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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Interview #119 - @MozillaFennekin▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Tuturu Swag Master

There are only three things you need in life: Fennekin, Tuturu, and Big Order. Go fox yourself
/source: tatsumaki

Interview conducted by: @scarlett_ryuken

Could you tell us about yourself?

Tuturu, motherfuckers. I'm Lux, otherwise known as Mozilla Fennekin. Lux isn't my real name, but I'd prefer it over my dumb normalfag name that--wait, hang on, my Reddit is showing. Let's start over.

Tuturu, motherfuckers. I am Mozilla L. Fennekin, founder of the Tuturu Supremacy and first seat of The Order. The L stands for Loser, because the Tuturu Supremacy is naturally drawn to suffering and disaster, as exemplified with my favorite characters like Mayuri Shiina, Rei Kiriyama, and Stefan Burnett.

This is where the interview gets boring, because I'm not clever enough to make it funny--or rather, I don't want to spend my day off trying to when I should be working on that video I said I'd make in April. feel free to stop reading any time.

I'm 21, turning 22 at the end of the year, and I've done fuck all in that time. I failed like half my classes in high school, because I was young and depressed. Somehow I still graduated on time, so now I'm certified, educated and depressed. This all leads up to my current, boring, shitty full-time job, where I stock dairy products at a local grocery store. Would you believe me if I told you the overnight shift is the BEST part about it? I've worked there for three and a half years now, so I'm completely nocturnal, which would be nice if I didn't live with three and a half people who have normal sleep schedules. These people would be my family. I still live with my mother, especially now that she broke her hip in 2016 and can't work anymore. And then my older sister moved in with her boyfriend or fiance or whatever. They had a kid over the summer. Hooray.

I'm weird , quiet and distant from people because I didn't have a lot of friends growing up, and the ones I did make I don't talk to anymore because I don't leave my house. I grew up, one, moving constantly until I was eight, B, living in neighborhoods where there weren't other kids--at least ones my age, and four, attending a small private school where the other kids were assholes. They thought Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts, the only two things I liked, were gay and the ones that didn't were even weirder than me, so I didn't have a lot going for me. I guess nowadays I try to be more open and eccentric, because that just works better I guess.

But even though I rarely talk, I still stand out a lot in real life because I have really long, curly hair. I went to a Catholic school from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade, and despite the fact that Jesus had long hair in every picture and portrayal shown, I couldn't grow it below my collar. And I would ALWAYS test this limit. Afterwards, I went to a public high school that didn't give a shit about dress code, so I grew it out as long as I wanted. I've only had three haircuts since 2010. I bring this up becuase it's ALWAYS a talking point for people when they see me. And yes, I am aware that I look like Shaun White, Weird Al, Danny Sexbang, Serj Tankian (in SOAD's Mezmerize/Hypnotize days), Russell Brand, Slash, etc.

Despite what I just said, I don't do any drugs whatsoever, nor do I drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. All I need is Dr. Pepper, the intellectual drink for the chosen ones.

How did you choose your username?

Mozilla Firefox is the best internet browser. Fennekin is a Fire-type fox Pokemon. Original joke do not steal.

At first, that's all it was, but it stuck with me because I made a Tumblr focused on posting art of Fennekin, riding the hype for Pokemon X/Y before the games came out. I grew attached to the Pokemon itself, and now it's my favorite! Plus, a lot of Pokemon fans have complimented me on it. I think that's a sign that you have a good name.

Could you give us a brief history of your time on MAL?

I legitimately don't remember why I made an account here, but I did. Two weeks later, I wrote a dumb review shitting on DanMachi, because DanMachi is shit. Since MAL still had the unhelpful button back then (aka when the review system was good), the top reviews would get shuffled around, so mine landed in the top 4 for a week or two. I've wanted to be a YouTuber and a reviewer about anything for a while, but knew that it wasn't something I could just jump into and expect results, so I used MAL as a stepping stone to get myself experience with writing.

2016 is the year I actually started watching anime seriously, watching over 10 anime each season and reviewing a few of them. Some of them got popular, most didn't. But in spring, I had a breakthrough. To make a long story short, I really, REALLY loved Big Order, so I wrote a review praising every aspect of it on a biblical level, while also subtly criticizing it. It worked really well, because Big Order is infamously bad, and now I have a small reputation as "the Big Order guy" or something. Oh, and around this time, I joined the Anime Guild, which is the only MAL club I've really bothered to participate in. That's where I go to yell at people about my opinions.


Anyway, I stopped reviewing after winter 2017, where I finished it off with a spiritual successor to the Big Order review, where I made this long analysis of Hand Shakers, commenting on things that I completely made up. I'm very proud of it.

Now I just use MAL as a tool for keeping progress and information. Maybe sometimes I'll leave a comment on an announcement, but I don't do much else.

Any users you like/dislike? Why?

Since I'm quiet and distant from people, I haven't actually made a lot of close friends, but these guys still deserve shout-outs for being awesome.

@Coolidger - An old friend from a shitty Naruto forum we used to visit, he's the guy I talk to the most about anime because we're very alike somehow. Mainly aside from comedies, we have the same opinions on a lot of stuff, but still notice different things or come to these conclusions in different ways. He also helped me a lot in 2016 by asking me to do podcasts, which helped me improvise and speak a little better. He unfortunately doesn't really do anything in the community, but everyone should know who he is.

@SnowyNix - Another old friend from that shitty Naruto forum, I owe this guy a lot just for introducing me to Reddit. As dumb as that sounds, Reddit is the source of everything I've done in the last couple years, from anime to Pokemon. Also just an all-around fun person even though he doesn't know how Mozilla is spelled.

@todd_ - Great podcasting buddy that I met through Cool, now we spew bullshit at each other on Twitter. "Meh-mehs", as my dad would call it.

@RogerSmith2004 - Underappreciated YouTuber who has a lot to share both casually and analytically. Also runs a really great Discord server where I've made a bunch of other friends--when it's not all screaming at people, anyway.

@ZephSilver - Someone I generally look up to on this website, both in his reviews and the way he conducts himself.

My posse, the secret club Character Art Online. No girls allowed!!!: @ItIsIDio @BohemianRhapsody @pursin @Firebane

Goodbois who've often conversed with me about stuff: @bmoore07 @MisterGibbon @Sadist

People in the Anime Guild who don't hate me: @HaXXspetten @Forgotten_Memo @Piezuri @Scarlett_ryuken @EnZanity and many others.

As well as all the close friends I've made through many other places. Too many to name, but they know who they are.

As for people I dislike... I guess these are people I've been somewhat strongly annoyed with, but it's in the past so I won't ping them. But, for the spirit of the question:

LeaderTGW - I saw this person's reviews everywhere (when they were active), because they always got voted up and I don't really get why. It's like someone who thinks a 7/10 means average was trying to be intellectual, and it'd go about as well as you'd expect. ...Or maybe I just answered my own question. Anyway, there are way worse reviewers out there, but I can actually engage in a conversation with them. This guy has some weird standoff-ish approach from the community and blocks off comments for some reason so that no one can challenge him, which I think is bullshit for a reviewer.

Stark700 - The "Rolling Stone Magazine" of MAL reviews. He comments on everything relevant, and never says anything interesting. His stance on the anime is usually what the general consensus is, never taking a bold approach. It's almost mezmerizing to see someone put so much time into the community without really doing anything relevant besides "being there". Also someone else who blocks off comments so that you can't actually approach them about it. TBH I just assume he's a cyborg or an alien trying to learn about culture.

Zergneedsfood - The Shelter review is the worst review on the entire website.

Anyone else I dislike would be the people who comment some retarded bullshit making fun of me for liking Big Order or Hand Shakers, without taking 30 seconds to figure out the obvious joke. Especially the ones that put up their "no saiburbuli pls" shields by disabling comments so that I can't play along with them. In fact, anyone that disables comments for any reason deserves to be thrown into a pool of molasses and then set on fire. Let me annoy you.

How did you get into anime/manga?

I'm old enough to vaguely remember the old Pokemon anime when it was in Johto, because my older sister--let's call her GG--was into it. But Pokemon just seemed like another show, especially since it was heavily localized for American audiences. So even though that's my first REAL anime, I wasn't aware of it at the time.

The first time I watched anime while actually knowing what anime is was in '03 or '04, when I was six or seven years old. GG was watching InuYasha in the living room. It was like 5 in the morning, something really early, because I think our parents didn't really let her watch it when me and my younger sister were around. Or maybe GG thought we wouldn't understand? Whatever. Unlike that other sister, GG actually likes me so I watched an episode of InuYasha with her. I remember it exactly, it was called Two Hearts, One Mind. I have no idea what it's about nowadays, because it was just a random episode that didn't really have anything to do with anything, but it was pretty cool. This is when I became aware that Anime is a Japanese Colloquialism, which is why their names were weird and shit. I don't remember thinking much of it, but I still watched InuYasha a lot whenever I could, especially as I got older and could stay up later, and I saw other stuff like DBZ and YuYu Hakushou and............... wait, that's it.

Then I got into Naruto through a friend; it was the episode where Team 7 tries to remove Kakashi's mask. A dumb filler episode, but I really loved it and it somehow convinced me to watch the whole thing. I even got into a flash game based off of it and stayed in its forum community for years. It's completely dead now (good riddance). Yet, despite that, I didn't watch any anime besides Naruto, even though I had otaku friends who tried getting me into stuff. It wasn't until 2014 when I actually watched more; I got started with Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill, which were all the rage at the time. I watched some other things here and there, read a couple manga (despite my lack of experience in the community, I was really into Akame ga Kill and One Punch Man well before they got adaptations and super popular), and you know, I reviewed a bit in 2015. Then I realized it was fuckin' bullshit that I claimed to be an anime fan despite only watching like 12 anime in 2015, so I sat the fuck down and picked out ten shows to watch in Winter 2016, which was the true beginning of my anime "career". It helps that it was the season of KonoSuba and Rakugo Shinjuu, two of the most influential anime for me.

What other hobbies do you have outside of anime/manga and MAL?

Well, obviously I play Pokemon. And I'm just now realizing that I've been a Pokemon fan for more than half my life at this point. I don't even remember when it started. I'm playing Ultra Sun right now. It's actually.... eh. It's just Sun/Moon again. But this time I'm motivated to keep playing because I caught a shiny fucking Mudbray early on. It's fucking awesome.

...But that's about it for Pokemon. Despite my name, I'm not a rabid consumer of the franchise. I've only seen chunks of the anime (it's more than what I've listed on MAL mostly because I don't remember specifically how much I've seen), and I only play the core games. I've played only a couple of the side games--the ones everyone knows, Colosseum, Gale of Darkness, and the original TCG on Game Boy. I used to play competitively on Showdown, but it's a gigantic pain in the ass that I just don't want to put time into anymore. You need to have a very high IQ to get good at competitive Pokemon.

I used to be really active on Twitch Plays Pokemon, an interactive Pokemon stream on Twitch that was super famous at a few points. Now it's trickled down to a smaller, niche community, which is why I got into it lol. I was really active in 2015 and some of 2016, but now I'm more focused on anime stuff, but I still check in from time to time.

Along with anime, I got super into baseball in 2016, also as part of me "fixing" myself by getting actual hobbies. It's always been omnipresent in my life, but it was hard to get into it when your favorite teams are constantly ass--fucking Mets and their bullshit in 2007. Anyway, I live in Kansas City, so the Royals winning the World Series in 2015 made baseball cool over here, and I realize now that it's probably the perfect sport for me. There doesn't seem to be a lot going on, but you can still think pretty analytically about it, and the short bursts of excitement mixed in with the long, slow progress makes it easy to watch while multitasking--that's when I read manga most of the time. And also, Reddit helped me get into it because I can shitpost about each game with other people.

I used to be a drummer and write shitty FanFictions, but I dropped both hobbies after I got out of high school. I still want to write some of those fics, though, just for fun. And I pawned off my drum kit to some guy in Independence, but I still have bad habits of tapping and patting everything. I drum up a bunch of shit on my desk with my fingers. If you ever meet me in real life, you WILL experience this, and it will likely annoy you even though I don't care.

Why and when did you become super enthusiastic about Big Order and, to a lesser extent, Hand Shakers ? (asked by AG's Eternal)

It goes back to 2014 when I watched Mirai Nikki for the first time. It was the most amazing thing in the entire world. I don't even really know why, I guess it was just everything I wanted to see at the time. But Mirai Nikki was the best thing I ever saw, and I was convinced it was a masterpiece for two weeks.
Then I watched it again, because I just could not stop fucking thinking about it. I rewatched it, and suddenly all the pieces start falling apart. I realize that Mirai Nikki is actually really stupid and makes no sense at all and I become critical of every aspect of it.

And I love it even more.

I guess I've always been a critical thinker--whether I actually know what I'm talking about or not--but nitpicking Mirai Nikki in my head constantly set me on the right path for reviewing anime.

What does this have to do with Big Order?

Well, Big Order was written by Mirai Nikki's author, Sakae Esuno. When I found this out, a week or so before the anime came out, I was completely floored. I was getting Mirai Nikki again. I knew what I was expecting--it's going to be bad. Very bad. And I'm gonna enjoy every second of it. Because Mirai Nikki is just really fun and lovable.

Oh boy, was I not at all prepared for what Big Order actually was.

If you haven't seen this anime, you are missing out. Big Order will change your fucking life. You will never see anime the same way ever again. I still have no idea whether or not it was supposed to be taken seriously or not. There are so many things in Big Order that are so unbelievably shocking and weird that each of them individually would completely break any other anime. But it just keeps GOING! Oh man, it was the best time of my life. It was Mirai Nikki all over again, but the high lasted for three months instead of two weeks. It was the most gratifying experience I've ever had with anime--one so massive that it makes me sad to know that it will never be toppled...

Except Sakae Esuno is publishing a new manga. It's called Tantei Akechi wa Kyouransu. The first chapter got translated recently. You should all go read it. It is a fucking masterpiece. And I cannot wait for the anime in five years or so. PLEASE, ASREAD!

Now I'll admit that I kinda forced Hand Shakers a bit. It's not as good as Big Order, and a lot of my reasons for liking it so much were because it was very similar--the first episode had a lot to do with chains, which is a thing in BO. Fortunately, Hand Shakers has one big contributing factor, its appearance. It's so ridiculously overproduced, it's almost nauseating. It's so bad that it can convince other people it's actually genius. Hand Shakers is a trainwreck visually like Big Order was a trainwreck plot-wise.

editor's note: calling CBF

Define Tuturu (asked by AG's Hash)

The alpha and omega. Tuturu cannot be truly defined, for it is not a language the human race is capable of comprehending. Only the almighty gods above can speak this tongue. Mayushii is the one true path in life. By worshipping her existence, even a lowly human like me can hope to reach a higher plane of existence.

Why do you look like Weird Al Yankovic?(asked by onii-chan)

Why does Weird Al Yankovic look like me?

what are your thoughts on Endride. (rogersmith)

Great anime! I strongly recommend it!
It's fascinating to know that Endride exists. All the time, there are dumb, pointless anime that just exist somehow, and Endride end(ride)ed up as 2-cour, so it's like the inoffensive genericness increased tenfold. Digibro says that anime creators should put their effort into the big shows instead of wasting time on extremely niche stuff that no one wants, but I just think it's really funny to know that there's at least a small amount of effort put into shows that get no return. Did you know Hitori no Shita is got a second season? Hitori no fucking Shita, that one really garbage Chinese-produced zombie anime from summer 2016, it got a second season. And it's airing RIGHT NOW! I just found out about it! No one knows because even HIDIVE doesn't wanna pick that shit up. If I had all the time in the world, I'd put a lot of effort into watching these shows no one likes and then make a big deal out of it, just for fun. ...Though some people will probably say I'm doing that right now with Urahara. But anyway, Endride is a fun thing to look back at, to think "wow, that happened". Plus, Spring 2016 was the greatest anime season of all time. I'll probably watch it with a friend or on a livestream or something just for fun, just to make fun of it.

Is there something unasked you would like to talk about?


IT'S THE GREATEST THING I HAVE besides my four cats. I have four cats by the way. They're good cats. I'm gonna talk about my cats. - This one's Macy. Macy Macy-cat. She's the smallest but also the oldest; she'll be 8 next summer. She's had an... interesting history. In her first couple of years, I legitimately believed this cat was retarded. She just acted... dumbfounded towards everything. She'll go into a room and look around as if she's never been there before. I once heard or saw or read or something about a test for cats, where you put a blanket on top of them, and they'd naturally run out of the blanket immediately. It worked for our other cat (at the time), Sammie. Macy would walk around clueless for a minute or two. But then we moved house and she started going outside a lot; I think that put something in her brain because now she's "normal", albeit needy. For some reason, she's gotten incredibly attached to me over the last couple years. More like devoted, really. I can pick her up and put her on my shoulders, and she'll stay there for a while. She won't let anyone else do it, and I haven't even bothered trying it with other cats. - "Ollie Ollie Oliver", who's five. Uh... I have no idea what the fuck kind of cat this is. I think he has the body of a chausie, but he has this weird fur pattern. Idfk. And he acts even weirder. He wants a lot of attention, but gets agitated or nervous pretty easily. He was officially diagnosed as neurotic by a vet. Oliver's a li'l shit. He's friendly with people, not so much with cats. He mostly lashes out at Macy, but not too much with the others. He also meows on command a lot. - BUDDY JEFFREY! I FUCKING LOVE THIS CAT! He literally jumped into GG's car some time in 2013, and she couldn't get rid of him, so she brought him home. Our mom didn't want to keep him, but no one would claim him. And then he... almost died that winter; I forgot what exactly he caught, but it was something bad. Fortunately, he's grown up to be an oversized bundle of happiness and joy and fun and comfort. That picture is from 2014, he is BIG now. Jeffrey is the nicest, most playful creature in the universe. You can do virtually anything to him and he won't get upset, no matter who it is. He loves everybody and everything. Small side note, he and Oliver belong to GG, who moved away for most of 2016 and 2017. But now they're back and life is good. - F L U F F Y B O I TOBI-CAT, perhaps the best cat I ever had. This one I got to name myself; we got him in 2012 when he was about a year old, and since I was only into Naruto at the time, I wanted to give him a Naruto-themed name, but also stick to the "ee" ending we gave all our cats. Kakashi was too weeb-y, so I went with Tobi, because Tobi is a good boy. Coincidentally, this happened the very same day the manga chapter 600 came out (I think that's the right number?) when Tobi's identity was revealed. Anyway, Tobi got fuckin' BIG, especially because we stopped letting the cats outside when we moved house in 2013, so he got T H I C C. He was super soft and very good-looking. He tried to act cool and tough, but wanted cuddles every now and then. He's a kitten deep down. Unfortunately, he died last year. No one knows how, he just curled up and died overnight. Nothing seemed to be wrong with him.

Tobi was "replaced" by another cat, named Reggie. I don't have a picture of him because I can seldom make contact with him. He got ringworm when he was a kitten, so he lived in isolation for his first several months. Now he just stays holed up in my mother's room. Fortunately, Jeffrey is rehabilitating him, so he's opening up a bit more.

I've had several more cats in my life, but... eh, I'll leave it there lol.

Any feedback on the interview format?
I think it's fine. I think the small amount of questions encourage people to write as much as they want. I hope this isn't too long or too short for people, I used a few other interviews as a reference for length.

Can you recommend us 3 members who we can choose from to interview next and briefly explain why you would love to read their interviews?
@Sadist - aka "The Original Sukeroku". Active poster on the forum who's one of my first friends on the website. Very interesting personality that's worth exploring if they're to share it.

@Stark700 - I want to know his secret.

@ItIsIDio - Because I know he won't do it.
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i feel as if i understand this creature on a spiritual level
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If it isn't the man who made the gospel of Big Order. That was some fun shit.

Yeah, Big Order is quite the enigma, so broke its astounding; it leaves your intellectually challenged somehow as your brain unravels at what you're even seeing. HS really is that in all the wrong ways and with the craziest coat of paint as you said. It just makes me feel like I'm witnessing the worst kind of lovecraftian horror.

Also glad to meet another person willing to look at this new crap no one talks about and drum up a storm. We gotta let them know what they're missing or that they made the right choice not even knowing some of this stuff exists lol
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Ehhh, I think I'm missing out on Big Order since I haven't watch the anime yet and haven't see the reviews(no kidding that I'm not exaggerating that I haven't even read a single review on MAL).

Anyway fun interview... Kawaii cats... thicc... :) :) Too bad I got 2 annoying dogs... Ohh well not really that bad I guess.... :/

Tat... like/dislike users though... I think I can see why someone would utter "unironically" in some post...
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1. literally who
2. kek
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Oh my God man, you actually mentioned me. I wasn't expecting that in the slightest, thanks a lot. Also, now I feel like I finally understand your obsession with Big Order lol
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Zergneedsfood said:
1. literally who
2. kek


thanks for stopping by, everyone~
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Mozilla recommended that everyone watched Big Order, and I did, and I absolutely love it. If it was possible for an anime to ascend to the heavenly realm, looking down on all of us mortals, Big Order definitely reached it. Can't wait to read the manga in its physical form and support Sakae in creating more masterpieces
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Ayye, giggidy c: