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Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart
Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart
Nov 12, 1:37 PM
Completed 11/11 · Scored -
Knight's & Magic
Knight's & Magic
Nov 11, 12:44 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 8
Boku no Hero Academia: Training of the Dead
Boku no Hero Academia: Training of the Dead
Nov 10, 1:16 PM
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53 minutes ago
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Nov 9, 12:39 AM
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Koi to Uso
Koi to Uso
Nov 6, 10:23 PM
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yernnytengs Aug 6, 7:41 AM
of course! these are the biggest annual cons here! comic fiesta // [url=]animangaki]/url]
im usually there in the afternoon, like 2 or 3pm or even later so there aren't many people lining up for tickets that time, not sure about it in the morning.

i see. well, that is one of the consequences of watching any type of anime. there's not much we can do about it, but you can always read reviews about a series to know if you might like it or not. but i dont really rely on reviews since i could miss something i might like, but you need to sometimes.
yernnytengs Aug 5, 7:00 AM
ah i understand. we can lose passion in the things we love. someone told me that if you're tired of something, take a break and when you feel like you're ready, you can always go back. you might find your love for it again.

i see, my mom's family live there. they dont have a lot of acg cons there, sadly. :(
if you ever come down to west malaysia, you should go to comic fiesta. it's usually held at the end of the year, in december. it's the biggest annual acg con in malaysia. a lot of japanese artists and cosplayers are invited. also, i get these news from the event's facebook page!
yernnytengs Aug 5, 2:08 AM
no problem. because i dont have many friends from malaysia on mal so it's easy to remember ^^
it's an annual acg con held in KL, it's at sunway pyramid this year!
i see, it's necessary to take a break sometimes. it can get tiring :(
yernnytengs Jul 15, 4:24 AM
heyyy it's been awhile! how are you doing? i was scrolling through my friends list so i thought we could chat or something! :D
i remember you live in malaysia? are you going to animangaki this month?
guulaash Jul 2, 8:53 AM
the manga onhold one no doubt.
klphoenix Jul 2, 5:32 AM
it's ok.. :)
guulaash Jun 20, 7:28 AM
wow that onhold list is the biggest one ive seen so far.

oh well im catching up to your completed animelist
klphoenix May 18, 9:56 PM
thnx for accepting request.. :)
ShizuoSan May 15, 3:04 PM
Now you will have to live with the fact that because of you I did not read it. Just kidding :) I am interested in it, just not that interested. I left HxH long time ago, won’t come back again for some time. There are so many other Anime to enjoy :)
Kuma May 14, 9:50 PM
MXO was canceled because 2 consecutive bad arc.. but norarihyon and KHR was 3... i think 2 is alert... but bleach ended in 2 (fullbrings and quincy) because it's already 2 year in bottom TOC...
Kuma May 14, 8:16 PM
norarihyon no mago does canceled due low rating last 3 arc or so (axed from wsj is not that bad for older series... you need to outstrigh bad ratings for at least consecutive 2 arc or 2 years serialization)...

reborn was actually unique condition... 2 arc before last arc has bad ratings, so wsj give alert to author... but author take initiative to prefer ended it even last arc ratings was actually good...

she moved to more lax scheduled magazine(shounen jump+, a web magazine with no fixed schedule) and starting new series(eldlive).... so i think it's something about her personal choices...
ShizuoSan May 14, 7:49 AM
Hehe, I read some comments. I was listening to some song and I thought to myself this has to be a chasing scene, and in comments I saw that it was :D

I didn’t read. I rarely read manga, only when I really like Anime and I know that it won’t have a continuation. There were some exception when I couldn’t wait :) There are some manga that I intend to read but I am currently studying Japanese so I decided that the next manga I read would be in Japanese. HxH is not the one I intend to read, more so now when you told me there is more stupid stuff ahead. Although I am interested in Hisoka’s fight with Chrollo.
Kuma May 13, 9:04 PM
>I am also disappointed with Bleach, especially the final arc but not even I would be that heartless. JUMP allowed Bleach to run for about 2-3 years already for the final arc, why not another 2 months. They waited until it got to Yuha Bach to cancel the series.. really? And I totally disagree with you, JUMP can certainly change the ToC ranking if they wanted to. The thing is, JUMP doesn't care about Bleach, the only reason why it's still on going is because it sells well. They wanted Bleach to end as soon as possible. It's largely Kubo's own fault, but Bleach had only 2-3 volumes left to conclude the entire series, JUMP could've waited it out.

As for Kubo changing editor, I doubt changing editor would've even worked, Kubo wanted to write in his own style, until the end.. changing editor wouldn't have helped that, it's not like the editor is doing anything wrong. I am pretty sure part of it is because JUMP higher-ups ordered the editor of Bleach to advise Kubo to "write better" during their weekly meeting.

again, if they can manipulate TOC, they will maintain what sells the most which infact talking about bleach already proven to be wrong... why they didn't care about jump when it was one one of their highest profit series? heck even after it ended, they still made game and LA.... the fact that even bleach is axed show how they care more about TOC than selles... it simply axed because 15 universary and anounced addition to franchise... that's it, that's all to it... there is no better place to end it... and kubo is the one that not have good schedule and prepared it (which possibly anounced long before)..

also, upper have no hand in story making... it's mainly editor and writer.. they can have demand, but that's all to it... i mean, even jump has diverse style series... isobee isobee monogatari even called strange cases when upper demand more determinant things how this series can survive rather than reader, editor and writer expect...

> Well maybe I've worded that wrong. I've never liked Assassination Classroom as much as some people. From what I've heard, AssClass is amazing because of all the Japanese puns that the series had, that's why the first volume sold like 700k iirc right from the get go. Western folks love it too, but for different reason. Then the anime came and the Japanese volume got boost to 1 mil/vol. Readers loved it, yes, but it doesn't change how JUMP operates. If AssClass did average (in sales), it would most certainly be cancelled, regardless of the writing quality.

WSJ infact never axing series because sales... it's all abot TOC... i mean, hinomarou zoumou never even break 70K, but they are already 14 vol already in jump... saiki never axed even sales extreamly low and got adaptation in their 23rd volume when their sales is barely 80K... (the anime make it 100K, but that'sit... they still continue to this days...)

>Everything is on decline nowadays, sports TV ratings like ESPN and etc. thanks to Internet.

By long manga, I mean those that can run for 10 years without dragging. Yes, those episodic series like Gintama, Kochikame or Saiki Kusuo no Sainan can run for a very long time, if they are able to keep up the quality, but except for Gintama (which is ending soon I heard, also occasionally plot heavy), none of the other series attract enough fans to actually keep their interest in JUMP as a whole. When Naruto ended, the fans desperately look for new manga to read, that's when BnHA came in and sold like 200k for the first volume iirc. Naruto was selling around 700k during its final run, 200k gone to BnHA.. yes, I know it's the tankobon sales, but overall they still technically lost 500k potential buyers.

Think about it like this.. assuming that when BnHA came along, Naruto has not ended, therefore there's no new surge of fans looking for a new manga to read. What if, and I say what if, BnHA didn't do so well, and it got cancelled after the first few volumes? This is what I hear from some fans, that "the BnHA manga got better later on". If Naruto didn't end, BnHA didn't absorb the lost Naruto fans, BnHA could have potentially been canned, and JUMP would have lost a series that had the potential to be one of their pillars.

Ultimately, what I am trying to say is, it is not right to judge a series prematurely from its first few chapter. Hungry Joker I heard was rushed because the mangaka was desperately trying to survive the first few months of ToC ranking, then it got cancelled. Yes, JUMP is doing the readers vote thing to keep the magazine sales up, but instead of improving upon it, JUMP is trying to maintain the sales, which imo is the wrong way to go in business. You never want to keep it at a stalemate in a business, you take chance, and you risk it. JUMP doesn't take chance, that's why eventually the sales will go down. (due to wrong business choice, nothing to do with the industry as a whole) edit: One Piece didn't become One Piece until 2010 when Strong World come along, in its 14th(?) year of serialization.

Speaking of the industry, do you think Japan should distribute their anime and manga internationally? Maybe not the physical copy, but something like Crunchyroll / Steam, distribute it through the net, let people pay and subscribe to it, allow them to download it, etc. Seems like the world is heading towards that direction right now.. A lot of business rely heavily on the internet as well, instead of opening a store somewhere.

again, what determining series will survive on jump long or not is mainly author and readers by TOC rangkings... i mean haikyuu and BNHA possibly to get as longer as they can as long author want it and reader demand it... there is no "what if" condition in there... if it TOC rangking is bad, it mean readers doesn't demand it hence why they will axed... i don't see why wsj would manipulate TOC ranking when in fact it's oftenly not a best choices marketing wise and purely reader want will make magazine sales more stable...
ShizuoSan May 13, 8:07 AM
I completely agree with you. Except I would say that I enjoyed the first parts of HxH, that’s why I was so disappointed seeing it going the way it did. The Gon’s resurrection in my eyes is a show stopping “mistake”. I would appreciate it more if all of the characters came together and started crying and the power of friendship healed him. That is how bad that scene was in my eyes. :) I didn’t think it was possible for Anime to insult me as much, but that part managed to. Seeing people worshiping it opens the old wound :)

Yeah I am of the same opinion. I rarely get into debates over internet especially over anime. But I had such high hopes for HxH so I had to post something afterwards. It does have some pretty interesting characters.

Now you are trying to get me to watch 1999 version :D I am sure that I would have enjoyed it if I watched. Maybe after some time when I forget what happens.

I am not sure if I listened to every song you’ve sent me. I’ve just typed HxH 1999 Ost and listened to it. :) It was nice, but for me the biggest enjoyment is when while watching song starts and you feel like it perfectly describes the scene. Also after when listening to it again, It awakens that feeling. :)
Kuma May 12, 4:32 PM
>It's weird that no results show up after I did some google search. I do remember reading about it though. Maybe not the same case, but I remember the recent heartfelt Kubo tweet about how the editors at JUMP wanted him to change his way of writing, but because of a support from a fan with chronic illness(?), he insisted on writing the story the way he wanted it, and eventually JUMP cancelled his manga. I know Bleach has been on the bottom of the ToC ranking for years, but it's getting really close to ending already, maybe another 1 or 2 volumes left, all that was left was Yuha Bach. Also, the top guys in JUMP can switch around the manga ranking on the ToC.. I just find it hard-pressed to believe that even though there are around 300k fans who would purchase the tankobon for Bleach, there's not even a few thousand of votes for the series on JUMP..

it was editor problem, and kubo actually can change editor if he want, but he isn't right? also manga part he want to draw (fullbring arc onwards) was dissapointing most of readers (including me)... maybe i admit the axing was kinda too harsh, but it was used for 15 years anniversary... just like toriko (10 years) and kovhikame (40 years, but it was mainly mangaka choices for this one)...

also no, they can't, the result was showed of pretty fair IIRC... if they really care about it, they would never axed bleach and just manipulate the polls since even it's TOC ranking in bottom, it still sells 700K/vol which still one of biggest sellers in jump..

> I have not read the Yakusoku Neverland (or whatever you call it) yet, but it doesn't strike me as a manga that has the potential to go for a long run, similar to Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. AssClass was lucky that it was popular in Japan straight from its first chapter.

there is no luckyness on TOC, it depend you can pick reader interest or not... they can chose make full plan, or rough plan, or no plan, but the main purpose is still readers... all of them ever works...

> My point is that, WSJ desperately needs a long running manga that can survive at least 10 years serialization once One Piece has ended. The magazine will surely take a hit in sales once OP ended. None of the other series could go on for 10 years without some dragging. If you look at some of the manga which has been serialized for over 10 years, some of them have a rather slow/weak beginning, they needed time to get the story going.. JUMP needs to learn that certain series need some time to take off. I mean, you can blame the writing skill of the mangaka, but there's a reason why editor is needed in JUMP, to guide the mangaka. I remember the massive hype for Hungry Joker one-shot a few years ago, I waited out for the serialization and the series ended before I even got to read it.

Anyway, I feel like I am starting to get "ranty", so I'll refrain from posting this on the forum. As big as WSJ is, huge part of its success can be contributed to the long running manga, and they're currently short of a manga that could last for a very long time. One Piece's longetivity in a way has established a stable fanbase for WSJ imo. At the rate they're cancelling manga that started slow, they won't find their next huge manga in a while.

the problem is WSJ currently on decline (it's not wsj problem but industry as whole, every paper magazine is decline nowdays)... also actually, they can make long manga from current series alone... again, as long the author want become long run and people satisfied with development, even something like kochikame or saiki can be long run... wsj is not the one that mainly decided it, it is the readers....