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BerryParfait Jul 16, 2:06 PM
If they really tried, do you think they can properly wrap it up in season 2? Or just not possible? I don't know a school that has uniforms here so I am not sure the comparison is fair. :P Yep, I listened to it and it was alright, I really liked how everyone had a solo version of it. That was cool!

No, the Aikatsu anime doesn't have official english subs, I am like almost 100% sure of it! Oh I see, is there another one with princesses then? I really loved that one. Or something like Madoka Magica? I don't even know, it's not like I am nagging her on purpose, I guess I am just an annoying person or something. x) The things my sister told me about just didn't really interest me, but when my cousin showed me Aikatsu Stars I loooooved it! Maybe so, I don't think my parents would accept anything that doesn't pay well, but I am not giving up yet. There might still be an option left. Timezones are such a pain!

If that teacher did something really messed up, I am sure the word about it would be spreading around and reach that other school too. No way people are just going to ignore something like that. Getting students motivated for boring books almost seems like an impossible fee! I only read them because I want to get good grades myself, that's all my motivation behind it and not because I find them interesting. :c Well like I said, I am pretty clueless about most things concerning Islam myself, so you are probably better off asking somebody who has an idea what they are talking about. :< I just think religion is a matter of interpretation. Some people try to lay it out one way and others in a different way, so it's to manipulate faithful people. From the airport it takes us a few hour to get to the village. No we don't take any buses, we hire a car and a driver. I have two more brothers who know Turkish too, my mom is the only one who doesn't really understand it. It's funny~ ^^ In that case you wouldn't even have much time to get familiar with the language if you are about to graduate anyway. That's really silly. It's just fun working with younger kids for me, they accept you as you are and always honest and open. And playing together is just fun and cute. c:
Meioh Jul 9, 2:32 PM
Haha. What's your favorite? Mahou Shoujo Ai?
AniAmber Jul 9, 7:08 AM
I'm not sure about 'everyone' being underpaid. But their entertainment industry definitely is.
AniAmber Jul 9, 12:07 AM
6 years? Wow :o I've been technically watching it since I was young, but I don't really count those since I wasn't nearly as dedicated to it as I am now.

Yeah, but I guess they have to make their money somehow, so it make sense considering how underpaid everyone is in the entertainment industry in Japan.
AniAmber Jul 8, 11:54 PM
Sad to hear :/

AniAmber Jul 8, 11:32 PM
Whaat? Really? That's kind of hard to imagine considering how popular anime is.

And for the Spring, the only show that I thought was good was Shuumatsu Nani. The rest were either terrible or average.
AniAmber Jul 8, 11:12 PM
Probably my friends, tbh. Finding people that liked anime at my high school was pretty common.

You should catch up, you're falling behind :P

True, it's more of a realistic romance, but realistic doesn't always mean it's good.
AniAmber Jul 8, 10:49 PM
Hmm, I probably got into it due to Pokemon or AdultSwim or Toonami? I remember yeeeaaarssss ago when my relatives would do barbeques like every weekend it would always get late at night and my cousins and I would watch whatever was on.

As for the Spring season, I think the Winter season beat it overall. I'm not a huge fan of Tsuki ga Kirei, but it wasn't bad either. Tbh, I was kind of hoping they would break up since the ending seemed way too forced. The MAL score that show currently has is just ridiculous. To each their own.
AniAmber Jul 8, 10:26 PM
I'm glad you're glad I'm glad.

That's understandable. I'm more than happy to converse, but I guess the rest just depends on you. And I'm not sure how I stumbled onto your profile.
AniAmber Jul 8, 8:17 PM
Haha. I'm enjoying it, thank you!
Meioh Jul 4, 6:38 AM
No hole is safe... XD

Yeah I saw you in the club. Thanks for accepting.
SweetKiichigo Jun 28, 7:28 PM
Why is that? ^_^

For a moment you almost said Skip Beat :3
BerryParfait Jun 27, 1:15 PM
But surely we arent the only ones who think that its exploitation? Doesnt that mean there isnt gonna be as much more new anime in the future? Unless something changes? I guess we will see if it comes out every year in the next year! I am not a fan of uniforms like You is so I like my own clothes a loooot more!! Maybe I just worded it in a weird way then, but I was aware that Strawberry Trapper is by Guilty Kiss! x)

No I really dont think there is. I am sure my cousin would know about that and I would have heard about that before too. All the games for Aikatsu are japanese. I think there is like an official indonesian version though. Oh and maybe Korean? So Precure isnt about magical Princesses? Thats kind of a bummer. ;~; But I do like sweets a lot! Delicious! My cousin can be pretty naggy when it comes to stuff she likes but I am usually the one nagging her about everything. I feel kind of bad sometimes. x( Yes, she showed us Aikatsu Stars and that got me into Anime too. My sister was really into anime before that however. Yes I know that, but just getting paid well doesnt make you completely happy, I just know it wouldnt if I dont have fun while on my job. I know my parents well and they would be very disappointed. :c I know some people who change their schedule for stuff like that so it definitely works, but it really depends on how busy you are. I see, thats quite a big difference in timezones!

Why do they protect someone that clearly is doing a terrible job? Its not like they are doing it accidently. Being transferred is pretty much getting fired, you just dont have to look for another job afterwards. Then its not only the teacher's fault that the books are so boring and silly. The system behind it is a failure! The problem is that they arent just devout Muslims but also brainwashed by people who use their religion for their political goals. They could easily take anything else thats close to people and do it the same way. It's just manipulation. Most terrorists are not immigrants but people with an immigration background, they arent satisfied and feel foreign in the country they were actually born in despite being already integrated. We actually had that topic in school a bit ago and learned a lot about how they reach out to those people and manipulate them into doing these attacks. They make them part of a group, make them feel special and like they are destined to be some kind of hero. Its really scary. : / Its pretty cheap in the village itself there but travelling can be pretty expensive especially since the infrastructure isnt that great. Money isnt really the reason why we only get to go there once a year, its mostly because we dont have time for a big travel like that. I can mix them if I want to but I dont do it by accident anymore. My mom knows a bit Turkish by now but she cant really keep up when we are having a conversation. Arent there any other languages taught in school? Japanese would be pretty cool to learn for sure! Teachers are paid very very well here especially ones in higher education. I want to work with younger children though. :<
BerryParfait Jun 24, 4:08 PM
Yes you are right, I guess the people at Sunrise are just smarter than their customers. I wonder what would happen if all the animators just left? Of course they wouldnt just do that because nobody wants to be jobless, but I am just wondering. I didnt even know about original love live before sunshine, so I wasnt one of the people that just accepted it even though they like Muse so much more. x) In that case wouldnt every 2 years make more sense to assume? I can still pick accessories with my regular clothes too! Yes Strawberry Trapper is by Guilty Kiss, I thought we were talking about them and not Cyaron? lol

I don't think Aikatsu has official subs besides it being popular enough then. :c I hope somebody will decide to do that soon! I watched Precure, the princesses were so cute~ That sounds like something that my cousin would do too, she likes telling everyone about Aikatsu. And she never gives up even if somebody says they arent into it. x) Yes, thats exactly why they want me to become a programmer too... I am not gonna end up doing what they want, I will make that clear to them at some point. Its just scary thinking about how they would react. Timezones do get in the way, but I feel like you can still make it work in some way. Thats true that we havent been on at the same time much, but there isnt much you can do with school and stuff. : / Where are you from anyway?

I see, it must depend on where you live then, my experience has been pretty different. I hope the teachers that give out the answers get fired. I mean of course I would like for the tests to be easier, but this isnt really a good way of learning... I actually asked my German teacher last time who picks out what we read and they said the state gives them options which they can pick from. So here its not the teachers picking them on their own. :o The problem isnt really Muslims or their religion, the attacks are all about politics, they just take it as a way to control people. They could take any other religion and do it the same way if they found the people religious enough for it. Yes, the village really does feel that way! I have lots of family there so its always fun when I get to visit. I want to go there more often but its expensive and we dont really have the time because of school and my parent's work. I am glad I grew up speaking Turkish and German at the same time, even though when I was younger I always mixed them up a bit. Most people were always confused with what I was trying to say. x) But now I can use German for here and Turkish for when I visit my family in Turkey! And sometimes we talk turkish at home too, especially when our mom isnt supposed to understand, hehe. :> I guess you can only speak one language then? To be honest, I am already pretty set I want to do something that involves raising and working with children. I guess I could maybe become a grade school teacher or something, because thats paid quite a bit more than a kindergartner, but I don't think thats something that I could do well. :c
BerryParfait Jun 23, 1:48 PM
They own the rights for it thats true, but without people working for them, Love Live would have never been as big, they should show them some more respect... I wonder why we just accept these things? Maybe we are just powerless and stopped trying. Thats great, I amlooking forward to more! Did they say they are gonna air a season each year or are you just gonna go by the pattern? But I couldnt pick them out everyday! I don't even go out a lot on the weekends either x) Strawberry Trapper is somewhere on youtube for sure, I have seen it there before, but the first time I listened to it was on the love live app. I am pretty sure the other ones are getting their 3rd songs very soon! Wouldnt be very fair otherwise. :<

Arent there a lot of shows that nobody officialy releases outside of japan? I am pretty sure Aikatsu is one of those that rely on fansubs and there is no other way to watch it. :c My cousin is a huge fan of Aikatsu and she got me and my sister to watch it and now we are obsessed with it too. My parents are programmers, it's not as simple as just turning it on again and even if it did and i got caught, I will be in huge trouble and they will take away my laptop again... Timezones could be a problem I guess, but you can still set up a time beforehand. One that works for everyone! ;)

Maybe that was just a thing at your shool? We never spent more than like 10 minutes on reviewing homework unless it was a really big and essential one then it can be more. There are a lot of teachers that are really boring here too but well its not really their job to be entertainers i think. As long as we learn something, thats already good enough. Obviously classes are a lot more fun when the teacher knows and cares about their students. I feel like there are very few that actually try doing that but oh well. : / I am glad my teachers understand what homework is supposed to be, something that makes you review what you learned in the last lesson and not something that makes you learn stuff you never heard about before. I see how that would be frustrating. :c I didnt have to ready many books for school yet, but all the ones we got were boring too. Who even picks out that stuff!! That would make it hard to be very involved in PE then. : / I get pretty sad when I see something like that in the news or see people say that stuff, because for me it was really not true at all. Of course they were sad that we arent gonna be following their religion and tradition and I feel like thats normal that they would be, but they were never angry or mean about it. When we are in Turkey, my grandma usually tells me a lot about Islam and stuff but I don't mind. Its important for my fathers side of my family so I want to know about it even if its not something I always agree with. They live in a rather small village in the south, but I am not sure how you write it. I can only speak and understand Turkish, but I cant write and barely read it lol. Omg, I don't even know what to talk about in a normal conversation with my teachers arrrrg, I am too awkward. x) Yes, I know they just want me to be successful but I don't want to just do something what they want me to but I hate. Its complicated. The problem is that most of these kind of jobs arent paid well here. I already did some research on it and try to make something work. :c