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The heroes in both series are similar in design and "creation to protect the public."
report Recommended by ta0paipai
- Superheroes! - Stunning visuals and colors - A main character who helps others realize what the meaning of a true hero is - Super powers aren't kept a secret and both explore how this affects society
report Recommended by CatsCantSmile
Can't say you didn't see this comparison coming. the transformed gatchaman looks so much like the suits in tiger & bunny. They both have a catchy battle theme song with light comedy and some fierce fight scenes
report Recommended by orbbie
The powered suits in both anime are very similar (a little TOO similar), and both deal with the concept of heroes and if they are necessary. They also feature a world that's very high-tech (and not impossibly so) and involves current technology like cars, etc. They have interesting and different approaches to heroes, their burdens and effects on society, and, in a way, how technology can be a hero or a villain.
report Recommended by djmonn
There's a similar feeling revolved around both series. For instance, the main characters possesses supernatural abilities in order to fight off their adversaries. These also involves transformations that enhances their powers. Among other things, there is comedy and drama. Seemingly, both series also takes place in a futuristic like setting.
report Recommended by Stark700
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