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Soukou Kihei Votoms
Soukou Kihei Votoms
Oct 17, 7:19 AM
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Sakura Capusule
Sakura Capusule
Oct 15, 5:18 AM
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Oct 14, 10:31 AM
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Hikidashi ni Terrarium
Hikidashi ni Terrarium
Oct 15, 3:20 PM
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Gold Pollen and Other Stories
Gold Pollen and Other Stories
Oct 15, 3:20 PM
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Sep 14, 12:30 AM
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bioeffect2 7 hours ago
Ratings are for Nazis amirite.
bioeffect2 9 hours ago
You must keep everything equal everything must be given the same scores the class distinctions are a form of systemic oppression to those inferior to you hierarchies were meant to make the oppressed vote and elect those above them to continue to oppress and repress them it's despicable. I am glad you feel the same way.
bioeffect2 Yesterday, 2:59 PM
Let the ruling (anime) classes tremble at a (waifu) communist revolution. The proletarians(weebs) have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen(otaku) of all countries, unite!
-Karl Marx
crescensXG Yesterday, 11:00 AM
I'm not at home right now, but to answer your question:

I can do this and also that, most likely. Books are in the four-digits. Gamestop valuee them at 0.84 a piece.

fufufu the shit's REAL.

Did I chuckle? Yes.
Did it give me a strong feeling of déjà vu? Yes, definitely.
However, maybe I wasn't the only one. Try copy pasta in jeffi the elpsycongroo's comment box. Wouldn't surprise me if he shares the same sentiment about feeling reminded of something, and you being confused.

So long.

HeCasualAF Oct 17, 11:17 PM
I take it you throw-up when you hear the word "mainstream"?

Btw, i don't see any FMA: Brotherhood or Death Note review, why? Would like to see those juicy ratings, same for Goblin Slayer.
crescensXG Oct 17, 10:13 AM
"Were I a pedophile, my heart would have been won over…
Let that sink in.

>Will look into the manga. Or not. Neither of us care.
Normally I would agree here, but the surfing is REAL. Unlike in Joe. Incidentally, I heard riding pigs is a national sport in Suomi. Surfing is out of the question since the water there is always frozen.

>For a second I thought you meant all ger/fre/eng light novels ever released. Which I guess also applies.

Yeah... to a greater or lesser extent.
I'm not heavily invested in most romances. It's probably the genre I like the least. Most Japanese MangAnime/LN writers are so straitlaced and cringeworthy in the way they handle it, that I'm either quickly turned off or change the genre to "comedy" myself in order to keep going. Subtle, witty romance combined with baseball, porn and breastfeeding is where my heart is. All hail Adachi.

More later or never.

PS: Takamura is close to having boxed every frigging animal on Noah's ark, so he's bound to look for new horizons, and shake the heavens.
troublemakingkid Oct 17, 9:55 AM
I don't get how they don't see that you obviously like anime and posting funny reviews about them. Where or where has humor gone?
Lemonraj Oct 17, 9:43 AM
Why do memefags in your comments think you're heroic for giving bad reviews? and why do you have Yasser Arafat as your profile picture?
Artfey Oct 17, 6:52 AM
I assume you didn't like SnK manga either.
crescensXG Oct 16, 11:36 AM
Wow, I've totally forgotten about the surfing in Joe. Must have been during his time at juvie I suppose. I normally associate it with that zombie apocalypse comedy mango whose title I also forgot until right about now. The name is Tokyo Zombie, go read it cuz teh funniez & short.

"For once…" s/u/f.
I read almost all novels released so far, yet I stopped watching the adaptions after Nise. I will sure make it up at an appropriate moment soon enough to make comparisons. Kizu's still far away though. By that time, you will have accumulated quite a few more heart-warming comments, which will be, safe to say, easier on the eye than Shinbou's camera work. ARC

Dunno. We might agree that H2 is doo-doo because it had a lot of volumes in that actually nothing of note happened, and a mc that had no balls. Quite possibly the worst conclusion to any of his works.

You will finish Maria way before me. Unless you buy and read the official release, but even then, my desire isn't that huge.

Ehrm, how far are you into Ippo's mangos? And where does the anime end? There are a lot of volumes, especially the ones where he decides to start his international career, that are quite goofy and pointless. A lot of random fillers inbetween as well, and a mangaka who has apparently some kind of crisis. To me, it seems he's written himself into a corner and doesn't know where to go next. I cannot explain the turn of events otherwise. Are you up to date? Don't wanna spoil.

troublemakingkid Oct 15, 11:50 PM
Also berserk is lame. Tatami is self help for juveniles. Lain is pure kino.
troublemakingkid Oct 15, 11:49 PM
My computer has been rip for 2 months. Is anime autism the infinite, Deus ex, it never stops, have we found that mathematickal truth here in our own cyber reality? Imagine being such a humorless nag as to get mad at your reviews, then imagine walking over to your profile and seeing the thousands of same same comments and still projecting their insecurity over cartoons on to this wall. Surely if there's an infinite limit to stupidity, your profile comments approach it with a fervor unending.
Jex Oct 15, 6:01 PM
I don't like you or your reviews, but I appreciate that you make Attack on Titan fans salty. Imagine liking season 3 with all of its production issues, terrible animation and awful plot.
M4DMAX Oct 15, 5:51 PM
BTW: I agree with your review of Tatami Galaxy, still love the show though.

On the other hand I kinda disagree wit your Lain review (I really don't particularly like Serial Experiments Lain (for actual reasons).)

Anyways, you're most likely being spammed to death by angry AOT fans, so I don't expect an answer.
Rolace Oct 15, 5:47 PM
"There is no meaning behind adjectives by default" You realise that each adjective has a different definition attached to it right? The question is whether or not those adjectives are justified. I thought you were a troll at first so I just quickly wrote up that comment and went on with my life, and figured that my points should be clear and obvious to anyone who read your review. The irony of all of this is that I did the exact same thing that you did with your review. I guess I am not that smart either, considering how I am trying to explain a simple thing that is supposed to be self-explanatory to every reasonable human being to a stranger who probably still doesn't get it. So now I'll explain it simply to you so that you can understand.

" People teleport from the sky to save the day"
The word "teleport" here is priceless because the only person with the situational awareness of a 10 month old who plays hide and seek by covering their eyes thinking "if I can't see them, then THEY CANT SEE ME!" only to realise that the people around them will continue to move around and have their own will regardless of whether or not they can see them, could EVER see it that way. HENCE THE WORD--> incomprehensive - not comprehending readily; having a slow or inadequate mental grasp.

"evil people sit on the face of someone just to prove that they indeed evil' This literally never happened lol. "Levi declares he is an insane badass by committing an act that distantly resembles the twisting of an arm." never happened. "I wonder which one of the two things that ever happen when a titan appear, happens this time around" You can say this about literally any conflict in any piece of media ever "Essentially every part of the politics is so one-dimensional" while simultaneously saying " The opposing party did nothing wrong" (And I hope you realise that corrupt Politicians exist in real life and have been a rising conflict for as long as human civilization has existed) Hence ---> Inconsistent - lacking agreement, as one thing with another or two or more things in relation to each other; at variance. As well as Nonsensical - (of behavior, conduct, actions, etc.) foolish, senseless, fatuous, or absurd. No substance, all rhetoric.