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pgmhecateii 6 hours ago
Well, yes, I check my notifications and clubs every time I open my Chromebook, mostly because sometimes, the popular and more active clubs have editions with post limits, so I don't wanna miss any.

I know Mnanoha irl, which is the reason for all my rudeness and weird stuff. She knows I posted on your profile, but I don't think she really cares or anything. I'm sure she wasn't trying to sound rude, but we do get some people who ask about our ages. We use MAL to talk to each other at school most of the time. We never talk about anything serious because it's awkward. Yes, PMs are such a pain to use.

I take around 2 hours to reply to someone else on MAL. We have paragraphs and stuff, so I don't have to go back that often. Same for me, in 2 hours, I can watch a lot of things if I speed up. I wonder if it's just a thing to talk to opposite genders on MAL, because all the people I talk to are male, lol.

I just made a Google Doc that has the names of every single song I like, and I update it every time I find a new one. Too bad Japanese music industries block their videos in America. I'm sick of seeing "This video contains content from KING RECORD CO., LTD., who has blocked it on copyright grounds."

Thanks, but it's not all that impressive. As long as you have renders, the ability to copy, and time, it's not that hard. I just use mostly whatever I copy off of, so for example, I google "blue flower renders" and the like. Recently, I've found this site, which has a lot of good stuff.

Not sure... We've been talking about inventions, steel industry, oil industry, skyscrapers, and railroads.

Oh, so your 4 is like a 6 for me. 7 is my "default", so every anime I watch will start out at 7. If it gets worse or boring, I drop it to 6, and occasionally, I mean, rarely, 5. If I like the anime, I'll rise it to 8 or higher. Though I can't remember the last time I gave something 10.
pgmhecateii Yesterday, 5:14 AM
No, probably only about 30%. I tend to use my Chromebook since I can speed things up. It might actually be a better idea to watch on my phone since I won't get sidetracked on MAL. Wow, that's expensive. I'd rather buy a regular laptop that can actually support softwares designed for Windows.

Well, yes...sorry for stalking. The reason I talked to you was simply because I wanted to ask why you gave Dead Apple a 3. I'm the type of person that can't really say what in specific was bad if I say a certain anime was boring, so I wanted to know your thoughts about an anime you didn't think was that good. So basically, as long as I have some people that are willing to hang out with me, that's all that matters.

I've had longer conversations with someone else on MAL. It's not that I don't like talking to them, but it takes 2 hours for me to reply. The thing is, no matter who the person is, we never really have any shared interests, so it's a bit hard to talk to others. I'm usually that one person who people talk to and I listen.

Yeah, though it seems like "die" and "das" are the most common.

If we're talking about music, I prefer White Album (the songs, not the actual anime) and White Album 2 (again, the songs, not the anime). Looks like you've seen it already.

Nah, I'm self-taught. I just look at all those amazing works that other people make and copy off of them use them as a base.

Oh, so now we're on the Industrial Revolution...

Also, it seems like you give out 4's fairly often, so is that a bad score for you?
pgmhecateii Sep 18, 5:00 AM
I use chia a lot so I'm used to it. It's my main site on my phone, because I can download most anime that I want to watch. I don't get allowance money, it's New Year's money. Chromebooks are the perfect type of device for the school, they're cheap (compared to laptops), each student can get their own, and they're compatible with Chrome obviously so we can use Google Drive and other Google apps nice and easy. They probably weren't made for playing visual novels or video watching software.

I'm too concerned about the whole romance and relationships thing. What I am concerned about is how everyone always say that connections are important. So I'm a little worried that I don't have any close friends. The type that hang out at each other's house. I only ever watch anime movies, anyways.

On MAL, I just try not to offend anybody. Sometimes, I feel like talking to me might be a little boring, since I can't really hold a conversation irl. Yeah, I hope so...

German was just an example. I've heard that there's 10 different ways to say "the", lol.

Thanks!! :3 I'm guessing you've seen Love Live? Not a big fan of it, but I really like Umi.

I actually want to make a layout sometime, but that's way too hard for me.

We started our new unit in history. It's Post-Civil War.
Cleaye Sep 12, 9:37 PM
I'll be there till January! School ends the 22nd though. I wanted to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Korea :) Yeaah of course you would hahahahaha

Yeaah they are ultra popular in Japan. There's nothing really special. The figurines come from Japan actually.

Because I trained myself for it. I ate spicy korean noodles weekly. I was always okay with spice already though. Hmmm the taste, there's not really something like Korean cheese I believe. Usually they just use cheddar or mozarella. They have Dutch cheese here as well, but still it tastes slightly different. I don't eat that much actually. I thought I would gain weight here for sure, but actually I lost some weight. Now I have a gym on the top floor of my residence and I used to workout everyday for 3 weeks. But then school activities began, and I want to join all of them hahahaha. I joined the tabletennis club as well. Nooo, I think Dutch people don't like it because they eat it to ooften, or they just season it with salt hahahahha. It'll get boring if you eat it like that. We don't use butter as much as the French. Ohhh nooo, it tastes totally different than tater tots. It's not really explainable on how they taste. You just have to try for yourself hahahahah. It's no potatoes at all. It's kind of left over meat from animals lol. Except for the chicken fingers, those are really good. I had a burrito and soft taco. It was amazing. They slow cooked the pork for 8 hours or something. It's taste was something unique and I've never tasted it before. I want to goooooo again! Ohh I workout because I was my belly getting bigger and my overall fitness affected me in all the sports I like to do. So before I went to Korea I lost 10kg. And I'm still continuing to build muscle and lose fat. Hmm my fat percentage atm is 16%. Just a little bit more! I have a slight four pack atm hahahaha. Yeaah sort of. My korean is getting better by the day C: Yeaah they can keep trying hahahahaha. Hmmm we have a tabletennis table there. So I play a lot. And a lot of people just play card games. I don't know.. I just had that in my mind for some reason.
pgmhecateii Sep 12, 5:25 AM
The library's pretty decent, it almost has everything I want to watch, but I'm not sure if it has any of the older anime that are hard to find. The video mirrors never work for me...Yes, I mostly just stream anime. I tried downloading the "PotPlayer", but as expected, it wasn't designed for a Chromebook and therefore "it is not compatible with your device that runs a Chrome OS". I probably don't need it anyways. Since I have the extension that lets you speed up videos up to 16x, all I have to do is download some anime from a streaming site and no matter how much you speed it up, it won't buffer. Oh, really? But like I said before, I don't have any of this paper money that I can use. I want to buy things with my own money.

For a friend, I don't have requirements. Well, as long as you're nice and make an effort to talk to me. I wouldn't care less about how you looked, if you cussed, or if you have bad habits. For a romantic partner, I really don't know. Maybe it's just the same as a friend, and I'm mixing up the people I'm interested in and the people I want to be friends with. I've never had a lot of males in my life, no brothers or anything I really want an older one, and even when my dad is home, I'm not with him unless we're eating, so I've always been a little awkward around them. It probably doesn't look like it, because I try not to let it show. You know, I've never been to the movies before.

Yeah, that's probably true. I'm a decent enough person at home, I wash my dishes, I do my part of vacuuming the second floor first floor every 2-3 weeks. While we're on the topic of a spoiled brat, I absolutely despise living with a spoiled brat. Though the only thing is that she's 3, so I can't do anything about it... Nah, you can pick a different book if you want. There's 4, so not all of them are romance novels. For every book I read, the first thing I do is find the last page and read it. Of course I want to know how it ends, but for me, it's more about knowing how many pages there are. Since I've only read the last page, I don't know how it ends.

More like, I forgot my lines. You can't have any words on the screen, only images, so you have to memorize all the info, and in Spanish, on top of it. Something I don't really like about languages like Spanish and German is that you have to change the endings if you're female for adjectives, and it's really annoying. People have actually never asked me about Chinese related stuff, and it's a sore topic for me, so I'm glad. I don't have to pretend, since I technically am an idiot trying to learn the language.

No, I wasn't. I was just showing you what we did yesterday. I really hate "deciphering" the paper.
pgmhecateii Sep 11, 5:07 AM
For alternate sites, I use (for downloading) and However, ever since I downloaded an extension that lets you speed up videos, I probably won't need to use kickassanime. No, me being on a computer won't make my parents happy, so I better not. Besides, I'm never out shopping by myself, can't drive yet, and don't have a credit card. I wouldn't be able to buy anything on my own.

Not sure, I've never been into romance or anything. It doesn't suit me. Yeah, same for the girls. They're all "school buddies". Kinda like when you become friends with the person the teacher assigns you to sit with ("seat buddies"). Do you go out with any of your friends? For example, to the movies, to play some sports, or to the amusement park?

Yeah, I'm typically nice (at least I try to be), so at school, I'm pretty sure my image has become that of a kind, quiet, and responsible student. At home, I have this totally different personality, and I get angry, scream, and become lazy. Yup, I've read around 70 pages. You need to read 84 pages by Thursday. It's kinda interesting to see how things will turn out, as the female lead is about get deported from America and the male lead is trying to get a job and live up to his mother's expectations.

Yeah, we had one at the middle school as well, but you have to be in 8th grade to take it. You can take it anytime in high school. I'm actually taking Spanish right now. Totally embarrassed the hell outta myself with the presentation I did last Friday. Yeah, I remember everything from the time I took Spanish I. A senpai asked me, "Are you a freshman?", so I said "Yeah". He said he forgot a lot of the material, and was surprised at how much I remembered. I actually really like taking Spanish because it's easy. True, but I'm worried people will think that I have an advantage in Mandarin, which I probably will, but still...

pgmhecateii Sep 10, 9:25 PM
I use mostly gogoanime, chia-anime, and these days. No, I've just been saving it up. It feels like a waste to use the money, Idk. And since I didn't earn it by myself, I don't really feel like I have a right to use it, I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore...

Animation and art's a big key point of that. I can't stand looking at 90's art.

Yeah, I know. When I go to someone's profile, I usually look at their bio/info, check out their favs, and then read their comments. I'm not a stalker, trust me.

No, none of them would probably be my type (whatever that is). And yes, as you can see in anime, a lot of people tend to have a different personality on the inside. I do understand where you're coming from. I do get along with a few guys, but none of them are close enough to be called "friends". I'm not very social, either, so that's a major problem. People nowadays are always snapchatting and whatnot, and I'm there just trying to watch Wolf's Rain in peace.

I'm not exactly a good person, so I think just being able to know that someone's worse off than me relieves me of my depressing feelings just a little. I picked the book that seemed like it had the most romance out of the 4, since that's my preference in anime, too. An essay on that, seems like something I'd do. When I'm mad about something, I try to put it in my writing so that the teacher may or may not be able to tell.

Oh, ahaha...nice idea. I'm actually thinking about taking Mandarin next year. Same here. I know basic words and phrases, but I don't understand any of the complicated stuff or words that connect the words that I do understand. I know colors and numbers, so I was thinking if I should do some simple stuff like days of the week. That's one of the things we first did when I started learning Spanish. All I have to do is copy what we do in Spanish and make everything Japanese instead. Also, being able to read Chinese would definitely help. I probably won't be able to read and write in Japanese, so I should at least get myself better at listening.
pgmhecateii Sep 10, 7:54 PM
It's a great site for downloading anime, so I use it often. But it has a lot of ads. I'm used to them, though. I don't get allowance...I only get New Year's money.

I'm not much of a fan of watching older anime, so I'm not too concerned.

Was that a joke? Anyways, it's precisely because they're the popular type that I don't want to become affiliated with them. I do have someone I'm interested in, you know. Seeing them everyday at school is more than enough for me. It kinda sucks that we don't have any classes together, but oh well. Then, are you into popular girls?

That sounds like an interesting book, no joke. I love reading about that kinda stuff, lol. Though I'd hate that girl. Oh, something random, but we can pick one of the four available books to read in English, so I picked this one called, "The Sun is Also A Star" by Nicola Yoon. It's about some international romance between an African American girl and a Korean guy.

Aside from just learning about the history, I want to learn the language, too. I should probably start off learning about simple stuff, but I can never make the time for it.
pgmhecateii Sep 10, 4:58 AM
Yeah, a few of them are blocked at school. If I want to watch anime at school, I'd have to use or download some beforehand. But at home, nothing anime related is blocked. That won't work. They know I want one, but they probably won't buy one for me until a long time, seeing as I spend way too much time on it...

I usually don't use YouTube, because there's way too much dubs and it's just easier to use a streaming site.

Eh, this ain't an anime...there's no such thing as the "famous, popular, athletic, good-looking guy that everyone fangirls over". Even if there were, I wouldn't have liked him.

For the most part, I just rely on the me of tomorrow to do the test and forget about it...I just hope I can get by the rest of high school and uni or college without studying like this...

Yes, I hope I can move on quickly. I don't know if I'm just not far enough or something, but I have the feeling I haven't learned about any of those periods. Wait, you get to learn about Japanese history? That is so not fair. :c
pgmhecateii Sep 9, 8:58 PM
I guess so, but I got my first Chromebook in 6th grade. At the beginning of this year, I got a new one in exchange for my old one. They're only mini-computers, so it's expected that they heat up quickly. And it sucks that they have absolute control on the device, like the settings and everything. Restricted mode on YouTube is forced on, so even minor stuff that happens in anime might be restricted. They made it so you can't clear your history anymore, but I stopped caring. Yeah, the .5 would be pretty helpful.

Lmao, I'm pretty sure I found it randomly on YouTube and watched it, but stopped for no reason.

Nah, I'm not planning on getting in a relationship anytime soon, much less kids which are officially my most hated thing in the world. :<

I agree with you on that, though I might not be paying attention sometimes. If teachers don't make sure we know what we're supposed to know, how are we supposed to take the test? That must've sucked...

I like Ancient and Medieval, I think. I just liked learning about wars, Greek myths, and I really loved it when our history books had some pages about Japan. I would flip through the entire history book when I had free time because world history was so interesting. But now we have just American history, and it's always about breaking away from England and politics/government. I know about all this already.
pgmhecateii Sep 9, 8:21 AM
Oh, okay...

2 years. I didn't even have a computer back then anyways. Now, I have a Chromebook that the school district gives all its students. Lol, one of the main reasons I hate making new accounts is that I'm worried if you can delete them. They also spam your email, but that's more of a minor problem. MAL's rating system is good enough for me, though sometimes I do have trouble deciding between a 6 and a 7.

I remember I had a 50 ep anime on my on-hold list, but I removed was this one.

Sometimes we do have paper homework, but yeah, a lot of that stuff's online. We're getting more and more digital. The only downside is that I would get less work done since 80% of my bookmarks are MAL and anime ones. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lol, same with me. It's like, if the teachers do a good enough job of teaching, there's no need to study. Not even sure if this is considered studying, but sometimes I just look over my notes for 1-5 minutes right before the test starts. For these kinds of things, I can only remember the stuff for the test, and then I forget them, since it's over. It's really not their fault for being boring, but I'm always on MAL when they're talking. I'm such a bad student, lol. I never put much effort in my assignments, either, but my grades are all fine, so there's no problem.
pgmhecateii Sep 8, 9:52 PM
One thing: What happened to Saber at the end of F/Z? Did she disappear? I do know why she was resummoned in F/SN.

If you're asking how I joined MAL, I was using MAL before I made an account. I never liked making new accounts, so I didn't bother back then. I learned about MAL because when you looked up an anime, a MAL link would usually be there. Nowadays, of course I just go straight to MAL. Not sure, MAL was just the only anime database I knew years ago, and I used to keep track of all my anime in a notepad, so there was no need for an online one. I also think MAL's the most accurate about anime titles and character names. For example, anime-planet uses a lot of English titles, so I made an account just for the hated list widget. For now, my account is quite useful because I do post on forums and I'm in a bunch of card collecting clubs. What about you?

W-w-what!?? Baka! >///< But yes, good luck with your dropped titles. >w<

Nah, I talk in regular Chinese, whatever that is. I can't understand a bit of Cantonese.

That's not exactly right, because the assignment was an online one. See, we use Google Classroom in school, and teachers can assign online stuff. And every Google Docs that you've done on Classroom just gets saved to your Drive automatically, into a folder labeled "Classroom". So all I had to do was look up the one from last year.

No, I am totally not the studious type. In fact, I don't study I don't know how, either and I toss away homework right after I'm sure we don't need it anymore.
Cleaye Sep 8, 7:14 AM
It's not about learning unique things here lol. Classes seem to be really simple. It's about the experience and exchange is just a lot of fun! It's been my 1st week of school only and I'm honestly having the time of my life hahahahaha! If I watch something, it'll be the comedy one!

They have these crane games here in Korea with figurines in them and I'm so addicted. I got 4 figurines now.

Yeaah I have high tolerance for spicy food. The people around me are dying lol. I guess it's no lies if you are a caucasian who is not used to eating spices. Yeaah it's really good! I love the cheese here. But I also miss the cheese back in the Netherlands :( Also cheese is expensive :'(( Yes, a lot of products contain sugar in them. It's a hassle to find something that has no or little sugar in it. So, that's very true. No omgg, Dutch cuisine is basically just vegetables and potatoes 2/3rd of the time. Only using salt and pepper. Yeaah! I like stamppot a lot! It's my favorite Dutch dish. But a lot of Dutch people don't like it. But when I talk to my foreign friends they all like it hahahaha! Also we have unique Dutch fried stuff. I used to be addicted to it, but now I'm controlling myself since I'm working out. Hmmm I haven't seen American BBQ... I have been to a Mexican restaurant though! Run by someone from New York. It was the best Mexican I've ever tasted. Not that that was hard to beat, since I've only eaten Mexican from chain stores. Going around Korea isn't that hard. Usually I don't need assistance. But when I do, people are willing to help you out here, even if they can't English. And the chances of finding someone who speaks English here is higher than in Japan w00t. Yeaah.. crazy America. My roommate is a Dutch classmate of mine, and I don't really care about it. Also I live in an international residence. So the people I hang around with in the area can't Korean hahahahaha. Oh.. I thought you were from Asia.. HAHAHAHAHAH OH WELLLL. Are you suree? I'll be one of your stalkers if you meet me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
pgmhecateii Sep 8, 6:41 AM
For Fate/Zero, I'm just gonna assume that Gilgamesh won, because Saber had to be resummoned in F/SN. For F/SN, the ending was pretty clear, that Saber won and went back to her own time.

I must've stopped dropping anime before you did then. >w<

Yeah, that's about it. I don't think so. To this day, my inability to read or write hasn't affected me a bit.

Uh, I dunno. And yes, the Constitution is so boring. I'm sick of hearing, "natural rights". I know already. And about how I learned all this already last year, yesterday I got assigned the same thing from something I did last year. So I copied my answers from the last year version to this year's.
Cleaye Sep 7, 9:39 PM
Ohh I see I said ktalk.. it's a korean messaging app. I meant myanimelist. I don't care what they do on myanimelist. I was convinced enough already hahahaha! But since school has started I have busy schedule. So gonna need to find time in the weekends :)

U not dedicated enough v_v

Nahh. It's expensive, and I'd have to wash it off thoroughly every time I apply it. For me almost everything they label spicy here in Korea isn't spicy lol. Yeah for sure. A lot of dishes also include cheese. No wayyy.. dutch food is not so exciting. This is one example. Ofcourse they have American food. So many things are influenced from there hahahaha! Pretty small busses and crowded. Yeaah I've never been to America. But in America you can sue anyone for anything. Like chicken nuggets actually containing some chicken.. Nah, never seen that in the month I've been here. There are a lot of activists doing something but I don't know what since it's in Korean lol. Noo there are 5 or 6 bins. Are you american..? OMG hahahahahah noooo! My hometown is not that bad!