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Jun 28, 2021
We got from the underdog, to top dog. Once this series got in motion, it didn't stop moving. Megalobox season 1 was a banger and for me an instant classic. The suburban vibe and the strive to survive were great underlaying motives for a story which is simple yet so appeal because it didn’t seek for deeper meaning, but rather an honest fist fight between manly man. Raw emotions and fights with a punch (badum-tsss). Imagine now, where would you go once you stand on the top? Megalobox Nomad has a perfect story for this. It delivered a great story and what I thought to read more
Jun 26, 2021
Wow what was this a let-down of an anime. Its either the best power-point presentation ever made or the most boring ACTION anime ever produced. But alas, get on the hype-train people, one-way ticket to downtown dumpster fire!

An over-the-top anime with an underwhelming little action. Guess what’s wrong. I like the idea for an all-out action anime with humanities survival at stake. There is numerous anime which took different approaches to this. Either in the form of a natural disaster, interstellar-invasion and such. This anime chooses for a tournament like arc. Nothing wrong with that, but the way the story presented itself and how the read more
Jun 21, 2021
Tsurezure Children Is like a love-comedy marathon. A romance perfectly blended in slice-of-life pace, molded in the from of a 4-koma style. I never enjoyed watching love confessions go right like this. The unique couple dynamics and the cute fluffy round character designs is what sucked me into this anime.

We follow several couples instead of just one main character. Each couple got their own dynamic. At the start of the anime I just thought that it was only going to be comedy skits of couples confessing (and not getting blocked by some random firework show). Looking back the start felt rather “slow” but introduced the read more
Jun 11, 2021
How not to summon a demon lord, a fine chapter 2 to a guide of summoning a demon lord the wrong way.

Well this isn’t a sequel I was looking forward to see nor was I against it. I remembered that it was somewhat ecchi and had a decently mediocre plot with a more likely cast than average. And oh boy this second seasons was a nice sequel to that, but still could use some improvements overall.

About the plot. It wasn’t terrible, in fact it was quite enjoyable. Isekai Maou s2 reminded me that this world was based from an action fantasy MMORPG with high level read more
Apr 5, 2021
Modest Heroes is a 53 minute movie about 3 short stories. These shorts are beautifully animated and each carry a raw emotional power with them. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and I would recommend you to watch it as well.

The animation is insanely good. The movements feel alive, the CGI is superb and best of all, the scenery is amazing. Each short boast an impressive amount of details as well as a natural feeling. Looking at each scene give you the impression of immersion while keeping it as simple as possible.
The movements act with stretched lines and exaggerated body movements which makes it lively and read more
Apr 1, 2021
Heavens Feel 3 – Spring Song is the last part of the Fate/Stay Night routes. It is part of a grant story and told in 3 different fashions. From the 3 routes, HF feels like the most theatrical. It is because its in a movie format, the music is more composed and the fights feel a bit grander. This animated piece of bliss is wonderful to watch but there are also some points where it fell short

The story is just a continuations of the Sakura route. Were now up the point where things are looking grim and the main actor takes the stage. The dazzling read more
Mar 30, 2021
Beautifully animated, a profound story and bubbling friendship. Wonder Egg Priority is one of the bangers of the winter season 2021 and one of my favorites. It’s a story about losing something close, fragile and extremely precious. Its about gaining something precious. It tells a tale while beautifully expressing itself visually and with figurative speech.

--- Minor spoilers ---

WEP is one of the anime which keeps me thinking about it after I’ve watched an episode. Form the get go it struck me that there was a lot of underlying messages and symbolism weaved through the beautiful animation. It’s main theme which is about suicide is the read more
Mar 19, 2021
Who is to blame for this bad movie? What if you had the voice acting of a stick and the story flow of a car with broken wheels. The first time I’ve watched this I thought this was pretty great, but now I’ve re-watched this 2 years later it’s hard to see what was so great about it.
==slight spoilers==

------- ANIMATION --------
The animation was not to bad overall considering most of it was done with CGI. The action was okay and the laser beams did a great job at distracting you from the lifeless lip-syncing. Whenever the characters were in action the animation seemed fine. But read more
Dec 18, 2020
There are slice of life anime which are throwing salt in your eyes, making you envious of colorful friendships and tender relationships. There are anime which rub salt in your wounds by making you envious of a MC getting the perfect rose colored high school life. Well don’t worry about that in Tonikaku Kawaii. This anime is just a salt sword which stabs right through your heart.
A light hearted everyday life story of a boy Nasa and his waifu Tsusaka. They connected by change and the phrase “love at first sight” is rightfully applicable. A short story about a more than casual husband and a read more
Nov 17, 2020
What looks like an intriguing concept dispelled itself with a distasteful play. The sage of Tanya the evil is at most ONLY interesting if it was not for Tanya. I don’t get the hype around it as I didn’t like the story at all. Making something evil could work to entertain your audience. But for me I was far from entertained. Even as form of art it didn’t trigger a “oh wow” reaction. With “the sage of Tanya the evil” they’ve gone overboard with having an evil main character and association with religion. Artichoke taste bitter but is undoubtingly more tasteful than medicine. Soy read more