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Jun 27, 2020
This season; the boy won't be raised; the cutes lack the hows; Chika doesn't dance. But.. even Haddaway will get to know what tsundere's heart disease is. *Oddly loud Rick whisperer meme* "It's war. He is referring to the war part. Ch [burp].. check the title, it's in there somewhere."

**Disclaimer: Miko is a very capable person and we all love her very much. You may disagree but know that no one's gonna call you a homie where I am from.

Without further ado,

The first 3 episodes are mediocre. After that Kaguya returns to its track with witty humor and new direction. The author seemed to ...
Jun 24, 2020
Kami no Tou (Anime) add
I remember it well. Back in 2011, when webtoons were starting to get popular, there were two names that echoed louder than the rest: 'Tower of God' and 'Noblesse'. The debate was real as everyone was arguing over which one is better. And here I stand, 9 years later, trying to decide which one is worse.

Tower of God is essentially Korean Naruto with Bleach-swords. The entire first act is a fast paced exam-training-rescue arc hybrid, and that's pretty much how it differs from classic Japanese shonen, which take their sweet time doing each of these one at a time. The idea for the story can ...
Jun 11, 2020
Cike Wu Liuqi (Anime) add
Imagine a series which comes with One Punch Man's humor, attitude and fight scenes and combines them with Mob Psycho 100's heart, love and kindness. Scissor Seven is a Chinese anime produced by Netflix and you should watch it English dubbed. And when I say you should watch it, I really mean you should, because Scissor Seven is absolutely fantastic. This anime is pure joy to a point where it could as well be labelled antidepressant.

Our story centers around a scissor-wielding, shapeshifting, hairdresser/assassin who is ready to kill any man, woman, or child for mere 88 bucks. Except he never does that. Vast majority of ...
Dec 25, 2019
Beastars (Anime) add
Beastars is an anime about prejudices, self-discovery and life under idealistic totalitarian rule where carnivores and herbivores supposedly dwell in harmony, and all of this takes place in a certain school's drama club. Everyone is already acting and then they try and act some more.

**Before we continue, in case you lean to the right side and consider yourself red-pilled, you most likely are at least on some level avoiding this anime like plague. I had my fair share of skepticism before going in, but I conclude this series is not driven by any pre-set political agenda. Social commentary exists, you can take it as ...
Nov 23, 2019
Preliminary (6/25 eps)
Due to the nature of the second season, the third season was bound to have a weaker start. Even so, with 2-cour duration it had all the time it ever needed to pick up the pace and improve, or at the very least build a solid foundation for this fourth season.... But it didn't do any of that and now we're more or less back to square one.

The classic shonen series have never exactly been the most flawless type in the arsenal, but few of them have struggled with their arc and tone shifts to the same extent with Boku no Hero Academia. While it's ...
Oct 7, 2019
Tenki no Ko (Anime) add
[This review contains spoilers, because I wasn't able to explain why I didn't like this movie without speaking of specific story events and character roles in the narrative]

Tenki no Ko tells us the romance story of runaway kids who kinda like each others but not really and then they start fighting against adults and opposing society because it rains all the time.

I found it very hard to relate to these youngsters because they feel like lifeless cardboard. Our main male lead ran away from home and got himself a gun which he uses to threaten people and pimps with. And our main female lead is ...
Sep 28, 2019
Only cynical criticism can save us from the gooey sentimentality and naivete, but sometimes rarely a series too precious to deserve this treatment appears, offering nothing but genuine entertainment to a point where its own shortcomings start to seem very insignificant compared to its strongest merits. I may have a soft spot in my heart for this series, but all the things I found to be problematic within the work are still covered here in this review and explained why I think they can be forgiven, because even with all of its problems, this is -in its own way- one of the greatest series seen ...
Aug 16, 2019
Preliminary (6/24 eps)
I really thought this was going to be different from your typical small deal shonen series. The first two episodes were fun as heck. Supernatural firefighters fought against flames with axes and machine guns while nuns tried to tame them with "holy water". Exactly the type of nonsense I am into, easy to enjoy, I thought.

But then the show showed its true colors. Incredibly unfitting and unnecessary ecchi fanservice and boob fondling. Soulless comedic reliefs. Dialogue is constantly masked as story-telling/backstory narrative in a manner so pathetic that it seems like a parody, whilst lessening the genuity of the characters. Illogical story events are there ...
Aug 11, 2019
Vinland Saga (Anime) add
Preliminary (6/24 eps)
Anime series that are exclusively aimed for adult audience have been disappearing from this medium faster than top anime lists on the Internet have been overtaken by overrated seasonal garbage. That's quite a tempo. Long gone are those days when maturity meant more than throwing in couple gore scenes and tagging the production with an R. Vinland Saga is not a blast from the past. It won't automatically please every soul that mourns for what anime once was. Nevertheless, Vinland Saga is already one of the most successful series from this ongoing decade when it comes to combining maturity with mainstream appeal.

[Story and characters]

The ...
Aug 9, 2019
Dr. Stone (Anime) add
Preliminary (6/24 eps)
Dr. Stone is an anime about this teenage Senkuu dude who is very smart. 10 billion percent smart. He has read few at-least-hundred-pages-long articles about agriculture, watched 2 if not 3 primitive technology videos on youtube, and the amount of chemistry classes he has skipped by 9th grade can possibly be counted with one hand fingers. Damn I wish I was this smart.

Dr. Stone is also about this other dude, Taiju Ooki, who is the opposite of this first dude, being a person who has average fit and is not a nerd. This dude is actually capable of doing very physically demanding tasks such ...

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