Sep 20, 2014
earnshaw30 (All reviews)
Right first review so be gentle please though feedback is welcome.

Rail lets get one thing straight right of the bat this is a HAREM ECCHI anime if you don't like those genres stay the hell away from this show.

so moving on the lead characters are all pretty generic we have Naoto Takayama your typical dense harem lead and his co-workers Aoi Sakurai the typical tsundere heroine who has a particular fondness for guns Koumi Haruka the big breasted gentle character and lastly Shou Iwaizumi who serves as the stupid best friend as well as some other minor harem members.

story....well there wasn't much of a story with each episode mostly consisting of light hearted comedic moments some fan service and then an action scene before wrapping everything up in 20minutes and maybe throwing in some facts about trains every now and then.

The sound was mostly forgettable but not awful the OP and ED being the only two stand out tracks in my opinion Art seemed mostly average no problems .

Ok so overall is this anime ground breaking? no of course not its generic as hell with generic characters and average art and sound. Did I enjoy this anime? hell yes it was 20minutes a week where I could turn my brain off and relax a typical harem anime no major drama or plot. Fans of other harem anime will most likely enjoy this show as well if you don't like harem don't watch it.