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Nov 1, 2018
Simply too simple and bland.

SSSS.Gridman is really another Mechca anime genre that fails to deliver any good plot or even likeable characters at all. Now, I'm not saying all Mechca anime is bad because that's true. There are some good one out there... but there is more bad than good. SSSS.Gridman has such a simple plot. Kaiju comes, transform into Gridman, and done. Rinse and repeat pretty much. They might add a bit more "drama" to the mix but the formula wouldn't change since it's so simple. I'm not saying "simple" is also bad, anime such anime "Yuru Camp" is so simple but so satisfying read more
Mar 21, 2018
You guys need to realize this when I’m writing this review while finish episode 12. This is no doubt one of the best anime for Winter 2018. I’ll explain why and of course like most of my reviews I’ll make it short as possible so it won’t be a strain to read.

I’m sure most of you guys will think it’ll just be a simple plot with 4 girls going an adventure to Anartica and having fun. Oh man, you can’t be anymore wrong. This anime isn’t just a simply going to Anartica but actually Anartica isn’t even really the main focus of the story. What read more
Mar 9, 2018
I honestly just want make a simple but enough review for Violet Evergarden. I was one of those people that honestly didn't give in the hype of the anime when the trailer and episode 1 came out. I simply stay neutral because I know if you expect something more out of it, you'll simply JUDGE it more than the actual anime due to high expectations.

When I was reading the reviews for Violet Evergarden, I see a lot of the people calling the story trash or it's slow. I think these are the people are the one that hypes it before it came out. I think read more
Dec 24, 2017
Is it good? Not really. Is it bad? Not really.

Imouto sae Ireba Ii is one of those animes that people will probably think it's Eromanga Sensei rip off or whatnot but in-reality it's nothing like that. The anime is more of like a chill laid back slice of life anime that really isn't taken too seriously. It doesn't have a complex story nor the best character development ever but I think it's not as bad as people make it out to be.

Story 6/10:

Like I said, the story isn't complex or anything. There should be a Slice of Life tag for this anime because it's literally read more
Dec 9, 2017
"If you were to die tomorrow, I'd be fine with tomorrow being the last day of my life."
"If you were to live through today, I will also chose to live through today."

*May contain spoilers*

Kizumonogatari One and Two was really the base for this Three part series. Part One and Two explains the beginning of the relationship between Araragi and Kiss-Shot or aka Shinobu. Part one explains on how Araragi found Kiss-Shot injured with none of her limbs. He saved her thinking by giving up his own life, he hopes to reborn as a non-selfish person that is willing to help anyone without doubting read more
Dec 4, 2017
This is an anime you'll either like or hate right away. It's either one.

Story: 5/10

Izumi is a boy that is moving back to his home town from Tokyo and from that moment on he starts to interact with old friend Souma which he met when he was walking around his new school. From that point, he starts to interact with the other people knew and interacting with new people that interact with his old friends aka Souma and Natsume. The story tries to make it feel as realistic as possible and don't try to over dramatic it's characters and the story itself. But at the read more
Mar 27, 2014
Alright, the series ended so why not make a review on how I think about the anime!

Story: This anime is about a guy call Banra experiencing a new life in college. He lost all his memories during his High school life because he got hit at the bridge and fell in the water. He lost his memories but from to time he start to remember. When he was in college he met many new friends and learn new things in life. He learn how painful it is and lonely it is when you lost your memories. It feels like you just reborn into another read more