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Iconic Oct 28, 2021 5:33 AM

Sorry I've been gone for so long! A lot of things kept happening that I really had to deal with. But I'm back! :D

It's weird how I've been gone for months, yet everything has been pretty much the same... yet has gotten much, much worse. Everything is a shit show these days that I really don't know what to say about it. The world has gone to shit. Everything is really damn expensive... if you can find them. Governments around the world have gotten drunk on power. And gaming is still dead because graphics cards and CPU's are still too damn expensive. I planned for years on finally building a new computer next year, when AM5 and RDNA 3 comes out, but it's looking like that won't be happening. Guess I'll be stuck on a 7 year old computer for a couple more years. T___T

On the plus side: at least MangaDex is finally back.
Iconic Jun 2, 2021 8:37 PM
Mangasee123 doesn't have all the manga that I'm reading. What's worse is that I can't even remember what many of the manga that I was reading on MangaDex were, so I can't look them up either. I know that can use some apps to read manga on MangaDex, but I really don't want to download some app and create an account just to go on another site to read things. I'm just using this as an opportunity to catch up on other things like watching anime and play a game or two. I don't like my info floating out there for some criminal assholes to use, so that's why it pissed me off that an email that I used often and an email that I had my email that I just created compromised just like that. It's not like I read all 300 manga at the same time; many manga don't even update for months on end. LHTranslations is notorious for abandoning manga for 6 months or more, before releasing one chapter simply to maintain their claim on the manga. I can't tell you how many times I see an update and I have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on because I completely forgot the manga even existed. LOL

Moving to a different place at this point in time is like deciding whether you would like to be kicked in the balls or stabbed in the back. Both options are absolutely horrible. Even moving overseas isn't all that great since they have their own different set of problems that are just as bad, if not even worse. Take Asia for example: Asia hasn't lost their damn minds and isn't falling apart like the West is. Problem is that Asia is hyper competitive and is so collective in thinking that it's basically like joining the military. Go to South-East Asia: your money will give you as much freedom as money can buy (as long as you have the money) but it's filthy and dangerous that if diarrhea doesn't kill you, the criminal will. Unless you know some trustworthy people there or are really good at protecting yourself, you're better off dealing with your own third world cities and taking your chances there. Go to North-East Asia: everything is expensive and everything is 100x more competitive than anywhere in the West. As an outsider, you'll have a hard time fitting in. And even if you do manage to learn the culture and language enough to get by, you will never be considered "one of us". :/ Communicating with family is important, but learning Chinese tech and instructions? Doesn't everything sold in the West already come with localized instructions?

Quintuplets, eh? I don't suppose you're talking about 5-toubun no Hanayome?

A few weeks ago, I went to the mechanic and had this long conversation with the cashier about how everything has gone to shit these days. She was complaining how everyone seemed to have lost their damn minds and how she was relieved that she finally found someone that wasn't crazy. She also told me about this one encounter where this black guy hit her car and started accusing her of racism and oppression for trying to get basic information for insurance claim purposes. When her husband got out of the car and told the guy that he would call the police if he didn't provide the information, the guy started accusing them of trying to murder him. I hear this shit all the time on the internet, but actually hearing it from someone that I actually know is something else entirely. I'm sure you've heard stories of crazy people in your country as well.

I haven't seen the final movie of Heaven's Feel, but I have seen the first 2. Heaven's Feel is definitely the absolute best of any Fate series in existence. It's a shame that Nasu and Type-Moon have such a hard on for Grand Order and all that gacha money they've been getting all these years. I've even heard that Nasu himself said that Grand Order is the absolute definitive Fate series and the "real cannon Fate". Downloaded the Demon Slayer movie last week, but I also haven't gotten around to seeing it either. Ufotable actually cares about making their anime properly instead of cutting corners and releasing as much as they can for cheap. It's a real shame that more studios don't follow Ufotable example. So, what anime have you been watching this season?

The market did crash, but people have been saying that the crypto boom is still not over yet. If this crypto boom follows the last few, there will be one last boom before it finally crashes down to the point where people can actually buy graphic cards again.
Iconic May 3, 2021 3:25 AM
Sorry for the late reply. I've been busy with irl stuff and I haven't had much reason to go on MAL to update my lists since MangaDex has been down for more than a month. What really sucks about MangaDex is that I now have 2 emails that I liked floating around the internet because of the site's really shitty coding allowed them to be hacked over and over again. I'm now trying to get back into watching anime again but it's still depressing not being able to read all my ~300 manga that I can't remember the titles of. :(

The way I see things, the West really isn't the same wonderful place that it used to be. The West is falling apart and everything is becoming more and more like the Third World. Honestly, I really want to get out, but I have no idea where to go that isn't in decline or already a shit hole. There are some decent places in the US, but those are quickly going away as people from other states overwhelm and replace the natives with the same policies that made where they came from a shit hole the first place. What made you have a change of heart and want to learn your language again?

Eh... I just felt really lazy with me not being able to ready my manga for more than a month. I changed it now. Is it to your taste? :3

People in America are brainwashed to think that America is the freest, most open country in the world; where you can do anything and say anything you want because of FREEDOM! That might have been true in the past but it's certainly not true today. I've noticed that many of the greediest, most censorship loving companies in the world tend to be American companies. Poverty is one factor in crime, but it doesn't explain why 13% of a certain population commits nearly 50% of all violent crime in the US. And if we're talking about money, doesn't almost everyone in the world need more money? Everyone in the world needs money unless you're a billionaire but you don't see most of the world at each other's throats committing all sorts of crime. The decent states are the states now being overrun with people fleeing their shit hole states. These people never learn that they were the ones that cause their states to fall apart to the point they had to move out of them, so they immediately get to work voting for the same exact policies that turned their states into shit holes in the first place.

Yeah, I found that sequel after you told me about it. I'm not surprised that it wasn't as good as the original since Train to Busan was never expected to be as huge as it was. They had to come up with an entirely new cast and a completely new story since almost everyone was killed in the first one. I was more hoping for actual zombies in Sweet Home, but as long as it's good. I've totally gave up on Star Wars after The Last Jedi. The Prequels were bad enough, but the Sequels are just a huge disappointment for me. I'm just waiting for that Demon Slayer movie to finally come out on BD so I can download it and finally watch it. The ships in The Expanse are meant to look like how realistic spaceships would look like in the future. With no atmosphere and no magic gravity, ships tend to have more boxy shapes than what people usually see in sci-fi.

The whole supply situation is a huge mess and from what I hear it's not going to get any better next year either. It's looking like everything will just get more and more expansive, while being even harder to get in the future. Everything's gone up these days. I can't think of a single thing that hasn't gone up at all since before this whole thing began.
Iconic Mar 17, 2021 7:46 PM
You really are lucky that you still get lots of offers, despite still being a student. If this were in the here, you would struggling to find work while looking at all those Indian workers being imported because they're much cheaper than natives. You mean you don't know the Chinese language, despite being Chinese yourself. Though I shouldn't be al that surprised since a lot of immigrant children do not bother learning their ancestral country's language, since learning the native country's language is hard enough, while learning a far off language that's hardly used where you're at doesn't seem all that worth it.

I might push the limits a bit sooner than you think ;)

These days, it seems that every single thing that police do is police brutality. It's not like there aren't incidents where police really do go too far, but it's gotten to the point where police can't do anything without someone screaming "police brutality" or "racism". It's simply gone out of control at this point. And you're welcome! But I do have a more skeptical and nihilistic view point compared to most other people. While most people would lean towards being a liberal -- I lean towards the other end of the spectrum. Though, these days, you really have to keep quiet and anonymous, if you don't want to be attacked and made homeless by the mob cancelling everything they disagree with. You mean your country doesn't bribe criminals? How medieval of you people! /sarcasm Actual systemic and open racism stopped being a problem decades ago, but people keep finding new things they want to call racist. Generally speaking: half US is a shit hole, though there are still pockets in rural areas that still have decent communities. Problem is that it's still in those same states where everyone has gone insane, so many aspects of their communities are being influenced and dictated by the majority that live in cities. As a matter of fact: things are so mismanaged, expensive, and downright horrible in many states that many people have been moving to other states for decades.... and then pushing to enact the same exact laws and policies that have ruined the states they've fled from in the first place. I happen to live in one of those states that is so mismanaged and where the people are so insane, that people from other states openly hate us.

Finding actual good zombie anything is so incredibly rare that I just accept that anything zombie is going to suck. Which is why it was such a surprise that Kingdom was actually really good. This after Train to Busan a couple of years prior. I don't know what it is about Korea that lets them make good zombie movies, but they're doing it somehow. Haven't seen Sweet Home. Is it another zombie show? I didn't really like the second season of Kingdom as much as the first because it seemed too rushed to me. It was like they forced 2-3 seasons worth of content into just 6 episodes. I stay away from Hollywood after the my huge disappointment over Star Wars The Last Jedi. I don't want to give them any more of my money, and it's simply too dangerous to pirate anything out of Hollywood. The Expanse is a show more grounded in science than almost every other space scifi show ever. It's not completely hard science, but leans more towards it. I can only guess that what you thought look funny is how the people moved when the ship did something. This is because there is no such thing as artificial gravity or inertial dampeners or shields. Everyone experiences G-forces like jet fighter pilots do here on Earth. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. It's a good show, but you don't see huge space battles like in Star Wars, Babylon 5, Stargate, and Battlestar Galactica. Most of the show is a mystery with politics going on in the background and the occasional battle/fight scenes for eye candy. Keep in mind that I've only watched the first 3 seasons of what is currently 5 seasons.

I knew that it would be only a matter of time before the 3060 would be cracked. My surprise is how long it took for them to actually do it. I thought that it would be cracked in the first week, but it actually took them 3 weeks instead lol Scalpers are cancer, but Nvidia, AMD, and their distributors are also cashing on the crypto boom. The new 6700 XT is 4% slower than the 3070, with less features. It's 30% faster than the 5700 XT, while being 20% more expensive, but AMD thinks it's a good deal to sell it at just $20 less than the 3070. I guess in this market where anyone will pay anything for a graphics card, they're right. Mining is only worth it if you live in an area with cheap electricity. I live in a shithole state where everything is really expensive -- including electricity. Miners would take around 1-2 years to break even at current prices.
Iconic Feb 21, 2021 11:12 PM
Haha! At least everything is almost done for you, although I'm not really sure if you'll have an easier time after school is done in this shitty economy. Too bad for you, you have to stay home instead of traveling to Korea and Japan again for vacation :P

I think the mod found me from this one comment I made for this Love Live video earlier this month. I'm basically a hermit in that I don't join in on discussions or talk to a lot of people for me to attract enough attention from people. I checked the rules and my warning will expire towards the end of August, so you might be seeing something like my old picture yet again ;)

I still have no intention of taking a vaccine that no one has nay clue what the long term effects are. Hardly anyone dies from the virus and I'm not one of those really old people that have to worry about this sort of thing. Besides, those vaccines are in short supply, so better they take it than me :3

Parents turning in their own children to the police? The complete opposite of what is happening here. There was this one guy that turned in his own father for going to the capitol during the riots and made headlines. Apparently, the father was stuck in prison for questioning for some time before he was released. Why was the father released? Because the father never even entered the Capitol Building in the first place, everything he did was completely legal and thus completely innocent of everything he was accused of doing by his son. People have simply lost their minds here to the point that it's quickly becoming a third world country. There's even news about this one city with huge crime rated that defunded their police because having police is racist. The funny thing is that nearly all the people in the city is black. The city leaders are majority black and the police is majority black. Yet, somehow everyone being poor and crime being one of the worst in the nation is the fault of racism. Guess what? Crime that was one of the highest in the nation has quadrupled in less than a year. Crime has gotten so bad that people are pushing for the government to pay bribe criminals to stop killing everyone and each other. Gee? I wonder how well bribing criminals to stop killing people will work out? >_> Water cannons are considered racist because they were used against rioters in the 1960's. The 60's were full of riots because of protests against the draft for the Vietnam War and civil rights protests. People were burning down entire cities and looting everything in sight. Most of the police at the time were white, while many of the people burning down cities, looting, and killing people were black. Images of water cannons being used against black people put a stigma on water cannons to the point that water cannons are consider racist and a symbol of oppression. It's stupid because countries all over the world use water cannons and even police in African countries use it on their own people, but that's just the way it is.

I tried watching some Japanese live action shows, but I found it too depressing and the acting not very good. Korean shows, on the other hand, are actually interesting and have very good acting. I watched a couple of Korean shows like Goblin, Hey Ghost, Let's Fight, and Kingdom. I enjoyed them, but I quickly got bored at how cliched and generic everything seemed to be. Most of the shows are romance and set in the Joseon Period, and almost always follow the same formula. Anime is the same, but at least you get a lot more variety in anime with fantasy and isekai and stuff like that. Hollywood is simply cancer, but they do have a lot of money, so they're "investing" around the world on anime and Hallyu. :( The Expanse is really good and I do wish to watch the final 3 seasons in the future. But the thing is that I happen to like space sci-fi and space sci-fi is a really niche genre. If you've watched and like shows like Bablyon 5, Stargate, Battlestar Galatica, and liked Mass Effect, you might like The Expanse. The Expanse is the opposite of Star Trek in the it's not some hippie utopia where everyone is just happy for no damn reason. It's a dark show that places an emphasis on politics and hard science, although there are plenty of nice space battles too.

Multi-billion dollar mining firms can afford to hire their software engineers to write their own drivers and bios for them. They even hire former Nvidia and AMD employees to make sure everything works properly. Nvidia doesn't even have to ship entire cards anymore ether. They've been shipping just the CPU and RAM to these mining firms and they complete the rest. Specific drivers crippling cards are simply irrelevant to them since they're the ones actually making their own cards in the first place. Most gamers don't care about mining, but there are a lot of gamers that do mining on the side when they're sleeping or gone to work. It's a way of them to pay off their overpriced card and make some needed extra money in a shitty economy.
Iconic Feb 19, 2021 6:10 AM
You don't even get a break in between semesters? That really sucks. The life of a slave never ends. XD

Speaking of notifications: I got called out by a mod for my profile pic being too lewd. I did censor all the naughty parts, but it was apparently not enough. It appears that all genitals have to covered with standard clothing like bikinis and panties, not censor bars. The weird thing is that I've seen many official hentai anime and manga pictures on MAL using those exact same censor bars that I used on my profile. Sure, they're for hentai, but it's not like MAL limits people from freely accessing those pages. If MAL allows those things for its official pictures, then it's really stupid that it's not allowed for users.

Apparently, the vaccines don't stop the virus at all. All those thing do is prevent the worse symptoms from occurring. Uh, if the virus only really affects old or really sick people, then what's the point in people like us even taking the shot in the first place?

They're usually called riot police here, but I think they're called something else in the UK. It's really just regular police with special riot equipment and tear gas. I know exactly what you mean since we had our own riots just last year. The media were calling them "freedom fighters", but all they really did was burn down buildings, steal a bunch of stuff, and hurt a lot of people. You also find videos all the time of protesters doing al sorts of illegal things and getting angry when police respond. The really stupid thing is how cities actually listened to the rioters idiotic calls to defund and/or eliminate the police. Fast forward almost a year later: Surprise! Crime is up by double or triple it was before the police was defunded. Now these same retards are complaining about the police not being able to do anything about the high crime. What happened to that girl was really fucked up. Of course shooting a water cannon on someone against a wall would really injure them. If that girl was out in the open and not against something, I wouldn't care, but what did the police think would happen when they shoot something high pressure at someone so close to a wall? Water cannons are actually not used here because people associate those with racism. Instead, police use tear gas and rubber bullets on people. Not sure which is worse, but I think those water cannons are cheaper and more cost-effective than tear gas and rubber bullets.

I've only caught up around half of what I want to watch this season. I've been doing my best at clearing out everything as fast as I can, but these only so much I can watch when I'm also keeping up with my manga. My backlog is now at around 530 episodes and growing each day. T___ T At least you're getting your money's worth on that Netflix subscription. I stopped watching live action stuff long ago when I started getting sick at how much of the Hollywood agenda was being pushed into every show. The only live action show I would consider watching is The Expanse. I've watched the first 3 seasons of that show, but I haven't kept up with seasons 4 and 5.

Did you hear the news about Nvidia "helping out gamers" by crippling mining on their cards and seeing special mining cards? Helping out gamers? Does that sound like Nvidia to you? I didn't think so. And yet so many people out there are praising this as a good thing when all it does is screw over gamers. Those cards that would've went to gamers will now go to miners and gamers that used to mine on the side will now be screwed over. The supply issue is caused by corporations literally buying pallets of graphics cards by the shipment. These corporations are rich enough to make their own drivers, so Nvidia crippling cards with a driver update doesn't mean shit to them. What all this does is give more supply to those corporations and screw over the consumer by crippling their ability to make their money back by mining and then by reducing the amount of used graphics cards that will inevitably flood the market when the mining boom crashes. I don't care about mining! I just want to finally build my new computer with the next generation stuff at reasonable prices again.
Iconic Feb 8, 2021 6:47 PM
That's great! How long will your new found freedom last before you're back to slaving away for those deadlines? XD

Those notifications irritate me, so I have to click on that bell to remove them. At least those random friend requests seemed to have gone away. I don't what happened, but I hardly get any of them since the year started.

There have been reports of lots people dying right after taking the vaccine. It's gotten so bad that I think Norway even put those on hold and California has done the same. There are even stories about homes for the elderly where everyone was fine and no one died at all... before the vaccine. Once the vaccinations started, people started dying one after another. This one elderly home had around 23 people die in the first 3 weeks after everyone got the first shot. What's worse are those people having to be send to the hospital because of "allergies" from bees and shit. Huh? What does having a bee allergy have to do with taking a vaccine meant for a virus?

People keep using the excuse of "anything that's biased is not legitimate" to blow off anything they can't argue against. The problem is that everyone has some form of bias. It's almost impossible to find any news that doesn't have some for of bias. And it's simply impossible when it come to articles that analyze news, simply because of the nature of the content (an editorial). The fact is that most people are NPC's that only really follow their emotions rather than reason. People like to think they're smart animals that only listen to reason, but time and again, that's simply not true for most people. That's why people will ignore you, or even get angry, when you start throwing facts around that goes against what they believe in.

You mean they didn't tear your house apart, throw your clothes on the floor, and spent an hour pointing guns at you the whole time they were there? What nice police officers you have over there.

I download anime from the mirrors on streaming sites. It really only takes about a couple of minutes - depending on what mirror you download from - and the quality is much better than streaming. I also don't have to deal with the irritating buffering that comes with overloaded servers. I'm trying to catch up with all the sequels airing this season, but there's just so many sequels and too many episodes released since this the middle of the season. I haven't even started Jujutsu Kaisen and the second season of Re:Zero.

Things have only just gotten started. Have you seen those pictures of laptops being used for mining? Mining has screwed up the market so much that even laptops are being bought up by miners. And considering how much money printing and how the world economy is shit, I don't think this mining boom will end until at least next year. I've always intended to wait for Zen 4 before finally building my new computer. A number of things are going to happen when AMD finally releases Zen 4. AMD is finally moving to a new motherboard platform (AM5), moving to 5 nano meter on TMSC, and motherboards will start using DDR5. Zen 4 is expected to be as huge as Zen 2 and it's being released at the same time as the Radeon 7000 series GPU's. They're supposed to be released at the end of this year, but I don't think I'll be able to get any of it at MSRP.
Iconic Jan 13, 2021 6:31 AM
I did ask some people why they kept accepting friend requests. They told me that it was because they would feel bad for rejecting people if they didn't accept them. The amount of face palming I did every time I read those words was staggering. o.O

I've read reports that some states here and some countries in Europe were creating lists of people that refuse to take the vaccine. I certainly wouldn't take it and I know that many others won't take it either. Why would I volunteer to be a guinea pig for an extremely rushed vaccine using a never before used process? You hear reports of people being sent to the hospital and dying only hours after taking the vaccine. What's worse is that they're even telling you that people can still transmit the virus even after vaccination. It's the reason why people still have to wear mask and social distance even after vaccination. Huh? I thought the whole point of the vaccine was so that you didn't get the virus in the first place? If you're transmitting the virus, doesn't that mean that you're infected?

I simply do not trust reporters from legacy media. They've been caught lying and burying things so many times that they've lost all credibility with me. One major problem is that finding good sources is hard to find. Everybody is always saying that everyone else are lying so you have a hard time figuring out who's reliable or not. Another problem is that most people are stupid and believe everything that everyone else tells them. I understand that most people don't have the time or care about doing their own research to get the right information but those people shouldn't be screaming about things they really do not know in the first place.

How long did they stay in your house before they left?

I have a backlog of 500 episodes of anime I downloaded from seasonals that aired for the past 2 years. I really want to clear them out but I just don't feel like it so the amount just keeps getting larger and larger. What's worse is that even though I have cleared around 100 episodes from my backlog, the list went right back up to 500 again because of all the sequels that are airing this season. T___T

Thanks! I wish you a good 2021 as well! I guess I'm doing okay. I hope this year is a lot better than last year, but it's not off to a good start. Everything has gotten way more expensive and the lockdowns are happening all over again. It simply never ends! Another thing I really hate is how you can't even buy GPU's anymore because of the mining boom. Everything is sold out and anything that is available is outrageously overpriced. You can always count on big business to show their greed whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Iconic Dec 20, 2020 5:09 AM
I've even seen people with around 8,000 "friends" on their list here on MAL. I'm like "WHY?" You can't find any of your actual friends and the ratings for anime are useless with so many people on your list.

They're actually talking about making the shot mandatory here in some states. Some airlines are talking about simply banning people from boarding their flights if they aren't vaccinated. But the biggest things is talk about employers simply forcing people to take the shot or lose their jobs. Since most people get their health insurance from their employers here, that's actually a really huge deal. You technically have a choice not to take the shot, but you'll starve and be homeless if you don't take it.

The media have a proven track record of being attention whores that do not actually caring about the truth. They're in it for the attention and fame and to frame some kind of narrative. Most people these days don't even bother watching the legacy media and get their news from internet sources these days. CNN is famous for twisting the truth or out right lying in their coverage. You've probably seen that clip of that CNN reporter telling everyone the riots from earlier this year were "quiet and mostly peaceful" while buildings were literally burning to the ground behind him. News about refugees doing all sorts of bad stuff sometimes makes its way over here too. The media here doesn't really cover it, but sometimes things get so bad that even they are forced to give some attention to it. That whole New Years gang rape in Germany a few years back was huge for a while here.

But why would they raid your house if they reported on the neighbor? You did nothing wrong, so why were they targeting your house?

I stopped adding anime to my list many years ago when it became clear that I wouldn't clear it out for a really long time. My manga list is still small enough that I still add some titles, but I'm just very picky about what I add.
Iconic Dec 13, 2020 8:27 PM
A lot of those people don't even want those people they send those friend requests to even talk to them or even thank them for the friend requests in the first place. They spam so many requests that people thanking them becomes a huge annoyance that clogs their profiles with useless messages. I truly do not understand why even bother sending those requests in the first place if you really don't want to even deal with the people you send them to.

The whole situation just sounds like one huge scam to kill small businesses and expand the power of government. And now they're excited about the rushed vaccine. Vaccines usually take around 5 years of testing before they're even considered to be released to the public. This is because long term side affects usually take years before they become known to researchers. This vaccine only took a few months to be produced and we're supposed to just think they're completely safe?

The media plays a huge role in everyone perception of the police. It's not hard to turn the public against someone or something when all forms of media are constantly vilifying the police. To be fair, a lot of the criticisms are valid. You don't send heavily armed people to break down people's doors and shoot their dogs for a non-violent charge and you certainly don't steal everything people own just because you can. I have no idea how they suspected your house of having a hemp farm, but at least they were actually kind enough not to just break down your door. Police here wouldn't even have bothered knocking on your door. They would have just opened it suddenly, pointed their guns at you and told you to get out of the room.

I haven't had anything like that happen to me and I certainly do not want to experience anything like that in the future.

It's now almost 300. LOL I now have so many that I just push the other ones that seem interesting to my plan to read list. Problem is that one is now growing out of control too Hahahaha
Iconic Nov 26, 2020 9:05 PM
You must be getting those requests because of me. People keep sending me random requests all the time and they must just see your comment to me and just send you one too. I've just been informed that guy just nuked his comments a few days ago. Was it something he read?

The whole thing seems really blown out of proportion, despite being so few deaths compared to the number of people infected. And even the number of infected seems to be faked like the presidential election. You get story after story of hospitals and agencies being caught lying about people dying from the virus when they actually died of something completely different. There's also the strange coincidence how the actual flu basically disappeared at the same time this whole thing is going on. Compared to the amount of people suffering and losing their jobs, I'd say just end the whole thing and let everything go back to normal. Maybe have the quarantine for old people that are the ones dying the most from this, but not for everyone else.

I don't know about how your justice system works there, but there is something here called "legal president". It means a judge can "interpret" or stretch the meaning of a law any way a judge wants. Police don't have to make up anything on the spot because the laws have been stretched for them by those judges to the point the police can basically do anything. Training means nothing when you're trained to treat everyone as a potential enemy.

You don't need a jury to conduct most raids on people. You just need a judge to give permission. Obviously, most judges are on the side of the police and almost never turn down a request from the police. I think you only need a jury to indite someone for a crime. There's also the fact that a lot of these raids earn the police a lot of money in the form of "civil asset forfeiture". And once the police steals literally everything you own, you basically have no chance in hell in ever getting it back.

I'm currently reading 235 titles, so I completely forget about a lot of those manga. Hahahaha
Iconic Nov 15, 2020 7:55 AM
Btw, I did get a good laugh when I came back to MAL and saw my profile being spammed with butthurt messages. I added this guy for a few weeks after kept nagging me over and over again. I thought I'd give him a chance, but after not talking to me at all after I added him, I removed him. The amount of butthurt he gave me was fucking hilarious! I only gave him one reply telling him why I removed him from my friend list and he started spamming with butthurt message after message. I couldn't stop laughing at how butthurt this moron got over someone he never cared to speak with in the first place. I thought about letting that moron spam me with a few more comments to make me laugh more, but I was worried that my entire page would just be a wall of butthurt hate and I'd have to dig just to find comments from actual people that I want to talk with. So I added him to my ignore list. I'd laugh my ass off if he started spamming your profile after stalking my comment to you.
Iconic Nov 15, 2020 6:26 AM
It's okay. I've been gone for so long, so many times that I don't really have any right to complain. xD

The number of infected here is increasing as well, but no one really cares about it anymore. People have simply just had enough of it all and just want things to go back to normal again. If more people get infected - who cares? It's only just as bad as the flu.

Depends on what you mean by "quality"? Graduates are always assigned with a veteran partner to continue their training and supervise them on the job. There is only so much you can learn in a classroom and people feel that the training they receive in the academy is good enough when partnered with a veteran that can watch out for them.

SWAT teams are meant to be used in only the most dangerous situations against heavily armed criminals. Short of grenades, they are even more heavily armed and armored than even soldiers on the battlefield. SWAT teams should never be used on non-violent suspects, nor to raid people for forgetting to pay some obscure fine they simply forgot about. SWAT are good at "civil asset forfeiture" with is a really fancy term for stealing everything that you own.

I just click on manga that pops up on the latest releases page. The manga are updated by the translation groups publishing the manga. What really sucks is that a lot of the manga that I really enjoy are simply not on the MAL database. :/
Iconic Aug 27, 2020 11:52 PM
People here have been telling people to stay inside to prevent the spread of the virus, so most people are doing just that. I guess it helps when almost everything is closed and the air smells like smoke because of the wildfires.

There's actually a shortage of police officers, so that is one of the reasons why the training period is shorter here. Another reason is because we think that 2 years is good enough training. Everyone has to pass exams and new officers are always assigned to veterans that keep watch over them. I think the problem lies in what kind of training they receive along with the type of people they deal with. I linked you that article about police are being trained in the notorious suppression techniques that the Israeli army uses in Palestine. There's also how many of the criminals they deal with are usually violent and drugged out of their minds. People in poor areas are simply really violent people that do not respect the law. The thing about shooting the dogs is because they're actually trained to shoot dogs whenever they enter a home. They don't have time to wait and see if a dog is friendly or not. Problem is that SWAT teams are being used on people with nonviolent charges against them, when their entire purpose is to suppress violent criminals that pose a threat to people.

The Case one is an interesting break from the usual Fate battle royale, while Kalied is simply fun to watch. It's too bad the art isn't as great as Ufotable, but it's decent enough. Naze Boku is more interesting, but there's simply not enough chapters and it's released monthly. Kage no Jitsuryokusha is fun and there are 20 chapters released so far. My list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I currently have 141 reading on Mangadex. It's too bad that many of the manga that I'm reading do not have entries on MAL.
Iconic Jun 23, 2020 5:16 AM
Are you sure that you won't miss being able to stay at home all day and sleep as much as you want? xD I bet you'd watch that video at 4x, if that video had subs on it. xD

I would say that it's the complete opposite. Police in America are actually trained very well, just in a different way. It's also understandable that police would be really suspicious of people that have a history of violent crime. They are just a small percentage of the country, but they commit a lot of violent crime. The person that was killed was a complete piece of shit that had a long history of crimes. The last crime he went to prison for was robbing a pregnant black woman and pointing a gun at her belly. If that guy wasn't killed by the police on camera, no one would ever consider him anything more than the piece of shit that he really was, but now he's being treated like a saint. With that said, people in America do have a reason to fear the police for other reasons, like the the specific training they receive overseas, or how they like raiding homes in the middle of the night and shooting dogs they see in their homes. It's already like the purge in certain cities, even without all their entire police departments being shut down. NYC's crime has shot up around 5 times since they disbanded their undercover unit. I think that Trump is better than Biden, since Trump is already a known factor. Biden would just be a puppet for who knows who since he's a serial sexual offender that has dementia. Just look at all the gaffes he's made just this year alone.

I do prefer manga over reading light novels, since reading nothing but words can get really tedious after a while. But the good thing about novels are that they can really get into a character's mind and explain exactly what they're thinking at that very moment. That's something that manga can't do as well, since there's only so much much words you can put into a single page without blocking out the pictures. The only Fate Grand Order stuff that I ever watched were the OVA's that were released a while ago. It was enough for me to understand it before watching the series. I hated the OVA's and didn't enjoy the series all that much. I know the creator considers Fate Grand Order to be the "ultimate, real Fate", but I think that he's just high on all the money he's making from it. The only Fate that I consider the real Fate are the original routes, Fate Zero, the case files one, and Fate Kalied. I actually quite enjoyed Naze Boku, although the one that people seem to like more is KimiSen. I read the manga adaptation and it's getting an anime soon. I haven't read a lot of manga right now, but the one that I like the most right now is Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! I do want to try reading more manga, but there really isn't much manga that appeals to me that I can I find right now. Out of the ones that do catch my eye, most are just starting, so there are very few chapters even available to read. I've only recall stuck to that one sub on reddit, but I'm already starting to get bored with it since it's so inactive. It doesn't help that I'm stuck in the middle of a debate that I'm not actually all that into right now.

I thought that it was some remake of Fairy Tail when I saw the cover, so I was a little surprised to see people saying that it's something different from Fairy Tail. I'll watch it, but I'm not sure how much I'll actually like it.