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Sep 24, 2015
Mixed Feelings
U M R Hai U M R Hai. UMA Janai yo UMARU! Hai!

That was the intro of the opening Kakushin Teki Metamaruphose. Oh I have just shrunk in size. Wait a second let me transform back into the original me.

Okay here we go. Let's not beat around the bush. Summer 2015 has been a rough season lately. Normally, Winter seasons and Summer seasons are always rough seasons for anime.

STORY (6):

The story follows Umaru with her brother Taihei who attend high school. Normally when Umaru goes home, she transformers to become a tiny person. Umaru is basically like Ant-man who transforms into a tiny ...
Sep 23, 2015
Gangsta. (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
And that's why they call me "GANGSTA"!

STORY (5):

Gangsta is based on a manga by Kohske and produced by Manglobe. Gangsta takes place in Ergastulum, a town where prostitutes, gang activities, mafia and dirty cops roam about. We follow those two protagonists known as Worick & Nicolas who has a duty to prevent crime from being committed into the city.

Gangsta the anime did show backstories on the two main characters and why they behave the way they did. I thought that was handled well. I also did like the way how the place Ergastulum is like a low-level society which also highlights the struggles that people ...
Sep 23, 2015
Let me go straight to the point. I like boobs. What guy doesn't like boobs. I also like fanservice and I believe that the ecchi genre has a lot of things going for like character development. However, the fanservice has been used too much and excessively to the point that it was disgusting and repulsive.

STORY (1):

Right now, I am currently down in the weather because of the haze in my country. But let's cut straight to the point. Bikini Warriors is basically a fetish anime with boobies giggle, asses wiggle while my eyes shrivel and my IQ dwindles.

The creators make every single ...
Sep 17, 2015
This anime to me resembles a lot like Tokyo ESP v2.0. It is pretty sad to say that Kishi Seiji has declined in quality ever since Persona 4 the Golden Animation which I didn't watch.

STORY (3):

This anime marks the 50th anniversary of Edogawa Ranpo's passing. Edogawa Ranpo was known as the Sir Author Conan Doyle of Japan who produced mystery fiction books. Now, Kishi Seiji the director undergoes this project.

You know a mystery fiction has to build tension and suspense when it comes to mystery solving and riddles to be solved. However, this anime failed on that ground. Everything was extremely cliché and countless ...
Aug 27, 2015
Ping Pong the Animation was directed by Masaaki Yuasa who worked on anime such as Space Dandy & The Tatami Galaxy. Those anime were praised by fans of his works. The reason being is that his work relies on imaginative drawings and how these drawings inspire creativity.

This anime was adapted based on the manga by Taiyo Matsumoto which became a successful hit in 1996 to 1997. This anime was like 8 years later in production.

STORY (9):

The story revolves around Peco & Smile who were good friends since childhood. They became talented ping pong players.

The story actually took an interesting way of explaining how sports ...
Jul 19, 2015
Ame-iro Cocoa (Anime) add
There is a saying "Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil".
How about another way of interpreting this show "Speak nothing, hear nothing, see nothing". Or do nothing. This is basically what this anime about. It is "Is this Order a Rabbit" the "Who gives a ****" edition.

STORY (2):

The story is about 5 dudes who work in a café. That's about it. We also have random juvenile humour like freak outs and weird costumes. We also have this joke about a guy who is mistaken as a girl. That's about it. Nothing else. It was not funny at all.

This anime was directed by Tomomi ...
Jul 7, 2015
Punch Line (Anime) add
General liberal,
deflation spiral,
Natural mineral,
Come on!

This is the Cheermancy cheer from episode 2. It has been a while since I have yet to see another good anime in Spring 2015, and finally I found one. I know, you might think that I hate this anime just because it is ecchi. To be honest, I actually enjoyed this anime.

STORY (7):

The story follows Yuta Iridatsu, a boy living in Korai House with 4 girls. Yuta was caught in an accident which turned him into a spirit, and he was guided by the cat spirit known as Chiranosuke. He has to master his spirit powers and find out how ...
Jun 25, 2015
Mixed Feelings
When Hideaki Anno, the creator of Evangelion said that Anime will die within the next 5 years, I would disagree with his statement. However, the only thing I would agree is that anime will lose its quality in the next 5 years. Everything has been rehashed and repeated from previous anime,

I thought Winter Season was awful season for anime, but Spring 2015 proved me wrong. One example would be Vampire Holmes & Ame-iro Cocoa. Although I didn't see Ame-iro Cocoa. Spring 2015 has no interesting anime for me to review, especially Knights of Sidonia season 2. If you are wondering why I am not active ...
Jun 2, 2015
O hidden door within the heart,
Guardian of untold secrets,
With this key in thy look, I bid thee open,
And reveal the story held within.

*light fades*

STORY (3):

Once upon a time, there was a generic boy named Aruto Kirihara, who is passionate about writing fiction stories. He currently lives with his annoying sister called Kiraha Kirihara, who keeps calling Aruto "Onii-chan". OMG! I am starting to have flashbacks with Pupa. One day, Aruto witnessed a girl who flew to the library to confront someone, Aurto recognised the girl that this is the same girl that he wrote in his novel, so he decided to check it out. ...
Mar 29, 2015
Love♥Love? (Anime) add
I have long held this review since I began watching anime. Well, now that I have the time to review this garbage, let's do this.

STORY (1):

This anime is part of the Cosprayers trilogy. One was the original anime, 2 was Hit wo Nerae and finally this anime. As you know, I didn't like any of the Cosprayers trilogy. They are boring, terrible and downright insulting to me. This is the anime that was brought to us by Master of Entertainment. Some of you haven't heard of that company, but it's ok. They no longer exist anymore. The reason is because they keep making bad anime ...

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