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Chinese Web Manhua 'Lixiang Jinqu' Gets TV Anime

by tsubasalover
Sep 15, 2017 12:51 AM | 27 Comments
Haoliners Animation League has opened an official website and announced that Zhannan Li's Lixiang Jinqu (Ideal Restricted Area) web manhua will get a TV anime adaptation. Under the title Evil or Live, the anime will air on Wednesdays at 1:41 a.m. via Tokyo MX starting October 11.

In this modern society, a new kind of "illness" is striking young boys and girls. Loneliness, disbelief, and outrage push this generation to grow more and more attached to internet and technologies. The experts call these symptoms "Net Addiction." To cure this condition, a certain rehabilitation facility has been set up to "lead the young men back to the right path." Enrolled to treat his addiction, Hibiki had no idea that this rehabilitation facility is nothing more than a prison. In this hellish place where escape is prohibited, how will Hibiki overcome his despair? (Source: Press release, edited)

Director: Dongyi
Executive Producer: Shantian Gaifan, Mi Chong
Animation Producer: Zhang Yuan, Chen Weiwen
Manga Editing: An Yangao
Art Director: Lin Zhengzhe
Studio: Emon
Production: Tencent, Evil or Live Production Committee

Opening Theme Song: "Soredemo Boku wa Ikiteiru" by NormCore

Lixiang (Hibiki): Shinichirou Ueda (Aku no Hana)
Meng Jin (Shin): Kouki Uchiyama (Fate/Apocrypha)
Luo Zhi (Shiori): Chika Anzai (Escha Chron)

Serialized on Tencent, Lixiang Jinqu currently has 155 chapters published as of September 10.


Official site:
Official Twitter: @evilorlive

Source: animate Times

Evil or Live on MAL

20 of 27 Comments Recent Comments

I wished it was in Chinese tbh :/
Though the anime sucked and I dropped it lol

Nov 11, 2017 3:00 PM by Mr-Awkward

Akane (Chen Da Qian): Yui Ishikawa
Hoku (Chen Da Bei): Ren Katou
You (Yang Qi): Akira Ishida
Moku (Chenmo): Takehiro Zizoudou

Nov 6, 2017 4:01 AM by tsubasalover

Yay more whimsical "Chinese Cartoons"...

>It would be forgotten a lot sooner from what I expected

Sep 26, 2017 4:28 AM by RnDHiki

I really like the plot of the anime.
So, I might give it a watch.

Sep 16, 2017 5:24 AM by Rickydory123

madarchod said:
Now,i just hope that Korean Manhwas would get the same treatment(i would really like an anime of The Breaker)

YES. I would absolutely love to see The Breaker get animated, I think it would be pretty popular if adapted well.

Sep 15, 2017 4:59 PM by Sev_54

The otaku Gulag, not a bad concept per se, but I fear for the execution, after seeing what they did with Bloodivores and the King's Avatar, I'm not keeping my hopes too high.

Maybe I'm just getting old and I'm not as easy to impress at this point.

Sep 15, 2017 2:20 PM by DrMondaiNashi

Japanese Animation??
Manhua is very similar to Anime.

Sep 15, 2017 9:33 AM by hide_platinum

joe_g7 said:
Great, more mediocre/shit anime from China.

More godtier chinese cartoons.

Sep 15, 2017 8:28 AM by santk

Great, more mediocre/shit anime from China.

Sep 15, 2017 8:26 AM by joe_g7

Swagernator said:
I cut myself when i read that synopsis, so much edge.
Danae said:
Sounds okay, the PV is not bad at all, even though it seems pretty edgy.

if this is edgy, then reality must be edgiest...

Sep 15, 2017 8:13 AM by Kuma

Chinese Internet addiction bootcamps are bad, like death chamber or political prisons bad. I can see why a manga and anime was made based off one of the many horror stories and growing coming out of those nightmare facilities.

Sep 15, 2017 7:51 AM by Hoppy

Most Chinese stuff is watchable if it isn't 24 min episodes, 12 min is just right.

Sep 15, 2017 7:08 AM by ichii_1

evil or live.....gonna give it try but wont expect anything

Sep 15, 2017 7:05 AM by livexevil

Kuma said:
tsubasalover said:
I'm not sure if the original manhua artist based the manhua from this news (character based on the real person in there or not, I meant), but probably somewhat related for it's a serious case that even I, from another Asian country, heard of the situation.

nah,pretty sure manga is older than this news...,but yeah, chinese treatement to internet addiction is notoriously radiculous... kinda like what happened with gay people back then... recent incident does might accelerate it popularity which also give it animation adaptation... pretty sure there is already documentary about it...
Yeah, I don't think this news is their first time I heard about this topic.

Sep 15, 2017 4:46 AM by tsubasalover

Sounds okay, the PV is not bad at all, even though it seems pretty edgy.

Sep 15, 2017 4:24 AM by Danae

China one step closer to world domination...

Sep 15, 2017 4:12 AM by OppaiSugoi

ahhh heres the shitty chinese anime of the season.

might try the first episode, looks edgy af lol. (kinda reminds me of deadman wonderland with the poster and the prison theme .-.)

Sep 15, 2017 4:12 AM by DatRandomDude

Dafuq is that desciption. Who goes to jail for being an internet addict?
I guess thats the point of the story tho, but its rly weird

Sep 15, 2017 4:06 AM by Robiiii

I cut myself when i read that synopsis, so much edge.

Sep 15, 2017 3:57 AM by Swagernator

Hmm this sounds pretty nice, and the PV... well, this looks pretty dope too. Looking forward to this.

Sep 15, 2017 3:56 AM by Wasshio

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