Oct 7, 2019
Karhu (All reviews)
[This review contains spoilers, because I wasn't able to explain why I didn't like this movie without speaking of specific story events and character roles in the narrative]

Tenki no Ko tells us the romance story of runaway kids who kinda like each others but not really and then they start fighting against adults and opposing society because it rains all the time.

I found it very hard to relate to these youngsters because they feel like lifeless cardboard. Our main male lead ran away from home and got himself a gun which he uses to threaten people and pimps with. And our main female lead is living alone without parents and fighting against the child service by working as a... well, she is working for the pimp and she is a child. Why something like this was written for her backstory is something I entirely failed to understand, but at least it makes equally much sense with the male lead's backstory.

The story itself consist of story events that are a highly random collection of separate ideas that are not tied to each others in any solid way or form. The male lead's life is saved by a dude and after that he starts working as his assistant/maid. Most of the story that occurs before this specific event is just about wandering around the town doing nothing. The parts where he works as a maid is entirely about slice of life stuff which cannot be called really anything more than pointless filler. After meeting the main female with her pimp, he tries to save her even tho she doesn't ask to be saved. Whilst doing so he gets beaten down and repeatedly hit in the face by the pimp until pulls a gun on the pimp. This, for some reason, impresses the female and they start hanging out.

Unfortunately the cops are onto him because he is a runaway with a gun and also onto the girl because she is raising a child on her own while being a minor, so things turn south until she sacrifices herself to stop the rain. Because she is now gone, the male lead and the small kid the girl was rising start fighting against 6 gun-wielding cops with their fists and win, and just so happens to be she didn't actually sacrifice herself but the actually meet again and then the movie ends. This is the story and relationship development in a nutshell.

There is lot of stuff in-between these events, but to sum up why I didn't like them is going to be brief: Every new story event that occurs is more unlikely and improbable than the last one. Every single adult character in the movie works as a tool in the narrative and their existence is limited to creating false tension. Their actions are the combination of logical errors and plain stupidity, and it all exist so that the story would reach its preferred ending.

I am not truly sure what Shinkai was thinking when making Tenki no Ko, but I can conclude that it surely was not a written epic or how to respect his audience.

In terms of art, this is identical to his past movies and it feels especially old and tiring to watch with this type of content. Perhaps I wouldn't complain if there was something praise-worthy in other section. Like, to be fair, some of the weather related symbolism is quite nice and specifically few scenes towards the end are beautiful. It's just that these thing really don't carry the movie and feel highly insignificant compared to all the things which it does in a manner that could be called offensively bad.

I really didn't enjoy this movie. The story board was a complete mess, writing horrendous, the world building and the supposed societal system in the work make no sense whatsoever and the way the movie and its character relations are build is just a plain how-to NOT. It tried to provoke some cheap anger reactions from audience with pimp-assault injustice and whatever other (supposedly) good kids vs. the world setup, but all it got from me was some lols and weird faces. Overall it's an incredibly weak work with surprisingly poor writing and zero respect to give to its audience.