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A modernised and commercialised / 'business' approach to the concept of superheroes existing in our world. Heroes are ranked based on points awarded AND subtracted for their actions in the line of duty. Public relations - mainly in terms of popularity - is also a factor. Every self-respecting hero needs a fan club, after all! In One Punch Man it is less important since it is more of a cartoonishly over the top series with hero rankings as window dressing, where as in Tiger & Bunny the entire plot is built around 'idol culture' televised heroics. But they are the only two series I have come   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both anime deal with superheroes. Both Tiger & Bunny and One Punch Man have great writing, good animation and awesome characters. Both titles have a nice blend of comedy and action. The difference between the two is that heroes in One Punch Man are registered and paid through donations while the superheroes in Tiger & Bunny have sponsors and advertisers that back them up and cover any inevitable damages. If you liked one, you'd like the other.
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
Both super hero anime with a Japanese twist, centering around fighting villainous monsters and "comic book style" bad guys. Both have impressive visuals and action scenes.
report Recommended by HandsomeMan
These two anime share the premise of putting superheroes into kind of a corporate model where they work not only to stop crime but for popularity rankings. I think that certain people will appreciate the relationships between the two leads in both series (which both happen to consist of a younger blond male seeking revenge for his parents' deaths and an older male who becomes a hero out of a personal sense of justice). In One Punch Man, the blond instantly idolizes the older one while in Tiger & Bunny, the main characters take more time to warm up to each other. However, each pair   read more
report Recommended by Magpies
Somehow, I was getting Tiger and Bunny feels as I was watching One Punch Man. They share a 'Heroes Association' kind of thing too.
report Recommended by Halo_Crystal
Both are superhero anime, where being a superhero is more of being a reality show star then being a warrior of justice
report Recommended by kaminoteki
Both animes feature a "Hero system" where professional heroes get supported by the higher ups for doing work.
report Recommended by Kyo_mashima
Tiger and Bunny is more comedic than One Punch Man, but the whole Hero system is kind of similar. Both shows are also meant for an older audience. The fights in T&B are also super cool and it was the first show that popped into my mind when I saw the final fight in One punch Man.
report Recommended by Kurapikaa211
Both shows have adult superheroes and have some comedy elements.
report Recommended by Cozye
One-Punch Man has the superhero theme with the same funny moments. That's, why I love One Punch Man, the bald-headed Saitama, who is honestly one of my favorite characters, as well as Genos. I just love Saitama's facial expressions. So, If you love Tiger & Bunny, honestly give One Punch Man a go, and honestly, they're kinda similar.
report Recommended by Kaylle
Lets organize these heros! • BOTH have superheros working for a hero organization to fight the evil in their respective world. • BOTH have stories centered on a group of super-powered people without any concept of gaming or reincarnation
report Recommended by zenviolet
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