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Dec 8, 2018
Ahhhhh, Friendship and Magic has finally returned with its 3rd season. No, it's not My Little Pony I am talking about, but Fairy Tail. This time around our main characters, Rarity and Appleja... oh sorry, I mean Natsu and Ga gga gg ga ggaa Gray [Jesus, sorry for the stutter, the struggle is real], are hanging out with their little club and every goddamn villain they fight against, joins their ranks because that's the way Fairy Tail's heart beats. It's friendship time!


Annoyed by very superficial, core level flaws that are practically self-explanatory? Too bad. How Fairy Tail works is completely different from the norms as read more
Dec 8, 2018

Covers as much ground as it can, but doesn't go in depth with anything it introduces. Lots of pointless content and irrelevant characters. Dreadful, pseudo-intellectual dialogue. Wine is often being drank when these conversations are had. Various things being shown from multiple different perspectives, or rather; realities. Hardly any plot advancement because showing a million different things is prioritized above all else. Good moments are scarce and typically enjoyable only because they suck so bad, but in most cases, the thing is just idiotic in a highly boring way and that's the end of this story. No, I didn't accidentally post my 'Legend of the read more
Dec 3, 2018

In a world where every normo wears a guy fawkes-like mask and whenever anything happens, there is a zoom-in into character's eyeball, we follow a squad of cops who quite literally suck at their job. Just so happens to be, one of the guy fawkes dudes bumps into this cop woman in a busy street and then she dies. Another cop sees this shit happening and concludes that it was a murder but oh such a mysterious murder indeed. And now we have the setup ready for this mystery cop show anime filled with action and cliches so lousily executed that they become the sole read more
Nov 30, 2018
"Now that Netflix has released two garbage-tier cop shows with supernatural elements in a row, I wonder what they gonna do next..."

Ingress the Animation is the third cop show with supernatural elements Netflix has decided to release this year, but it's not exactly as awful as the other two. I have absolute no idea who is greenlighting these, but please, stop.


We have 3 main leads here and they are called: Jack Norman, but I will proceed to call him Jack Normal in this review because he is so Normal that even his first name is Jack. Sarah Coppola -- whose last name, indeed, is of read more
Nov 24, 2018
Blue Gender was produced in 1999 during the era when last peak in mature anime series occurred. The series itself is a great example of how loyal to the "adult audience only" idea anime could remain back in the days.

*light spoilers follow*

From its settings, Blue Gender is highly similar to the cult feature film, Starship troopers, that was released only 2 years before the anime. In this case, our main character wakes up from an artificial sleep -- that is heavily plot-related -- to discover how the world he once knew has been overtaken by a species of over-sized alien bugs -- called Blue -- read more
Nov 23, 2018
Jojo 1&2: Liquefied nazis
Jojo 3: Bros fight the sun
Jojo 4: Don't trigger my fire truck allergy
Jojo 5: My stando power is being an asshole

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Super Mario Bros. Edition is the greatest thing that has happened to anime since the 4th part. In this 5th Jojo -- called Vento whatever in Italian or Golden whatever in English -- we see something that is not expected of anime these days: content that doesn't suck ass.

Vento Aureo is told to be the most controversial part of the Jojo franchise thus far. One either loves it or hates it. I am in the lover team because the read more
Nov 20, 2018
'Re: ZERO opening a cup of noodles in another world' is an advertisement where Emilia and Subaru get impressed over a bendable plastic fork that comes with a cup of noodles. Plastic forks are unarguably more impressive than the anime itself was so that's pretty cool, you also throw them in the trash after one-use which is also acurrate way to deal with anything related to re:zero.

Perhaps the best and worst part of this ad is that it could have as well been part of the main series and I personally couldn't have possibly thought that it is somewhat out of place. I mean the read more
Nov 9, 2018
*Some of the points made are based to season 01*

I like memes. In fact, one could say I am some sort of meme connoisseur, shitposter with endless stamina, collector of rare pepes, and in generally aware of all sorts of obscure coaxed snafu/moviescirclejerk epic. However, when I see one of the goofiest cartoons from my childhood rebooted and then turned into some sort of beyond childish and completely dull version of the original, I am not calling it the best thing evertz for the sake of lulz. Especially when it not-so-obviously is not it. --- I asked 3 natives if this if grammatically correct way read more
Nov 5, 2018
'That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Loli Don't Mind The Slime Part It Is Just a Marketing Bait' is truly a fantastic self-insert series because the mc's face looks like a dead moth and the story line is basically Overlord but isekai. "B.. b-b..b.but isn't Overlord an isekai?" Not compared to this.. piece of.. slime.

The setup is a really great excuse for the story. One of the best ever to be honest. 37 years-old virgin NEET who hasn't left his apartment for 38 years goes outdoors for the first time ever and dies because the world is really a fucked up and sad place read more
Nov 4, 2018
I saw this movie already few weeks ago, but I am posting my review for it delayed because for the first time in several years, I was lost in what to say.

*might contain light spoilers*

Let me start by giving some backstory information: I am huge fan of drama series, but unlike most people who consider themselves a fan of drama: I hate almost every drama that is being made today. No matter how highly praised the series and movies I watch are, they always end up disappointing me. Shallow teenagers cry in them for no reason whatsoever. Emotional depth is at near 0% if read more