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pgmhecateii Jan 14, 8:42 AM
Hey there! I've been okay, just a bit stressed out well, I'm always stressed, but you get the point. Happy late New Year to you, too!! Hope you had a good Christmas as well~ :3

Ah, I see. That must've really sucked...for me, my wifi's not very good sometimes, but it never gets to the point where we have to call people in. There was just once when we went without electricity for a whole night, starting from the middle of the day to the next afternoon, but that's it.

Going for months without without wifi and not a whole lot of downloads, I don't think I could make it.

And...the new season's starting. The first ep of Yakusoku no Neverland was really good. I recommend it if you haven't already seen it. The plot isn't anything new, but I'm still interested in it. :)
Cleaye Jan 11, 7:19 AM
Ohh I'm not even back in the Netherlands yet. I'm traveling in Taiwan right now! Just came from Japan. My baggage is too heavy so I have to pay an organ every flight. Hahaha maybe xD

To eat yes, for sure! Many tentacle dishes! They know hahahha. Every time I win a new plushie I update them. Oh okayy! At least you know about it now for future reference! Yeah, often they are like that. On youtube the exciting scenes get recommended to me. Especially the ones from one piece lol. True, they have all been practicing a lot with each other every day, whilst I only practiced once a week on official training days. It still was tons of fun though! Oh damn, the housing prices are insane then. Do you like that youtuber? You can get decent housing here for 600 dollars a month. Yes... I have to register and do a national exam. Muay Thai boxing is extreme! I want to try it sometime, but right now I've got my hands full with so many other sports already. I kinda want to pursue pingpong when I'm back in the Netherlands! Eskrima looks like the kind of fighting you would learn in the army or something. It's not very elegant, but it seems practical. Yeaaah, I dislike starbucks as well. Seoul is like a coffee paradise. There are cafes in every street. So many cafe's, it's insane. The quality of the coffee is often also super good! I miss that coffee now. :( I totally forgot about it! ;n; Usually when I ate dinner, it was around school or I let it deliver to my home. Super sad, but I will put it on my bucket list for the next time I visit Seoul! Ahh and baseball? How popular is that? Hahahha it's not that bad really! People can understand what you mean even if you change a character. Pronunciation is what fucks people up hahahahah. Ohh I had to learn French and German in my first two years of high school. Spanish seems so widely used though! And it's a nice sounding language in my opinion. Ahh they've been Japan beaming English I see hahahaha. They don't even know the word when you pronounce the actual English word correctly looool. I don't drink that often tbh. The amount I've drunk in Korea is more than I've ever drunk prior in my life. :'( I've seen some side stories on kissmanga! Maybe check there? Korea is definitely better in English in general. But Japan has also improved compared to the last time I visited them. Or maybe that's just Osaka...

You've sent me that video before yes hahahahah!
Cleaye Jan 9, 9:54 AM
Happyy new year btw <3 Wish you 365 days with good internet in 2019!
Cleaye Jan 9, 9:54 AM
Firsttttt, sorry for the late reply. So many things happened in the last few months. But the hectic part is over now, and things are calming down.

I think it's from both sides! But I'm not sure how the cuffing season really is. No one is doing anything against their will while cuffing though B) I hope...

Damn, I see tentacles everywhere, not just Japan lmao. So I just sent my plushies back home, which was like 5kg or something. It costed me around 35 dollars? Not too bad. I sent it via the cheapest option, so it'll take two months before it will arrive. :') You know of yukane? :O Didn't know they were also branched in America! It was the same for me when I started the ping pong anime. It was so weird, but it stood out, and I liked it very much after two episodes. Ohhhh the action scenes. I rewatched some of them not too long ago on youtube. Was HYPE. I'm not that good. At my ping pong club in the Korean uni I was about lowest rank looool. But still, I improved a whole lot. Damnn, that's a whole lot of money. But I'd love to live in one in the future! So do you live somewhere downtown then? I can't imagine rent being that high. :O I'm not officially black belt, since I'm not registered in the Dutch Karate Federation, but I am trained as a black belt. I just don't have the belt to show it, only the skill hahahahah. I don't train in jujitsu, but I had lessons before. And it's quite similar. Practical and effective is most important yes! Too bad graceful and practical don't go together hand in hand. I heard of Krav Maga, but I've never tried it. I heard it was very aggressive though, so should be practical xD I'll go check Eskirma out after typing this message! Do you like Starbucks? OKAY, so haven't gotten the chance to try American BBQ. BUT I WILL TRY IT IN AMERICA WHEN I VISIT. Maybe even visit some American friends and go BBQ in murica. B) Sports is pretty big in America right? So it's not strange that most people will talk about it! The list of anime I want to see keeps piling up every season fml. Hmmm it's quite difficult, but do able! The numbering system is okay, but the really difficult thing is the Chinese characters lol. All in all Japanese is not too bad! I did learn Chinese as a kid, but I forgot it, and as a kid I disliked Chinese. I was able to speak both, but now mainly just mandarin. But very bad hahahaha. Yeaah me neither! I prefer to stick with Japanese! But Chinese mmo's are awesome though. Ohhh the Koreans just laughed at me hahahaha. And then we drank the night away xD Yeah Goblin Slayer was enjoyable! I liked it. Now every episode is out, you can binge it! OMG if Japan and Korea would be able to speak English well in general, so many people would be so happy :')

Cutting open internet boxes? What madness. Why must there be such wicked people who make life harder for everyone. Move to the Netherlands <3
ChissyCheeze Nov 7, 2018 11:39 AM

That's my best bet. By the time the PS5 releases I'm sure the PS4 will be much cheaper so who knows if I'll ever get one. I may end up just getting whatever Microsoft console is next. That's very true and it's been a thing for the last several years sadly. Over the last decade it's been a shift to a heavy focus on online gaming as opposed to a big single player story/campaign. Fortunately there are still a lot of games and companies that focus on single player, but if there isn't multiplayer I'm sure it turns a lot of people away. WWI is certainly overlooked overall in the game industry. Seems there are way more games that focus on WWII or just straight up fictional war. I haven't gotten very far in the campaign on BF1 but as long as it's immersive and has a WWI feel to it Im sure I'll like it. Haha I'm sure BF5 will be heavily criticized then. Most people don't want real world political bs in their games, they just want to play them. Yeah even if Nintendo ditches the hardware aspect they will still make crazy amounts of money licensing out titles like that. I'm not sure how I would feel about a Mario or Kirby game on Xbox though. I believe they (and don't quote me on who) say that Yiddish is "a poor mans German" or something like that. While I'm not Jewish I'm lead to believe that Yiddish and German are somewhat similar. "Ikh pruv zich zu lernen Yiddish" means I am trying to learn Yiddish. The word Ikh is Ich in German, zu is zu in German, and lernen is lernen in German. A bit confusing but a fair amount of the words mean the same thing but may be spelt slightly different. Yeah it's definitely intriguing to see how most languages borrow from one another and how that's made languages the way they are today. It's ironic that people want to come here with all of the issues we face, but the grass is always greener on the other side so I guess we would have to be a literal shithole for people to not want to come here. At this rate I think it's most important to at least balance this country's budget. Breaking even on spending and GDP is nearly impossible but seeing the national debt continuously rise is sickening. If we weren't a necessity in the global economy we would be flatlined already. Just makes me think how long it'll be until that time comes where America is seen is non beneficial and we piss the wrong people off. Haha thank you for putting that mental image into my brain. I guess women have that advantage then that their genitals aren't being cooked by their phones. For sure, and hey the information is always there in the event that you want to someday.

Oh yeah, as long as you enjoy a game it doesn't matter if you're good at it or not. I like to boost specific units one at a time as much as possible then move to the next, but that might not be the best strategy for some games. I think the only city builder I've played recently is Cities: Skylines but I gave up because it became too confusing. Something with running a sewage system and linking them and the power distribution just got me flustered. There was a lackluster tutorial so I just grew impatient with it and gave up. It seemed pretty fun from what I saw but I'm just bad at it I suppose. My friend's big into C&C so that's why I recommended it, hopefully you'll like Supreme Commander.

Seems like waiting may be the best option then. I've got a hefty list on my black friday/cyber monday purchases so if it'll be more economically sound to wait until next year then I probably will. It also sounds like I should be looking out for AMD products in the next few months from what you've said. I'll keep my eyes out in the coming weeks for deals though. I'm sure I could find something decent but it's not a must buy now purchase.

Absolutely. I may jump genre's a bit and get a more full experience since I haven't watched much of anything in quite some time. haha very true, it's a very pungent dish. I hope their moms packed them lunch as I'm sure it'll be a field day lmao.

Very true, and they could be used during crimes since you can only see the person's eyes. At face value yeah NYC is pretty crappy. I think since I've been there so many times I've become numbed to the shitty aspects other than the bad drivers. I'm sure most cities are generally decent though, unless you live in Detroit or maybe Chicago.
pgmhecateii Nov 5, 2018 5:04 AM
Yeah, I kinda do. And if you don't, they'll invite you over, lol. Well, I use Jumpshare (which is the same site cardmakers use to host the cards they name for us), and the max space is 2 GB unless you give em money. I do know the feeling of wanting to have your own club, though. I've made one for me and Mnanoha. We're just practicing our horrible skills in hopes of being able to become a good CM someday.

No way...I've never used makeup before, never worn a skirt before, and prefer to tie up my hair in a ponytail. :o

Nope, I mean students' work. Assignments. Homework. Ugh. See, this is why I didn't join the National Honor Society or whatever. I'm not nice enough to do work without expecting things in return. I also like Uzamaid and Beelzebub-jou. I haven't seen Hinomaruzumou, Tsurune or Gridman, since I'm trying to reduce the amount I'm watching.

I didn't really do much to the pic, but thanks...not really. I want to make a new layout, but I don't want to put up another amateur looking one. I'm planning on making a BBCode layout this time. :)
ChissyCheeze Nov 4, 2018 7:33 PM
Sony gets a thumbs down from me. Until they fix some of their services I probably won't consider getting a PS4 unless I can't wait for a specific exclusive but that's doubtful. Absolutely and I hate that. Even the shooters that do still have campaigns they usually suck. Battlefield 1 is free with Xbox Live Gold this month and I started the campaign and I'm hopeful because it looks like there's a lot of levels and different people you play as during different battles from WW1. The multiplayer is pretty decent too, I was surprised. It's unfortunate that Nintendo as a company are how they are nowadays. Millions of people worldwide recognize Nintendo and many have nostalgic memories from their childhoods. The generation growing up now will not feel that. They will probably grow bored of Nintendo and that will be their failure. I give them 15 more years max as a major competitor in the gaming industry. I think that's the one part of my brain that excels at things like Language. German is fairly difficult at first but once you have the basics it's easier to branch off to more difficult things like past and future tense. I'd say I have the vocabulary of a German middle schooler, which doesn't sound very impressive but I only had 4 years of classes. It's something that I found/find quite fun but as life goes on you find yourself with less time to do all of the things you want to do. I'd love to also learn Dutch and Yiddish, as they're fairly similar to German. The US is so far behind because of exactly that. So much overspending on things that aren't 100% necessary all while racking up so much debt that it'll never be paid off. Yeah it's best to have the phone on speaker so the transmission of any radiation is minimal. It'll be interesting to see how wireless providers deal with 5G regarding that. Thank you for the link, I've bookmarked it. NordVPN I'm familiar with as I believe a few youtubers have spoken of it saying that it's reliable.

I love a good single player campaign. I'm pretty crappy at strategy games but I do like tower defense games, which I guess use some strategy. That's fair enough because multiplayer games almost always come with toxic elements like kids using unintelligible swears and threats if violence. That's why I never use a mic. I'm not super kept up on strategy games, but since you like them and are having a hard time finding one to enjoy, I know of a couple. Command & Conquer I'm sure you've heard of, and Supreme Commander which from my memory uses more mecha elements.

Absolutely. With Cyber Monday coming up I may be able to find at least a good chunk of a setup for cheaper than any other time of year. I'm somewhat familiar with Intel graphics chips. The i5 is in most laptops nowadays right? Yeah he'll be my overseer when I go to buy parts just to make sure I get the best deal for my money.

It was certainly enjoyable. I've been busy as hell the last week so I haven't been able to keep up, but I'm thinking that'll change during this week. Ah I love the smell XP Coming home to a pot of chili that's been cooking all day is the best! It'll only be a matter of time until another show comes out then people will be coming out of the woodwork again.

That's very true. Masks have their purpose and are helpful, but that's no reason to overuse them for unnecessary reasons. It depends I guess. In terms of overall cleanliness NYC isn't the best. They've done a lot over the years to make that better though. You can see videos of NYC in the 80's and it was awful compared to now. The trains and subways do still need a lot of work though. The tunnels are like 100+ years old and the company that runs public transit in the NYC metro area are a bunch of greedy pricks, so I don't think that they'll be much nicer moving forward. Despite those things I still think NYC is a pretty cool place. Just like any other city there are shitty parts and nice parts just depends on the area. Only thing that'll never change is the fact that 90% of the people that live there are assholes, but I'd probably be one too if I had to live there.
pgmhecateii Nov 1, 2018 9:54 AM
Any cards that have characters I like, I guess. Oh yeah, there's a bunch of new cards. But since I'm limiting the amount of clubs I'm requesting from, I'm not joining any club that don't have the really good GFX makers. I'm denying all invites unless the cards are good. Also, a lot of the super good cardmakers have stopped making cards for the most popular card club, and they've made their own clubs, which I'm in.

Yeah, that's not happening. It's like my goal to not talk to anyone. I haven't even spoken a single word at school today.

I haven't been watching anime lately, which is increasing my motivation to watch anime. I've been doing work for school for the past few days. It sucks. Seishun Buta is pretty good, tbh. But my favorites are still Goblin Slayer and Tensei Shittara Slime Datta Ken.

People around me don't really get sick, and that's my family.
Cleaye Oct 25, 2018 10:17 PM
I guess hahahahaah. It kind of makes sort of sense lol.

Okay okay, whatever floats your boat senpai hahahaha. Hmmm yess, they make me sleep better <3 Plus, I don't have any room to place them anywhere else ;v; Yukane is a chain here that sells dakgalbi! It's a big chain and easy to find! Omg, that's one of my favorite anime. It was so unique and amazingg. I remember the season I watched it in. Oh gosh, happy days. I'm usually playing singles, but from time to time I do double matches as well. But it's hard since I'd like my partner to be around the same level as I am, and in the club there are so many different people with different skills. :O NO WAYYY 1800? That's insaneee wth. You better be assigned to a very luxurious penthouse then. With a private pool. And a private tennis court. Yesss! I wasn't interested in karate that much at all when I started. I just tagged along with a friend to watch. But then the karate teacher asked me to join. And I was like okayy, it's not so bad. And from then on I stuck with it! I'm really grateful for the discipline it has taught me and control of my body as well. I'd like to try so many other different martial arts. Especially shaolin kung fu looks stunning. Jujitsu is so useful! I love jujitsu and it's pretty similar to karate in some ways. Muay Thai is just brute. It's not so much graceful, but very practical. Hmmm, the things is, I want to try a lot. But I simply do too much already. I guess I don't prioritize it enough to give up the other sports. :( I have never heard of eskrima, but generally, I don't like the fighting style in action movies. I'll check it out! Maaaaybe when I come across it.. I'll try for you. I have a hundred different ways I prefer my chicken and waffles is definitely not one of them! But I need to try it first before I can confirm it. Ohh, maybe American people don't like Dutch coffee hahahahaha. Okaay I will check it out! Thanks for the link! I know absolutely shit about sports teams or matched that recently happened lol. I love sports, but most time I don't talk about it! I want to pick up Japanese for sure! It such a fun language to learn. Besides that, I know a little bit of Chinese. Hmmm... Korean words are sometimes really hard to pronounce. So hard to pronounce that they short shorten the word, or just skip some parts of it. I wouldn't say choking, but it definitely isn't the easiest language to speak. Especially since there are real subtle difference in the things you say. Like, last time in a restaurant I was in a restaurant, trying to ask for chopsticks. Instead I said, "kick the penis". :'( I heard a lot about Goblin Slayer hahahaha. Do you like to watch it? Yeaah, there are also Malaysian people whom I befriended with here in Korea, and their English is really good!
ChissyCheeze Oct 21, 2018 6:05 PM
For sure, but to be fair I haven't kept up a lot with Sony exclusives since PS2 so there's a bunch of games I don't even know about. I do enjoy a lot of shooters, or at least games with that element. RPGs, Shooters, racing, and even some sports games but that's mainly football. I could see Nintendo dropping the home console market and after the WiiU I'm surprised they didn't. I enjoyed Gamecube quite a lot and even the Wii when it came out, but most of Nintendo's games have been drug out for a long time. You can't have a Nintendo console without 10+ Mario related games. Another issue with the Switch (at least in my friends case) is that a lot of games are too easy and pander to young kids. He 100% the newest Kirby game in like 8 hours and 100% the new Mario Party within the week he bought it. There's no incentive to play half the games once you beat them which turns me away from the console even more. I'm hoping that the new Smash Bros and Animal Crossing are both amazing because those are the ones I've been excited for. A big reason why I wanted to learn Japanese was so I could pick up on more words and sentences while watching anime, but the main reason was for the enjoyment of learning a new language, especially one so difficult. I took 4 years of German way back in high school and still use it to this day. It's especially fun when you meet another person that speaks it and you can have a conversation or just say random words around other people and they don't understand haha. That's odd, maybe you could use a PC HD on an Xbox. It would just have to have a USB connector. It wouldn't look as good per se, but essentially I could get a 2TB drive for half as much as an external. Yeah fiber optics and soon 5G for mobile devices. I think 5G goes public sometime early next year. People will have to buy new phones compatible with 5G if they want it but will become standard within a few years where available. Bing and Google are fairly synonymous with each other, I just personally think that Bing has a better format when it comes to browsing articles and such. Yeah it's definitely a fair trade off in the long run. You can get VPNs for free, but if you want more security features a paid subscription is your best bet. Especially if you're doing big time pirating and don't want to set off any alarms to your ISP.

Those types of people are pretty lucky then. That's how I am with gaming for the most part. A game has to be pretty damn bad for me to not enjoy it. That coupled with researching a game before I play it. Saves me the time and disappointment when I feel the need to finish a game that I don't like.

Well it was something that we knew we had to face, and we were both willing to try and see where it took us. It was definitely difficult, and still even is now. Over time it's gotten easier though, and when either of us leaves we usually talk about the next time we're going to see each other or things going on for us during the week. Communication is also very important and try our best to talk on the phone here and there despite having pretty different schdules.

Definitely a mid-tower then. Waiting until next year is what I'm going to have to do since I have a lot of purchases to make from now until I'm moved out, on top of other existing expenses. It'll be nice once I'm able to sit down and buy all of the parts. My friend that I'm moving in with built his last 2 computers himself, so I'll have plenty of help in that regard when the time comes.

I've heard that a lot with series' manga being better than the anime. Or even VNs being better than both. So in Mahou Shoujo, the girls bullied Aya because she didn't thank them for sticking up for her? You're absolutely right on how ridiculous that was. The show seems to be progressing pretty well despite that. It's a pretty weak argument for torturing someone but that's anime for ya. Chili is a godsend, and with the cold weather now is the best time of year to enjoy it. Jesus christ hahaha, the absurdity. People want to correlate an animated show to 'real life issues'. It just shows how delusional they are and that they'll use anything they can to scream their opinion. That response is absolutely hilarious.

Oh man that's awful. I remember when I was in Japan/Okinawa and seeing a lot of people with those masks on and even more at the airport. That's something that I never see here but it makes sense to me. People are pretty nasty and shit spreads like California wildfires because of it. I go to NYC a lot for work and I'm surprised I don't get sick more often.
pgmhecateii Oct 20, 2018 10:25 PM
Although there aren't many cardmakers that are fans of Gintama, I really like it when they make Gintama cards. They also make a lot of idol cards, and I guess there are a decent amount of Umi cards. I don't get spammed too much, and it's probably because I joined all of them before they could invite me. I've only gotten around 5 or so ever since I started collecting cards.

Nope. And no one talks to me on the bus either, so I really don't talk at all. Really? I like threads where you post because I usually don't agree with any of the options, lol. Okay, then.

I did mention that anime's more of an obligation now. I feel like I'm watching it more to challenge myself and to add more anime to my list rather than enjoying it. I still come across anime that I enjoy, though. It's gotten worse, you could say, since high schools requires you to do more homework and I have other things, such as making cards, that I'd like to do. I don't particularly like CGDCT anime, either, but I just have a thing for rom-coms.

Oh...that sucks...I don't get sick easily, but I do get runny noses easily. It's a result of waking up in the freezing mornings to get ready for school, so it's quite a normal occurrence, but still annoying...
ChissyCheeze Oct 15, 2018 6:18 PM
PlayStation does have a service called PlayStation Now, where I believe there are older games but it's cloud-based so you have to stream the games, which causes graphical issues due to any network lag. In my opinion I think it's stupid but I'm sure some people enjoy it. Yeah definitely Xbox over PS. I grew up with PS but the 360 really caught my attention and I never looked back. Switch is alright, but I see it more as a party console than a regular console. The only games that are really fun are the new Mario Party and the Jackbox collection, which is a few random games that you use your phone for. I can read a few basic words if they're in Hiragana, but not much. I studied the alphabet for a little while but then gave up because it's a huge time investment that I just don't have the time of day for. Hopefully in the future I can pick it back up. With the JPN PS1 games I have, mainly regarding the Megaman games, I know what to do I just won't know everything that's being said. It's more so just to fill that nostalgia from when I was young. I'm surprised you don't care for Ubisoft. I'll admit that pretty much all of their games are DLC heavy but franchises like Far Cry, Watch Dogs, and Trials are all pretty good in my opinion. I don't care for Assassin's Creed but I think that's their biggest game franchise. Yeah if new controllers were like $45 instead of $60, I'd probably have a 2nd one by now. Yeah even my 1TB external was $80, and nowadays you can find 2TB for $100. If I'm not mistaken Japan actually has the most reliable and fastest internet speeds over any other country. I would love to see how quickly 1GB would take download over there. Oh, I meant that me not being able to use wifi at my current home sucks, improper grammar on my part there, sorry about that. Yeah it's a bit annoying, but at least I'm able to check out articles from different topics with ease, Bing has their setup really nice. KAT was/is a popular torrent site just like Pirate Bay, but was shutdown ( I believe the site is back up and running now, but after something like that I don't care to use it anymore.

Hahaha, I love the sarcasm. It's valid though as it seems like quite a few people blindly ask questions on the internet without looking for more than 10 seconds. That's fair enough, I feel like the same could be said for others that have long anime watching careers.

Well our whole relationship was built on not being able to see each other all the time, so I feel a bit lucky for it to have gotten this far. We met when she was doing an externship (about 45mins from me) and things hit off really well so we made the effort to see each other as much as we could that first summer.

I've been away from PC gaming for a long time, but I do like games like Diablo and Counter-Strike. Not super picky with graphics, but I would like a graphics card that would hold up for at least a few years. I think a mid-tower would be my best bet. Would water cooling by any more efficient regarding tower storage? Yeah the A/V editing would mostly be song editing and short video editing. I'd also like to become more proficient at photo editing and Photoshop itself so that's another thing I would love to do once I get a computer.

It's good! While I won't say that it's super awesome I am definitely enjoying it. I need to pick up on it since I was out since Friday. There was a chili cookoff at the college yesterday and it was awesome. Two that I really enjoyed were this curry beef one, and another one made with stout beer. It gave it a nice bold flavor without the alcohol taste. I saw a post on Facebook about that Goblin Slayer show and people were debating over that first episode. Some were complaining and a few people were replying telling them to get over it and made comparisons to other anime with gruesome scenes. I find it fair that people dropped it, obviously content like that isn't for everyone. But that goes with anything, graphic or not.

No problem, I hope things have cleared up and that you feel better now :)
pgmhecateii Oct 13, 2018 9:02 AM
I got into cards from MAL AD forums. There was this thread that had thousands of posts...the Anime Watching Challenges one. I was curious and found the club that hosted that thread. By coincidence, there was an edition open at the time (it was around Christmas and New Year's). That club rarely has editions, since they're more for doing challenges. After that, I found other card clubs by looking around AWC. Maybe it was the affiliates, and then I clicked on people's profiles to stalk see what clubs they were in and joined all of them.

Yes, irl-wise. I don't mind talking to strangers on the net since most people are strangers. Besides, on the forums, I don't think my posts are directed at anyone in particular, maybe the OP, but it's like doing a survey or a poll, and I like doing these kinds of things. Am not!

I always try watching less and less each season, but it isn't working. Sometimes, the anime with fewer amounts of people watching tend to be better. For example, I'm liking Beelzebub-jou this season, although it only has 11k members at the moment.

No, I reply late myself, too, so it's not a problem. I just hope you're feeling better~ :3
Cleaye Oct 10, 2018 9:25 PM
"It feels weird having a guy telling me he's my "first one". Stahp giving me strange ideas! >.<"

Maybe you're on the way to discover a new fetish ;)
Cleaye Oct 10, 2018 9:23 PM
Ohh, I don't think it will be anything special? Only graduation ceremony for the people who graduated lol. So I learned yesterday from my friend that's called cuffing season hahahaha. The more you know xD

Yeah actually my bed is so stuffed with plushies. I don't want to start talking about how much I spend in the arcade. Favorite foods is dakgalbi! It's just so simple and so good. Since I've joined the pingpong club at school I haven't been working out that much lately anymore. It's just pretty hard keeping up with the workouts when you also want to socialize with everyone here. Rent is soooo much... I think about 550 dollars a month. Yeah Tae Kown Do involves a lot of kicks indeed. Yeah I've practices karate since I was a kid! Who the fuck mixes gravy and fruits togetherr omg hahahahaha. Please keep that away from me. Just like chicken waffles oml. Can't imagine liking that. Woah that's interesting. A lot of stores have a Dutch coffee option here. I tried and it was surprisingly.. Dutch hahahah. But it's also more expensive. I will definitely try that out! Sounds like fun finger food :) Ah, that's some new information for me. I'll have to remember when I'm roadtripping America xD It's okayy! Why would you want to love sports?? xD Since learning two languages at the same time is reaaaally confusing. I still like the sound of Japanese more. Korean sounded so ugly to me at first, but now I kinda like it. I think I like Japanese more because it's way easier to pronounce. Yeaaah learned those in a day as well hahahha. Okaayy I will check it out! Thanks! You know.. I was always surprised why your English was so good.. HAHAHAHA. Now it makes sense.