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Oct 14, 2018
Other than the male x male shipping, I am not finding many reasons to like this show anymore.

Half of the season is practically a collection of cliche action scenes. People teleport from the sky to save the day, others swing in the sky with spider-man gears, evil people sit on the face of someone just to prove that they indeed evil, Levi declares he is an insane badass by committing an act that distantly resembles the twisting of an arm. So fucked up! I am scared, literally how can man be this insane. Please, no, not the arm.

The other half is practically a parody read more
Oct 14, 2018
Double Decker! Doug & That Other Guy is an anime series taking place inside the world of Tiger & Bunny, a franchise which I personally highly enjoyed and which I thought Sunrise would be ruining like seems to be their favorite hobby these days. Thankfully that wasn't the case as this time around the story centers around new detective side of the universe and this appears to be almost as comedic as Tiger and Bunny.

The story of this thing is a generic cops vs. crime. The good part is that it's not taken very seriously. The focus is on banter between the main characters, goofy read more
Oct 14, 2018
"One of the hardest things in life is to be average."
- The MC who blushes a lot

Conveniently - or was it ironically - the easiest thing in the anime industry is to be average, but that is not what FLCL Alternative is. After the disaster that Progressive was, no one could have expected this, but Alternative manages to leave the common mediocrity level and surprise with its quality positively. As an FLCL sequel, this series is still a shameful and embarrassing piece, but when viewed as a franchise reboot / spinoff starred by Haruhara Haruko's downgraded clone, we can't complain too much. In fact, we read more
Oct 13, 2018
For several decades now, it has seemed like the classic shonen series (battle/fighting tournament) have been used to test out viewers just to see how shitty of a side story movies the industry can sell for fans without getting shit on. Needless to say, I was expecting the same from Hero Academia, but it actually end up being better than the entire 3rd season. I am beyond surprised.

*contains spoilers*


Our movie takes place in this place called I-Island in where people can freely use their quirks unlike in Japan. Our main characters, Deku and All Might, head here because reasons related to All Might's health which read more
Oct 8, 2018
Code Geass has finally concluded retelling itself and this review covers all the movies.

Background info for those who do not know what Code Geass is: Code Geass is basically known as the "dumbest show to ever take itself seriously." It's essentially a story about this dude who has a Jesus inside his eyeball and this Jesus can do indeterminate things inside somewhat understandable limits and whatever it is, it all goes according to this dude's plans until there are lots of other characters who have different (or similar) kind of Jesuses inside their eyeballs, too, but it all goes well for him anyway. To sum read more
Oct 7, 2018
*This review covers the entire Gintama*

Let's start with the comedy because that's the main reason Gintama is so horrible. Gintama is often called "a comedy series without any comedy", and that's very accurate. The "comedy" in Gintama consists of colorful bunch of jokes... at least if our color vision is limited to two as practically every joke is either a) a penis joke or b) IT'S a PRank BrO. Be it a gorilla mistaking someone's dick for a banana or 7 feet long sword ending up inside someone's anal cavity, Gintama has it all. But don't worry. It's all made with self-awareness and 4th wall read more
Oct 3, 2018
I have been reading other opinions and positive praise around High Score Girl, but I still don't get why this is supposed to be so good and the savior of summer 2018 anime.

It's just a generic love story where the main dude is an over exaggerated character whose behavior is the outcome of "anime" and not any personality traits. The main female is perfect gamer and student, beautiful and ideal girl with tragic past story AKA a textbook example of a Mary Sue. There is also another girl in the series who creates the fallacy of harem, but she only appears in few episodes and read more
Sep 29, 2018
Persona 5 is the newest addition to the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. Its source material had around 5 hours worth of actual content like is implied in its name, yet playing the whole thing takes around 140 hours because it's a classic J-RPG game that relies on repeating the same thing 18500 times.

Unfortunate for the fans of the game, the anime end up being 26 episodes long when it should have been 500, and unfortunate for anime fans, the anime end up being 26 episodes long when it should have been 13.

As far as fillers go, filler is canon content I mean, Persona 5 read more
Sep 27, 2018
Anime gets often called 'art' instead of simply 'entertainment' for the simple reason that its audiovisual achievements are more noteworthy than the characters and story that can never really reach the same level as books or manga. But like with everything in life, the polar opposite view point exist. To some viewers there seem to be nothing that kills the industry harder than 'style over substance', and those who despise this way of being should now take notes and never watch this anime.

But I can like both. Especially in today's industry where substance is often lacking, new series are copy-paste of everything else that has read more
Sep 26, 2018
The second season was a great comfy experience. Eternal Summer was what it was called and it was H O T just like the name suggests. However, it was much more than that and left several different factors unanswered, for example, In s02e09, Haru said: "What dream? What future? I have nothing of that sort!" Other questions it rose were: The traumas behind our transfer student (not wanting to swim on the behalf of team, only on individual level), Haru's lack of motivation, and the disappearance / solitude phase of the best boy. Essentially, this 3rd season is exactly as the title promises: Dive towards read more