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Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul
Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul
Mar 3, 12:21 AM
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Nanatsu no Bitoku
Nanatsu no Bitoku
Mar 2, 11:07 PM
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Killing Bites
Killing Bites
Mar 2, 11:06 PM
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OblivionXKnight Mar 11, 1:01 PM
Hello Iconic (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Special Day 2 You :D

^o^ Can We Please Be Friends? ^o^

Hello :D *Happy Friendship Hug* CAN WE PLEASE BE FRIENDS PLEASE? (^.^) My Name Is Nathan (^__^) I Am 26 Years Old :D And I'm Autistic ^o^ Here Are 5 Facts About Me ^o^ Here You Go ^^ *Happy Friendship Hug*

What Are 5 Facts About You? (^.^) And What Do You Think Of My 5 Facts? (^__^) I Honestly Adore Children With Every Inch Of My Heart (^__^) Little Kids Are So Special (^.^) Children Are Jesus/God's Greatest Gift In The Whole Wide World (^__^) And I Love Hanging Upside Down ^o^ And I Also Love Watching Anime (^__^) And I Love Anime's Like Digimon And Bleach :D *Best Friends Forever Hug*

*Happiest Best Friends Forever And Ever In The Whole Universe Hug* (^__^) *High 5*

*Happy Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Friendship Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))))))))) :D (^__^)

Cleaye Mar 8, 3:48 AM
First, my excuses for the late reply. I didn't get any notifications.. ;n;

Oh my, I have seen some spectacular shows! Every year there's this fireworks competition at the beach in the Netherlands. There are different ships from different countries and they all give their own show. It's really fun and the whole beach is filled with people and tourists.
Japan is indeed a very uniquely cultured country. But then again, every country has it's own deep cultural roots. So, I definitely recommend just trying it out and experience what it feels like to be actually there. If you work for an American company which has branches in Japan, you usually don't have that overworking problem (is what I've heard). And nobody forces you to anything. It's only really when you are a businessman with lots of contacts. Could you imagine a convenience store clerk to go out and drink every weekend? xD Also living there is not as expensive as you might think. Especially outside of Tokyo, it's insanely cheap. The isolation in the houses are really bad tho, and they don't have your usual heater system. If you wanted to warm up your room, you either use a portable heater or an air conditioner. Every morning, when I woke up and walked in the hallways, I was freezing to death. It was so hard to move, especially when you just came out of bed. ONE THING I HAVE TO TELL YOU, Japanese food is amazing man. It's also super duper cheap and healthy. Since I was a lazy bum and usually didn't get up early, I haven't seen a lot of students. The ones I have seen, looked like the uniforms in K-On.
I planned on studying in Japan actually, but the school available to me looked like a prison haha :'( Instead, I'll be going to South-Korea for half a year. It's gonna be super exciting! I'll be living on my own for the first time and in a different country at that.

Uhu! It's really nice to have made some real friends here. I'm still talking to eight people which I have met from MAL, but none of them on MAL itself xD You're the only one who I still chat with on this site.

Thank you very much!

Roth Feb 28, 11:04 PM
These are old, apologies
If you've changed your username and can't remember, try searching with your new username
Please save and/or rehost within 2 weeks
Ctrl + f to find your cards
If you've got any problems, contact me.
Gridley Feb 22, 2:37 AM
What do you think of Bang Dream and why is it worse than K-on?

It's me Zeta again
Cleaye Feb 12, 3:11 PM
That's okay man. Just take your time!

I think firework is expensive everywhere. I've lost the interest in fireworks quite some years ago. I'd actually prefer something like a firework show in Australia. I've seen the most common places in the Tokio prefecture. Two weeks was barely enough to cover it all. I really loved Japan! It's tons of fun to visit and they have so many vending machines. Also the food is so good and healthy. Totally love it. As for the school kids. I didn't really see them a lot. I don't get up that early when I'm on vacation hahahaha. On the days I did get up early, I usually saw a really big group of kids in uniform walking together. And of course, there were some studentlike girls in Akihabara.

Yeaah, I really miss the old days. I used to skype with some people here almost daily. But everyone's got their own lives now. I'm glad I still have contact with some of them, however that's outside of MAL. I don't really see myself spending a lot of time here playing games or requesting cards, so I probably won't really meet new weeb friends on MAL :'(. Ah yes, 2016 was a bad year for me too. 2018 so far is looking really good! Just as 2017 for me actually. I hope I can continue the streak!

Yes! Let's hope so! Kingdom Hearts 3 will finally be released this year <3
SweetKiichigo Feb 11, 9:48 PM
Thank you ^_^
Indeed she's alright, certainly more tolerable than that Nina girl from regular Aikatsu.
Gridley Jan 31, 1:42 AM
Ok, which character is your favorite?

Mine would be Crested Ibis.
Gridley Jan 31, 1:30 AM
What do you think of Kemono Friends?
Gridley Jan 21, 3:36 AM
I see.

By the way Aicon, do you have Discord?
Gridley Jan 16, 4:41 AM
Those were my answers from my post below.

Anyway, what's with lewd profile pic?
Do you always collect lewds?
Gridley Jan 13, 3:34 AM
Sorry for the late reply, here are my favorite anime of 2017

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Gabriel DropOut
Little Witch Academia
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen
Kemono Friends
Sakura Quest
Uchouten Kazoku 2
Made in Abyss (way better than the manga)
Mahoujin Guruguru (2017)
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Blend S
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World S2
Konohana Kitan
3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome movie
Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta movie
Cleaye Jan 3, 2:27 PM
HAPPY NEW YEAR, man all these holidays are so busy hahahah! Did you set off some fireworks? Last year I went to Japan around this time. I miss it so much. :'(

Ohh, I hope you at least don't have stalker problems anymore tho! I've been cutting back on a lot of anime watching too, been busy doing my internship and stuff... stressing out, deadlines that kind of stuff lol. That aside, I've been doing really great! 2017 was a good year for me!
Gridley Dec 31, 2017 4:30 AM
There are way too many to list but i'll show it to you later.
Gridley Dec 31, 2017 3:42 AM
Happy New Year!

It's me Zeta i changed my username again lol
So 2017 is gonna end on few hours so tell me what are your favorite anime of 2017?
Cleaye Dec 6, 2017 2:26 PM
Heyy!! Long time no see! :O Kinda late to wish you a happy halloween back now.. xD But I hope you had a fun one! How have you been doing?