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Welcome to The Madness
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Clockwork Planet
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chierii Yesterday, 5:39 PM
why i why XD
*Sorry for not replying I always forget to visit mal on my computer... and I only go on when on phone.... >.<
Kagami May 11, 11:21 PM
Thats what I thought too. PriPara was going strong until the subs kinda hurt the community for it. We still have some fans, but yeah. Typically, Aikatsu. Pokemon and Precure are the kids anime that keep their audience, but thats also because the subs are much faster.

Digimon Universe is pretty bleh and I started Beyblade Burst Gods since the subs were released finally. I am enjoying a good number of seasonal anime though.
Kagami May 11, 11:10 PM
Underrated in the sense that they lack a proper stable audience. People watch them, but discussing them is harder. Not to mention I think some kids anime are better than half of seasonal.
Kagami May 11, 10:59 PM
Yes. PriPara and Aikatsu are so damn entertaining. Kids anime are so underrated in my opinion!
Kagami May 11, 10:52 PM
Thats fine. We can talk here then.

I love PriPara!~
Kagami May 11, 10:42 PM
You should make one. Its soooo much easier. Plus, you seem fun to talk to.
Kagami May 11, 10:38 PM
Have discord? We can talk there!
Kagami May 11, 10:07 PM
More PriPara is subbed.
chierii May 8, 10:09 PM
my internet decided to be a butt when i wrote out a reply... got deleted and I'm too lazy to type it out again >.<
Good night i!! May tomorrow be a good day for you <33
chierii May 8, 8:53 PM
I wish I could cheer you up :'( Hopefully things will get better *sends hug <33* I think they did... last time was December and my lining and shading has improved since then o v o I don't draw as much as I would like to *stares at physics mark* but I have recently won a big contest on Line Play :D Yeah! My parents have been bugging me for a while, might as well learn when I'm not that busy :> everybody's safe (and will continue to be) and nothing's damaged :'D have a little more faith in me lol <3

It's three seasons, right? I might try it in the summer so I can binge to my heart's content :'D The manga was really nicely illustrated, so I bet it'll be really nice <33 Natsume Yuujinchou I remember reading. It was so calming and peaceful <33 I don't think it'll turn me off, maybe it'll be nice to watch after writing a physics test lol :>> Oooh Magical girls >.< That sounds nice!! I'll check them all out, I trust your judgement so I bet I'll like them :)) <33

idk, it wasn't bad in terms of plot or anything, the summary was interesting and the action scenes are good. But parts of it were kinda ehh, like the character/designs for some of them. I'm not the best judge but in my book, even with all the praise about it, I feel like there maybe could have been a little bit more. The story is pretty interesting though (most elements of it)? okay my opinion is mixed but all I can say is that it differs from the rest of the military genre (especially how the war in the anime is comparable to that of the first world war). it's the first work from a new studio, so I can say that it was good for their first one. If what I said makes any sense :>>

I was actually binge watching Youjo Senki that night lol XD I wish I was drawing :3
Kagami May 8, 4:00 AM
That's why sometimes you need to bite the bullet and watch them RAW. While I think its better to watch them subbed and all, though its not impossible without. A lot of kids anime have very small demand. Heck, I am stunned Cocotama is as subbed as it is.

I've been a PriPara fan for three years and share your pain. I am caught up with the entire franchise too. I love kids anime~
Kagami May 8, 3:46 AM
I would, but I cant link on this device. Yes, demand for PriPara has been slow and the subbers really don't care about the original series anymore (despite if they say they do). Its better to watch it raw because I don't see it being subbed for a long time. PriPara Idoltime is being subbed so that proves they sorta skipped PriPara.

Google - PriPara episodes hotanime. You will find it easily.

Cocotama has like 72 or 73 subbed. They will probably sub more. Its just slow for Cocotama.
Kagami May 8, 3:37 AM
You can find all of pripara if you use hotanime. Its RAW though.

Cocotama is another kids anime and it has 80 episodes out. You seem to be watching a few kids anime so Cocotama woulf be a good edition.
Kagami May 8, 3:25 AM
GG on watching PriPara and Aikatsu.

Now you need to watch Cocotama.
chierii May 7, 8:24 PM
ah cheer up i!! I'm sure good things are yet to come :>> mostly just drawing recently oh and i recently drove a car for the first time and everyones still safe :'D <33
I"ll probably start watching it Victoria day weekend!! Seeing how it took 4 episodes to draw you in, I hope I can be patient enough :>> I remember when I used to be active in threads lol all my comments were cringey :P

I've been meaning to watch Haikyuu but it's really hard for me to watch something I've already read because I already know what happens and more :'D hopefully I won't get bored and appreciate the whole series even more >.< I'll check out the other two! I've heard good things about them and hoping they live up to their praise X)

I meant to reply earlier but I was kinda on the brink of falling asleep on my computer last night lol :'D <33