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Dec 22, 2018
SSSS.Gridman is an anime inspired by the old tokusatsu series Denkou Choujin Gridman. It takes what's interesting about the genre and adjusts it to fit the modern day's standards. Thanks to that the final product turned out to be an interesting mix of old and new. Add to it the outstandingly good execution and you get a masterpiece that can keep you glued to the screen with every episode.

The main character of the anime is Yuuta Hibiki - a high school boy that wakes up at Rikka Takarada's home having no memories at all. At the Junk Shop, which belongs to Rikka's family, there's an read more
Jun 19, 2018
Uma Musume tells a story of horse girl idols, attending horse girls' school, participating in races and giving concerts afterwards. Just how abstract does this concept sound? As weird as it might seem, Uma Musume is an outstanding show that exceeded my expectations.

Let's start with characters, which to me play the most important role in this case. All the horse girls are based on real race horses and their designs are all connected to their real life equivalents. I love the character designs - they are all so detailed and the connection to the actual horses makes them even more interesting. All girls are unique, read more
Mar 31, 2018
A violent battle among people who morph into animals, with lots of action and fanservice. "That's what Killing Bites is"

The story begins when an average college student, Yuuya Nomoto, agrees to go pick up girls with his newly made acquaintances. Little did he know that by picking up they meant kidnapping and attempting a rape. Things don't go as planned, though, because Hitomi aka Ratel, the girl they try to mess with, turns out to be a real beast. That all leads to Nomoto getting mixed up in the world of therianthropes and their deadly fights.

It's easy to understand what Killing Bites is like. read more
Apr 26, 2017
How would a modern day salaryman from Japan, an especially ruthless and career-focused one too, manage to survive as a little orphan girl in a war ridden world where magic exists and a being that calls himself God tries his best to make things harder for said girl?
The synopsis might sound a little messy. And honestly, Youjo Senki is an anime that I didn't plan to watch but tempted by the pretty amazing opening song, I decided to give it a try when it started airing. And I'm very glad I did.

The aforementioned salaryman was in his original life a cold person that only read more
Dec 27, 2016
There's nothing wrong with shows that are silly or absurd yet have their strong points and somehow manage to keep the audience entertained. I'm a fan of ecchi harems myself and am able to enjoy even really average shows. However, Aishen Qiaokeli-ing, aka Cupid's Chocolates, is hopeless in my eyes.

The story revolves around Haoyi and his harem, which consists of girls that, just like him, ate some cursed chocolates. This caused them not only to be in love with a dull and idiotic guy but also made them believe they're married to or even pregnant with him. So Haoyi's job is to help the girls read more
Feb 7, 2016
Rozen Maiden was the first anime I've seen and it was the very reason I got into the medium. That's why this title is so special to me and because of that there might be some sentiment speaking through me.

The main character of this story is Jun Sakurada, a shut in teenager, who lives apart from his parents, doesn't attend school and rarely ever goes out. He orders many extravagant things online and returns them before he has to pay for them. One day he receives a mysterious letter which he doesn't take seriously, and being asked whether he will "wind or not", he read more
Dec 20, 2015
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry - after reading the synopsis and seeing the cover, doesn't it make you think it's yet another uninteresting and low quality light novel adaptation about a "worst" student and his harem, taking place in a magic high school?
That's not exactly what Rakudai is.

The start might not be so convincing, but already after the first episode I knew I would stick with this anime till the end. What makes Rakudai stand out, is that it's really trying to be a little different. And the outcome is pretty good. At first, this is something we know very well already. We get our protagonist, read more