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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2018 to Dec 23, 2018
Premiered: Fall 2018
Broadcast: Sundays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Trigger
Source: Original
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.461 (scored by 33,123 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #18202
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #990
Members: 97,150
Favorites: 493


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Oct 28, 2018
Dilly-Dally (All reviews)
This show is so under-rated. I don't know how it's rating is so low on MyAnimeList. Big shotout to PhenomSage for recommending.

It proves that you really can't judge a book by its cover, or review on MAL.

So to start off, a lot of you will probably look at this anime and think: "Ew, its UltraMan animated". This is for kids... Next.

But not so fast, while this anime does borrow a lot of inspiration from UltraMan, it is in a differnt league. The story is very fresh and creative, with it's own spin on the UltraMan genre that is obviously intented for a more mature read more
Dec 22, 2018
RebelPanda (All reviews)
After 25 years since the original Gridman TV series debuted in 1993, Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya Productions, the company behind Gridman and Ultraman, have collaborated to produce the magnificent tokusatsu inspired reboot SSSS.Gridman. For those who are new to Gridman and tokusatsu entertainment, it is the Japanese term attached to any sci-fi/fantasy live-action series that uses an abundance of special effects. More specifically, practical effects; think people wrestling in rubber monster suits smashing through model cities and stop motion animation.

That leads us to SSSS.Gridman, the love child of first-time director Akira Amemiya and Keiichi Hasegawa, famed screenwriter of the 1990s Ultraman. Filled to the brim read more
Oct 27, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
SSSesth Gridman is the newest name monster from the studio everyone knows and which creativity after Inferno Cop has been entirely limited to their ability to make up shitty names that don't mean anything. eSeSeSeS. Gridman's biggest achievement is confirming that the future won't be changing this to any direction, especially not for better.


Dude who has red hair starts hearing his computer talking to him and claiming he is this thing called Gridman while girl who he has never seen before in his life is now living with him or something. Then they start arguing over if the pc really talked. Less than half way read more
Dec 22, 2018
XHellLyterX (All reviews)
Hey, are you feeling down because you have this great idea for an anime but keep getting rejected by every studio that you try to sell your pitch to? Well it's time to turn that frown upside down, because Studio Trigger will gladly produce your anime for you, as long as your anime contains a few specific things of course. Here are the three easy steps that you must follow in order to have your anime green lit by Studio Trigger!

1. Make sure to have a LOT of steamy hot fan service. It's best if your main source of sex appeal comes from your leading read more
Dec 22, 2018
RiverRode (All reviews)
When SSSS.Gridman first began, people really didn’t like it. I think a lot of the surface-level elements turned people away, especially since the first few episodes were fairly slow and predictable. But once the show actually got going, the actual content there kept us coming back week after week, and it ended up being not just one of my favorite shows of its season, but of the year as a whole.

Gridman is a precarious mix of genres, balancing seemingly everyday school life against giant mecha fights. The former goes against what people expect from mecha anime, and is likely responsible for the show being labeled read more
Nov 1, 2018
Colorly (All reviews)
Simply too simple and bland.

SSSS.Gridman is really another Mechca anime genre that fails to deliver any good plot or even likeable characters at all. Now, I'm not saying all Mechca anime is bad because that's true. There are some good one out there... but there is more bad than good. SSSS.Gridman has such a simple plot. Kaiju comes, transform into Gridman, and done. Rinse and repeat pretty much. They might add a bit more "drama" to the mix but the formula wouldn't change since it's so simple. I'm not saying "simple" is also bad, anime such anime "Yuru Camp" is so simple but so satisfying read more
Dec 22, 2018
Lyree (All reviews)
SSSS.Gridman is an anime inspired by the old tokusatsu series Denkou Choujin Gridman. It takes what's interesting about the genre and adjusts it to fit the modern day's standards. Thanks to that the final product turned out to be an interesting mix of old and new. Add to it the outstandingly good execution and you get a masterpiece that can keep you glued to the screen with every episode.

The main character of the anime is Yuuta Hibiki - a high school boy that wakes up at Rikka Takarada's home having no memories at all. At the Junk Shop, which belongs to Rikka's family, there's an read more
Dec 22, 2018
AndoCommando (All reviews)
(An Abridged Take Inside TRIGGER Studios)

Director [claps hands]: Okay. Thank you all for coming on such short notice. I just wanted to discuss some further details on the series that I thought appropriate.

[Staff members nod their heads and grunt in agreement]

Director [smiling]: Great! Okay. Masaru [Sakamoto], you are in charge of the character designs, right?

Masaru [nodding]: Yes, that is correct.

Director: Okay. May I see how they look so far?

[Masaru nods and shows him a clipboard containing several designs of the main characters. The director takes his time glancing at each of the female designs.]

Director: Okay. I like what you have here, but I think we read more
Nov 17, 2018
fisixisfun (All reviews)
This anime is the definition of bland and boring.
Literally the most boring mecha anime out there with 0 interesting plot
and the dumbest characters around.

The only appeal here is Rikka's thighs and that's about it.
I would give it a 0 if I could.

Story: 1
Characters: 2 (only becuz of the thighs)
Enjoyment: 1 --> boring and bland with simple action and plot
Overall: 1

If you really like Mecha, literally choose any other mecha anime to watch. This anime is a waste of your time and the only reason it has any hype at all is because of the main female protagonist's thighs.
Dec 22, 2018
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)
SSSS.Gridman is a truly bizarre title. After the monumentally disappointing “successor” to Evangelion and Gurren Lagann that was Darling in the FranXX, and the actually worthwhile Gurren Lagann successor Planet With, it only makes sense that this show completed the holy trinity of super robot anime this year. Bafflingly enough, it does so by being a confusing mixed bag and a nightmare to discuss, especially with those unfamiliar to it. While it doesn’t go full Evangelion, there are still references, as well as stylistic similarities between the two. However, there’s certainly more to the core of this peculiar beast than that.

First and foremost, this is read more
Dec 22, 2018
VileKurata (All reviews)
I went into SSSS Gridman with high expectations because outside of me being big fan Gainax/Trigger I wanted to see if Trigger its wounds after they got drill blasted by Darling in the Franxx by A1/Cloverworks that left a nasty wound which needed a lot of time to recover from. I actually thought the series would go back it's Little Witch Academia/Kill la Kill days where it a nice blend of style and substance. However, after watching all 12 episodes of this show subbed and the first 8 episodes dubbed I can definitely say that this is not Trigger as it's best. In fact, this read more
Dec 22, 2018
Ryuseishun (All reviews)
(WARNING: Some spoilers)

I’ll admit being fairly biased when it comes to most TRIGGER produced shows, especially with the likes of Kill La Kill, Little Witch Academia, and Kiznaiver; even Darling in the FranXX, with all the screw-ups it had down the final stretch, was still very enjoyable for me personally. So when the announcement for SSSS Gridman (or as I call it, SSSS Sleepman) came around, I was initially hyped and hoping that this series gives me a more positive outlook for mecha series in general. However, a little later on, when the visuals for the character and kaiju designs were released for the public read more
Dec 22, 2018
papsoshea (All reviews)
Only a few months after releasing one of the most controversial anime of the year that caused a huge stir in the anime fandom, studio TRIGGER is back with, another one! Collaborating with Tsuburaya Productions, they bring to you, SSSS.Gridman. It pays homage to the original Gridman and the Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad series from the ’90s. Also, the tokusatsu shows such as the Ultraman franchise and lastly, to good old Gainax. There are many otaku culture references throughout, mostly to do with Evangelion, especially the episodes that have the Anno Hideaki directing style and feel to it. This is an anime that is packed read more
Dec 22, 2018
Krunchyman (All reviews)

Is Studio Trigger aware that they are not required to produce wack-ass anime ad infinitum? It feels like they take pleasure in discovering new ways to SSSS.hit all over your computer screens, just to see how desperate we are for a new Mecha anime. Perhaps the success of Inferno Cop went to their heads, giving them a false sense of entitlement to shove even worse rubbish up our collective SSSS.hit(holes), in hopes that we would gobble it up like a bunch of mindless, horny drones. I can’t blame a player for wanting to get paid, but I can certainly blame Studio Trigger read more
Dec 22, 2018
Stark700 (All reviews)
Anime consumers typically stay loyal to certain genres or a specific franchise when they purchase goods. I’m not an avid fan of collecting anime merchandise but I've seen people with stacks and shelves filled with anime figures. Out of all the genres though, mecha seems to be one that I’ve always been fascinated by. In recent years, it seems mecha shows have caused a bit of controversy. From Full Metal Panic to Darling in the Frankxx, they can either be really, really good or pretty damn despicable.

Perhaps we shouldn’t jump too far ahead. Studio Trigger has been able to produce series with memorable quality read more
Nov 26, 2018
Tuem (All reviews)
Anime 👏 Review 👏

First of all, I don't think Gridman is underrated. As I was watching Guriddoman I felt a sense of emptiness in the show and I started wondering about what others thought about this show. So I thought I would write my honest review of this show.

Story: The story revolves around this yung redhead lad who has amnesia. This dude goes on trip and talks to a computer and they fight together against Godzillas. This is simplified episode synopsis for the initial 5 episodes. This made it feel like I was watching some pokemon episodes where main characters are doing their thing read more
Nov 10, 2018
gappasaurus (All reviews)
Opinions on SSSS.Gridman are widely divided: you either love it or hate it. Interestingly enough, those who hate it all have similar criticisms, mainly the premise is unoriginal, the title is stupid, the action just rips off Ultraman, etc. To such comments I would say: do your homework and maybe you’ll learn something. The source material (because yes, this is based on something) was a sentai show from the height of the tokusatsu era. And let’s face it, every sentai show has at least 87% Ultraman-inspired content. It just goes with the territory.

Regarding the story however, Trigger has decided to move away from the typical read more
Nov 8, 2018
LazyPanther (All reviews)
TL;DR at the bottom.

Characters 2/10:
Main Character has red hair and he is "special". He is your everyday high-schooler with nothing that stands out about him. You could replace him with any generic main character from any anime and it won't change a thing.

The main girl "Rikka" comes off as bored, uninterested and fed-up, all the time. She is sighing constantly and has no expressions.
May be she is supposed to reflect the audience response while watching this anime.
Only good thing about her is her character design, which is pretty good.

MC has a generic supportive sidekick. But he is only there to be read more
Dec 22, 2018
Playthingy (All reviews)
You’ll have to excuse the history lesson, but for those of you who don’t know, the Tokusatsu (特撮) Genre, more commonly known as “toku”, is the East Asian cultural description for science fiction TV and film that utilizes a certain brand of special effects to bring super-powered and/or overlarge action set pieces to life, which are usually in service of monstrous kaiju (怪獣). While much of this culture has remained fairly regional, some immensely popular exceptions including but not limited to Godzilla, Ultraman, and Kamen Rider have become somewhat iconic on an international scale, even including some western productions like King Kong and Pacific Rim. read more
Nov 30, 2018
Tamakotakanashi (All reviews)
Fanbase of this anime remind me that Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei season II (Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) episode 4 first part of three call "A Painter by the Roadside" when Itoshiki and his students talk about instances where people pay more attention to the trivial details of many objects rather than the main subjects.

Because all the lovers of this anime are like "best girl Akane" "Rikka doing nothing wrong" "that legs" "Plagiarism everywhere" "you check that tweet" jaja is just so insane jaja and the plot of this anime, is just an average as fuck but 10/10 because Akane and Rikka best waifus, Trigger fan read more