Aug 9, 2019
Karhu (All reviews)
Dr. Stone is an anime about this teenage Senkuu dude who is very smart. 10 billion percent smart. He has read few at-least-hundred-pages-long articles about agriculture, watched 2 if not 3 primitive technology videos on youtube, and the amount of chemistry classes he has skipped by 9th grade can possibly be counted with one hand fingers. Damn I wish I was this smart.

Dr. Stone is also about this other dude, Taiju Ooki, who is the opposite of this first dude, being a person who has average fit and is not a nerd. This dude is actually capable of doing very physically demanding tasks such as chopping fire wood, crushing berries with his bare feet, and throwing rocks that weight a ton a quarter mile in the air, not to mention the wide variety of other tasks from this 'manly shit' department. Damn I wish I was this manly.

Together these two dudes will re-inhabit the world after everyone has been turned into stone! They are Adam and Eve! And they will survive even if it kills them! (That's legit what they say, no joke). If only the smart dude had been as passionate about human biology and being alive as he was about those other three things he kinda doesn't suck at, they might have chosen a different reference to use here and a different phrase to yell out loud, but who cares! It's time to re-start human development from the stone age!!

Before continuing, there are two things that should be noted.

1) The idea is fantastic
2) Nothing else is

The story is quite literally just garbage. Out of all the things the story approach is comedic, and out of all comedic approaches the comedy mainly consists of either penis jokes, virgin comedy, or sequences which entirely rely on voice acting where our main characters yell and act so damn anime. It gets tiring after a short while and in generally appears incredibly generic. This is the type of content that could be used as an example of what people who do not watch anime think anime is like, because it's just that bad. The story also contains some drama, which is beyond fake and so dreadfully-horse-shit awful that it's ten times funnier than the comedy. Meaning it's absolutely impossible to take any of it seriously.

Rest of the story is exactly as shallow and superficial as its comedy and drama, filling the widest portion of the air time with irrelevant filler and dialogue that has no substantial value. Story events, drama, comedy: all of these exist for the sole reason that something needs to happen because nothing else is happening in this content-lacking, empty shell of an anime. Since these events are to such wide extent executed with over-reactions, the characters' personalities disappear, and all there is left are these clown-shells who do stupid things and try to make the audience laugh, or alternatively have monologues that are masked as dialogues which consists of 1st grade science lessons. It's dreadful to witness.

Especially big muscle dude seems to have endless stamina when it comes to being noisy and annoying. He yells in every single scene like Asta from Black Clover or Eren in the earlier Shingeki no Kyoujin seasons. As for me, he is way more annoying than either of those two examples ever were, because his character is cut down to dimensions below superficial. His thought process and way to think are the combination of plot device that solely exist to slow done the pace of whatever-the-hell is happening and counter-nihilism. His ideals are fake and impossible to respect. This dude's awareness level is the one of a chicken who keeps running weeks after its head has been removed. I hate him with passion, and he makes the content, that is already downright terrible, damn close to unwatchable. The humor sucks, the story barely exists, the word "pacing" feels almost alien after 6 episodes and the characters are the polar opposite of genuine humans. Quitting is a legit option with these cards.

There are also few other characters who... are given a lot of air time, but I won't talk about them because they are somehow even worse and I am trying to forget that they exist. They can be summed up with singular words: love-interest and baddie.

The production itself is bearable, but does nothing to carry the lacking content. Looking and listening to it doesn't offer any specific entertainment value. Animation is avoided during action sequences, backdrops consist of still nature and it has very little variety. In generally, characters are the only elements that ever move. It looks rough and non-fluid: like everything is literally made of stone. Occasionally close-up shots of waves or fire are there, but most of the time not. The rest consists of camera roll-overs (if not complete stills), dust that blocks elements, facial close-ups + empty background macros that are used in purpose of avoiding animation. The macros are incredibly cheap and pointless. If you compare the macros from Dumbbell (another seasonal show), you can see that those are polished, fitting to the series and contain actually some detail which shows that someone actually cared what they look like. Here no one clearly gave an f for these could be loaned from shutterstock. The character design is the only mildly original piece of art work here. Especially the color pallet makes the thing look outdated and something you have seen too many times. Looking at this only makes the series more boring.

I haven't found any legitimate reason to like this series. I was even unable to laugh at how bad it is because this might as well be the most idiotic anime produced in recent years. The only mildly entertaining thing about this anime is this one power-lifting scene related to boulders at which some people, specifically those who have played Resident Evil 5, are bound to laugh their asses off (or maybe it was just me), but other than that, nothing. I am utterly surprised Dr.Stone has been so positively received by the anime community, but I guess even this type of zero-effort series can get a free pass as long as it's not labelled isekai.