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Oct 4, 2014
Rail Wars is quite the bizarre series indeed. Anyone who actually bothers to research something would have understood that this series was going to have harem influence and the lead designers of the characters, same as the one who handled Witchblade, should also have told most people that a focus on T&A would be fundamental.

Where things really came out of the left field though was execution. From what I hear, the light novels are significantly more action packed and actually...relevant to the plot. Apparently there was a bit of an argument between the anime director and the novelist and as such the anime is nothing read more
Sep 24, 2014
Plain and simple. That's the name of the game with this show. Sabagebu is a solid comedy that had surprisingly great potential early on, and then somewhat dips a bit below later. It never gets bad nor does it ever become amazing, but it does suffer from a few problems here and there. I was hoping for something akin to a successor to Yuru Yuri (I believe the director of both shows might be the same person, but I am not sure) and it was not quite that. Of course I cannot fault it for it not being something that it was not setting out read more
Jul 30, 2014
Truly a terrible series, but boy does it have a wonderful idea. The concept is excellent. Cockroaches used to establish Mars as a place for humans to move to in order to deal with overpopulation, but things go wrong and the roaches somehow evolve into hostile sentient creatures. In this way it boils down to a war between humans and cockroaches, but now the roaches are the dominant being.

It sounds so great on paper, but the execution is among the absolute worst I have ever encountered in a manga. In the end of the day it is your typical battle shounen, except quite a deal read more