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Anime Stats
Days: 113.8
Mean Score: 7.26
  • Total Entries269
  • Rewatched65
  • Episodes6,810
Anime History Last Anime Updates
FLCL Progressive
FLCL Progressive
May 24, 12:18 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Darling in the FranXX
Darling in the FranXX
May 22, 2:14 PM
Watching 17/24 · Scored 2
May 9, 12:48 AM
Watching 14/20 · Scored 1
Manga Stats
Days: 17.1
Mean Score: 7.31
  • Total Entries45
  • Reread3
  • Chapters2,892
  • Volumes336
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Cyborg 009 Kanketsu-hen: Conclusion God's War
Cyborg 009 Kanketsu-hen: Conclusion God's War
Apr 13, 11:56 PM
Completed 30/30 · Scored 3
All Rounder Meguru
All Rounder Meguru
Apr 1, 9:47 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone
Jan 24, 2:39 AM
Reading 43/? · Scored 8


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wgbho23 May 27, 5:16 AM
I will be watching s.cry.ed soon, but I need to add that I have no idea how you can give Darling in the Franxx a 2/10....
RebelPanda Mar 30, 4:41 PM
Haha, no problem. It's a real travesty. Hopefully Netflix makes up for it with Lost Song tomorrow.
LipstickOnMyDick Mar 15, 8:40 AM
Sounds like archerion meets veronin cringe af. on on on on on
LipstickOnMyDick Mar 14, 12:42 PM
10Q. Yr username is not good imo
LipstickOnMyDick Mar 13, 7:09 AM
Rainbow is one of thee few anime which excited me to watch next episode, thee tension is thick 'n' tangible. Coupled with rich, dense 'n' melancholy atmosphere that could move just about anyone to tears. Heartbreaking.

btw, thee second half wasn't bad as many say.
Venstre Mar 3, 7:00 PM
Your reviews are pretty alright, got me to finally watch Cross Ange, and Symphogear
hashigamon Jan 16, 6:26 AM
thank you! i'd been planning on watching those, but i forgot hahah, so thanks for the reminder pal! ^^
I_Am_Jaellion Jan 16, 3:08 AM
Nigga the fuck you talking about the pacing is great? The pacing is terrible. It does a bunch of random shit for 10 minutes and then remembers it has a plot and decides to toddle about with whatever the director was feeling like that day.

Do you seriously think great audio is anything meaningful to give a show in the way of praise?

The visuals are not “eye-popping”. They’re unique, yes, but a bit washed-out and god does that 3D look horrendous.

Why does the girl keep feeding the robot after seeing it grow to where she had a hard time controlling it? I’m not talking about, like, the GIANT ROBOT dog that it becomes, but strong enough to almost pull her around. Why didn’t she just stop when she could’ve? Why does Naoko turn heel for 10 seconds in the last episode just to turn away from the woman again? What was the purpose of that? Why would the girl spend to time to write, IN ENGLISH, “Never Knows Best” on the cigarettes she smoked?

TheKillerAngel Jan 14, 3:22 AM
I think it's reasonable to hold 2 contrasting opinions of Cowboy Bebop; while it excelled at a lot of things, I just didn't get as much fun or enjoyment out of watching it as other people did. Another reviewer, Polyphemus, captures my thoughts pretty well. He writes,

"Cowboy Bebop is one of those series that is just impossible to criticize. Not because it has no flaws, but because it has rabid fans who will defend it to the death. It has obtained the mythical “classic armor,” which is an abhorrent carte blanche, bestowed upon only the most overrated of anime, that is used to automatically defend against any sort of legitimate criticism. Cowboy Bebop certainly has good qualities, and it is relevant in how it influenced western perception of anime, but it wasn't quite groundbreaking or revolutionary in and of itself. You could argue that its audiovisuals were in fact groundbreaking, but I think a work needs more than superficial qualities to be truly revolutionary or great."

I_Am_Jaellion Jan 14, 2:42 AM
They were unlikable, constantly bickered in uninteresting ways, and some had motivations that made no sense.

Well, what about it was interesting? They never fucking do anything with it. The plot doesn’t care about itself so it can drill a thing the director thought was “cool” into your skull.
Eric1602 Jan 13, 11:58 PM
-17.7% affinity

Yea I don't think we'll get along
I_Am_Jaellion Jan 13, 7:29 PM
Um, I have Luluco as a NINE, thank you very much.
And just because chances were taken, does not make it good. The fact that is popular does not make it good. It had irritating characters and a boring plot line, no matter the themes and symbolism it may have had.
HereticHunter Jan 13, 7:27 PM
Thanks for your Beatless Review, I saw nothing from that poor synopsis, and It seems like I weren't going to miss anything
I_Am_Jaellion Jan 13, 7:26 PM
What about it was a troll?
ALBOURAX Jan 13, 3:32 PM
I couldn't stop laughing at your Beatless review omg