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3 hours ago
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Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop
3 hours ago
Re-watching -/26 · Scored 8
3 hours ago
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Boy Meets Harem
Boy Meets Harem
Dec 22, 2017 12:37 AM
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Anna_Hiwatari Apr 1, 2:37 AM
.... my joke wasn't successful ... :(

((that's where my post was in the first place,,))
natia1992 Mar 15, 6:07 AM
Thank you so much!
natia1992 Mar 13, 10:20 AM
Hello, can you give me recommendations for (I.21) Watch an anime with 4 episodes or more recommended to you by a challenge team member?

Thanks in advance!
Keulia Feb 10, 6:18 AM
yes!! thank you very much ^^
Keulia Jan 25, 3:29 PM
which anime is the 2nd one on your desc?
Rakan_Habab Jan 20, 11:26 PM
this is going to be a hell of a story to tell

So, I and my family are back home from my grandparents and are headed to our new house to see the progress that happened. My Father liked what the construction manager did with the house while we were away, however, after only some days my Father was back to the stressful life of building a house and perfecting it in the process. So after a week of merciless work on the construction of the House, as a Prof. of a University, as the Head of a Medical Department in the Hospital, and finally doing a Military Recruitment Medical check-up was enough to break him and make him super Irritated to the point that when he was going to check on the House construction he took me with him and kicked me out on the street to find a job. I was sad, but didn't blame him at all I knew well enough how stressed and Irritated he was dealing with everything.
I took it on to myself to visit every place I can that I will be able to find a job I found interested employers and others who didn't want anything with me, the only thing that helped me after God was my English, In Saudi Arabia if you have the English language that meant you're special.
I was able to find a job as a KFC Supervisor with no prior experience (the Supervisor Promotion was only guaranteed for me after 1 year of working in KFC because I didn't have experience, but still some people wait 5 years to be able to become Supervisor and some can't because of their English). All the Jobs that I have applied to were full time and that was how my Father wanted them.

My Father comes to pick me up after 4 hours and we go back home and I was waiting for contact from the employers that I contacted. At 8:00 PM a paint store called Jotun calls me to confirm my number and nothing else on that day. Next day at 6:00 PM I get a call, I was expecting a job as a Plumber, Waiter, at best a Flight reserver (book flights for people). I pick up and the person confirms my name, he asks if I was interested in a part-time IT job, I automatically thought of the Flight Reservation company. I ask him "What kind of IT?" he says "Programming IT." at that point my eyes are Wide open and surprised at the fact that such a suitable job for me is getting presented in such a desperate time. I ask the man from where he got my number he answers with 2 questions first was "If the time was suitable for me."(Heck you got perfect timing), the second was that if "I was the same Rakan with the IT programming experience that they were told a great deal about" (I don't know who told them BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH), I answered Yes I do have IT expertise. Then I asked him another time from where they got my number they answered that somebody gave them my Business Card (BC). A little bit of History on my BC, I have had made 2 Versions of BC since my entire life one when I was from childhood and the other was for when I was visiting an IT Expedition I gave everyone that I was able to give my BC, and all of this was like 6 Months ago. so I was quite surprised by his answer, now we go ahead and pick a date for my online Interview which was at the 20th of Jan 6:30 PM. I was so Happy, what perfect timing that was, I felt like the luckiest person ALIVE.

on the 18th of Jan, I review and send all I can on my 20 College Applications and continue to prepare myself for the interview or that was what I should have been doing I just kept playing Mad Max on the PS4 and after a while, I see the looks of disappointment on my parents as to why I am wasting my time on gaming and not on practicing the interview. now it's midnight and all of my family is preparing to go to sleep my mother warned me not to stay up the night or I will be grounded and she takes my phone and my youngest brother's Ipad (she always does that its a rule no phones in the night),
Careless as I was I pulled an all Nighter on Mad Max until 3:00 AM of Jan 19, I decided to respond to some of the colleges that I sent to since 3:00 AM on Saudi Arabia is 4:00 PM in America (approximately). I go through them one by one filling out missing documents until I find one that says...
I can't express the happiness that I experienced at the time!
I just thanked God Played the "Your IN" Video on High volume in the middle of the night. After I got bored of the video I left it on repeat and woke up my most trusted family member -- my younger sister (I'm the oldest siblings and she is closest to my age). I show her the Video and 1 second in she JAMS THE SPACEBAR TO STOP THE VIDEO, and says What is THIS?
I show her the Email and she asks the same question, What is THIS?
now she isn't really irritated anymore and happy she starts to say is this real? I said, If I'm not dreaming then yes. we continue to celebrate and talk on how I will spend my time in the amazing city of Chicago. On a side note, we tried to be extra noise in hopes of being caught, that was the only time we wanted to be caught :P

The last part, I knew that my Father was going to celebrate coming back home but because of his work, we couldn't celebrate right away. So I printed three copies of the Email and when we arrived at Apple Bees and my parents dropped us off first so that they can go to the nearest convenience store for some soft drinks (Because it was way too overpriced at the restaurant). I secured a Well lighten place and talked to the waiter on how he should give us the Email prints. He does just that My mother lets out a tear of joy and we are happily talking on the dining table.

Rakan_Habab Jan 14, 7:58 PM
WOW what a journey 4 days preparation then 5 days on the road and finally home will guess what the journey doesn't end there, I and my family are moving out to another house

anyways SC2 is for free now UwU

how is 2019 going with you?
For me, it is quite jumpy

BTW why is the 2019 challenge looks quite easier than 2018
Raizel Jan 8, 9:34 AM
Really Good profile :D
Rakan_Habab Jan 4, 7:18 PM
god dammit
all the games you said looks dope as hell
let me try :D
these are my games they need your most attention to least attention
Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Factorio
most fav is SC2 and Factorio
Rakan_Habab Jan 4, 10:09 AM
how do you enjoy pokemon sorry but I tried and slept on most of the episodes

But Violetever Garden is a masterpiece hope you enjoy it
(get a good box of tissues for the last ep) (I cried a lot myself on it)
The_White_Wolf Jan 4, 6:56 AM
AWC 2018
102. Watch an anime recommended to you by a challenge staff member
Sorry to bother you again, would you please be so kindly and help me out yet again?
Thanks in Advance.
Rakan_Habab Dec 27, 2018 2:15 PM
pass the 2019 AWC
continue my augmented reality mobile application
apply for a college
find a job
get into college
leave the job

BTW all the scores are from 200
so my math was 197/200
Rakan_Habab Dec 27, 2018 7:56 AM
nah, I will pass the 2019 AWC and be the most amazing of all

and BTW I passed my exam and got my high school diploma

look at that math score BOOM got the 98th percentile

I was one year late in fourth grade, but now guess what I am 2 years early to pass high school
all thanks to god, my parents, and homeschooling

Rakan_Habab Dec 25, 2018 5:10 PM
can you read the reply again XD
I edited it

BTW:(if you want to know my real personality IRL it is the exact same as Hasebe, Yutaka from "Servants X Service")