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Miira no Kaikata
Miira no Kaikata
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Today, 6:11 AM
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Himouto! Umaru-chan R
Himouto! Umaru-chan R
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Miira no Kaikata
Miira no Kaikata
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Himouto! Umaru-chan
Himouto! Umaru-chan
Yesterday, 8:05 AM
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Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.
Aug 11, 12:20 AM
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ShiroxYasha Apr 22, 9:04 PM
Really nice AMV's you got on your channel! Nice to find a fellow editor and One Piece fan!
Kaiki- Mar 15, 2:14 AM
Sorry for the even later reply, glad to be acquainted with you :)
_Akina Mar 7, 10:39 PM
Yes :)
starkfish Feb 21, 8:37 PM
Nice to meet you and happy that you are enjoying the series. Can hardly find any similar shows that have great female lead xD
Fuchsia Jan 10, 8:26 PM
I can definitely agree to that, I'm hoping he'll grow his friendships with the other characters further. I like Baam's base relationships with others, but typically they're not very well defined/explored, even with Koon and Rak.

I kinda like the way SIU is handling the powerlevels, it just further adds to the hype of the higher levels and such. Baam seems to be progressing decently, compared to those around him he's definitely the alpha, at least where I'm at he is.

Her face looks like Baams, unfortunately.
Fuchsia Jan 8, 12:45 AM
The comparison between TOG and OP is an accurate one, though, MIA can also be a notable comparison. Personally, I think that if TOG didn't introduce so many characters, there'd be so much more room for development and world building. With that said, I do like a good majority of the characters. In regards to Baams development, I hated that he was obsessed with the bitch, though somewhat understandable, but he's seemingly becoming more tolerable.

I can agree with that sentiment, there's so many strong fucking characters, but then again, our characters are still in the early floors. I don't mind too much if the series is drawn out, it gives more time to explore the abundance of concepts in the tower. It might also give SUI some time work on his art during battles, for the larger scale ones, as far as I remember, that was mad difficult to see what the hell was actually happening.
Fuchsia Jan 7, 7:48 PM
The thing is, there are so many characters that Baam and co consider part of the group, it's kind of hard to give all them adequate time.

My favorite character so far is Koon Ran, mainly due to his abilities, but his snarky personality is also appealing. What about you?

I personally didn't like Rak too much, he was caring and mildly funny, but not that interesting.
Fuchsia Jan 7, 6:57 PM
Wait, what arc exactly are you up to? It sounds like you're ahead of me. The last I saw, Baam finally got over her at the finale of the hell train arc. I can definitely agree with you that they're skipping floors fast without much development on individual floors, but perhaps, not every floor is important. Personally, I don't mind too much, as long as they don't progress overly fast. I think that a little more of a look into the structure of levels and proceeding levels would be awesome, we haven't yet gotten much on this.
Fuchsia Jan 7, 6:23 PM
I assume you're not up the name floor? Personally while I did really like the first season, it's getting better and better. The tower and its nuances are getting expanded upon, even more interesting characters are being introduced, and the plot arcs are improving, at least from where I left off. What don't you like about Rachels character? Do you just not like her? Or do you dislike her writing? There's a big difference, because she's written to be a bitch.
Fuchsia Jan 7, 5:55 PM
TOG used to be one of my favorite series in general but I haven't caught up since the end of name floor, how's it shaping up to be?
Sonal1988 Jan 2, 9:55 AM
Ah. Okay.
Sonal1988 Jan 2, 8:52 AM
Hahahaha it's so cute to see you make me read Noblesse. Maybe some time in the future, bc 400c is too much for me to handle rn.
Yeah, I told you - I read short manga. Most of my completed manga are 7 chapters or less. And is it me or did you change your username?
Sonal1988 Jan 2, 8:19 AM
Okay. Here are two cute stories with no questionable content in them
Whenever you're done with them, lemme know your thoughts.

I do read manga in a long strip format, but my reading is still just as slow :p
Sonal1988 Jan 2, 7:52 AM
You have to understand - I'm a slow reader, webtoon or manhwas. 450 chapters is easily gonna take me maybe 1-2 weeks to cover. See? That's why none of my manga are more than 50-60 chapters (except Kuroshitsuji).
For BL, you'll have to tell me your taste. Slice of life? Yakuza? Office romance? Divorced daddies (my fav kind)? Also, how comfortable are you with sex scenes? I skip through them so I usually don't mind manga with explicit content.
Sonal1988 Jan 2, 6:31 AM
I've had people tell me that the sharp chin turns them away
😂😂😂😂😂 I've seen sharper chins in manhwas, honestly.

Generic shoujo shows are full of cliches and dumbass female leads, so yeah. Natsume was too slow for me. Noblesse - I wanted to read that and Ten Count. BUT not only are both ongoing, Noblesse has over 400 fucking chapters. That's wayyyy too much dedication - even more than 75 episodes. I'd really rather pick up that bromance show 😂
You don't read BL, right? Bc otherwise I have some with gorgeous art in them.