classic in the making imho (I'm hype it to hell and back ik).
Raptor1221 Jan 27, 10:57 PM
I see despite me and real angel recommending Rakguo your still procrastinating one it :3.

Welp i'm gonna go out on a limb and put my list for the season so far with some thoughts.

1. Rakugo season 2: Before this aired I was wondering how it could develop upon the 1st season and thought it might be flat by comparison, but honestly it is on par and may end up being even better than the first (solid AOTY contender out the gate imho).

2. Youjo Senki: honestly a ton of fun and was a dark horse would be the best of the season imho if not for rakugo (its been slowing gaining traction and viewers once people realized it wasn't just psycho ww 1 loli killing spree). Its a nice breath of fun action heavy fresh air.

3. Acca: I love a good slow burning show personally, and Acca is pacing itself amazingly by continuously adding tension in such a slow, subtle, and stylish manner. It's up my alley and it's hard not to like it. The pay off will be the deciding factor of this show however.

4. Little Witch: its along the lines of what I expected, solid trigger animation and it expands the world well, could rise or fall depending on how well it expands upon the source.

5. Kono Suba S2: I liked season 1 enough, its more of the same... nothing of note or fresh about it beyond being more kono suba though ( which is not a bad thing tbh).

Also watching Exorcist, dragon maid, and onihei. not much of note there besides onihei having a good opening.

So whats the thoughts behind your season list?
AnimeFlyz Jan 26, 4:44 PM
have you seen my waifus man? I'm obviously a masochist.
AnimeFlyz Jan 25, 7:53 PM
Ok, so I am almost at 400 completed anime, but I wanna make it special. Should I watch Boku no Pico, yes or no?
Raptor1221 Jan 21, 4:01 PM
I mean for zelda I knew that I was gonna buy a switch eventually anyways, and that the switch version runs better with better resolutions and draw distances. So for me it just made sense to get the switch and the Botw version. (switch pre ordered along with special ed of botw).
Raptor1221 Jan 21, 8:47 AM
Youjo Senki is pretty much a thriller with good action, but it's pretty good at what it does. The hidden premise of the show is that the girl is the reincarnation of a cutthroat Japanese businesses man in an alternate world (with all memories). How it works the premise though is what has been interesting. As instead of the psychopathic stereotypical killer loli as the premise and 1st episode suggests; it turns out its more a american psycho style logical sociopath wanting to live a quite life in a new world. However the ambiguous god like being that reincarnated him goes out of it's way to thrust him into the front lines and make him faithful to "god" at every turn. Not something i'd take at all seriously, but it has been good fun overall.

ACCA on the other hand has not gotten into full blown conflict, but it has been hinting at it allot. Something just feels off about the nation in the show. On top of that the viewer and other characters cannot seem to get a bead on the MU's motives. As such he is suspected by many to be plotting a coup. The twist i'm hoping for in this show is that indeed the MU is subtly planning a Coup and I really want to see were it heads from there.

This is both these shows at episode 3 and they both could very well go to shit or get better. Right now they both are just pretty good in my book.

Also Same on console FE. Botw also has me mega hyped.