May 25, 2015
Blood_Diver_A (All reviews)
(At Studio Passione, a meeting between the director and the animators)

Director: Okay. Thank you for coming on such short notice. I just wanted to discuss some minor changes that I thought would be appropriate.

[Animator A and B both nodded their heads and said, “Okay.”]

Director [smiling]: Great! Okay. Animator A, you are charge of animating most scenes involving Haruka Koumi, right?

Animator A [nodding]: That is correct.

Director: Okay. That’s good. [Glancing at his clipboard.] I noticed that her breast sizes were a size ‘D’. I don’t like it, could you increase it to a size ‘F’?

Animator A [looking shocked]: What? Why? isn’t that a bit too big?

Director: Hm. What do you mean? There’s no such thing as ‘too big’. Only ‘too small’. And, also, add more jiggle physics.

Animator A [still stocked]: What? Are you kidding me? But, this character already has a lot of jiggle scenes.

Director: I understand. I’m not asking you to add more jiggle scenes, I’m asking you to add more bounce, more jiggle physics, because she’s clumsy and tends to be naked most of the time. I want the animation design to be fluid, polished and smooth. If the viewer will not remember her sweet, kind and gentle personality, then they will remember her nice flowing and bouncing breasts. I want the viewers to be awe by her large bosoms, especially when she's running!

Animator A [sighing]: Fine. But, this is going to take a lot of work.

Director: That’s fine by me. As, for Animator B, you know what to do?

Animator B [nodding]: Of course. Increase the breast size for Aoi Sakurai from size ‘C’ to ‘E’. And add more jiggle physics, because every viewer is watching for beautiful flowing breasts.

Director: Exactly! Now, get to work.
(A meeting with the director and the script writers)

Director: Okay, folks. We don’t have much time. We are losing viewers at the moment and I’ve got an idea to get more viewers, and to make the story more interesting.

Writer A: So, what is it?

Director: This story has no need for a deep, complex plot. That will turn off the viewer. [He sighs.] It needs to be predicable, it needs to have lots of typical cliches and fanservice, and it needs to have fillers. That's what this anime needs and there are four things that we must do: 1) add a idol episode, 2) make the girls wear lots of swimsuits and bath towels, 3) have the clothes of the girls torn, ripped or wet, and 4) have one nipple scene. With this set-up, everyone will tune in and watch this series.

Writer A [hesitating]: But, isn’t this series about trains, kick-ass action, and conspiracies?

Director [shrugging]: Well, yeah. To some extent. But, recently idols have been all the rage, and remember you can never go wrong with 'the plot'.

Writer A: I guess, however, won’t the viewer be expecting lots of trains and action?

Director [sighing]: If I had to put the story in percentages, then 50% is about 'that plot’ and ass, 30% is kick-ass action, 15% is about romantic subplots, and 5% is talking and looking at trains. Look, you must remember, this anime isn't serious or 'deep' and complex, it's just a bunch railway security force members stopping bad guys from doing bad things, with lots of 'plot' action and ass shots.

Writer A: Won’t the viewers be disappointed about this?

Director: Not really. Because, they’ll be 'watching it for the plot’. It's always the 'plot'!

Writer A [sighing]: Okay. If you say so.

Director: Oh, I know so.

The End