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Club Discussion
Fairy Tail Dub fans: Would you leave the dub for sub?
Aoshinah - Nov 20
5 replies by JTurner »»
Yesterday, 5:55 PM
Why do you like English dubs? ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
coolcat - Apr 27, 2010
255 replies by Aoshinah »»
Yesterday, 5:36 PM
Upcoming Dubbed Anime ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
Universalx - Oct 16, 2013
212 replies by ghostreconspart »»
Nov 23, 3:11 PM
What are your Top 5-10 Favorite English Dubs? ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
Toddler_Naruto - Mar 14, 2009
206 replies by Aoshinah »»
Nov 21, 4:53 PM
VAs in non-anime films and live-action roles
Angus - Jul 30, 2014
8 replies by SwatKat1990 »»
Nov 20, 6:44 AM

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Club Comments
SwatKat1990 | 4 hours ago

Wish I could go, but I'm not a subscriber.

XTApocalypse | 11 hours ago
Is anyone here a FUNimation streaming subscriber? I'm trying to sign up for a sweepstakes they're holding but I can't tell if I'm being signed up or not because the "current members click here to enter" button doesn't seem to go anywhere. I'm a basic (free) subscriber, so I'm wondering if you have to be on one of the paid plans... I'm not sure because the button doesn't tell me anything. -_-'

starlabbu | Yesterday, 10:57 AM
Kay. Thanks anyway guys, i haven't gotten around to watching it yet, I'll tell you what I think about Penguindrum's dub when I do.

pokemastanumba1 | Nov 24, 10:35 PM
@XTApocalypse and GEO9875 I'm not familiar with them myself, though that's mostly just because I wasn't really into anime until high school myself...

@Taux and garydai The "featured" section of MAL is the articles; there's already some discussion on enabling users to comment on them (idk why we're not able to do that in the first place, but MAL has a few bigger issues).

GEO9875 | Nov 24, 7:34 PM
I don't know any of those shows either.... ;/

LelouchZero | Nov 24, 5:14 PM
How anyone in this day and age doesn't know about Revolutionary Girl Utena is beyond me.

Lindle | Nov 24, 1:42 PM
Watch Utena, dammit.

Then watch Penguindrum.

Then watch Yurikuma even if it's pretty bad (it's still a hell of an experience anyway).

XTApocalypse | Nov 24, 10:24 AM
I don't know what any of those things are. oO

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