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Golden Boy
Golden Boy
3 hours ago
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Agitated Screams of Maggots
Agitated Screams of Maggots
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Chocolat Cadabra
Chocolat Cadabra
Feb 20, 6:07 PM
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Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen
Feb 20, 6:29 PM
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Sousou no Frieren
Sousou no Frieren
Feb 20, 6:21 PM
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Feb 20, 6:20 PM
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MagicalBiche Feb 15, 9:43 AM
Oh yeah I've heard it was... okay. I thought about taking it up since it's been a while since I watched something horny.

Yup, the circlejerking is real. I try to only go for news about stuff I like, but man, the community is toxic.

I'll make sure to tell you haha, but it won't be before as few months, I read a volume per day on average, as I read around 30 minutes before going to sleep, and I do read more "normal" books, like right now, I'm reading a book with a few HC Anderson's fairy tales, and they take a bit more time. Man I should probably read JJK too. I'm certain they have it at the library so I could read the first few volumes to check if I like it or not.
MagicalBiche Feb 14, 4:04 PM
What's your favorite manga that got a garbage adaptation? Yeah I'm half time addicted. Like, I get at some parts and just don't feel like continuing anymore, but I also have big bursts of play. Yeah you can do a lot of different stuff in the game, there's quite a lot of personnalisation!

Yeah doomscrolling is though on the mind. I've blocked Twitter and reddit altogether during my work hours, it kind of helps. I try to reduce reddit but it's hard.

Yeah, Naruto had good moments, but ultimately fell flat I hope Boruto is more entertaining. Well, I actually got a decent To read pile to read after reading Naruto. I'll be reading Insomniacs after school, Chainsaw man and Bocchi, and then back to Jojo yeah. And I'll probably read Boruto after that, just so I have the whole story, and hopefully since I actually know jackshit about the series, it might be entertaining haha
MagicalBiche Feb 13, 3:48 AM
I'll watch the movie, I just need to sit down in my living room for 2 hours. I've watched one of the OVAs yesterday, it was alright.

There's definitely times in the year 4 episodes per day would just be a normal day, but I'm currently a bit too absorbed into Baldur's Gate and I've been mostly watching my seasonals since like 2 weeks.

I actually finished it just yesterday! And I thought it was a pretty damn medicore manga with some good parts. I really liked the Zabuza arc, some parts of the Chuunin tournament and a bunch of misc fights after that (Chiyo/Sakura vs Sasori, Danzo vs Sasuke, Shikamaru vs Hidan, Guy vs Madara) but overall, I thought the worldbuilding was utter garbage with bullshit powers, an absurd powerscaling that quickly made every fight identical energy rays and balls spam, generally bad villains, Sasuke is insufferable and a contender for my least favorite characters of all time. Art was good at times, though, some characters got very good developpment and some fights were actually very entertaining.

I should also mention that I was the only one not watching Naruto as a kid and my friends would always talk about it, even now my newer friends pretty much all watched it. Not wanting to get into Naruto is the reason I only started watching anime in like 2014, because before then, most of my friends were already into it. So basically, I had opinions on Naruto even before reading it. It just didn't live up to the hype at all, and honestly, I was expecting as much from such a long series.
Iconic Feb 8, 3:55 AM

Despite all the news about California being in drought, it does rain every winter. And the reason for the water shortages is mainly because the incompetent leadership wanting to fill up the ocean instead of the reservoirs and the state's 60 year old mismanaged and underfunded water system designed to handle 28 million people instead of the 40 million there is today. And let's not talk about all the dams they dismantled for the fishes. Your definition of cold is a lot different than mine. I've just been married to my heater these past few months. And sorry about not replying for hella long. Was planning on replying last week but I hurt my hand and I've been really busy this week.

She told me that she watched anime while replying to people at the same time. As in, she literally had anime in one window and her chat open side by side. When I tried doing the same thing, I simply couldn't keep track of anything. I occasionally make some posts on MangaDex, but that's about it. I don't bother talking with people other than on MAL. That guy sound like a pain in the ass. How did you even find this guy in the first place? I would've been really annoyed as well if he just blew off all my recommendations only to later say that it didn't matter because it was funny.

It's been officially confirmed that the reason for that door falling off the plane was because they forgot to install the door plugs that keeps the door from falling off in the first place. As if that wasn't bad enough, there was also some problems with some of their planes having misaligned holes. It was caught during inspection during assembly, but it's still yet another one in a long string of Boeing failures. You don't have to worry about the older Boeing planes since those were actually built properly before the penny pinching started taking place. The ones that you have to look out for are the MAX variants of the planes. This is because of instead of designing a completely new plane, they just stretched the planes and added much bigger engines than it was originally designed for. I believe the 787 MAX has engines so big that it would tumble out of the sky during engine failure instead of gliding. My funds have been drained on fixing up an inherited house and being forced to buy a car that I never wanted.

I've watched a few Steven Crowder videos of him on college campuses, but that's about it. I could feel myself getting stupider every time I saw those retards having meltdowns over not having any real arguments against him. I guess you can say that I'm stuck in my bubble, but it gets really depressing the more you see your own society fall further and further down the drain. I have been listening to this one guy off and on ever since I first saw him on YouTube years ago, but I fear that he may be too black pilled even for you. Damn, that's really fucking creepy. What exactly did you commission from him? Are you still doing commissions? What I went through was... traumatizing, to say the least. But at least I was paranoid enough not to get specific about where I lived. All anyone knew at that time was that I lived in the US. Still, that's nothing compared to this one girl that I talked with that had her IP tracked and geolocated to the exact area in the city she lived in. People are just really fucking crazy these days. And you're wrong about blocking. Blocking people blocks everything. I know this because the stalker I had on MAL was forced to create several usernames just to harass me again and again. I still have those shitty usernames on my block list.
MagicalBiche Feb 7, 1:40 PM
Oh also, damn, Violet Evergarden hit like a truck. I binged ep 1-10 and I didn't cry THAT MUCH during like ep 3 and 4, and that's it. The last 3 episodes were pretty weird and I thought they were a bit tone-deaf, but they didn't ruin the first 9 episodes or anything, so overall, I'd say it wa a very good series. Very emotional, extremely beautiful, one great character and excellent music. But it didn't quite change my world or anything, it was just very sad and beautiful.
MagicalBiche Feb 7, 9:52 AM
Yup, bond bonuses are crazy, I haven't put apples into the event as of now, but I'll probably have to, to complete the shop. My Medusa just reached Buddy rank EX, the rest of the team is getting there.

I see some nice things in your AWC, like Mushishi, Tengoku Daimakyo, the GOAT EmiyaGohan, Mob, Skip & Loafer, and a few ones that also picked my interest like Haibane Renmei or Golden Kamui. But you also put Bleach there, good luck with that, it's a pretty long anime lol. I'll probably read it, actually, once I'm done with Naruto, and once I'll have had time to reread Jojo 3-7, and to read jojo 8, since they're available at my local library and I'm genuinely curious about the story.
theMuschainner Feb 5, 4:38 PM
Thank you very much!
MagicalBiche Jan 31, 3:22 PM
Yup, it's a random OST from a forgotten show lol. I got to know this song because Lia actually covered it like 2 years ago.

Yuppp, Arc is coming! I've almost got 400 tickets, over 700 quartz and like 2000 fragments so far?

Yup, the Tachikomas are great! And damn, that's a tall order. I looked at the challenge and I didn't want to impose watching anime on myself, I look forward to see what you'll be watching!
MagicalBiche Jan 29, 9:33 AM
It's a bit on the older side, but I discovered "Anna ni issho datta no ni" and "Agape", both from anime I haven't seen, somewhat recently. Such good songs!

Yeah it does help if you need more sleep, but I wake up at 5 anyway because I go to the gym a few mornings in the week and I try to keep a regular sleep schedule.

I feel you for Bazett... I never had any strong feelings for Caren, but man Bazett is so great, it's a shame I'll skip her for now.

Pretty much yeah. Plus, I have 3 monitors so it's really not hard to open a tab on the side lmao
animejas Jan 27, 11:50 AM
Won't complain, they look really, really nice. Sirotaka's too good.
MagicalBiche Jan 26, 6:00 AM
Pretty nice recs, thanks!

Yeah, it's useful being able to do housework between contracts. I feel you need an office though, my previous appartment only had one room and it was very not relaxing having my computer in the same room I slept in.

Yeah, Nobu can loop now, that's great! I'm almost done with the event, only missing the 5* exp.

Watching anime on TV is nice, it gets me away from my computer that I use 8-10 hours a day lol.
MagicalBiche Jan 25, 10:19 AM
Hey also, I'm looking for some recommendations right now. I'm in the mood for watching something with amazing music, and you seem to watch a lot of music videos, so I assume you like music a lot. Got anything for me?
Iconic Jan 25, 7:59 AM

I kinda get you. I've been feeling really lazy lately as well lol. Doesn't help that it's been raining a lot lately and I hardly get to see the sun. I've seen the first season but I was never really that into it, so I don't know if I'll be watching the second season.

That conversation is nothing compared to the ones that some others have on MAL. I remember this one girl that I used to talk with that had several of those really long conversations with several people on MAL alone that was also really active in discord and being a cardmaker on those clubs. Amazingly, she'd join in on those games and group watches as well. This girl regularly watched 5-6 episodes each day as well as keep up with all those conversations and activities. I wouldn't blame you if you assumed that this girl didn't have a life in the real world, but you would be wrong. This girl had enough of a social life in real life that she eventually got married. It wasn't until she started a family that she finally stopped doing all those things. And I have no clue were that mod went. The guy just disappeared from MAL and never once came back.

It's one of the consequences of fractional ownership. Those corporations are beholden to greedy shareholders that only care about profits rather than the sustainability of the company. As a matter of fact, they are legally required to put shareholders profits over anything else. Long story short: Accountants took over Boeing that decided to prioritize money and diversity over quality and safety that keeps planes and things on the planes from literally falling out of the sky. Their latest scandal is a door fell off a brand new 3 month old plane which led to the grounding of all planes of that model for inspection... which led to people discovering that Boeing either didn't screw in bolts holding in doors all the way or completely forgetting to install those bolts all together. A famous quote is that Boeing's planes are "built by monkey and supervised by clowns". I remember one of the Terminator movies having the entire movie spoiled from the trailer and marketing to the point where people didn't bother watching the movie at all lol. I wouldn't spend that money unless you have a good amount of emergency funds just in case you lose your job. The economy is kinda shit right now.

It's human nature. That's the reason why you shouldn't be surprised that kids and high schoolers resort to petty personal attacks all the time. Problem is that they never learned to have a proper civil debate when they become adults. Another problem is that they are so invested in what they believe is right that when you shatter that view by proving them wrong in a debate - they take it as an attack on their entire person and way of life. There's a saying that it's easier to convince someone that they're right than is it to convince someone that they're wrong. How the hell did you get doxxed? That reminds me of that stalking and harassment drama I had that destroyed my friendships here on MAL. I wasn't doxxed but they did go through all my conversations I had with people to get dirt on me. And I thought you blocked that guy, so how can he ever send you anything to apologize for? :P
MagicalBiche Jan 23, 1:39 PM
Yeah full remote, the "office" is 10 hours of car away.

I don't really remember the event, but I have the feeling I liked it. I did like the extra scenario, it was neat.

I've been using a Chromecast for like two years, it works almost perfectly with Crunchyroll, kind of eh with Hidive, and it's become actual shit for screencasting with my current Internet. But with a cable I can watch the like 2 netflix shows I want to watch every year on other places.
MagicalBiche Jan 23, 7:10 AM
Don't worry about replies delay, I work from home so I have an unfair advantage on those.

It's been a while, but I did hit the 2 billion QP cap like, last year I think? I'm back down at 700 millions now though.

Odd Taxi was great! I loved the twist at the end (not the one at the very end, but last episode in general where everything falls into place), it just felt like a complete, compelling story and it made me cry. I wasn't expecting it to be that good, I thought it looked overhyped but I finally get it. I might finally watch Violet Evergarden after I'm done catching up to Shangri-la, now that I have a proper way to stream my phone screen on my TV.
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