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ShiKou Oct 31, 11:25 AM
Sorry for the late reply, my desktop got sick haha but I think it's fine now anyways, if u dont mind how old are u?

There's a bunch of Reverse Harem that are good to watch I esp. like kamisama kiss too :) but the only anime u mentioned and I haven't watched yet is Hanasakeru Seishounen. If it's okeii to u I'll just name the Reverse Harem that I've watched that aren't mentioned here like Amnesia, Aracana Famiglia, Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie, Brothers Conflict, Dance with Devils, Diabolik Lovers, Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku, Heart no Kuni no ALice, Harukanaru Toki no Naka De, Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi (ecchi), Pretear, Juuza Engi Engetsu Sangokuden and Starry Sky. But these were the old ones. I did check the new aired Reverse Harem but haven't watched them yet.

Yes Negima is so cute haha but I didn't finish the series yet and yes their kiss scenes were cute as well. Who's your bet for negi? Haha I guess when you're used to love the first protagonist then you can't fully embrace the new protagonist for the sequel.

Keima is a genius when it comes to a game haha me as well I haven't read the manga yet, I think his end game was Chihiro, well not that I'm against it but I really liked Elsie to be paired up with Keima but sad to say Elsie sees him as a brother only. /sigh/

Yes Hentai Ouji is a harem and you're right it's cute thou it's ecchi but not the sexual one haha.. ohw speaking of Harem, here's my lists that I've watched. 11 eyes, Absolute Dou, Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka, Amagi Brilliant Park, Asu no Yoichi, Black Bullet, C3, Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, Chuunibyou demo koi ga shita, Grisaia no Kajitsu, Grisaia no Rakuen, Hidan no Aria, High School DxD, Hoshizora e Kakaru hashi, Hundred, Isuca, Juuou Mujin no Fafnir, Kagi Hime Monogatari, TWGOK, Kore wa Zombie desu-ka?, Kuusen Madoushi, Masou Gakuen HxH, Mondaiji-Tachi ga Isekai (u should watch this if u haven't yet), Nisekoi (this too), Ore, Twintail Narimasu, Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, Saenai Heroine, Seiken Tsukai no World Break, Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, Shinmai Maou no Testament, Taimadou Gakuen 35, Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete and Yosuga no Sora /yokatta!/ hahaha but as usual the old ones and dose of ecchi stuffs.

Me as well, I'm kinda disappointed that it was Naru's brother /ugh/ remember that scene where Mai was possessed by a child's spirit and she's clingy to Lin (Naru's assistant) coz the child that possessed Mai thought that Lin was his father /ugh/ that scene really always breaks my heart into pieces and to think it was christmas at that time :( but I'm done rewatching it so I have to moved on.

Rewatching Skip Beat now! hahaha my heart always on doki doki when it comes to Ren ♥ I must read the manga right after rewatching the anime :) and I will surely tell you and hopefully we have the same part atleast I mean I hope I can guess the part you're talking about haha

I'm not into a Tsundere type of character when it comes to Guys 'coz I tend to somewhat prefer a character like Ryuuki, Kaname, Ren, Levi and SooWon type of characters but for a Girl being a tsundere I'll give credits for that 'coz it's a typical one esp in harem but for some reasons a tsundere girl is more like a wild and a sadist one compared to a guy (tsundere type) which I don't really like. I'm more into Shuurei, Mai, Mimiko, Hotaru and Kyoko (the badass one) type of female characters and yes I bluntly like Mikasa even though she's plainly boring and her driving force was all about Eren but I don't know she's just so cool and strong when she had a fight scenes haha well that's her advantage I guess and ofcourse she's pretty too!

Have you watched Black Blood Brothers(mimiko) and Aoharu x Machinegun?(hotaru) and also Binbougami ga! and Assassination Classroom? Ugh I just love these anime!

Yes both aren't related to each other with a different timeline but the same name of the Protagonist. What I mean is that, I finished the Blood C and didn't finish the Blood+ but as far as I know yes the Blood C ended conclusively in series and in movie, I just don't know about the latter.

I don't really like the arts of Toradora and it weirded me too 'coz the girl there was very tiny and the guy looks so giant compared to her that makes the guy a lolicon :/

Ohw? so you mean Kourin and Eigetsu? haha sorry I never thought of these two as kids anymore since the day they kissed and it's effin' two kiss scenes in the series haha they actually have a kissed scene in season 2 but my ship only happened in season 1 haha sad but yeah they're kids what am I thinking? /teehee/ I haven't read anything about them as well since the season 2 ended. As for the kid that was guiding Shuurei's daughter and refusing to become an emperor (he's actually a crown prince in Saiunkoku) I was talking about Hyou Riou Jr. the one with silver grayish hair and his father was the senior (same name) who mistook Shuurei as a rose princess (shuurei's mother). Yes there were other kids too! remember the two condor/thieves kids (Youshun and Shourin) of Sa Province that helped Shuurei and took good care of Shunki the wife of Kokujun, the youngest brother of Sakujun. Then the other girl kid (ugh really forgot her name) in season 2 together with Hyou Riou Jr. during the snow fox/illness episodes, that kid became a politician just like Shuurei. Okeii I was pretty being detailed here gomen for that ;)

So Nodame is pretty interesting to watch 'coz it won't leave you hanging since it's completed in anime and no need to read the other adaptations to get more into the story? well that's quite good, but what bothers me is that they hurt each other it's odd for me imo haha maybe because I'm not used seeing a guy hurting a girl esp when it's a romcom, shoujo, slice of life genre well unless if that's an action shounen anime with a life and death battle between two opposite sex then maybe just maybe i'll consider it :D but Nodame was into that kind of set-up so I guess that's what makes them unique. They're not really aiming for the typical masochist guy/sadist girl route in anime.

Ohw really? so you finished watching Peace Maker just recently? haha then how was it?? Did Okita make your heart skip a beat? haha joudan da yo! You think so too? I guess you're right that I'M TOTALLY MERU MERU INLOVE WITH OKITA SOUJI ♥ I discovered PMK after SaiMono and Tactics. Yes they have actually movies you should watch the first one 'coz the second movie hasn't aired yet. I also read the manga but sad to say they didn't finish it. I'm actually searching about Okita Souji or any Shinsengumi related manga and then I found Kaze Hikaru but the protagonist there was a girl and poses as a boy so that she can join the Shinsengumi to become strong and to avenge the death of her father and brother. But Souji discovered her true gender but promised to keep it a secret and later on the chapters the girl fell inlove with souji and souji looks like a flounder a very cute one though ☺ you should read this one highly recommended one esp to those who likes Shinsengumi :)

Hinted romance in PP? yea there are plenty! hahah if you're a Fujoshi die hard then eventually you can smell those hinted romance hahah no not a rich school setting just a typical average one but what makes it different it's that they're a cross-dresser and a bishies too haha..

Any ANIME MOVIE you can recommend?

/sigh/ now I know the reason why I can't do any progress when watching new anime esp the aired ones 'coz I'm always stuck watching the old ones haha..
RafaelDeJongh Oct 28, 3:59 PM
My illness is still at large, got a whole lot of clients these days so anime watching takes a bit less of a priority to me as earlier. But yea still doing okay I guess, and usually I watch it on my MiBox and not comment a lot anymore as it's not that handy to write something on an android TV.
ShidoItsuka74739 Oct 26, 3:45 PM
I feel like your right
Now im feeling excited and can't wait to see it
ShiKou Oct 25, 4:19 AM
When you're an adult and have a hectic schedules you can hardly find time to binge-watch anime and pull an all-nighter haha..

What reverse harem anime you've watched? Yeah I have watched some episodes of Hayate no Gotoku on Animax back then and it was good. Also harem anime like Mahou Sensei Negima, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, Outbreak Company and Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata were good too and the girls were not that really wild and sly compared to the other harem anime like High School Dxd, Yosuga no Sora, High School of the dead etc. they're more on ecchi things haha.. but you see in ANIME WORLD there's always a (tsundere,dandere,yandere and kuudere) the 4 common types of characters in anime haha.. ohw wellss :)

Haha really? I bet on Taichi for now haha but how about Chihaya herself does she have developed feelings between the two guys?

No, I haven't yet but I have watched some clips of Shiki on Youtube like how the girl was killed and became a vampire.. you know what? actually I did what I said back then that I want to rewatch Ghost Hunt and yes I did freakin' watch last night! ohw ehm gee! I just realized how I missed Mai and Naru so much and their never ending nonsense argues and those hinted romance! hahahhaa.. I think I need to rewatch Skip Beat, Peace Maker and SaiMono after Ghost Hunt haha still can't get over to old anime though :)

Nope, Blood C and Blood+ were different but both have the same name of the heroine "SAYA" and a vampire thing. I prefer watching Blood C (it's the only anime that I'm cursing the other characters in front of the screen while watching it 'coz poor Saya there) 'coz Fumito was so handsome but he's behind all the evilness but he did love Saya but sad to say he died (in the Movie) and the other characters that I cursed as well (in the series).. for the first time I never thought that I would rage and said mean/cursed words while watching anime but Blood C made me do it haha.. you should watch it thou.. while on the other hand Blood+ was pretty good too but never got the chance to finish the series. If I could remember clearly I think Saya in Blood+ had twin evil sister.

Haha sorry I thought you like the Sakujun Saga thing but I guess you're really rooting for Ryuuki haha.. well me too, when dp screams SHIKOU haha they're my OTP afterall, but it's just that I want some challenge between the two guys when it comes to Shuurei. Remember that scene where Ryuuki said to Shuurei that if ever Shuurei would marry another guy she had to tell Ryuuki first so that Ryuuki could challenge the guy into a duel and to put off their wedding if they had one so yea I guess I need to have Sakujun for that but too bad it won't happen haha.. yess very true that Shuurei was always caught off guard when it comes to Sakujun thou. But still, I knew that Ryuuki will always be the end game so I'm no worrywart when it comes to these two. So throw who ever rival to compete against Ryuuki for winning Shuurei's heart but in the end Shuurei will still choose Ryuuki haha.. I really like the stolen kisses of Ryuuki to Shuurei and ofcourse their childish fights :)

You mean the two kids with a girl (I forgot their names) that was helping Shuurei during the Sakujun saga? I don't know what happened to them after the season 2 ended. Never heard/read about them but if its about the two kids in season 2 (the boy and a girl, also forgot their names deymm) the boy work at the palace and guided the daughter of Shuurei 'coz he refused to become an emperor so the daughter of Shuurei and Ryuuki became the Empress and the girl became an official just like Shuurei If I'm not mistaken. Ugh I hate this! Season 3 please come out already! :(

Ohw!? I thought the girl was the one playing the violin when I first saw their Visual key on ML long time ago but I was wrong 'coz when I checked it again it was the guy haha.. about these two I can't really fathom that the guy would hurt the girl as well whenever they had fights since lots of anime out there that mostly the guys were the masochist one and won't even raise a hand to hurt a girl but Nodame Cantabile was different though /confused/ but that scene was funny haha..

Ohw yess! and the ending song of Peace Maker was amazing too! :) yess sad to say but both anime had bad endings (I mean the series of Hakouki 'coz the Peace maker have two movies maybe they will cover the end of the Shinsengumi there but I hope not even though I knew already that they will all die but can't grasp to see Okita die just noooo!) maybe because they really made for the history one on what really happened to the real Shinsengumi during bakumatsu period and real OKITA SOUJI died because of Tuberculosis and there's still no cure at that time so sad :(

Yes Gin is one of my fave main characters too alongside with Luffy. Actually in Shounen anime, I always end up liking the second lead or even supporting characters but Gin and Luffy are an exemption 'coz they know how to capture my heart. Well, Eren in Shingeki no Kyojin and Yuu in Owari no Seraph were okay too they're not annoying like Naruto (sorry to say this haha).

I back read our convo, and you were asking about Princess Princess Anime right? sorry I just noticed it now. About PP, it's comedy, shoujo and slice of life genre with 3 main guys (bishies) it's an all-boys school so to hype the students they need to cross-dress :) well it's pretty interesting and funny you should watch highly recommended! :)

mainavi Oct 24, 8:19 PM
You should watch it, and because its setting is in college its kind of different from other sports anime which characters are always in high school etc.

Oh no, the light novel ends already and they adapted the whole light novel.
ShidoItsuka74739 Oct 24, 2:20 PM
Well damn you're gonna be waiting a long fuckin time
ShidoItsuka74739 Oct 24, 8:12 AM
Lol thanks for the summary and ikr but didn't they announce shield hero season 2 and 3 at same time
stand Oct 24, 2:41 AM
Hi, I saw you in the sport anime thread. Can you PM me the answer to stuff I was wondering about.
If I watch Hikaru no Go will I at least think it ended at an okay place?
Because I heard that the manga just kind of stops. I wouldn't like to have that feeling if I sat through 75 episodes. Don't spoil anything important please.

Also wow you have a Tribe Cool Crew character in your favs, what an extremely underrated series. I was watching it when it was airing and it seemed like only 10 or less of us here on MAL were watching it lol. I never finished it because I didn't have time back then but now i'm inspired to go back and complete it. It was a fun series!
ShidoItsuka74739 Oct 23, 11:05 AM
I finished shield hero but for some fuckin reason i can't remember the ending of the last episode
ShidoItsuka74739 Oct 23, 1:56 AM
Oh i get what your saying and makes sense
mainavi Oct 22, 5:29 PM
That`s true... Manga is always way better. ^^

ahhhh...that was really aweful. :(

hmmm..... Run with the wind? it was a light novel turned anime, the start is kinda slow but at the end it gets better. ^^
ShiKou Oct 22, 1:05 PM
Me as well, sometimes I prefer reading manga 'coz you can easily catch up or even reach the latest chapters in no time than to watch anime with 24mins. per episodes and usually have filler episodes too and it's really a time consuming sometimes (but it's worth it haha I'm an all nighter when it comes to Anime/Manga). Like in One Piece and Naruto they have so many filler episodes but still I did watch them 'coz I cant afford to skip one episode if I'm in a binge-watched mode haha.. well, fantasy genre is okei since SaiMono is fantasy as well but not the typical one. I actually prefer reverse harem than harem though :)

I used to watch DC series back then together with Dragon Ball Z (primary days) but I stop watching it and many years have passed so I tried watching it again and can't even reach 50 episodes and so I did a shortcut to 300ish episodes haha and then stop half way again then switched back to watch their movies until realization hit me that I can hardly understand the series so might as well take a risk by watching it from the start so yea currenty binge-watching DC series but still on episode 12 though I still have a long looong wayyyy to gooo hahhaa I also want to rewatch the MAGIC KAITO KID he had actually got his debut.

Owh really? so Taichi did confess his feelings for Chihaya? I didn't know that ohw well how the hell would I know I didn't even bother to watch one episode of it but some clips on youtube only teehee :') sorry maybe I could find time to watch the series since my niece and nephew have already watched Chihayafuru season 1 and 2 (I was the reason why they like anime thou I infected my virus to them haha) and they said (AND YOU SAID) that the anime was pretty good so maybe I should give it a try. I would love to find out who will she end up with but I think it's obvious that Arata is the end game :)

Haha I think Shiki is way better than Corpse Party though I have seen lots of clips of Shiki especially the brutal scenes but not as gruesome as the Corpse Party (I just can't fathom this anime haha) speaking of brutal anime, I highly recommend Blood C, Higurashi when they cry and Another if you haven't watched it yet.

Yes SaiMono is really a masterpiece for me. Plot-twist, Characters (esp the supporting charas that were given a chance to shine) the china settings, the story, the background music (esp Shuurei's erhu) the Opening and Ending songs, the SAKURA garden and ofcourse the historical fantasy romantic comedy drama genre all in one and you can find it only in SaiMono (I'm such a biased haha gomen) SaiMono is the reason why I really like SAKURAsss and the reason why I really like to set foot in JAPAN just too see a real one haha.. about the Sakujun saga? tbh, I also really liked Sakujun for Shuurei it's like Sakujun and Ryuuki are quite similar in some ways that even Shuurei compared them but they're very different. I really can't paint Sakujun as a bad guy on the series haha I really find his character very interesting and he's very witty and very manipulative (just like Kaname of VK) but was stupid enough to drink the poison and Shuurei had to slap him for that >.< but I wish he was still alive though so that he could ruin Ryuuki's gut just a little bit when it comes to winning Shuurei's heart (I just really love this girl a very good model for a girl/lady/woman out there). Actually, I really liked for these two to have a confrontation someday but I guess it won't happen anyway.. how about you? what's your thoughts about Sakujun?

I haven't watched Nodame Cantabile yet, was it good? I think the guy there plays piano while the girl plays violin? am I wrong?

I really love Shinsengumi because of OKITA SOUJI of PEACE MAKER KUROGANE well for me it's the best version of Shinsengumi. I don't really like Hakouki another shinsengumi anime have you seen this anime? they're vampires or maybe I'm just not used to it since Peace Maker was the first shinsengumi I have watched. And also, I don't really like the heroine of Hakouki I'm kinda annoyed at her and to think she and Shuurei have the same seiyuu.. ohw GINTAMA?? the only parody anime that is really eye-catching haha GIN is so funny thou and ohw Sougo Okita too is ♥
ShidoItsuka74739 Oct 21, 8:23 AM
Both im watching multiple series while waiting for a lot the episodes for that anime to come out. what about you?
ShiKou Oct 21, 7:42 AM
yess Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi are the most well-known yaoi anime maybe because they have 3 couples but the story was good too. I have watched Love stage the main there looks like a girl haha.. high five to Yaoi than Yuri feels thou hahaa

Yess I guess lots of Shounen anime that has been released now a days than Shoujo anime :( then also more Manhwa than Manga /sigh/ I really prefer reading manga eventhough its monochrome.

HxH remake had two movies and no ovas but the old one had ovas. I really like DC actually im starting to watch it from the very first episode and I have watched also their movies right now Im movie 16 out of 22 haha.. Sasuke and Itachi are the only reason why I watched naruto. Me as well, I really liked european settings thats why I really like Kuroshitsuji they have ova and movie please do watch and rewatch the two seasons if you have time. Thank you :) Owari no Seraph is good too..

I have watched some episodes of Chihayafuru and I like Taichi there well I guess we're not on the same page when it comes to Chihaya :D and yes there's upcoming season 3 :) you must be really excited right now? How I wish SaiMono had season 3 too :(

omooo! yesss Ghost Hunt is ♥ it's comedy too I really like Mai and Naru haha then there's another horror anime that I watched the Corpse Party deymm I regret watching it so scary and what's worse was that I end up watching it til the end well its only ovas thou but still it creeps the heck out of me haha and I think I watched Ghost hunt and Corpse party around 12 am alone with lights off ugh remembering those days makes me want to watch Ghost Hunt again but CP no more hahah..

beyond feels? actually I really don't know why I used that words haha I mean not the same amount of feels 'coz some anime has a big impact for me like SaiMono so it's beyond feels and can't be compared to others well on my end that's beyond feels I can't contain haha..

Are you fond of Shinsengumi? :)

mainavi Oct 20, 6:56 PM
Ur right, the reason why I love seinen is because it takes its time to tell its stories. Vinland is really good as well as vagabond but vagabond probably won`t get an anime because of its art. The art style is god so it will be difficult to animate it I guess. Oh they are monthly that`s why when they took break it really takes time. But Vinland is consistent lately its just that vagabond took a long break.

Ahh...yeah, come of age story is easy to relate too that`s why its my cup of tea. ^^
Missing Hikaru no go. I took a break in reading sangatsu no lion manga what`s happening there?