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Jun 25, 2022
Heh, I can't believe how incredibly popular and highly rated Spy X Family has become. Especially when it isn't an anime that contains a lot of the more "epic" or "emotional" moments that a lot of the other top shows on this site bring to the table. But I too have been captived by it's charm ever since reading the Manga. So what's the secret formula that makes Spy X Family a resounding success? Let's dive into it, shall we?

And no, it's not because the characters are relatable. There's absolutely no way...unless of course you happen to be a spy, an esper, an assassin, or read more
Apr 3, 2022
Attack on Titan. Arguably the most iconic anime of all time. A masterful franchise that never fails to entertain me to the max with each passing season. Yet for this final season part 2 that isn't actually the true final conclusion, I don't know if I can view it as highly as the others. Despite paining me to do so, I unfortunately can't bring myself to compose a gushing review of Attack On-

Eren: What are you doing?


Eren: Start writing HellLyter.


read more
Mar 26, 2022
I welcome you to the latest installment of...WAIFU WARS!!!

A recent phenomenon where current popular anime are often completely spearheaded by one girl. Nothing else, such as an insightful plot or having a non generic protagonist, matters in the face of this one girl. Creators think, "How can I sell my work and get it recognized by the public?" And the answer they arrive at is really quite simple.

People. Want. Waifus.

There are multiple varieties of anime that could potentially fit this mold, so I'll give you some of the bigger names that I believe really exemplify the Waifu Wars mentality. The prequels to My Dress read more
Sep 25, 2021
I need a herooooo!!! I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the ni, ight~!
He's gotta be a chick magnet
And he's gotta have no personality
And he's gotta be...a realist!?!?

Realist Hero might seem like it's not worth your time on the surface. The premise certainly sounds familiar. Man gets transported to a fantasy world and is tasked with helping it out with his knowledge and/or power. He meets many impressionable young girls along the way, including a knight and an animal girl loli, and they all fall for him for inexplicable reasons. If this storyline sounds bland and soulless to you, then read more
Sep 17, 2021
This anime is hilarious, and don't feel pressured by anime "standards" to hide your true feelings if you think so too.

Let me pose a question. What is the reason why we watch anime, and on a larger spectrum, consume all varieties of media? Is it so we can critically dissect all of the aspects of a show and nitpick on all of its faults? While I'm sure this can some (and a headache for others haha), I don't think so. It's because of entertainment. We crave excitement, something that can function as a brief escape from our realities and act as a stimulus read more
Jul 26, 2021
I feel numb. It's like my eyes glazed over and my mind shut down. I sometimes thought that the anime might be buffering while watching, but then realized that the animation is just so stiff that every scene feels like a still shot. I would occasionally be awoken by the hallowed voice and visage of Kirito, only to realize that no, it's just Rio, who has the same voice actor and a strikingly similar design to everyone's favorite Gary Stu, except worse because the proportions in this anime are awful. I thought I fell asleep from time to time and missed something important since characters read more
Mar 26, 2021
“It’s not about whether I can, I have to do it!” – Megumi Fushiguro...and also me steeling myself to post a critical review on this beloved anime.

Jujutsu Kaisen is the latest shounen to gain a surge of popularity and get invited to join the mainstream table of the true anime titans, probably taking a seat right next to Demon Slayer. And I can say with certainty that this is primarily because of Studio Mappa's admirable dedication to making this show, particularly the fight scenes, look breathtakingly good. But here's the age old question: Does fantastic animation trump average writing?

Yeah, no. Heh, sorry to be read more
Mar 25, 2021
A butchered adaptation, neglecting to include fan favorite characters from the manga and removing entire arcs, complete and utter disregard of the great tone and atmosphere that was so carefully crafted in the first season, and rushing a once engaging story to high hell to make it a sloppy mess.

This is horror. This is The Promised Neverland Season Two. And it's frickin brilliant.

Now you may be sitting in your comfy chair, mouth agape in shock, and asking yourself "Is this guy quite possibly insane?" Probably. But I also had a revelation to something that you don't know...yet. But that's ok. I'm here to enlighten read more
Mar 25, 2021
Quintessential Quintuplets Quietly returns with a Quaint little sequel. Queerly enough, it didn't seem to garner too much attention, though that could possibly be due to the popularity and notoriety of several of the anime it's airing alongside sort of pushing it out of the spotlight. Or perhaps it's because a Quite common complaint people give about this show is that it's "generic". And you know what? They're right. But Quizzically, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Despite having several themes and tropes in common with similar types of shows, along with having a pretty simplistic narrative that follows a typical romcom formula, Quintessential Quintuplets read more
Mar 24, 2021
Let's see if I can make it through this review without dying and having to restart from 0. Speaking of that particular number, you know what else gets a 0? This season of Re:Zero, except add a 1 in front of it and BOOM! 10/10 baby. Haha, get it? It's a number joke! If you like that, be sure to SMASH that helpful button like Garfiel SMASHED Elsa, if ya know what I mean~...HellLyter was killed by his embarrassment, awful taste in comedy, and desire for pitiful likes. How greedy.

Damn, this is going to be harder than I thought...

Alright, reset time, lemme start over. read more