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Tiger & Bunny

Alternative Titles

English: Tiger & Bunny
Synonyms: Tiger and Bunny, Taibani
Japanese: TIGER & BUNNY (タイガー・アンド・バニー)


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 3, 2011 to Sep 18, 2011
Premiered: Spring 2011
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Viz Media
Studios: Sunrise
Source: Original
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.021 (scored by 60,454 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #5542
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #651
Members: 155,375
Favorites: 2,613


A world in which superheroes are our daily routine and the idea of them has somewhat been "commercialized": this is the first thing that triggers Tiger & Bunny in your memory while watching Boku no Hero Academia. No worries, they are definitely NOT the same thing but still share some mentionable points in common that might lead you to decide to watch them: - The thrilling and captivating concept of super powers will always create heroes and villains but it's always interesting to see how this will be played out, what ideas will be poured into it and what circumstances and consequences will come from it;  read more 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
A modernised and commercialised / 'business' approach to the concept of superheroes existing in our world. Heroes are ranked based on points awarded AND subtracted for their actions in the line of duty. Public relations - mainly in terms of popularity - is also a factor. Every self-respecting hero needs a fan club, after all! In One Punch Man it is less important since it is more of a cartoonishly over the top series with hero rankings as window dressing, where as in Tiger & Bunny the entire plot is built around 'idol culture' televised heroics. But they are the only two series I have come  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Realistic superhero series; at least as far as focusing on the 'human' aspect goes. Idealistic heroism is contrasted with everyday life. Or, put another way, it's down-to-earth, as opposed to series like One Punch Man that indulge in their flashy over the topness. Tiger & Bunny is consistent and is what it says on the tin, where as Flamenco starts out purely as a parody before jumping the shark in dramatically low budget fashion. Ye be warned!  
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Very similar super powers and how people use them . 
report Recommended by DarknessAngel
The heroes in both series are similar in design and "creation to protect the public." 
report Recommended by ta0paipai
It's not hard to say what those two series have in common: • surely the first thing you can notice is that the art is very similar, well of course it does. Masakazu Katsura is a great manga-ka and author of Zetman, he in fact also worked as original character designer for Tiger & Bunny. His great art is already something that might catch you to watch both. • still, both series are about superpowers and the concepts of hero & villain, justice & crime, honesty & corruption. Overall the stories, those concepts play a dominant part. • the main characters in both series are the heroes and fight  read more 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Dai-Guard and Tiger&Bunny are shows about saving the world and doing the right thing, all while dealing with corporate red tape. The two series have a similar focus on the down-to-earth lives of the characters and share a similar sense of humor in regards to the absurdity of super robots/super heroes being introduced into a modern capitalist society. 
report Recommended by Nyron
VERY different people work together. A themes of partnership, friendship and mutual assistance were shown very well. 
report Recommended by Gokudo-kun
Both are charming throwbacks to classic superhero Saturday morning cartoons. While Tiger&Bunny uses clever satires with the theme of superheroes, Heroman is more basic with the whole premise. 
report Recommended by artist-retired
Both feature main characters who are parents that would do anything for their children and have super-powered alter ego's. Both have to with conspiracy's and the main characters working for major corporations. 
report Recommended by VioLink
Did A.D. Police influence Tiger & Bunny? Possibly, though truth be told A.D. Police influenced many sci-fi apocalyptic series which have come out of Japan. Tiger & Bunny takes the old, and places an interesting twist, but A.D. Police allows viewers to see where the genre in regards to Anime has been. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
This has nothing to do with mechs. But the same concept of being a Hero is here. Both series uses the main characters as a way of entertainment. The "sponsors" brand them for publicity purposes while they face their adversary.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
The hero business is a power struggle in both of these Anime. Also, Iron Man comes from a world of people with special powers who have the negative public eye upon them. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both have "heroes" in them who fight bad guys for peace. They have very realistic characters as well. Even though they both seem very different, they're quite similar and if you like one, you'll probably like the other.  
report Recommended by ShintakoInari
Both series has power armors. Both series has the main protagonists, which at first glance does not really get along with each other. 
report Recommended by Akagi-kun
Both animes fouces around super hero. Like Tiger and Bunny, the heroes also have a time limit for their powers.  
report Recommended by animedude1287
Both have a similar art style and involve the main characters protecting their city. 
report Recommended by paratroid
As the other person said, the male leads are pretty similar. Tiger and Mutta have the same voice actor and generally the same personality. They're the underdog. Bunny and Hibito have similar sounding voices and are a bit different in personality but similar in terms of being the superior one in the main relationship. 
report Recommended by Mayuka
Similar atmosphere - big city, wild events, crazy characters, strong female characters, rivalry, heroes, villains, supernatural elements, murder storylines. Both have a lot of "WTF" moments and good comedy thrown in.  
report Recommended by Mayuka
Both have superhero's vs villains Both Have comedy Both share the same awesomeness Tiger and bunny is more serious while sunred is hilarious Both are good anime's that deserve more credit  
report Recommended by OtakuTrey
Both series have a similar Background and a similar style: They take place in a colorful fantasy version of New York, in which retro and futuristic elements are mixed. Furthermore, both titles feature superpowered people (and other beings), and contain quite some action and demolition. 
report Recommended by Estefan
Two male protagonists with opposing personalities (silly/fun-loving and stoic/tsundere) work together to vanquish evil. Also has themes of freindship and (arguable) BL subtext.  
report Recommended by angelfish10
Both are action packed hero based series that follow the inter-workings and every day lives of super heroes Both have a somewhat similarity of comics heroes of western culture 
report Recommended by Jus1294
This show is already under "Related Anime", but idk if it is at all related in terms of continuity. As of two episodes, it has done nothing to suggest that. Anyway, it would be easier to list the differences between these two shows because they're just that similar. T&B has superpowers and superheroes while DD is just a subset of the police. They are both worth watching. Enjoy! 
report Recommended by LightningComet
This may be a bit of a stretch, but ‘Tiger & Bunny’ and ‘Kill la Kill’ portray core themes surrounding cooperation through polarizing friendships (i.e. Kotetsu and Barnaby, Ryuko with Mako and Senketsu), and previous rivals becoming allies following the need to fight against a greater evil. Barnaby and Ryuko are both characters initially driven by vengeance towards the loss of their family. The exposed outfits of the female characters, like Blue Rose, Ryuko, and Satsuki, are commented on for humour while being simultaneously deconstructed when discussing ideas of fanservice, female strength, and nudity. 
report Recommended by RubyRouge
Two male protagonists with opposing personalities work together to vanquish evil. Also focuses on themes of friendship and contains (arguable) BL subtext.  
report Recommended by angelfish10
Two male protagonists with opposing personalities work together to fight evil, also contains comedy and (arguable) BL subtext and themes of friendship.  
report Recommended by angelfish10
Both shows are about a partnership between the main characters. Also, both are action anime, although Soul Eater is about fighting Kishin and Tiger & Bunny is about superheroes. 
report Recommended by nobodysdawn
Both show's have 2 main character's that use team work to win. Character's are very similar to each other. Cure Black and Tiger both are laid back and would go in fighting. While Cure White and Barnaby are both very smart. Also they have smilier fighting styles.  
report Recommended by animedude1287
Both animes feature a "Hero system" where professional heroes get supported by the higher ups for doing work. 
report Recommended by Kyo_mashima
91 Days and Tiger and Bunny are both about the main characters getting revenge on the murderer of their parents. There are certain organizations that are both bad and good that they both join to achieve their goal. While Tiger and Bunny has super powers and is set more in the future, both anime have action. 
report Recommended by Third-Impact
Both series have the same director with amazing art work and character design. Both Male main characters, despite being in the same line of work hate each other but end up working together and as time pass they begin to have respect for one another. The series have Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, and super power genre elements. 
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
Both of these shows deal with the power that you have and dealing with it in constructive manners. Both of these shows are also riddled through with a great deal of humor that comes across wonderfully. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both of these Anime overlapped in their scheduled airing times for 2011. Both series are about heros and being the best hero that you can be. The styles of both series have their simularities in animation, not to mention the characters in the storylines are rather interesting. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are buddy cop stories with some awkward CG effects, but those problems are more than made up for with great characters. 
report Recommended by confusedmuse
So, do you like the concepts that Marvel layed down in the univerce they created? Well, Tiger & Bunny happens to be quite inspired by old school superheros with their NEXT. There are allusions that things have changed since the times of the old school superheros. So, if you enjoyed one, you may enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
There is a concept that those who are born with special powers are cursed to the life of being used by those who seek that power to use to further their own goals and these two series feature this. With Gauken Alice, the students are trained to be of future use to society, while in Tiger & Bunny, the heros are used for mer intertainment. While they are treated for the most part as if they are human, in other ways they are treated like they are nothing. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Stern Bild and Academy City are both similar in that they are technologically advanced cities home to millions of people, a number of whom have special powers. In Index they are students going though the Power Curriculum Program in order to become espers artificially. In T&B they are normal citizens with a certain genetic mutation that gives them special powers; several of these citizens use their powers for good and become Heroes. In the case of both series, those with powers can turn toward good or evil depending on their situation and beliefs, and at times are considered by others to be monstrous due to  read more 
report Recommended by Numi
Stern Bild and Academy City are both similar in that they are technologically advanced cities home to millions of people, a number of whom have special powers. In Index they are students going though the Power Curriculum Program in order to become espers artificially. In T&B they are normal citizens with a certain genetic mutation that gives them special powers; several of these citizens use their powers for good and become Heroes. In the case of both series, those with powers can turn toward good or evil depending on their situation and beliefs, and at times are considered by others to be monstrous due to  read more 
report Recommended by Numi
While one of these is an older classic, both of these deal with the psycological effect of having great powers and how society may or may not treat the idividual. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
It might sound strange but Bunny is similar to Sasuke and Tiger is like Naruto. The most important their relationship develop in almost same way. 
report Recommended by Kythwena
Both use mecha, both have a great sense of humor accompanied with great fight scenes. I found that the characters in both were very likable. Just give Tiger & Bunny a try, the title is off-putting, but really is actually a great anime.  
report Recommended by rosypanda
-Both have heroes/villains fighting with CGI power suits -Both have a reckless/straightforward MC paired with a serious/calculating Teamate. A difference is the MC is T&B has had his power for a long time while Majin Bone MC just gained them. 
report Recommended by VioLink
Both have strong American superhero influences. Big O is full of Batman allusions, the main character being a rich man who dresses in black and uses gadets to poke around and solve mysteries (and fight mecha) and the art style is reminiscent of the art-deco type animation of the old batman cartoons. Tiger & Bunny is a bit closer to X-men with characters who are NEXT with powers are considered 'the next stage in evolution' by some and people to be feared by others, with some NEXT turning to crime and others turning to heroism. They both also take place in urban environments highly similar  read more 
report Recommended by noirgrimoir
What do these two series have in common you ask? Well, great animation, great writing, great characters, great action... And a whole truck load of homosexual subtext that might as well be text. Both series are living in transparent closets and it's amazing to watch. You can call it bromance if you want but...eh, you're not fooling anyone. Both of these series are awesome, with incredible traits that make them quality anime regardless of whether you like practically-BL, so you can pretend the male main characters aren't in love if it makes you feel better, just watch them. If you like one you'll like the other,  read more 
report Recommended by noirgrimoir
Both series have two main characters who save a city from many villains with their supernatural powers. 
report Recommended by YukuZetsuji
NEXT = Mutants. 
report Recommended by AmberFebruary
The main protagonists of both Viewtiful Joe / Tiger & Bunny are both lazy & not very bright characters, similar to Michaelangelo from TMNT. Both shows involve a world filled with heroes and have some comedy mixed in between the different parts of the story. Both shows are great, you'll be immersed in the story and art! 
report Recommended by rpn101
From the first sight these two anime don't have a lot in common, but the feeling that you get, while you watch them, is pretty much the same - you are totally emotionally involved in the action and become absorbed in the plot. Both anime have very strong colorful set of the main characters, with the relationship of rivalry between them. But despite of this rivalry between each other all of them are obsessed with the idea that at the same time unites them - either basketball or protecting the city. There are also some developing “electric” relationships between 2 main characters, who have strong views,  read more 
report Recommended by aaa22
Both are mecha-related, futuristic, uses a lot of CGI, and advertise for companies (Basquash - Nike; Tiger & Bunny - Softbank, Bandai, Pepsi)  
report Recommended by Envedges
Both are Science Fiction stories taking place in futuristic cities, with border-line shounen-ai bromances between the two male main characters. No.6 is shorter (11 eps) and much darker with younger protagonists, while Tiger&Bunny is lighter and has a two-part plot (20+ eps). In both the spotlight is on the two male leads, one of who's goal is to get their revenge, and how the two grow closer and come to understand and value each other.  
report Recommended by noirgrimoir