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Aug 3, 2015
For those who have never taken the time or have not been with anime long enough to have given the parent series of Yuki-chan a thorough viewing then what you are provided with when watching this series is a story of comical romance surrounding the the character of Yuki Nagato, hence the name. However is you are approaching this series because you are indeed a fan of the parent series then what you get is just a little bit more from the characters that you have likely come to love. Both are particularly good reasons to give the show a chance, even if this read more
Jan 23, 2015
There are many improvements that could've been implemented during the creation of this show but that's not to say that Trinity Seven was in any way unsatisfying, particularly in the fan service department. Trinity Seven does offer much more than this though like it superbly done 3DCG integration and memorable characters that break the boundary of most typical harem ecchis and this isn't even mentioning the variety of the characters that are provided. Anyways here's my review, continue to read and see if this show is for you.

Art and animation gets a solid nine out of my book. The one thing that read more
Dec 23, 2014
The sequel to the beloved Sword Art Online animated franchise which seemed to be a hit to many within the anime community may find that this particular continuation may not offer many of the same elements that the original was fond of. SAO II offers only the new and can come as the biggest disappointment for those that are just looking for a continuation of the last season, however if you are willing to understand that life goes on, or just be accepting of new development than this may be the show for you. Anyways this is my review.

Story: 5/10

Let's be honest, anyone read more
Sep 21, 2014
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun) is a typical romantic comedy that adds a few unique elements to what you would normally expect out of this genre. I can not express enough how much laughs one can potentially take from this show and is good for anyone who is interested in (shoujo) manga or is just looking to brighten the mood. Nevertheless here's my review, continue to read and see if this show is for you.

Story: 6/10

The story is brought up right away with the introduction of the first episode and is pretty typical for a romantic comedy. Which means that the only read more
Sep 21, 2014
Rail Wars has much to offer anyone who is interested in the Japanese way of life surrounding Public Transportation Systems and as an added result can provide some history about the industrialization of the country. It is an average anime that is surprisingly entertaining with some flaws of course. Nevertheless here's my review, continue to read and see if this show is for you.

Story: 6/10

From what is clear by the synopsis, one can probably tell they're not going to get an epic or an incredibly heart throbbing romance out of this show. You do however get a satisfying slice-of-life feel from it as read more
Sep 20, 2014
Great story, great art, great sound...questionably well played character development? Possibly. Regardless, Aldnoah.Zero will probably be seen as an instant favorite to most anime lovers. It makes sure to get you attached, but not too attached to characters, and I put much emphasis on the 'too.' Nevertheless here's my review continue to read to see if this show is for you.

Story: 10/10

I give this anime the benefit of the doubt strictly due to the fact that it was deeply implied that a season two would be coming, most likely this is the case. In fact as far as story is in general read more