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Girls & Panzer
Girls & Panzer
Jun 8, 8:49 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Death Note
Death Note
Jun 7, 6:02 PM
Re-watching 17/37 · Scored 8
Kyousou Giga (TV)
Kyousou Giga (TV)
Jun 2, 4:37 PM
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The Legend of the Northern Blade
The Legend of the Northern Blade
Jun 17, 5:40 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
No Home
No Home
Jun 17, 5:40 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
After School Lessons for Unripe Apples
After School Lessons for Unripe Apples
Jun 17, 5:40 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -

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BodyImprovement Jun 12, 7:55 PM
I will one day. It just doesn't seem like the type of show I wanna see. Plus my friends are forcing me to read and watch other things rn.
literaturenerd Jun 10, 12:35 PM
Because I have horrendous anime taste. I thought that was obvious!
Zugolom May 27, 1:50 AM
Kamushii May 26, 1:20 AM
Never heard of it. Besides, I'm not really interested in the martial arts genre.
Noodleface Apr 3, 9:32 PM
I couldn’t quite get into holyland, unfortunately. I like the author’s other works Sousei no Taiga and Destroy and Revolution, however (I must add them to my list if I have not already). I liked the premise and the art, and indeed even liked the main character (I tend to like typically weaker, perhaps more human protagonists), but it did not stick and cannot read beyond 30 or so chapters. Perhaps I will revisit some day and enjoy it better - I would like to complete it in the future, at least.
I like quite a few of the manga and anime you have favorited! Kokou no Hito has beautiful art and explores a very unique theme. Onanie Master Kurosawa is a funny, surprisingly emotional story of redemption. Solo Leveling has great art and very interesting enemies - it has an overall exciting, feel-good vibe. Chainsaw Man has proved itself with raving reviews both on the anime and manga, and for good reason - I particularly like Denji, as he is practically immortal, the idea of which has always captivated me. I read about 600 chapters of Hajime Ippo in a few days and enjoyed it! It had a lighter theme than Ashita no Joe, and the fights were very exciting! I especially enjoyed the fight in which Takamura beat his opponent with one hand. Blue Lock is the only football media I can tolerate, haha.
Your anime choice is very good too. Steins;Gate is one of my favorites, of course - I would highly recommend the visual novel if you seek more content and have not played it already. I did not watch the anime, but did read the manga of Kuroko no Basket and loved it! So exciting; it seems sports manga that read like fighting manga tickle my fancy quite a bit. Mob Psycho Season 2 is one of my favorite seasons of all time. I love the whole show, but season 2 is my favorite by a long shot. Especially episodes 6 and 7. I have rewatched those 2 many times, and have cried every single time on episode 7. Attack on Titan is, of course, brilliant.
I see that you have put Kyou kara Ore wa on your read list; I can vouch for this manga, having read and re-read it a few times. Mitsuhashi is hilarious!
Given our shared interests, I have sent you a friend request.
Johan Apr 1, 2:38 PM
Yeah I mean I grew up on soap operas, I'm literally named Jesse after blud from All My Children, all jokes aside Rent-a-girl is the right balance of romanticism and drama, and i was always engaged in what was going on. It's like an addiction LOL.
DovaKiin7 Mar 24, 9:20 PM
MHRX_999 Feb 14, 12:50 PM
thank U

if u have another animes tell me !
Potimas Feb 5, 7:17 PM
I'll read them both when those mangas finish, so I'll get back to you on that in 2027? Make sure you are still alive then. :P

But since you did send me some recommendations I'll throw you back some:
One Outs (Baseball with a touch of gambling, both anime and manga are good.)
D-Frag (Pretty funny comedy with a good DUB and SUB, anime and manga are good too.)
Golden Kamuy (I thought you may like this from looking at your list.)
jamiewings Jan 21, 8:07 PM
i got you goat
Neidhart Jan 8, 6:31 AM
Can't say that I'm into spokon but I watched Blue Lock anime and it was ok. Holyland looks interesting, I'll check it out.
literaturenerd Jan 7, 5:23 PM
I thought the first season was ok, but I'm not sure how much the author really understands about soccer. Not that it really matters if the story is entertaining, but it's the classic symptom of someone who only watches the world cup and screams "SHOOT THE FUCKING GOAL!" all the time. I honestly find it hilarious to think that Japan sucks at international soccer because they pass the ball back and forth like a bunch of selfless cucks and don't have a ball hog forward who is willing to always take shots on goal and showboat.

Back when I was in high school, the biggest badass in the world of soccer was Didier Drogba. He was THE striker. He was an absolute BEAST. He was on a mediocre Ivorian squad who existed to feed him the ball and let him take shots on goal. They sucked! They never went anywhere! Do you know who was good? Spain. The most sinfully boring squad to have ever played the game. All those fuckers did was control the ball and pass back and forth. They won a world cup in which they either won every single game 1-0 or tied 0-0. They never scored 2 goals in a game even if they were playing against elementary kids because their WHOLE strategy is dominate time of possession and don't give up goals. Period. Those boring, soulless robots won the world cup, beat my beloved Deutschland and broke my heart and won back-to-back Euros! This is why Blue Lock grinds my gears!
Perry199 Jan 3, 3:49 PM
Amagami SS slams
rubicfluid Jan 1, 5:34 AM
will do o7 (might take me a bit)
HOWY03 Dec 30, 2023 6:33 PM
will do, just finished reading oyasumi punpun 🤧
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