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Liz to Aoi Tori
Liz to Aoi Tori
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91 Days
91 Days
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Moonlight Mile 2nd Season: Touch Down
Moonlight Mile 2nd Season: Touch Down
Yesterday, 12:04 PM
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Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
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F-sensei no Pocket
F-sensei no Pocket
Apr 18, 8:22 AM
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CSKaori Yesterday, 9:24 AM
I beg to differ. The fact that you pass off Violet's character as an "emotionally dead autist" tells me that you aren''t even trying to give the show a chance and instead insult the show because melodrama.
danz Yesterday, 2:05 AM
thats a good thing eruerueurufu
AverieAvvenire Apr 20, 12:18 AM
hello, I've done reading the manga just now, and you're right, way better than the anime.
Lordwen Apr 19, 3:58 AM
The company of others of course, even if just the pleasures of simulwatching. 76 episodes of Marmalade Boy later and we're fine, you can test the boundaries of friendship with that crap.

A 3x3 in 2k18 lol. Lemme find the one I made a few years ago, by now it must be able to walk in its own already.

Lordwen Apr 18, 8:39 AM
The idea was that sometimes is hard to recommend stuff with its fair amounts of downsides, because certain people (and probably everybody every once in a while) has a tendency to cling to certain negative elements, no matter how derisory they might be, claiming that they completely ruined their experience.
Then there are the occasions in which you have low expectations for something, but turns out you can appreciate it for what it does well, not even having to try too hard to ignore its flaws, since you're surprised at how good its strong aspects turned out to be.

So – nuancing aside because there sure are plenty of in-betweens – it's a matter of being lucky in the second case, or having a too serious and shitty mindset in the first one?

The melodrama question was just a bit of a build up for the spoiler tag, but at the same time I'm surprised at how conveniently this term now universally stands for bad drama. I get why, it doesn't bother me, but it's interesting nonetheless. Sticking to anime both Dezaki's style of directing and Mari Okada's scripts are melodramatic, and yet they certainly have a different effect.

And sure, why not. You can theoretically join and delete every rating just afterwards. So for the purpose of those rules, I'd say your reviews already work. I personally don't know how the club worked back in 2012, we might have a more relaxed attitude towards activity now. I agree that finding commitment is hard, but that's just... everywhere xD. And even with a more committed user base, if you turn what the people watch into sort of a checklist routine, odds are they wouldn't be giving those shows the best opportunity. And I say this while considering that it still happens to some extent, and with positive results. I do think it's fair criticism, but at the same time it's an inherent flaw that comes from both giving a chance to virtually anything and not asking too much from the majority of members. Both aspects are necessary for keeping the project alive and have brought its fair amount of positives as well.
Ankithadam Apr 18, 8:27 AM
Haha yeah, as a chess player myself I like the way the show represents their emotions, especially the part where Rei encounters irritable shogi player ( the one who keeps snapping, makes noises and irritates Rei), Personally I felt the same from one of the player I played who used to compel me to make a move quickly ( reminding me that it was my move even though I knew it was mine) All such characteristics are portrayed well.

Thank you for reading my review :D
Ankithadam Apr 18, 6:10 AM
I see, Thanks mate, I also completed the series, it's was good.....I also wrote the review and now I'm gonna read yours 😇😅

Edit: I read your review, it is really awesome, you do a great deal of research into characters, especially about hina...👍

I was actually had the feeling of why was Akari's feeling put, but when i read your review, I understood the true meaning...
Ankithadam Apr 17, 6:26 PM
Whoa that was really quick!!! Thanks mate!!! I'll read it 😊😇

Edit: Well it seems you have focused on characters more, thats good but I didn't read it completely because I myself haven't completed the series yet, I mean there are still 2 more episodes to complete...and yeah the main reason is :I don't want to change my mind of what I wanted to write in my review after reading yours lol...

But really thanks dude, did you write it only because I asked or were you also thinking of writing it ?
danz Apr 17, 2:49 PM
that's both good and bad to know ;)
Lordwen Apr 17, 2:47 PM
Hi there

I'm here because the dude with the pinkish image 5 comments below quoted a sentence from your About Me without saying where it was from just for the sake of disruption (clue: he did so in the CnC discord)

30 seconds and a search later I was here anyway, and had the idea to comment on your Glass Mask review introducing some sort of discussion topic like the effects of predisposition and expectations in the enjoyment of a work. It sounded great on paper but it was late and I ditched the idea. After some well-deserved 5 hours of sleep and my daily thirteen hours of slave routine here I am, glancing over your About Me again. And while some questions do arise, like: considering the tone of your writting, how do you manage to keep it up for longer than a day without erasing it out of the same disinterest it gives off; or aren't Nana and Glass Mask actually melodramas.. There is one question that I think should be asked having reached this point

Ankithadam Apr 17, 8:03 AM
Dude wow thats a lot of philosophy you got there in your profile, Its awesome.

Can you write a review for 3-gatsu no lion season 2?
Lindle Apr 17, 6:05 AM
Lightfellow Apr 16, 4:09 PM
Eat a shoe.
danz Apr 16, 3:41 PM
i generally don't accept them but you are the first person to send a message together with the request so i'm willing to make an exception
ladyxzeus Apr 16, 1:08 PM
Hi there. To be honest, I don't think I taste very good. Of all the people that tasted me, only one liked my taste. :)