Sep 24, 2014
Harry_Ord (All reviews)
Plain and simple. That's the name of the game with this show. Sabagebu is a solid comedy that had surprisingly great potential early on, and then somewhat dips a bit below later. It never gets bad nor does it ever become amazing, but it does suffer from a few problems here and there. I was hoping for something akin to a successor to Yuru Yuri (I believe the director of both shows might be the same person, but I am not sure) and it was not quite that. Of course I cannot fault it for it not being something that it was not setting out to be.

What I can fault it for are things like its music. One thing that drove me insane with this show was its extremely small soundtrack. All the songs are fun enough, but it is honest to goodness something akin to only two or three songs that just keep getting played over and over again, multiple times an episode. I'm sure plenty of anime do this (especially comedies), but never has it been so blatantly obvious to me.

The cast and voice acting are top notch however. Even the strange perverted otaku Lemon ends up being a ton of fun and always a pleasure to have around. The protagonist is definitely unique among your typical ones too and her cruel nature becomes the butt of most of the game's gags. Every now and then the show would remember the airsoft theme, but it feels odd how rarely utilized it actually is. From the getgo it tells you not to take it seriously, but even for comedic effect the shootings can be somewhat rare. That being said, what this show does best is shake things up. The circumstances and setting for each episode vary so greatly that you sometimes can question if the writer was changed constantly. It's a lot of fun too since it will refer to things like Predator, Alien, Chuck Norris, Arnold, and Otaku culture. It's a mix of a lot of different things so some episodes will feel familiar while others will be completely out there.

And despite the cast being so strong, I felt that most of them got no real time to shine, especially the cosplay fanatic and the model. I certainly never got tired of the show and always enjoyed every episode, but I wouldn't really say it's something I'm going to miss now that it's over. It's just your solid seasonal comedy. There's generally one every season. Nothing wrong with that either. I recommend everyone follow a show like this over the weeks as it can always bring a smile to your face even during rough times.