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Oct 2, 2014
Himegoto (Anime) add
As, I've finish watching this omake............I'm guessing that what animes were called that only runs for a maximum of 4 mins, ok, I just gonna get straight to the point, so here are my ratings for this omake:

Warning, contains slight spoilers.

Good 7:

Story: Himegoto or Secret Princess is a gender bender and the first one I've watched, I'd probably say that it was quite unique, when the story plot focuses on a girly boy who was left with a mountain of debt by his no good parents and has to be the student councils's dog since they're the ones who had settled it, now it ...
Sep 25, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Bueno let's ROCK! Btw, this is a repost, co'z the mods said so.

Ok, so the 12 episode of this musical anime has ended, so without further adieu, I hereby present my ratings for each of this anime's category:

Poor 3.

Story- Basically, it has a very shallow plot, now , I don't know if the plot can be compare to a video game since according to Wikipedia the series was originally a video game that was adapted into a manga and then anime, well either way the historical aspect of the anime was a complete desecration of Japanese history. Clearly, this anime's plot was more on ...
Sep 19, 2014
Rail Wars! (Anime) add
Ok, so another summer anime has just ended, so no more fucking around and just present my ratings for each of this anime's category:

Pathetic 1.

Story- there isn't any, in spite of what its genre states, each of this anime genre applies each one of the characters, also the plot where it's an alternate world where Japan's railway system isn't privatize and was treated by people who would like to privatize it, didn't really fan out, rather this anime's story plot was pretty random to say the least. Also, the title "Rail Wars" was simply too misleading since one would expect that there where two entities ...
Sep 19, 2014
Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
WTF kind of anime that I just watched?

That's my reaction after watching the last episode and according to the forum commentators, it was pretty much rushed and they were certainly right. I guess you might said that some manga would have better be left as mangas than be adapted as an anime...that is, if studios such as studio Pierrot won't do it right, so I'm gonna keep my review of this anime simple as I present my ratings for each of this anime's category:

Pathetic 1.

Story- it was basically another one of those plot where the protagonist become somewhat of a........let's just say being able ...
Aug 8, 2014
Ok, time to make my review.

Poor 3.

Story- Co'z I find the plot pretty simple and most of it were pretty random to say the least, and that's as simple as I can put it.

Decent 4.

Art- Well, despite of some fanservice, I guess I could forgive this anime, since such thing doesn't make it too erotic.

Jul 27, 2014
Very Good: 8.

Story- It's plot was totally unique, in the sense that it revolves around a moral lesson, where forgiving is divine, no other anime (that I know of) that does that kind of plot where a moral lesson take over as to what the situation is. Ok, so the plot specs was a bit too cheesy of sorts and often wasn't very clear as to why certain country of sort put a group of people in a flying island that seems to defy the laws of physics only to have it sacrifice to the so called "End Of the Sky."

Fair 6.

Art- I'd probably ...
Jul 2, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Duh.........Ok another 2014 spring anime has ended, and I guessing another anime with the same harem plot is in the works for the upcoming summer season, so, here are my ratings for each of this anime's category:

Mediocre 5:

Story- Pretty much a typical sci-fi anime where it involves the usual science project who is trying to escape, and the usual harem type where it involves guy getting involve with the harem's predicament. Also, there is that misused terminology where I would never understood as to why the original creator used it, let's not for get that this anime's title is "Gokukoku no Brynhildr" where the ...
Jun 27, 2014
Blade & Soul (Anime) add
Bueno, muchachos another action josei pack anime has ended, so I'm not gonna fuck around, so with out any adieu, here are my ratings for each of this anime's category:

Good 7.

Story- I like the story where it revolves around an assassin who is trying to find her soul, now let's not forget that this anime's title "Blade and Soul" can be interpreted as an evil person who is trying to find redemption were it was more of a metaphor than a title, the plot may be good but not very good because the dramatic part didn't come along until the middle of part of the ...
Jun 22, 2014
Well then, that was nice so another reverse harem 2014 spring anime has ended, so no more fucking around as I state my ratings for each of this anime's category:

Very Good 8:

Story- At first I thought that it's gonna be one of those usual reverse harem genre, but then again it's a bit different as the plot focuses on a girls whose mission was to make them deities understand the meaning of being human and therefore ending their never-dying bickering for one another. Well, of course there were still those usual helping one another thing and the competition for the maiden's heart and a usual ...
Jun 19, 2014
Bueno, that's it folks....unless there is a season 2. Enough of that, so another 2014 spring anime has ended and frankly I couldn't care less if it's only 11 episodes, so no more fucking around as I present my ratings for each of this anime's category:

Fair 6.

Story- Ok, it is good but not good enough, since the plot itself was full of potholes that as larger as moon craters, now I can't imagine that a teeny bopper like Nanana would be able able to accumulate such riches through treasure hunting. Ok, so she has some help from her band called the "Great 7," so, ...

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