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KunPeng Sep 14, 2:07 PM
sockerdricka Sep 3, 12:47 PM
"My favorite anime/manga/character list shows my most recent favorites."

Saiunkoku is from 2006, dude.
DarkAngelz Aug 28, 5:32 PM
Hello, been awhile :) I haven't been on in ages, but some rando just dredged up an old discussion from 2014 about Hunter X Hunter's 2011 rating. I reread the thread and boy has it been awhile! You commented a bit on it too, and just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your comments... even though I wasn't really focusing on them at the time. People online can be harsh, especially to people who appear like weak targets. And... well... :D Hope you've been well :)
WanChai753 Nov 22, 2020 11:56 PM
Can you link me that thread, I don't remember. Sorry, I forget about MAL & that I had an account on it lol.
ShiKou Jun 26, 2020 6:07 PM

My Next Life as a Villainess and Tower of God are now completed! better get your hands on these two right now baam! ☺

by the way, are you familiar with Yakusoku no Neverland?
ShiKou May 25, 2020 8:01 AM
And owh by the way, the Creator of CG said that it's a 10 year project so definitely we will get to have a sequel movie soon! that's why get your hands on CG now! haha..
ShiKou May 25, 2020 7:56 AM
I will try to check it out and read that High School Debut :)

I hope it's in your liking the La Corda anyways have fun! and let me know what you think when you finish it :) about NPOT yes it's kinda weird that after Ryoma was being kicked out from the Japan Team, the Japan's coach didn't hesitate to accept him back. Yes it would have been nice if Ryoma would have stayed as a US member team and to play against Byodoin but I guess maybe it was too early for that to happen. Owh I think you missed the movie of POT The Two Samurais that's where the match of Ryoma and Ryoga happened. On the other hand, I hope Tezuka and Fuji will have a rematch soon in NPOT!

Me too haha but ofc with a mixed feelings 'coz you will feel sad for the other party 'coz the person they like will/would never like them back..

Haha and then we have "O-Chibi" the Eiji's version 😂

Haha yappari! are you familiar of Noblesse? that's the first webtoon that I've watched. I think I have to re-read the manhwa again starts from scratch. Speaking of manhwa, the MangaZone just blocked the Tower of God 😭

Yes me as well, I really like watching Historical genre in Anime esp Western settings! I hope we can get all of that in the next future anime to be released! well, in regards of Romance Anime the typical settings is definitely Schools haha if you're into High-school romance then it's in your taste but mostly viewers like High-school romance now a days.. maybe we are just too old for that haha..

but have you done the "3 episode rule" when watching anime before dropping it?

Yeap! the ending of Fushigi Yuugi was good and at the same time with heart wrenching feels! haha but my ship didn't happen! so I'm quite not satisfied about it teehee!

Yes it's been 10 years already since the Code Geass ended. I think you should watch again the Code Geass R1 and R2 first then the Fukkatsu no Lelouch..

so yea might as well not to watch the recaps unless you're fond of watching recaps? ohw about that in wikia, it's meant for Code Geass R2 since Lelouch really died at the end but got resurrected at the movie.. but at the last scene, it was deym obvious that the man who's riding the carabao was lelouch but they didn't show us that lelouch was alive in R2 that's why everyone thought he was dead and wikia put deceased status on Lelouch's bio's CG original series..

Ohw you should watch Kimetsu no Yaiba/Demon Slayer! highly recommended and since the manga is already completed then there's a more reason to watch it now! :) and yes you should watch MAGI too! I think there's a new season of the D Gray Man the hallow right? but I didn't get to watch D Gray Man properly before.. and I also really wanted to watch Magi again but maybe someday haha..

I'm just done re-watching Vampire Knight few days ago and then finished Violet Evergarden last night, have you seen this anime? now I'm currently watching Angels of Death, are you familiar with this? and after few hours of watching this I'm going back to read again the manga of Vampire Knight haha I think it's my 6th time reading this! 😅 I just can't with Kaname! 😍
ShiKou May 23, 2020 8:56 AM
ohw yea have you seen Kimetsu no Yaiba? their opening song was just too good for my ears haha.. I'm like head banging right now while listening to it again 😂
ShiKou May 23, 2020 8:54 AM
Yes definitely! like the love comes out on its natural way even thou it's not yet stated officially haha and it's no fun to tease real couples anyway haha but it still depends on how the two handle their relationships thou.. I mean 'coz some couples you can already feel like there's nothing to expect more to them coz they portrayed that way so it kinda bores you but some couples do the opposites and leave you an awe to the point of wanting more of them haha so yea might as well root for a canon/unofficial couples yet but sooner or later would be an end game.. Yes about Ryuuki and Shuurei's situation right now it's like both of them are waiting and rushing is not an issue of the two I like that concept of romance in anime they just let love blooms for them in their own perfect time.. and about that Ren and Kyoko's scene that you're talking about ofc that's definitely a doki-doki scene haha it's like a turning point of the two rather a prelude to their love story 😊

ohw haha that's because I was too hasty to finish it 'coz I'm kinda running out of time and I still have lots of anime to catch up on..

Yunoki? for me he was haha but MAL tagged him as one of the supporting characters ttchhh well I guess he's the only supporting character that turned the protagonist and the others lots of confusion and he does have a moment with the protagonist that's matchless to the other male charas of the show haha you will know soon if you watched the anime ugh I can't wait for you to watch it!

Ahh that's got to be a big NO for me if that would happened! I can't imagined SaiMono Otome Game and have Shuurei being with another guy other than Ryuuki haha just NO! good thing they don't have! I guess Sakujun was enough for being a possible option for Shuurei and a guy that can rivaled Ryuuki but glad that Sakujun fever stopped half way of the story I mean Shuurei was definitely had a crush on him! she was so confused at that time, to the point that she compared the two /sigh/ I think Shuurei's love for Ryuuki bloomed when Jyuusan-hime entered the palace as one of the candidates to be Ryuuki's wife.. Shuurei at that time kinda felt jealous towards Jyuusan-hime so please rewatch the SaiMono and finish it! haha!

ohw I don't know about that manga that The Beginning After the End.. was that an action fantasy too?

No haha what I mean is that when someone said in the anime or manga "ahh you're a loli and you're a lolicon" and then "you're a chibi (not the miniature size) or a brat" but doesn't used the word 'hey you're a shota/you're a shotacon" something like that..

I thought you already watch the anime of 7DS to the point of losing sleep but you mean the game that you were addicted to and not the anime? haha..

Haha the Shiraishi's ECSTASY thing! I thought they stopped it but I was wrong! haha NPOT manga just updated 10 chapters 13 days ago! I found it just a moment ago! so happy haha glad I checked it.. I guess it's good to check time to time so that you will know if they have a new updates or not..

TRueee they drag it down just like that as if they didn't waste their time watching it.. actually, you can really tell if the story was bad or not when you watched the first 3 episodes of the series but then why continue if you don't like the show right? you can drop it anytime you like but to finished it and then giving bad reviews.. it's just like leaving a bad impression to the other viewers that hasn't touch the story yet :( ohw yess SHOUJO type of anime is very rare to see now a days and truee it's slowly dying.. tbh, I really like Shounen type of genre but not a Harem one I don't know but Harem now a days seems so repetitive when it comes to the story plot and personality character traits too and so cliche! and YES there's a lot of SHOUJO MANGA out there that needs lots of attention! I wish anime producers could hear our own heart desires right now! 😭

I never dropped one single anime that I've watched.. even though the story isn't that good but atleast I still have reasons why I still liked the series and didn't drop it half way.. If ever I don't have the motivation to continue the series then I would just put it on-hold than drop it.. in this way, I could still be able to continue it when motivation hits me haha..

Ohw! Fushigi Yuugi! that actually brings back my high school memories! I could still remember that I cried when Nuriko died! that scene was so sad.. FY's english dubbed was good to the ears too :) that's the 1st Isekai Reverse Harem that I've watched.. these are the only Isekai RH that I know.. Kamigami no Asobi, Sengoku Night Blood, Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time, Tokyo Meiji Renka and My Next Life as a Villainess.. ugh I guess there's more Isekai Harem than Isekai Reverse Harem thou :( about the two Isekai manwha that I mentioned earlier the titles are Beware of the Villainess and I became the Mother of the Villain but I like the latter more but sad to say they don't have anime adaptations..

No I haven't read the Vampire Juujikai, was it tragically good? I really like to watch/read Vampire stories do you know some Vampire Anime/Manga that has a nice story be it a shounen-ai or shoujo-ai as long as it's a Romance Vampire series?

Okayy I will definitely tell you If I can get some time to wanting to read the Pandora Hearts :)

As for CG, yes Lelouch's death scene was so heart-wrenching! actually, I had this two cents of mine ever since the r2 ended that Lelouch was still alive and that he gained his father's code during their last confrontation.. and whoosshh! the movie Lelouch of the Resurrection was the living proof that he's still alive and now an immortal like C.C.. actually C.C told Suzaku at the movie that Lelouch really wanted to die but then C.C insisted.. and then Sunrise just made 3 alternative movie versions thou it's a recap but not totally the recaps of all the episodes from r1 to r2.. there were some added scenes that were not shown in the original series.. the creator created the movie coz they don't like the idea that the CG fans thinks that Lelouch was really dead (haha it's just so funny that the idea didn't hit me at all since I knew all along that he's still alive) and guess what! this 3 alternative versions makes my dead ship came back to life in no time! haha actually thou it pains my heart but they could have just ended it with Shirley being as good as dead but NO, the Sunrise didn't let that happen that's why CG fans said that they made the 3 movies just for Shirley haha anyways you should watch Lelouch of the Resurrection Movie it's pretty good to watch and to feel those nostalgic feelings burst out of nowhere haha.. about Akito's movies the alternative settings of CG, no I haven't watched it yet rather I don't like to watch it haha..

You're welcome! I don't think it's a phone size but just try to use it maybe it will fit and won't pixelate the image..
ShiKou May 19, 2020 2:23 PM
ohw yeah I almost forgot haha it suddenly crossed my mind right now.. about hinted romance in anime, I also like to watch even a small interactions with my ship that I like in every anime that I've watched.. example like Ryuuki x Shuurei's interactions and converse it forever gives me doki doki every time I see the two together :) you feel me right? I mean we all know that they only had a rare interactions in the series since both of them were very busy with their own works so yea I find their rare interactions so sweet and funny too ☺

I was sad coz I already finished rewatching SaiMono season 2 today 😭 it feels like I'm watching it the first time and forever wanting more! I always hate this feels.. it's always like this whenever I finished watching the series and can't get over it soon!
Diana_Sofia May 19, 2020 9:56 AM
Yeah, I've heard she watched the first episode. It's probably the first time I've recommended it to someone who agreed to watch. But I've been talking about the series a lot.

And yes, I will tell you when I'm finished with the manga.
ShiKou May 18, 2020 7:36 AM
Yea I think you should do that haha..

I kinda agree too about Kuzu no Honkai.. they're just fooling each other thou.. yes La Corda D'oro lots of bishies haha my fave chara there was Yunoki Azuma haha I just love him to bits and close second is Kazuki Hihara ☺ so enjoy watching! let me know if ever you finish the series and You're very welcome! :)

Ohw I see, yeap it's more satisfying if you only played one route with a definite ending but in Otome game you'll end up playing diff route in every character well I guess that's an Otome for us 😅 but I miss playing Otome games thou.. no you're not weird at all since you're not the only one who dislike reading fanfictions too 🙋‍♀️ haha ..

No I haven't heard that manga and true there's a lot of loli's than shota anime thou.. and Boku no pico was the good example of Shota anime.. have you seen this anime? deym I've watched this during college days coz my gay friend keeps on talking about it and so I was so curios at that time and I tried watching then fudge I regretted it /sigh/ but I don't know at that time that the boy appearance like that is called shota coz I rarely come across shota word.. I usually like the wordings Chibi and Gaki when it comes to Short Boy appearance..

Ohw yea in NPOT Yukimura and Sanada played during the training for U17 and sad to say Yukimura's tennis ability was to steal the senses of his opponent and ofc deym he's titled as a demigod by everyone so yes the gap is kinda big when it comes to the two but still despite losing the match atleast Sanada improves his skill and ability more during the harsh training.. but I was really happy when my 3 fave charas in each group shares the same room (Fuji, Yukimura and Shiraishi)

So how was your Seven deadly sins binge-watching? Did you already reach the latest season?

Yes they're mostly rated low that's why I don't really watch the recommendations on MAL.. ever since I started watching anime I'm always relying on myself I mean exploring lots of anime titles on MAL but never dug the recommendation of others coz we have different taste after all so atleast for me I watch according to my own will and taste for anime by own means of being resourceful but to be recommended personally by someone I would prefer it that way than on MAL recommendations.. do you write reviews on MAL when you finished watching the series?

Yes 'coz it's Harem that's why it's rated highly and that's where echhi stuffs happened most of the time haha so yea it's like an eye candy for some viewers.. but I prefer Reverse Harem than Harem though.. some Isekai type of anime were good to watch too esp reverse harem and historical with a good Isekai plot..

Zetsuen no Tempest do have lots of hinted romance for the two second lead characters haha and yes about Pandora Hearts I watched the anime but never had the chance to read the manga ohw me too I read some of the comments that the manga was worth the read but at the same time it's sad coz there's one character who died but I don't really know if it's legit thou that's why I didn't want to read the manga coz I don't want to know the truth :( and to think he's one of my fave characters but still.....

May I know what Reverse Harem Anime did you watch??

NTR kind of settings for anime is not really good for a viewers who like pure romance with pure shipper feels for their ship and no messed up feelings for someone involved.. coz it's kinda irritating to watch someone liking the others and end up with the others but in anime it happens all the time thou /shrugs/ esp love triangle style and your fave character doesn't end up with the protagonist ugh it's frustrating so you will just have to find another suitable partner for your fave chara so he/she won't be sad for life and ofc just to satisfy your own self haist!

No I haven't read yet those you mentioned.. remember the My Next Life is a Villainess that I mentioned to you? there's a manhwa version of it it's the same Isekai type from the novel they read haha I've already encountered two manhwa that has a word Villain in the title :D

I download it in site there's a free video downloader if you have an account.. but I rarely download anime now coz I don't want to experience the same thing again.. you know that feeling when you're putting all your efforts to download the anime that you want to watch and then suddenly with just one virus everything is gone like a wind tchhh that's why lesson learned I only stream either on Netflix or KissAnime.. I think the only anime that I still on to download is One Piece haha I already downloaded SaiMono the 2 seasons again (forever loyal with ShiKou haha) ohw speaking of SaiMono I just remembered that my username ShiKou had an actual character name in SaiMono haha do you still remember the character that has the same name with my username in SaiMono? actually I made my username after Shi and Kou the family names of Ryuuki and Shuurei but never thought after making it on my own there's a character like that in SaiMono haha funny right?

yes like the common shoujo type of pure romance anime.. reverse harem or not is really good to watch.. I wish there's still more like that to be released in the next seasons thou coz usually the anime that were aired right now are fantasy romance but has the same story again and again, it's like there's only one creator :/

Actually in Code Geass, Lelouch likes Euphie when he was still living a prince life but when they grew up, his feelings didn't grow for Euphie maybe because they parted ways since they were kids and a lot of happened too at that time that's why his feelings changed drastically.. that's why he said that probably Euphie was his first love.. he said "tabun" when saying those lines while pointing his gun to Euphie so I can't really say that it's kind of an NTR since Lelouch didn't state that he still likes Euphie.. but it's sad that Euphie had to die and Suzaku was left alone.. about Suzaku well he's okay until he pissed me off that time when he knew that Lelouch was Zero I'm just mad at him of what he did to Lelouch and he's always seeking for justice and whatsoever but still Lelouch really treasures him despite everything though.. in hinted romance in CG definitely I would say it screams for Shirley.. only Shirley he shared a romantic kind of scenes with.. If only Lelouch was a normal student he would surely end up with Shirley but Lelouch doesn't have time for love also he's a siscon 🤣 and he died at the end and Shirley was the first one he remembered in his final moment.. he had to destroy the world just to create a new one huh :( have you watch the movie Lelouch of the resurrection? and ohw Sunrise also said that the three important persons in Lelouch's life are Nunally, Suzaku and Shirley 😊

I see ahw it's okayy though.. here it is the MIKASAxMISAKA ♥ hope you like it haha..
Diana_Sofia May 17, 2020 8:38 AM
Oh, I see. I will check it out. Maybe I should try reading from the beginning, so that I can judge it on its own merit.

And I totally agree that even the minor characters were well developed. Isumi is probably one of my favorites. He appears to be calm, but in reality his emotions often get out of control, which is why he ends up losing games, despite being strong in terms of ability. He's a bit older than the rest and more mature. I don't know, I just find him very relatable.

Fun fact, I have a friend that plays Go and she has never watched Hikaru, I was really surprised to find out about it. What's more, she *does* watch anime, but somehow never heard about it before. Well, I did make it my recommendation.
By the way, I found out about the series from a friend too. Otherwise I might've never come across it.
ShiKou May 9, 2020 3:00 PM
Ahw I see :D well it's up to you thou but it's better if you will just wait for the anime to finish so that you can watch it in one go.. ahw haha it's okei to watch it even thou it felt like so redundant coz of the reason that you already read the manhwa but it's also nice to watch the animated version too esp if there's too many fight scenes happening.. then maybe It would probably make you atleast feel satisfied even if it's only the fight scenes thou.. But everyone has their own preferences so just do your thing I still support :)

but you like Japanese songs? I mean like you find yourself already downloading the theme songs of the anime that you've watched lol

I'm not trying to hype you up but trying to tempt you to watch 7deadlysin right now! but in your case, you badly want to watch Romance anime right now so just quench your thirst for some romance haha before getting your hand on 7deadly.. yeap as for Fruits Basket season 2 is still ongoing might as well just wait for it to finish so that it won't leave you hanging..

Have you seen White album 2, True Tears, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Midara na Ao-chan wa benkyou ga Dekinai, Koi to Uso, Bokura Ga Ita, Kuzu no Honkai and Watashi ga Motete Dousunda? those were some of Romance I want to recommend but maybe you already watched all of these.. but hope this will help :)

Ahh so it's not Visual novel game.. but did you try playing otome games before??

Haha gomen I misunderstood your Shota to Shouta of SkipBeat I thought you're talking personalities like Shouta a cheeky arrogant like lol and also, I've never come across to such word before until now since shota/shotacon was a rarely used words in anime unlike loli/lolicon right? or was it just me who didn't do some research? 😅

Yes POT movie was like a supernatural genre coz too much power released just by playing only one ball but you see in anime everything is possible haha so let's give them credits for that.. anyways I really like Fuji and Eiji the dream pair ofc Ryoma too! haha me as well, I really like Yukimura he's so manly despite having a pretty face haha.. Tezuka is okay but he's just too stiff sometimes and I really like his rivalry feels towards Fuji and then vice versa 😊 btw, in what sense you mean that Yuki was portrayed like a negative character? since I only start to read the part of the NPOT manga where the anime NPOT left off.. or you mean the National Final Tournament where he faced off Ryouma coz at that it came out like he was an antagonist coz the battle play was so intense..

Not really a bigger role but it's just like you wouldn't see it coming something like that.. for the romance part in Kuroshitusji I can't really see the development of Ciel and Elizabeth since romance is definitely not the focus of the story but yes Ciel do have feelings for Lizzy I guess but just not on the surface.. and Undertaker caused some big impact in the story.. deym those eyes he's so handsome! 😍

(spoiler alert) speaking of Elizabeth of 7deadly I find her a lil bit annoying thou sorry to say this.. BUT in some part of the anime where she regained something so important in her life and it's also inevitable.. I think that's the time I gradually loosen up a lil bit since she kinda changed.. you will eventually know what I meant when you watch the series...

Then let's watch DC again to our heart's content! lol try to watch this Kitsutsuki Tanteidokoro it's a mystery/detective anime but a tokyo meiji era kind of settings historical but it's still ongoing..

Are you familiar with these mystery anime Shinsekai Yori, Zetsuen no Tempest, Pandora Hearts, Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, Durarara, Taboo tatto, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Ousama Game The Animation and Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru?

30 days trial of IDM was just too inconvenient for us.. coz once expired you can't use it again tchhh that's why you need serial number but if it's a cracked one then just better uninstalled it, it's useless anyway that's what happened to my IDM sad..

but old school anime romance were nice too :) but I can relate sometimes haha I'm kinda picky choosing on what old anime to watch just to make sure that I won't waste my time rewatching it.. coz regret is always at the end you know and I don't want to feel bad lol

Yes so sad coz you can only watch it during rest days but limited time only too :( to be honest, Life can be so cruel sometimes haha

I'm more into hinted romance idk why but like SaiMono and Code Geass there's a lots of hinted romance scenes and I like to overthink things also like thinking who he/she would end up with.. esp in Code Geass since Romance isn't the focus of the story and it came out like harem so you would gradually say that "ahh this guy will end up with her or her or no one at all" isn't it exciting? esp if the guy doesn't have any interest in Love at all but slowly kind of developing feelings but can't express or just confuse haha it really brings out my excitement with that kind of set up in anime and it's rare too.. esp if you're rooting for the most possible couple to happened through out the series and you find out that you're the only one hoping things to happen the way you wanted to happened I know it's kinda crazy and heart-wrenching feels but totally worth overthinking things lol I'm so weird thou 🤣

Ohw about the picture I still don't know how to attach it here.. If it's okei to you.. Do you have Fb or IG acct? so that I can send it to you thru pm :) if it's okei??
Diana_Sofia May 9, 2020 1:26 PM
Yeah, I can definitely understand that. I've watched the series at least three times, and even though I didn't like some of the characters at the beginning, I grew really fond of them with time. If I had to choose, I would go with Akira, although he sometimes scares me, when he gets intense.
I haven't read the manga, but was thinking about it. Do you recommend it?