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Kanojo, Okarishimasu Petit
Kanojo, Okarishimasu Petit
Sep 12, 2023 1:56 AM
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo!
May 3, 2023 1:01 AM
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Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou
May 3, 2023 12:59 AM
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Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer
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Seiken Gakuin no Makentsukai
Seiken Gakuin no Makentsukai
Feb 10, 2:19 AM
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SakugaSpriter Feb 14, 12:37 PM

That's fine, life gets pretty busy these days with obligations, volunteering, friends, injuries, and of course animanga/games. I feel it's been like an eternal meme how your state just has no water at all in the first place. Must be more of a nightmare with the amount of illegal immigrants Cali must be teeming with these days that the libs don't ever seem to care about. I had to divorce from my space heater, it was racking up too much electricity that it started putting in a larger dent in the bill than I would've liked.

If I'm watching something trash-like, I can understand multi-tasking like that, but I can't envision watching something engrossing and having the mental capacity to juggle a conversation. It's like you're gonna be half-assing both. Also yeah that guy just DMs me because I'm a Discord admin of a Pokemon server, and that I'm apparently "nice enough" to entertain him. I tried being dry and superficial with replies, but I don't think he was getting the message.

Thank you for the information for Boeing, I won't be too too worried for now...just have to stay away from these MAX planes. I have two upcoming flights in the year (one for Vancouver, one for Mexico) and so far for both flights it hasn't been disclosed that they will use MAX planes thankfully. Makes you wonder if quality assurance is really doing their job at this point. Also cool, I didn't know you inherited as a house. You going to sell it once everything's been refurbished? And yup :/ I remember that. Your premium didn't go up after that accident right?

I've long since learned that watching videos or interactions that will make me lose faith in humanity just ends up coming out as unproductive anger that'll never go anywhere. I do like watching conservatives destroy libs but it'll just keep wearing me down mentally. Also, it's fine, try me. My worldview and values won't change but it's good to expose yourself to different ideologies to see how you can support yours even better. I commissioned this song that I wanted for this Pokemon fanproject that never ended up happening. Kind of a took the money and run type situation.

Damn I didn't know you've had your fair share of encounters. You can talk about what happened if you want, even with the stalker. I'm curious but I don't want to overextend just in case. That was scary, wouldn't blame her for erasing her presence after being located for that. Thank goodness, yeah I didn't really know how the block feature worked for MAL in detail. Good to know.
SakugaSpriter Jan 29, 9:57 AM

Raining? In California? That's a miracle. It's winter here but there's not much snow + coldness this time of year surprisingly.

That's crazy. I mean if you're dedicated enough to enjoy anime + MAL as a hobby, then why not right. But if she had like lots of friends on MAL, I don't know how she would keep up with all the conversations + replies happening all at once. I already have enough trouble as is (not that it's unwelcome) trying to balance anime watching + real-life obligations. Challenges and responding to people have been keeping me diligent to the point that I'm not as active on Discord anymore. Probably for the better. I can't stand talking to 15 year old furries with their stupid Gen Z humor (even though I'm on the older side of Gen Z).

If you'll allow for me to rant, related to the above topic, there is this teenager that is 10 years younger than me. Really attached to me for some reason and often tries to reach out to talk to me. He sends me the most unfunny memes (that make me question if I'm out of touch with the youth), brings up unnecessary Discord drama, and is too sensitive to talk about any topics that require a little more depth. So on Saturday, while I was trying to finish Vivy, he messages me because I'm online. And basically forces me to watch this unfunny 6-minute YouTube video ON VOICE CALL with him to gauge my reaction in-real time. I was mostly shocked because there were a bunch of porn and sexual jokes (that he would normally find uncomfortable mind you because he is asexual-aromantic) in the video. When I called him out on it, he was like "if it's presented in a jokingly way, I don't mind it." I was kind of annoyed because I was trying to recommend him some anime to watch, but if there's even like a hint or an extended scene of fanservice, or even blood, then he won't watch it. Jujutsu Kaisen, Naruto, you name it lol. He had to stop watching Naruto midway around Episode 1 because of the Sexy Jutsu scene lmao. Anyways, rant over. I don't know why young guys really try to talk to me for validation, I'm just a part-time Discord server admin.

That's actually crazy that Boeing missed so much quality assurance checking. I'm not surprised at the whole shareholders > clients type of deal. That's everyone's goal in the end because if you think about it, clients that really want to get premium service or care end up being shareholders anyways. That quote is golden though LMFAO. I'll be on the lookout when flying this year, though I don't have enough due diligence / research to try and look-up which planes will be used for my flights. Canada only has two main big airlines and both of them have Boeing 787 options so hoping that won't be a cause for delay. Yeah, my emergency fund is definitely hurting right now even after stopping to pay for gacha games. Do you have any investments that you have on the stock market? Or do you have anything passive like GICs or Mutual Funds?

I'm not sure if you're familiar with him, but I watch Charlie Kirk do like debates/conversations with liberal college students on campuses, and he often says that he holds these difficult conversations because they're necessary in the first place. "When people stop talking, that how violence happens.". People can't seem to take any civil disagreements anymore without being pressed and taking it as a personal attack. Also, I got doxxed before because I paid for a commission via Paypal, and I think Paypal had like a requirement where your card on file HAS to match your legal name, so they reverse searched me and found my Facebook and found out the school I went to at the time. I've since updated my privacy settings and stopped using Paypal for Discord commissions. Also that's insane, I can't imagine digging through MAL conversations to really try and get back at someone, especially if they're as extensive as what you talked about back then. I think blocking only applies to forums and not necessarily profiles. If somehow he manages to apologize for the trauma he's inflicted on me for being clingy and demanding substantial replies I will be shocked lol.
SakugaSpriter Jan 23, 8:18 AM

All good. Get well soon, I've been taking like 3-5 business days replying to everything nowadays, even if it's a text message lol. And Re:Zero S2P2 should have been good to me on paper but I didn't really have a good time getting through it. Just didn't have an impact to me as it kinda did for the other parts. Was kinda solid though.

I remember you showing me like a conversation thread with a mutual friend on MAL that we once had, and it looked like the conversation could've been stretched to the size of a football field. But then if you look at their anime history, it'll show that they still managed to watch a lot of episodes daily like around 6-7. Maddening. Do you end up knowing where that mod ended up going? Also my username not being short isn't a deal breaker for me that's fine.

Honestly true, corporations nowadays also try to look out for executive bonuses instead of sticking with a good thing and rewarding their employees. What's happened to Boeing? I don't know what's been going on with them. Movies also overmarket themselves where the trailer ends up showing 70% of the movie. There's no magic to them anymore. And yeah true. I almost got enough for a down for a condo, maybe I'll hold out or not. Depends on how my annual raise goes.

People are cowards not to debate without throwing in like a personal attack these days. Definitely not constructive or helps prove the other side's point. This is the life of the tolerant left. I remember almost getting doxxed, back then I was scared that they would send dogshit to my front door. I've since distanced my online presence by a lot since trying to cut down on screentime in order to read more manga / watch more anime. I got a DM asking for my forgiveness like a while back, and just to cut down on the drama I just accepted it out of convenience. If only he who must not be named would step forward and apologize for his MAL trauma lol.
SakugaSpriter Jan 15, 10:14 PM

Sorry for the late reply, had to put my foot down and finish Re:Zero Season 2 Part 2. Wasn't the hype that I was expecting.

Yeah, you know some people just drop the face of the earth. You'd be lucky if there were any extra/outside means of keeping in touch. Or sometimes interests just change over time that one day they wake up and move on. Also you're lucky in that regard. I can't use the abbreviation of my name because someone last used it in 2018. Oh well, at least they also like Saber.🤔

Of course, flip-flopping is always going to be a thing in the finance world. People love high return investments but don't want to be responsible when their smooth brained ass doesn't want to take responsibility when their investment fails. Yeah still saving up for a house, just slowly trying to be independent bit by bit. It's still in the talking stages with one of my friends who's a realtor, but we'll see lol. I still don't mind living with my parents.

People nowadays are afraid of having these tough conversations that help showcase each other's worldview and it definitely shows. Reddit is a big example of a whole retarded echo chamber filled to the brim with the tolerant left. Our latest cold snap got rid of most of the homeless around the city for now, it would be death for them instantly if they were out in -30/-40 Celsius for too long. I remember visiting Venice Beach and the amount of homeless I saw within a short span was kinda sad.
SakugaSpriter Jan 13, 10:01 PM

You remembering people that you used to talk to that are no longer active on here? I think having one-worded names are more rare than a convoluted username like mine. And bro really linked the sauce lmao, that's some good art.

Right now I feel like no one's been talking about crypto at all. Attention spans have switched to EFTs around my circle. Maybe someday, right now the funds that I would be using to funnel into a computer are all going to a downpayment for a condo. House prices suck but I'm in that stage where I gotta get my own place.

Crazy that just because you're older than 18, you're able to vote. There should be an IQ test to weed out the unfit to vote, because some people should not have that power in the first place. I was watching a PragerU video about university students being questioned about American history, and almost all of them were unable to answer common knowledge questions. That is crazy to me. The US was such a nice and proud country, and now it's been derailed by those that are unpatriotic, communist, and woke. Crazy how everything really shifted for you guys in the last 20 years. Actually most of the homeless seem to have been taken in by the shelters, I haven't encountered anyone downtown lately going to work. And lmao one of my friends worked as a nurse in those COVID hotels, it was a surreal time. I think the hotel that she worked in ended up being relinquished by its owners after seeing the damages that were done to it.

If you're going to eat Birria, you already know that it's going to be messy going in. But it's worth it for sure.
SakugaSpriter Jan 11, 12:10 AM

Nice man. I try not to cycle through profile pictures because people have a habit of forgetting who people are when photos change. With a name like yours though, it'll be hard to forget. Wasn't there a Chika profile picture you managed to get away with a while back?

Hahah I remember having this conversation with you a while back about costs and upgrading my rig. When I end up getting to it, I'll take a photo and send it here. Probably for a lot, nostalgia factor is going to carry the prices of those consoles for more than regular prices. They've become collector's items more than consoles to be used.

You aren't wrong, people were simping for his good looks back then. There's supposedly a conservative leader by the name of Pierre Poilievre who is currently leading the opposition. In the US, you guys also have to let your Supreme Court veto the fact that barring a nominee in your state isn't actually proper Democracy. Colorado sure was stupid for that. Even though some may not agree with Trump in the first place, people still have a right to vote for him. In Canada, bus shelters used to be heated and have doors to protect us from the cold in winter. However the homeless would take advantage of that and shoot up fentanyl and all sorts of nasty, so the city's solution? Remove the heating and doors from bus shelters 🤡🤡🤡

I'm more of a birria guy than steak tacos but I can see the appeal of it lol
SakugaSpriter Jan 9, 7:04 PM

Is she from anywhere? Or do you have like a vault pull these girls from? 😮

I'll think about it. The gaming computer dream appears more dead than ever as I have less and less time for things outside anime/manga. But it might be necessary to play pirated Wii U games. Because who actually bought that? Lmao. Can't believe Breath of the Wild was intended to be released for that.

He had a snap election which basically favored him as people didn't have the time to prepare to be informed. And nahhh so many people are fed up with Trudeau, even the liberals. After how he handled Covid, fucked up our relationship with India and the economy, pretty much most are in favor of removing him. Also, I'm over it. If I get cancelled then I get cancelled. Everyone gets so pressed about that sort of thing these days. Also crime and homelessness has increased post-covid, by a lot. We've had to remove doors for bus shelters because of them.

And yes surprisingly enough had some birthday tacos and called it a night.
SakugaSpriter Jan 8, 10:22 PM

Nice new profile picture by the way!

Consumers like me are going to be partly to blame. When I think of Nintendo, I think of easily accessible and comfortable. Even if the hardware is scuffed and not as optimal as it should be. Nintendo will always rely on its ability to pull suckers like me and nostalgia baiting to buy their product. There will always be systems that produce top of the line games like Baldur's Gate 3, Spiderman 2 that I'll never get to play, but it'll be whatever at that point. There's way too much going on in the market to experience everything.

Nope, not at all. All we can really do is wait for the Conservatives to reclaim the majority once another federal election takes place. I'll definitely be casting my vote since I'm right-wing and my dad works in oil and gas. And by the way that 485k USD price applies to the majority of provinces. It's pretty bad though IMO, if I'm gonna be buying my first house I would not want to be buying a damn townhouse, I want my own separated two-story house 😂. And no, I would not move away unless if work calls me elsewhere.

Thank you for greeting me! It's all good, I'm at that age now where worrying about being greeted is too trivial or petty to get worked up over haha.
SakugaSpriter Jan 7, 11:35 PM

Oh yeah, same specs just bigger screen. It's been about 6 years since the switch came out, you'd think they would have something new in the works for their new games. I have not touched anything Sony or Microsoft related in the longest time. Even if I were to buy their newest model lines I'd just have no time to play their games. Isn't it all about trying to milk microtransactions and subscription services these days?

Nothing lol. He's just a full on lib-tard that puts on blackface. It's pretty bad for housing. It's 485k USD to buy a townhouse these days. A townhouse! Good luck to all first time home buyers. And they are 100% right, it's cheaper to move away. Basically it'll be a long waiting game to see when the economy is gonna better itself.
SakugaSpriter Jan 6, 11:57 PM

They were probably looking for something that could grasp at the success for how the Nintendo did its handhelds. The 3DS came out in like 2011 so maybe implementing 3d was a way of being hip or snazzy with their innovation. The Switch also heats up too fast. But then again, that might be because I have a launch release Switch lol.

Yeah, but Trudeau does not like us. He ruined the economy for our province ever since he got elected as Prime Minister so yes--even immigrants are relinquishing their permanent residencies to move back to their own country. Maybe they've realized how shit everything has gotten in the past 15 years.
SakugaSpriter Jan 4, 10:57 PM

I feel the same way. Only games I really used the 3DS for was for the Zelda N64 remakes (Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time), and Pokemon Gen 6 and 7. The 3DS had an interesting concept but I found myself often having to turn it off since it would give me headaches.

That's insane, I mean it was like that recently during the summer, around the 5-6 dollar mark but just recently our gas prices have dipped. Too bad housing is still unaffordable here.
SakugaSpriter Jan 3, 10:03 PM

Fair enough, haven't played any of the modern Yoshi games though but I did grow up playing the more harder ones.

LMAO, for ours right now it's roughly $3.1 per gallon. Not sure if prices have lowered for you guys.
SakugaSpriter Jan 1, 1:51 PM
I understand. Games are a pretty good alternative in this case if you're playing it with somebody else. But why Yoshi's Crafted World though?

That sucks man, I mean you were forced to get a car at that point so you did what you could. Hopefully gas isn't expensive where you are.
GonzoLewd Jan 1, 12:20 PM
SakugaSpriter Jan 1, 2:26 AM

My bad, probably should've been more upfront about that. For the new year, not as of yet. In terms of anime just try and be more consistent. For everything else, saving money, trying to read more books, go for more walks. That sort of thing.

What about you? Any luck with the car situation?
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