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MightyS 4 hours ago
i highly disagree with your steins gate 0 review, if you had played the game you would know steins gate 0 is at the same level of steins gate especially when you put 9 at uma musume
RnDHiki 6 hours ago
W H O L E S O M E . . Amanchu review...
megallade Yesterday, 8:34 AM
sorry i accidently reported ur gintama review i thought it saud replay im really soory it was an accident
DepravedMagi Jun 23, 2:33 PM
Holy shit, these butthurt fanboys don't know the difference between someone with an honest or negative opinion and a troll
nekocrimmy Jun 23, 12:54 PM
Myherodeku Jun 23, 8:57 AM
so just curious if your opinion on mha season 3 has changed after the afo and ofa fight.
Amounew Jun 23, 8:00 AM
I love your reviews bro =)
Kuromii Jun 23, 4:44 AM
I agree with your Steins Gate 0 review. The characters are bad and cringey af. The writing this time round seems a little too "wave a magic wand" kinda thing.

The moron fanboys commenting here are so funny! Why do they think you're being edgy by recognizing that SG0 is not great?
-I-I-I- Jun 22, 3:25 PM
Hey. I am a begginer on writing reviews. You as a known review writer I need your opinion on how can I make my Boku no Hero Academia season 3 review better an more effective?
P_Lichtenstein Jun 22, 5:20 AM
You picked my interest when I saw your reviews of Megalo Box and Steins;Gate 0. When I looked through your other reviews, it became clear pretty fast that you were just another troll and not even a really creative one. It's simple, basically the more popular the show the lower you rate it. Is the show actually really bad? Give it a 7 or go all out like with School Days and give it a 10. Sprinkle it with a hand full of legit reviews to hide your cause and you're good. Fucking genius.

While I get your enjoyment in shitting on popular shows just to watch the seething fanbase being salty about it I can't just help but to think that at the end of the day you're just trying to get as much attention as possible by swimming against the stream as hard as you can. Sure it might be fun but you can't exactly call it a fruitfull life either can you.
MeDicenJaden Jun 21, 7:20 PM
Hello again, so, I read your SG 0 review, it think is the second or third time that I do so and I'm starting to see your points. While I disagree with such a low score, I agree with the fact that this sequel is not capturing me like the first one used to did, is lackluster, it throws a lot of things praying for something to stick but is failing and Okabe looks so bland compared to what he used to be (Maybe because he's just depressed). Do you think that the show may improve or is it going to get worse?

P.s: I love your comments box, fanboys salty tears are delicious.
Shrabster Jun 21, 12:08 PM
MAL may die but the S A L T is eternal.
Ibs Jun 21, 4:39 AM
Your reviews are trash, you like to think yourself as some special snowflake but you're just another elitist who thinks of himself as superior.

You give SG0 a 2, but give Uma Musume a 9. Piss off this site you troll.
Lakshya7 May 27, 11:04 AM
pathetic review on steins gate u idiot... get urself some understanding to digest something like that...
Aslt May 27, 5:51 AM
Nah, I'm just a pleb and I stream it. Feels bad man.