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Aug 17, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Review is written by courtesy of ThatAnimeSnob

Darling in the FranXX is a fine example of what modern anime have become and why they are throwaway trash. They are doing nothing but reusing older ideas, instead of having new ones. And on top of that, they don’t even do a good job at rehashing the same ideas. They are not trying to improve or refine them. They just make them more creepy, sexual, and edgy.

They also ride on the name of who made them, instead of how good they are on their own, and do their best to keep you interested with how absurd they are ...
Sep 24, 2017
Spoilers are inferred! It won’t necessarily spoil the story too much although it could affect your experience, so just read with discretion.

Firstly, I would like to say that this show seems to be episodic if you were watching this show whilst its airing like me, because there is a chronological order of every episode that happens (just look it up fam) - it’s just that – the ‘chronological order’ is not in the order the episodes are aired; just a little something for those who want to do a re-watch.

It’s not until like the last three episodes is when shit really starts hitting the ...
Mar 4, 2017
Kaiba (Anime) add
Spoilers are inferred, and though they won’t necessarily spoil the story too much, read with discretion.

The show demonstrates the theme of memories and establishes many questions and food for thought: the value of memories, what it means to lose memories, the value of he human being extending to the humans’ subconscious, the value of remembering a loved one, what it means to hide the wounds of the past, all such concepts are consistently categorized within the theme of memories, which can make a viewer think. The show runs on an episodic fashion – and though I am not normally an advocator of these sorts of ...
Feb 17, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Spoilers in the review are kept to a minimal, though proceed with caution if you are about to read this before watching the show.

While there is normally at least one ‘Battle Royale (or Hunger Games if you want something more familiar)-esque show’, with Mirai Nikki having set the trend, even that show has been more or less a way for critics to circle jerk all day because of how bad it is. Sadly, this has been true for a lot of anime that has attempted to follow its foots steps: Fate/Zero had amazing potential if three quarters of the whole show hadn’t been spent on ...
Jul 8, 2016
The AoT that was never meant to be

For the first few episodes, Kabaneri was just your atypical action show. After a quick introduction to the setting – essentially the same as Attack on Titan but with a trains and zombie’s motif - two of the possibly greatest human inventions combined! Yet unlike Kabaneri’s emo as fuck brother who thinks killing characters every 10 seconds is the equivalent of a good writer masturbating, Kabaneri fortunately hails that so-called ‘modern masterpiece of narcissistic entropy’ to slit its god damn throat and breaks that shit down to its bare-bones basics. By basics: a switch your brain off action ...
Jul 2, 2016
Kiznaiver (Anime) add
Warning: I ranted some implied spoilers. But nothing too major and its pretty obvious stuff if you’ve watched at least then first episode. But don’t raise your pitch forks if you think I’ve spilled too many beans.

For any anime studio that makes a show that is all style, no substance, it is probable for anyone to denote the studio’s value (there is Ghost in the Shell, but that’s retro so it doesn’t count). Unless if its Trigger. If there is one thing that we could all agree with, are the unique character designs: essentially Disgea heads with their chibi proportions toned down and are plonked ...
Jun 22, 2016
Blue Gender (Anime) add
Blue Gender: AoT done right

As you can imagine from the title, Blue Gender is the post daddy Attack on Titan. Unlike AoT just being an over-glorified edge lord worshiped by the mainstream mass of sensationalists, I can more than happily say that Blue Gender is (perhaps unfortunately?) sits behind the obscurity corner within the likes of many 90’s good shit, which is only consumed by the enlightened – but please recommend to casuals so they can join the Reich.

Blue Gender stands out for combining three awesome things: sci-fi survival horror, social critique and creepy as fuck aliens who make the Titans looks like a bunch ...
Feb 20, 2015
Trinity Seven (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Trinity Seven is written by Japanese people who know how to write eroges; and its super magical:

Trinity Seven's sole existence was to bandwagon upon an existing trend from modern anime that was unintentionally meant to become dramatic. We first had Highschool DXD, but the main the catalyst was Mahouka (and now anime fans confuse between what’s Harry Potter and Tetsuya) – so I thought highschool anime was enough... “Magical” highschool alternatively, says on the tin: 5 Star Apex Material, totally revolutionary and made zillion-zillion copies – creating an occult religion thinking that the events of this trend was real. However, Trinity Seven surpasses its predecessors ...
Jan 17, 2015
Clannad (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Clannad: The Virtue of Humanities Patience

Generic Romance-some teenager stumbles upon potential wife amongst this cliché mist of cherry blossoms-watch it for 16 hours-ish so hopefully you sob, because Barrack Obama actually-and legitimately waited for such life-taking moments on this anime.

95% of this show consists of teenage bonding (not good or realistic bonding mind you) since “two-dimensional Japanese animated people” are highly complex caricatures. Then the viewers liked moments of “Award Winning” comedic gold to suffice Slice of Life monotony? When was this, time, when audiences ever found anime slap-stick, funny? It never happened back then, it never happened now, then will it never happen?

You, the ...
Jan 9, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Code Geass R2: Messy, Gritty, Idiotic War Drama

Hyper super epic war stuff: Get ready for a rebellion of war, revenge, politics, leadership, corruption, incest fetishes, two-dimensional guys who never go anywhere, and a completely jacked pacing! Heaven in this show is on Earth and is more vaguely explained than how babies are born.

This show has anything that your typical war drama has done, and it does feel pretty epic! Lelouch constantly trying to win mass mech war battles over his sister did seem ridiculous with this obsession, but its better than none. However, I must, and absolutely must admit-though still great in variety, if your ...