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Nasa Yuzaki (由崎 星空)

"My name is Yuzaki Nasa!! The man who'll attain the speed of light faster than NASA!!"
After being bullied for his unusual name at a young age, Nasa Yuzaki wanted people to respect his name, rather than laugh at its uniqueness. He decided that in order to make that happen, he felt he needed to study harder than anyone else. Through this, he somewhat achieves his goal.

He marries Tsukasa after she saves his life in chapter 1. Although he is shown to be somewhat pervy, he is a very good partner to Tsukasa.

Nasa is an extremely organized person. He states a few times that "even if [his] house were to burn down, it would be okay", as all of his possessions are either digital or replaceable.

Voice Actors
Enoki, Junya
Aguilar, Zach
Stein, Flemming
Bismuth-Bienaimé, Gabriel
Becerril, Diego
Alcântara, Pedro
Portuguese (BR)