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red-tomato Nov 15, 10:23 PM
Neko Musume mmmnn
EliseiD Oct 26, 10:18 AM
After reading your description I'm glad Bleach was canceled.
Reload Sep 28, 9:12 AM
Ur last JojoYuri video is no longer available. Got to update ur profile quite frequently if u wish to use YouTube vids. Actually, any use of links considering your prev signatures also can't be reached. I didn't bother testing all the others, so update when u find the time. Seems it's all the links that can't be reached.
Ankithadam Aug 24, 11:08 PM
I see, it seems the anime is a PG rated, but the signature you have especially the one with her mouth drooling, its as if from out of hentai...My guess is that that picture isn't from the anime
Immahnoob Aug 23, 11:12 AM
Immahnoob Aug 23, 1:22 AM
Oi ichii. Who's this?
DeitysDynasty Aug 21, 12:45 AM
But everyone has their own taste so do as you will
DeitysDynasty Aug 21, 12:44 AM
Yeah I can see what you mean, but from the look of your list you rate absolute duo on the same level as baccano. That’s were I see a problem
DeitysDynasty Aug 20, 2:42 PM
Dude, you need to re-evaluate your scoring system man.
Huss May 14, 10:41 AM
Aloha, my name is random person in the internet. I noticed that you are in the jagaaaaaan discussion threads and u read the manga. I was wondering if u are interested in joining the discord server for jagaaaaaan. It is unofficial fandom server.
Ankithadam May 6, 9:37 AM
Dude what is the name of the girl in your forum signature?
Themoffa May 5, 10:43 AM
Lol, well in that case are you able to show me a non cgi flat earth photo then?
In what way am I defending savages and murderers? The world was different 2000+ years ago. All I'm saying is that the majority of the people 2000+ years ago believed in religions.

Still not sure how I'm defending murderers, as I have stated over and over, I just give the facts that cases about self defence have turned into assault in some countries, are you that desperate to have a point in the argument or do you not get it?

Christianity isn't all about love, sure, I never stated that either, however treating others well is part of it is it not?

Not sure how my atheist and moral view go against each other. My thoughts isn't based on Christianity.
I don't believe in religion, that doesn't mean I can't see right from wrong, good from bad. Is it just me that have always felt bad doing something bad/wrong? It honestly is just that simple for me, even before I knew if it was a good thing or bad thing, I felt good doing good and bad doing bad. That's kinda it even thou I sometimes didn't know if it was good or bad, I simply went with how I felt.

As far as I've seen when it comes to.. Like the commandments, it's things like don't steal and so on. However I don't necessairly agree with all that, I don't see lying as a sin or something that's neccessairly bad, stealing is wrong, but in my opinion, it's not always in bad intent, some have to steal to provide for their families and so on.

I don't look at laws and rules when it comes to people, laws and rules apply to people's actions, but whatever the person had bad intents or good intents is different.

As I've already stated, I'm not interested in religion nor do I believe in the the majority of the things they teach.
Themoffa May 4, 1:14 PM
Oh you're one of those flat earth believers?
I've heard this comment before, "atheists have killed more than any religion" which is false.. And if you actually believe that, just jikes.. Religion has killed plenty more than atheists ever have. There's been wars and massacres in the name of the religion, you don't see atheists, althou it's more like people who don't believe in stories, spouting around starting wars..

The world would in fact have gotten further if it weren't for religion, religion has set us back by alot, time that could have been invested into the benefit of humanity was instead invested into nonsense..

I was intending to be respectful towards you and I have tried, but from what I've seen in this last post of yours, you're not just some random christian as I thought at first, you believe in flat earth, that science is just for brainwashing, that christianity is the epic center of human kind..

Do me a favor, get off your high horse, stop putting Christianity on a pedistal like it's everything that matters and get down to the facts and let's have a normal discussion instead of this nonsense.

I really do believe the flat earth theory and whatnot is just utterly insane.

And from what I can tell by your comments here.. Savage ways and whatnot... You gave it away, that you actually have no respect for other religions.

I don't say this lightly, but this is precisely the reason I dislike Christians particular. Not because of the religion or so, but because of the people. Putting it on a pedistal, saying everything else is less, calling people who back in the day believed in different religions.. You specifically said 2000 years ago, however religions such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism existed back then. Meaning you're calling these people savages.. In fact, I dare to say atheism was barely if not at all, around back then. People didn't have the technology or understanding of how things worked, how lightning occured, how the sun came out and how the moon came out, where the wind came from.. So people believed in religions which gave some kind of explanation..

Even if we exclude these 4 religions, the rest believed in nature religions, Norse gods as an example.. You call them all savages simply because they did what their religion said?

Due to this fact, I have deemed that you lack respect for other religions. You do not treat others like you want to be treated yourself, you put Christianity above every single thing on earth and say this is the real religion and everything else is nonsense, you don't believe in the earth even being round..

I tell you what, want me to go to space and take you with me? Just so you can see how FLAT the earth isn't.

I'm done with this conversation, it started out friendly with different opinions about religion and that was that, your opinions is yours still indeed.. However your lack of respect for others disgusts me, saying morality comes from Christianity, and you being a Christian with such a lack of respect for others..

The reason I do not believe in stories like Christianity, in things like God and whatnot.. Is because of people like you, I rather believe in human kind, treat people with respect and try to not be an asshole to others, value everyone's opinion.. Which I have tried to in this discussion with you, but I no longer am able to tolerate this lack of respect for other religions that you show. It's utterly disgusting.

Last few things I want to say before I'm done with this comment..
If you believe science is brainwashing etc, do you not see how religion shares the same issue? Science at least tries to provide evidence and such, while religion is just a script without any evidence of anything at all.
Sure science isn't bullet proof, scientists believe this to be the truth and that to be the truth, we all agree to disagree since we don't know everything for certain. The difference between scientists and religion however is that scientists go out of their way to test these theories, while religion is basically just "believe in this".

I'm not sure how me citing laws and actual cases is a case of SJW either. I'm not saying I'll report your God to the popo, I just gave the fact that if things would have gotten ugly, he would by todays laws been convicted for the deed aswell since he instigated Abraham.

How that is a case of SJW, I do not know. You bringing up SJW is probably more a way to still try to have a discussion even thou you realize you've lost that part of the argument.

Yes people do say things like that and so on, but there's also been cases where the people who did that has gotten convicted for it, since it was deemed as being the thing that instigated the suicide or so.

I'm not sure what "breathing tax" is. Laws are indeed scuffed in some countries, but that's what we gotta improve, that the laws always protect the citizens.

I'm not sure how I'm protecting robbers or murderers for that part, I simply said that in some countries it has been deemed as too much for just self defence and been looked at as assault. It's a fact, not my opinion whatever it was good or bad.
Every country isn't like America where they shoot people dead for carrying a pair of toy scissors.
However I don't blame the cops for all of that.. From what I've learned, the training they endure is very short compared to other countries.
To be a cop where I live, you take years of training.. In america you can probably be a cop the same half year you decided to enlist.

It's a scuffed system. It's not good and it's the cause to why there's so many bad cops and cops that pull the trigger way too early and way too much. Or just cops that doesn't know the laws themselves...

Yet again, not SJW. Just facts buddy.

Anyway I'm done discussing with you

You managed to yet again show me the lack of respect most Christians have for others, especially those of other religions..

I still think it's insane that people think the earth is flat. Absolutely insane, but hey, if that's what floats your boat..

From the first comment to the last, you have insisted that Christianity is the key to success, that it somehow invented morality..

You have continued to put the religion on a pedistal.. Which is why it's impossible to have a discussion with you..

I do not have a burning passions against religions and such, I simply try to look at things objectively, not being influenced by too much..

You really should try that, try to look at it from an objective stand point.. Then maybe you'll realize atheism is in the minority compared to religions.. Maybe not these days, I don't have the numbers, but during the ages, that's how it's been due to people needing an explanation, and religion giving one..

Even if you call these people savages, that just happened to believe in a different religion than yours. At least they'll have the respect from someone who doesn't believe in anything..

I know I'm not the best person around, it might sound like I put myself on a pedistal here.. But I really just offer respect to everyone despite their beliefs.. I feel truly frustrated when I see people who's beliefs are to treat others good...then just show the imense lack of respect they have for others... It's truly heart breaking, which is probably the biggest reason I do not wanna be associated with such people..

Like my grandmother, who was a Christian by the way.. Like she said... Religion is not for the weak minded.

It's not hard to be a good person.. You don't need to follow guidelines or rules from a religion or such.. It's in you... Being a good person is not about what you believe in, but how you treat those that believes different.

By the end of this comment I have managed to calm myself down, I do apologize for my harsh words.. It pains me how people who are "supposed" to be good, who talk daily about how to treat one another.. Lacks such a respect for others... I'm disappointed. I hope you are too, since you have clearly not learned what it is to be a good respectful person.. Even with the help of your religion, I sincerly hope you take a moment after reading this all.. To just breath and think for a moment.. Think what you believe in is about, and think about how you have been in reality.

Believe in flat earth if you want, I disagree that the earth is flat, that's that. Believe that atheists is the cause of evil and murder, I don't believe that.. Believe that Christianity is the key to happiness or whatever.. Believe what you wish to believe, in the end we agree to disagree.

However, never treat people with such lack of respect ever again. It truly makes me mad to see you call others savages simply because they lived before Christianity was around... That's not the way you should treat others.

Believe what you wanna believe, aslong as you don't force your opinion on someone else or treat others respectless, you should be fine..

Yet again, I apologize for my harsh words, reading your comment and seeing the lack of respect just made me very angry with you.. More so, very disappointed.

This here has been my own opinion, do not think everyone who thinks differently thinks or believes what I believe. I just happen to not be shy about stating what I believe in. And treating one another in a respectful manor is one of my beliefs.

I sincerely apologize for my harsh words. But it was needed to be said, I wish it was said differently, but I'm not the kind to change what I have spoken.

As I stated before, I'm done with the discussion. Hope you have a continued pleasant day sir.
Themoffa May 3, 10:26 PM
Buddhism is probably the religion you're calling whatever. I honestly connect more with Buddhism than I've ever connected with Christianity, however I still refuse to believe in things with no proof of existance (heaven, hell, god(s) and so on), if I must believe in such things I'd rather believe in the norse gods, they're rather interesting at least.

In my opinion, religion once had a purpose, it gave people something to believe in etc, however these days.. It's outdated, lacks use and it seems it's just being thrown around as a way to justify things, not just Christianity ofc, I'm talking about all religions now.

I still find it ignorant to say Christianity is the base of morality and every ounce of morality these days came from Christianity.. It's just very ignorant, think of it this way.. There's alot of places where Christianity was never introduced, so where did they get their morality from? If you answer with something that's trying to relate it to Christianity being the cause, you're yet again being ignorant.

You also said "otherwise them murdering whoever they want", however that's pretty much what Christians have done aswell right? Maybe not today, but they have.

And yes, what did you expect would happen when people from the outside try to influence your country? Religion back then helped keep the countries as one, letting Christianity roam around would eventually create a civil war. You're forgetting how different the times were back then and just how much can change by one simple thing.

I never said it has any ill intent, however the fact remains that he influenced Abraham in the bible to try to commit this act. Even if his intent was just to test him and not let him harm his son, he did make someone try to kill their own son. Which is still a crime by today's standards.. Like I said in the previous message, if I told you to end your life, without really meaning it or thinking you'd do it, if you'd then do it, I'd be convicted for it. Since with me saying that, I made you act in such a way..

So still, doesn't matter if he intented to let it happen or not, if he had ill intent or not, the fact remains he said it and it was enough for Abraham to try kill his ówn son.

Also the part about the UK, I don't live there, but I'm fairly certain it has something to do with how much you injured the person, I know of cases were the fella threw just a few too many punches at a robber and it was deemed as it wasn't needed in self defence and he got charged with assault. Still stupid I believe, but even when it comes to hurting law breakers there's gotta be limits. Unless you're in a life or death scenario, then I don't believe there should such limits.
Sangaz May 3, 7:33 AM
Is that the Naqua one? I've been reading another one of his manga, Kako to Nise tantei, 'cause some scanlators actually picked it up again. Not as good a Kaibutsu though and I miss Reimi and Riza always trying to one-up each other.