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May 21, 2018
Golden Kamuy Shorts are the best shorts. No, it's not a piece of clothing, you silly, it's this anime.

Every Golden Kamuy fan should watch this for episodes 1, 4 and 5. Unfortunately, I cannot speak of what I have seen because it would spoil everything there is in them, but basically these are like 20 seconds long gags of GAR Jesus doing the most un-GAR things possible, and for that exact reason it is the most badass and funny thing you can ever watch. After all, if sheep befriends wolves, it needs to be a pretty badass sheep, right?

These episodes are quite hilarious, read more
May 21, 2018
It's over 9000D!!
-Vegeta when watching this anime.

Tokino Kousa AKA Tokino Crossing (Shibuya Vernacular in English) is supposed to be the first 4D anime. Correct me if I am wrong, but this shit is not how dimensions work. I am fairly sure that mixing 3D people and 2D anime characters together don't magically create an extra dimension.

Apparently the story itself is still very much 4-dimensional because it takes 'time' as the 4th dimension... by making it so that the story takes place in the past. How unique. I wonder why the concept of time doesn't exist in all the other anime... oh wait, it read more
May 21, 2018
When the 6th week of current season hit, many series decided to take a week long hiatus and air some filler, recapturing the former 4-5 episodes. FranXX did the-making-of video with live interviews. What about Shokugeki no Souma? J.C. Staff gave us a fanservice special and used more money animating it than they have used to animate season 3.1 thus far. Some decisions are just better than others.

The episode can be split in two. First half centers around Erina, and keeps creating comedic situations where she struggles to use devices which are self-explatory to common folks. These include stuff like washing machines and vacuum cleaners. read more
May 21, 2018
The gorgeous days of the princess of Tuskuru is the translated title of this Utawarerumono special episode. It focuses on Kuon's childhood, and it does what the name promises. Or that's what I wanted to say anyway.

The story is rather interesting to say the least. It starts off by our princess peeing her bed, followed by scene where adults start talking how they used to pee their beds and how normal it was at that age. What that age is or was it really that normal, I cannot confirm, but based to the serious tone and the fundamentals of peeing, it probably has happened to read more
May 19, 2018
The music genre hasn't been very rewarding in the recent years. Moeblobs playing instruments within school club and some melodrama series aimed for teenage boys. It's been nearly 6 years since Sakamichi no Apollon came out, and over a decade from the peak of music series when we were lucky to get ridiculously high quality series such as Nana, Beck and even Nodame Cantabile -- not to leave the comedy masterpiece, Detroit Metal City unmentioned. Now, Piano no Mori has landed, and based to the first 6 episodes, we are as close to these mentioned series in terms of quality as we can realistically expect.

The read more
May 16, 2018
Steins Gate 0 is a story about Okabe losing Kurisutina and falling into depression because now his harem is incomplete. Not awesome. With the power of epic deus ex machina writing stuff, person close to Kurisutina puls a random personality capturing device out of her butt and a trip towards harem restoration begins. Awesome.

The writing is a mess. A total clash of random ideas. The amount of different plot elements from asspullery science-save-us-all devices to reading steiner super powers inserted inside slice of life harem settings about.... depression, is absurd. It mainly reminds me of the chaos that Code Geass R2 was. Inb4 who was read more
May 14, 2018
'Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online - Refrain', also known as 'Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online - Refrain From Watching' is a recap episode of the first 5 episodes of SAOA GGO. The reason why this exists is rather simple: the anime was on hiatus this week and the studio broadcasting it had to fill the time slot with something. And so this masterpiece of modern anime was born.

If we compare this to the first 5 episodes, it is basically the same thing but abridged version of it. In terms of editing, I have seen better shortened versions of anime made read more
May 12, 2018
Saw my favorite streamer play P5 for about 140 hours. I don't especially think anything great about the franchise, but it was a super fun experience. The same thing applies with the anime. It sure is an entertaining one.

The art and animation do pretty much the perfect job on capturing the game's atmosphere. The OST is a beast and these guys are not afraid to use their songs. They play them and they play loudly. I like that. The voice acting makes this seem like Fate/zero. Whatever you may think of Fate, the voice acting was memorable as heck, and same thing applies here.

The story read more
May 12, 2018
My Hero Academia is no longer the 2nd coming of Hunter x Hunter. Rather, it is starting to look like the 2nd coming of Fairy Tail.


We don't really have any plot or driving motion in the series anymore. The lack of build-up in former seasons is backfiring hard, and the pacing which is all over the place is not helping. The content itself is practically pure heroism for the sake of it, and heroes winning because they are the main characters. Really starting to look like it's made by Marvel.

The new arc is really bad. First part of the "training" ending in 5 read more
May 10, 2018
The beginning of Presage Flower is quite a mess. It throws random elements and characters in such a ludicrous pace that viewing this work as a standalone adaptation is impossible. We have recycled scenes from earlier works, copy-pasted character introductions and fights which are the down-graded versions of what we have already seen. At least the boob fondling scene was still present. I would have cried if they removed it. Perhaps this is exactly what I was expecting, I am just saying that it is not very pretty to watch. For example, the problem with the dark streets scene is how random it is. Our read more