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'Robot Girls Z' Gets New Anime for 2015

by tsubasalover
Dec 24, 2014 12:01 AM | 20 Comments
According to Nico Live, it was announced that Robot Girls Z will get a new anime titled Robot Girls Z+. The script writer mentioned that it is not a second season. One episode per month will be aired starting Spring 2015, with a total of six episodes. There will also be more characters from the online game who have not yet appeared like New Team G, Team LOD, Team Gou, and others. It will be based on the Robot Girls Z Specials.

New Cast
New Team G
Gecchan Dragon (Getter Dragon): Maaya Uchida
Ranka-sama (Getter Ranka): Sayuri Yahagi
Pon-chan (Getter Poseidon): Misaki Kuno
Jeeg-san (Kotetsu Jeeg): Minami Tsuda
Vaan-san (Vaansaloid): Natsumi Koike

Team LOD
Triple Gun-chan: Kaori Takaoka
Val-chan (Valking): Naomi Oosora
Raicchi (Raiking): Emi Nitta

Team Gou
Gou-chan (Getter Gou): Shiori Mikami
Shou-chan (Getter Shou): Emi Hirakyama
Gai no Jou (Getter Gai): Ari Ozawa

Boss Borokko (Boss Borot): Ayana Taketatsu

Source: Official tweet, Script writer's tweet, Moca

Robot Girls Z Plus on MAL

20 Comments Recent Comments

Keep them coming! :D Boss Borot will be awesome!

Dec 24, 2014 12:55 PM by zellami

I hope we will get the same Opening.

Dec 24, 2014 8:24 AM by valoon

Robot Girls Z lol.I'll pass on this one.

Dec 24, 2014 7:37 AM by AllenVonStein

1 episode per month? Damn. They better be like 45 mins. each.

Dec 24, 2014 7:08 AM by Vindstot

Brobot said:

Thank you very much. I've updated the post.

Dec 24, 2014 3:37 AM by tsubasalover

I hope that we don't have to wait several months for all the episodes to get lumped together before they're subbed. That sucked having to wait when the first season was still airing.

Dec 24, 2014 3:36 AM by Iconic

i'm looking forward to this.

Dec 24, 2014 3:22 AM by -mo

Aww not a sequel? Oh well as long as it's as enjoyable as Z.

Dec 24, 2014 3:12 AM by ToG25thBaam

the new series will only have 6 episodes with new episodes being broadcasted monthly
the first episode will be out in spring 2014

Dec 24, 2014 2:45 AM by Brobot


Dec 24, 2014 2:38 AM by cupc

Please have more Doublas and Minerva! So pumped for this!

Dec 24, 2014 2:35 AM by Airi

I think, I'll pass on this one.

Dec 24, 2014 2:04 AM by Tengai

Awesome news!!!! But if it's not a second season then would that mean new Robot Girls as mains? Anyways, I want this to be a TV series, with 12-13 episodes. =w=)b Just not short episodes, please.

Dec 24, 2014 2:01 AM by LunyRem


Dec 24, 2014 1:47 AM by Ckan

I saw the Z first and thought it was Dragon Ball Z lol

Dec 24, 2014 1:42 AM by rainingly

Skip for me :)
but thanks for the news.

Dec 24, 2014 1:18 AM by Nisx

YEAH! I actually liked this.

Dec 24, 2014 12:28 AM by Kagami

Not a second season huh? I wonder if this will be a full series then~

Dec 24, 2014 12:21 AM by Stark700

I'm fully sold if Honda, Mariko is a voice actress.

Dec 24, 2014 12:05 AM by Stonedtanuki

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