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Gabriel DropOut
Gabriel DropOut
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Shoukoku no Altair
Shoukoku no Altair
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Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen
Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen
Yesterday, 7:59 PM
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aikopotz Aug 13, 3:37 AM
thank you very much, Ai ♥♥♥
SweetKiichigo Aug 9, 4:08 PM
Do you ever dream about a Muse x Aquors crossover anime? ^^
BerryParfait Aug 4, 2:36 AM
Just being in bed and doing nothing is like the most boring thing ever! I only ever do that when I am on the phone. I recently moved so I am still trying to make friends and it's not that easy when you are scared of approaching people. x( That depends on where I practice swimming, at home it's just me but at the public pool there are more people around and I have a trainer there. When you have to study everyday you make it fun for yourself eventually, trust me. ^^' Yes, I prefer live-action, but there are some things that just work better as a cartoon. Like I find stuff in cartoons generally cuter!
BerryParfait Aug 1, 2:41 PM
When waking up or in general? lol I get up when my alarm rings, which is at 7:30 am during summer vacation! Yes pretty much, even though my mom isn't home for most of the day either, sometimes just to sleep. I don't like it when people call our housekeeper a maid, it feels weird. x) When I have nothing to do it can be very boring and lonely. :c For fun? Well, as hobbies I do swimming, ballet and riding. My parents want me to do that stuff though, for fun I only started doing swimming on my own. But I learned to like doing ballet and riding too, sometimes it can be a little bit too much all at once however. Sometimes studying can be fun too! I have heard about Witch Academia and I will keep it in mind for when I want to watch something again! ^^
BerryParfait Jul 31, 2:18 AM
Morning person as in all energetic and cheerful right after waking up? No not really. x) Well that depends. My mom is sometimes home at that time, but she sleeps even earlier than me. Father is usually on business trips so he is never really home for more than a few days. I haven't seen him for three weeks now for example. I am glad that you are happy with your computer gaming experience! c: But you are talking to somebody here who doesn't really care about gaming, so all that stuff is so whatever to me. Sorry ^^' If I ever find something I want to play I just get what I need for it, be it console or laptop! I haven't really watched very many anime anyway, so I guess I wouldn't know about that, but it didn't feel repitive at all to me so far.
BerryParfait Jul 30, 6:13 AM
Wow, I couldn't stay up that long even if I wanted to. I am supposed to sleep around 10pm but who does that especially when it's summer vacation. ^^' Nobody is even around to enforce that most of the time anyway. x) I get it now, thanks for explaining it to me. I still can't say I am all that interested in this Steam store thing. Isn't that how all game consoles work? Pretty sure I can't put Playstation disks in my 3DS either. Emulators seem very pointless to me when you can just buy the games and consoles. Maybe that's true for the overall theme of the shows but every episode has it's own lesson, it's not just always the same!
BerryParfait Jul 29, 5:10 PM
Yeh, I am totally a rebel! It's 2 am right now and I am still up! >:) Oh, so it's just an online game store? That makes a lot more sense now. Maybe I can take a look at a few games, but I doubt I am going to get anything. Video games just don't interest me all that much. What do you mean with share their library? Shows for kids can have lots of substance and teach you valuable life lessons! What makes a show mature anyway?
BerryParfait Jul 29, 4:38 PM
Yes, I am the youngest. Privacy is nice, when my parents aren't around I at least don't have to follow all these rules. x_x To be honest, I am not much of a gamer. I don't even know what kind of game Steam is so you lost me there. If anything I play Pokemon or horse games on my 3DS or rhythm games on my phone. x) Oh and Fire Emblem! You don't have to look for it if you don't want to, but it's always smart to back up such claims with sources. :P I love sports anime myself so I can totally understand that. Exactly! That's why I said I don't avoid anime that has action in it, but it's not really a reason for me to start watching something. Everything around it has to be interesting for me to start watching. I am still busy watching other things when I even happen to feel like watching something, so I am not looking for any anime right now anyway.
BerryParfait Jul 29, 3:48 PM
I guess so. I don't exactly like being lazy however. x) My brothers don't live with us anymore, they still have their own rooms here but they haven't been used yet lol. My sister is in England right now since she will be going to university there. So no I can't spend time with them, I really meant it when I said nobody is home all day. ;~; And where do you have that information from? Because that seems more surprising to me. I still like stuff that has action in it, I don't avoid it just because of that. But people fighting each other isn't a reason for me to watch something. I guess I didn't explain that properly? ^^'
BerryParfait Jul 28, 5:21 AM
It's gonna last 6 weeks and 3 days. But I said I am home alone all day so how can I spend it with family? :c They are busy with work pretty much all day and father barely ever comes home at all because he is on trips. My cousin is working too so I can only come over sometimes when she or my aunt have time. I don't think I am a fan of the action anime but comedies are nice! I see, just don't stress out over it, just watch what you want at your own pace. The most important part is enjoying yourself and not rushing to catch up! x)
BerryParfait Jul 27, 3:01 PM
I have been alright, summer vacation started for me so I have lots of free time. But nobody to really spend it with since I am home alone pretty much all day, well besides our housekeeper, but she is busy with work too so I can't bother her too much... :c No I am only watching Aikatsu Stars right now when it comes to anime. I mostly just watching other things! You should just watch what you feel like watching at the moment, you don't have to go by seasons, do you? ^^'
thanna Jul 23, 8:31 AM
Thankiu (~ ^ ^)~
BerryParfait Jul 16, 2:06 PM
If they really tried, do you think they can properly wrap it up in season 2? Or just not possible? I don't know a school that has uniforms here so I am not sure the comparison is fair. :P Yep, I listened to it and it was alright, I really liked how everyone had a solo version of it. That was cool!

No, the Aikatsu anime doesn't have official english subs, I am like almost 100% sure of it! Oh I see, is there another one with princesses then? I really loved that one. Or something like Madoka Magica? I don't even know, it's not like I am nagging her on purpose, I guess I am just an annoying person or something. x) The things my sister told me about just didn't really interest me, but when my cousin showed me Aikatsu Stars I loooooved it! Maybe so, I don't think my parents would accept anything that doesn't pay well, but I am not giving up yet. There might still be an option left. Timezones are such a pain!

If that teacher did something really messed up, I am sure the word about it would be spreading around and reach that other school too. No way people are just going to ignore something like that. Getting students motivated for boring books almost seems like an impossible fee! I only read them because I want to get good grades myself, that's all my motivation behind it and not because I find them interesting. :c Well like I said, I am pretty clueless about most things concerning Islam myself, so you are probably better off asking somebody who has an idea what they are talking about. :< I just think religion is a matter of interpretation. Some people try to lay it out one way and others in a different way, so it's to manipulate faithful people. From the airport it takes us a few hour to get to the village. No we don't take any buses, we hire a car and a driver. I have two more brothers who know Turkish too, my mom is the only one who doesn't really understand it. It's funny~ ^^ In that case you wouldn't even have much time to get familiar with the language if you are about to graduate anyway. That's really silly. It's just fun working with younger kids for me, they accept you as you are and always honest and open. And playing together is just fun and cute. c:
Meioh Jul 9, 2:32 PM
Haha. What's your favorite? Mahou Shoujo Ai?
AniAmber Jul 9, 7:08 AM
I'm not sure about 'everyone' being underpaid. But their entertainment industry definitely is.