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Kento Nanami

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Kento Nanami (七海 建人)

Nanami Kento is a 1st Grade jujutsu sorcerer that works at the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College. After graduating from College, Kento quit being a sorcerer and became a salaryman for a few years before returning as a sorcerer after realizing it was a better option between the two career choices.

Kento is a fairly tall man around 184 cm and is dressed like a salaryman with a grey suit, a spotted tie, black shoes, and his signature arm-less sunglasses.

Kento is known to be serious and reserved both in and outside of work. Regardless, he is a kind man who values the lives of his companions. Seeing his work as a sorcerer is very appreciated by the people he helped, was what prompted him to return as a sorcerer to help more people in the future.

(Source: Jujutsu Kaisen Wiki)

Voice Actors
Tsuda, Kenjirou
Vincent, David
Pappas, Constantin
Bressan, Mattia
Neto, Nizo
Portuguese (BR)
Feld, Oliver
Hernández, Carlos