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KannoSugako Mar 30, 6:34 AM
How does this server thing work? Like, you ask for ppl that are willing to watch what you want to watch or is it like there're polls and stuff so that you collectively decide what to watch? That sounds interesting, not sure if i'll do smth like it but at least the concept is fun. Guess you have to kinda know the ppl too right? haha

Glad to know that you somehow are covered up and have the things you need, specially after all the reports of things running out must feel nice to feel covered. OH MY, did the owner hint such a thing? Or is it you guessing? If he closes how's that supposed to work? Like, they cancel your contract or do they wait for it to expire or wait for the things to calm down and not do anything?
here lots of things at the beginning started with take outs, but now fewer of them remain.

Oh, i haven't heard of this Babylon at all, it's even kinda recent, great, i'm so adding it to my ptw list. Also adding the movie, looks really nice *super excited for the findings*. Actually, adding both movies!!!!

Hahaa i do know Sket Dance BECAUSE of Gintama, remember those episodes where there were characters in it? lol, that was a blast hahaha, i loved it but i honestly never thought of watching the actual Sket Dance.

I love Gintama, i miss Gintama. I also love One Piece. it's crazy cause i started as i romance/drama oriented anime watcher and now i'm so into shounen types.

How did it end up with the eatery? Still open?

Anyways be safe and big hug!
KannoSugako Mar 25, 9:56 AM
I hate it that i always loose what i have written >________________________________________< i def did not miss it!!!!

I get what you say about discord; but since i stopped talking to everyone i used to in there, i see no use in it whatsoever. I actually mostly use whatsapp nowadays: i started using it because of work and then i just suddenly ended up using it for everything; it's pretty convenient, specially for sending loooong voice messages when you're not feeling like typing a single word. Anyways, i kinda became super addicted to it hahaha.

Are you finding hard to find things? Or like, have to do those endless lines to get inside? I am super lazy when it comes to waiting so even before all this i used to go to the supermarket once every two weeks, and buy a lot of food; now this situation has messed up with my schedule and i honestly don't feel like going outside or going outside to make a freaking line to buy food. Even thou to be honest, leaving in a small town it's not so bad in here, but you still have to wait and it just gets on my nerves, so i just don't. It's becoming a problem because when i ran out it'll be worst. Are you still working on a restaurant? People eat outside? Here, and in many other countries restaurants and coffee places are closed.

I actually picked Slam Dunk once again (not that i didn't like it, but for a long time i didn't feel like reading anything so i just kinda stopped), and i'm very much enjoying it. After that, i plan on reading rurouni kenshin: i watched the series and ova and oh lord, i loved the story so i def wanna know more. So i'm pretty much open to any type of recommendation of anything: manga, anime, you name it. I even started okuto no Ken because someone recommended it to me and i don't even know what to think of it, for the moment i just find it funny haha

Hugs back too, and keep safe outside!
KannoSugako Mar 24, 1:53 PM
I feared so hahahaha man you so oughta do something about it! I stopped usng discord ages ago thanks to work, obviously. Actually, i don't even know how i managed to watch One Piece last year while working, that was indeed a feature.

How bad it is where you live? I just saw that Trumpsie decided or are evaluating at least not shutting down anything for the sake of the economy and consciously willing to sacrifice some folks. Now that's insane. I have some friends over in the Americaz and one of them already lost her job and it's so freaking frustrating. Also hear so much for people without insurances worried about not being able to cover anything if smth should happen to them.

I've been catching up with so many things but at the same time i'm kinda disappointed not to a Gintama or a One Piece to binge in this exact moment. I'm finding hard to keep my interest in the things i'm following atm.

Still, i feel so relaxed and i know it's super irresponsible to say this but i super needed a break from work.

Anyways, hope you're safe!
KannoSugako Mar 24, 6:02 AM
Hope you're doing great too. I'm basically back to MAL 'cause of quarantine so i have a lot of time in my hands and i'm making my best of it by bingeing everything i couldn't binge thanks to work >_<.

I don't even have discord anymore thou, only use whatsapp/facebook, are you still without those? xD
KannoSugako Mar 23, 5:53 PM
glassknuckles Nov 28, 2019 8:40 PM
Hey, it's late in the day, but happy Thanksgiving
I actually forgot we were talking about Heaven's feel
Now, I'm kinda noobish when it comes to the Fate series, so we'll see lol but damn, that was a very Sakura-centric flick.

Yes, the Heaven's Feel story line is all about the three characters who had been shafted in the other storylines - mainly Sakura, and then Illya and Kotomine. For Illya and Kotomine, a lot of the reveals about them have become common knowledge through other mediums but this part of the VN was originally where these characters shined. We have yet to see in the anime how badass Kotomine and Illya are capable of being. On that note, Shiro is the least annoying by far in Heaven's Feel since he has the good sense to be pragmatic right from the start.

Impressive animation aside (some of those fight scenes were crazy, especially Berserker vs Saber (it IS Saber right?), but I guess the real draw for me was how dark the story got.

yes, it is more or less Saber

Heaven's Feel has the best story imo

Incidentally, I checked your list but I didn't see Presage Flower. Have you seen Presage Flower?

This leads me to believe my favorite scene, the fairy-tale dream like state, was some fucked up metaphor for her experiences.

oh, it's a metaphor for something

it's a really well done scene

The Sakura-Rider sistermance is my favorite thing in Fate.

BTW! Glad to see you survived your watch of Ghost in The Shell liveaction (if you did watch it, that is lol) good on you man, that was the last film I saw in theaters with my brother, full-price and you best believe I felt like Stan in that one South Park episode at the end of it all.

oh no, I didn't watch it. I'm still considering it for a movie night though, just to properly criticize it

I've seen some instances where it's decent, or it sorta works with the show and you get used to it- mainly Aikatsu and Smile Precure in these instances, but I've seen enough shows where it's just too jarring.

what's insidious is that even when it works, all that means is that anime is that much closer to being fully automated by AI
In the words' of anime's grumpy ojiisan, I strongly feel that would be an offense to life itself

Ah, Yohane! My best girl from Sunshine is Dia; Ms. Buu Buu Desu-Wa I even got a Dia crane-game blanket that I use despite it being tiny and pretty cringe lol

oh, we have the same taste! Just add Mari for the meme trifecta
damn, I'd like a Dia blanket

a show I was thoroughly charmed by, enough so that the awful fate has come to pass, and they now have they own pixiv tag lo

there are some characters I want to lewd, and soe I don't, so I understand the sentiment

that auntie

glassknuckles Nov 2, 2019 5:01 PM
Is it?! Well, I'll see about working that in this Sunday, if not Monday.

good, I'll look forward to chatting with you about it. I think Sakura is really underestimated in the Fate fandom.

last bit of shows I've been watching have left a bit to be desired in terms of quality, in regards to the seasonal stuff. OOF.

the bad CG in Jet Girls is really the worst since it has no writing going for it, all it can have is animation, and the jet racing looks so bad.
CG is killing anime, for real. The only way I can imagine this low-quality work being acceptable is that the infamous just-in-time production of the anime industry leaves no opportunity for revision of CG or else anime producers are cynically approving this work because it's low cost and there's no reasonable hope for improvement.

Get up to anything over Halloween?

no; I try to watch spooky anime in anticipation of it since Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I kinda didn't have enough anime new to me this year, mostly obscure OVAs, and I forgot to watch Ghost Hound, so unlike some other years this year's spooky season was low-key.
I spent the trick or treat night playing Thriller on repeat on the turntable since I was too demoralized to even change records

ended up just being for the beginning of November :P feelsbad

I didn't really understand any of that, but that sounds pretty disappointing. It can't be easy to place on a global leaderboard, let alone be at the top.

I should probably finish Love Live Sunshine sometime since I love Yohane but idol anime just doesn't compete for my time very well against other anime that are more my thing

glassknuckles Oct 29, 2019 10:57 PM
I kinda avoid using the terms 'cerebral' and 'mindfuck' tbh since I find them to be not very useful words. I also hate to say it, but I'm probably getting jaded too lol

some of the things we see are imaginations of Mima trying to get 'into' character.

yeah, it's hard to tell when the fantasy or reality ends as they seamlessly transition into each other. It's a really impressive film.

Still gotta watch the next part of /staynight, too at some point.

Heaven's Feel is the best part! It's my favorite part, so I highly recommend it lol
glassknuckles Oct 24, 2019 7:27 PM
I was pretty hype when I read that Tim Heidecker graduated from Centra

yeah, I'm pretty happy the Lehigh Valley produced the notable people it did. I can detect a sense of how the region shaped Heidecker's absurdist styling.

Mhmm, and then they kept saying that it's such a mind-fuck anime and that it's confusing and I'm like... I guess it might be confusing if you're not paying attention? I mean it's not like we're watching cat-soup.

they might've been talking about the last two episodes or the End of Evangelion, but I agree, it's mostly a very straightforward and conventional anime, it just does its characters and animation extremely well. I wouldn't descirbe it as a mind-fuck since that's a limited part of the anime, I would reserve that title for something truly bizarre from start to finish like some trash OVA

I guess that's not 'out there' I think having more awareness of Type-Moon stuff, like mainly concerning mage's and the root, would probably have helped in my understanding of the intricacies of the plot

Kara no Kyoukai is probably the best explanation of it in an anime there is, and it's also the origins of that piece of lore since it predates Fate.
Kara no Kyoukai is definitely my favorite thing from Nasu. Touko and Shiki are so good. I watched the anime first when I heard about it in a magazine advertisement (of all places) and later read the book. The anime really is amazing, one of the best of the 2000s- I can't get over how t still looks like it was made yesterday.

I've been told that there's two more movies technically, so I'm eventually going to roll to that

yes, there's a 30 minute episode and one feature length film.


for whatever reason I haven't been able to stick with this one
It's amazingly graphic and lewd in a kinda 'American' way I rarely see in anime

though it's just been hentai manga lol But hey! I know my shit, dammnit.

everybody has their niche
glassknuckles Oct 23, 2019 12:06 AM
afternoon nudists

that made me chuckle

I went to Liberty in Bethlehem, and I'm inordinately proud that it's the high school Jonathan Frakes graduated from lol

watch much h-anime at all as opposed to hentai manga which I read... shit, pretty much anywhere at anytime.

I think I mostly just look at lewd pictures on gelbooru lol

hated on the Cham song in the beginning, so I took it off and rage-quit the watch; that was the only, and last straw

that's too bad
Perfect Blue is a good choice to show skeptics

Get in the robot? really?

i guess it's just mindless repetition of a meme

dude, it would look like the a frying pan with raw egg-whites

now I'm thinking about eating fried eggs for some reason

I see you finished Kara no Kyoukai, that's one of my favorites. What did you think?

Jet Girls is trash but enjoyable to me

I really don't keep my MAL list updated, which is too bad since it's a more permanent place to leave my thoughts than AL
glassknuckles Oct 20, 2019 6:12 PM
funny enough it's now an age that I will just avoid like the plague and say "I'm in my 30's" haha

I'm getting there myself

Luckily, through most of my school life I had gym-class later in the afternoon, so I just fudged it and didn't shower, sat through my final classes and high-tailed it home.

there was no showering in my HS gym classes that I remember. No swimming either, since the power was closed for 4 years for renovation.
So girls in swimsuits was not part of my HS expereince, and but I did luck out of being naked while putting on swimming trunks I guess.

did you go to high school in the lehigh valley, out of curiosity?

BTW, I think it's the 2nd episode of that series, when the girl visits the guy at his apartment?

I don't want to sound pedantic, but it's the third one. Unfortunately everything is censored. Change your laws already, Japan...

she just chose shows that I would assume are meant for fujoshi,

it's kinda funny when you know women who are not into anime that have yaoi goggles

she also asked why there were girls on a tank

yeah, that's like the most normie reaction there is

irl friends with other otaku- I was in a college group a long time ago and I just couldn't deal with them, lol.

seems like that's how it goes with otaku irl

though I think there may be a new trend on the horizon if they keep highlighting girls with muscle tone; Nintendo knocked it out of the park with Bea and since Pokemon is so universal I hope that the appreciation spreads.

could be, I hope so too
Love bricc anime girls

I love the one in twin-tails who looks like sh has bags under her eyes- so fucking hot.

the dark-haired one is my favorite

forehead fetish

do I wanna know what that involves?? lol
glassknuckles Oct 17, 2019 6:12 PM
Hey, Happy Birthday today!

sorry I took a while to reply, I've been kinda ducking into mal and anilist due to life without really sitting down to write a long post.

The West doesn't exactly have a communal bath mentality- at least from what I can tell. I know bath houses exist, but it's a bit out there to me, shit- even when I was with someone I wasn't the biggest fan of showering together. It's cute and all, but the hot water is compromised.

yeah, I'm not a fan of baths. Like Kramer from Seinfeld says, it's like being surrounded by your own filth lol

I do wonder what mixed gender bathing was like, since that was normal until the Meiji reforms. I resisted the idea of even being in my underwear around other people in HS gym, so I can't really wrap my head around the lack of shame around nudity that used to exist. Even then, the lackof shame involving nudity just became compartmentalized to applying around your own sex. There's certain some strange irony to see "free the nipple" campaigns that want to take down centuries of western prohibition of female nudity while Japan had no such cultural hang-ups around breasts until the Meiji state tried to copying Western morality to be accepted by Westerners.

I guess I like shota mostly because I like the fantasy of running into a hot onee-san who takes me under her wing (lol) or maybe a giant, long haired, monster lady in a sun-hat who says "po po po"

Yes, I self-insert as the shota since that is my self-image. Everytime so girl posts on social media "men don't want women to make the first move", I'm just smh I actually watched the Hachishaku episode before I read your comment, so it made me glad we were on the same wavelength yesterday.

My mom actually watched Madoka and NGE with me, lol
'that's cool. I think I watched an episode of Death Note with my sister while the family at dinner in 2007, that might've been the only time i technically watched anime with my mom. I wish I had been able to share what I am interested in with my mom, but I think it was just a naive feeling since some things are just meant for different audiences. I even wanted to introduce her to the Nintendo world since I though tit might be something she would like. my dad likes SF so I suggested Gundam one time to him recently and he scoffed at the idea. My sister is afraid of becoming a weeb after being into goth loli in her middle school years so she refuses to watch anime as a general rule. I did convince her to watch Vampire Princess Miyu recently though. I just have kinda accepted that I can't get validation for what I like from my family, or friends for that matter.

I find the lack of appreciation towards Luvia to be shocking and disappointing; like legit-

I'm actually surprised how much support for Luvia there is online in eigo internet- by which I mean , there is one other ojousama devotee on Anilist and I see Luvia fan comments on youtube and around the web from time to time. She must be popular enough in Japan to keep appearing in anime and in stuff like Weiss Schwarz, though I have some serious doubts about the taste of Japanese otaku. I doubt Luvia is as popular as Rin, and I hate to think a certain Einzbern girl would be more popular than Luvia. But, I havea feeling Luvia is more popular than seems like everyone hates Sakura. Even Sakura hates Sakura.

Not many bad-ass female duo's like older shows, nowadays- I mean shit, if at all?

yeah, it's really an 80s-90s thing. On TV tropes they even acknowledge it's Dirty Pair that was the template for the female-lead buddy cop-style anime. The fact this form has died out is another reason I have doubts about Japanese otaku nowadays. Princess Principal is the closest thing to this classic female-led action anime, though it's an example of the "amazon brigade" instead, which I considered to be on life-support during the 2000s to now. The CGDCT genre has kinda supplanted it, by moving increasingly into non-cute things like tank driving and fighter planes, but the consideration to me seems to still be on moe than on their "amazon-ness"

those clear files are hot
how'd that fluid even get on head lol

love adult Takagi san
glassknuckles Oct 14, 2019 10:43 PM
I also demand an onsen episode with backs being washed and of course the "it can't be helped, I'm a man" line.

Did I mention to you that was the majority of documented cases (1980s-90s) of mothers sexual harassing sons occurred in the bath?

I think it might be a thing; I can't see it being too removed from being a guy and wanting to hear 'onii-chan.'

yeah, that's what I figure as well. Apparently Yuuki Aoi and Rie Takahashi are shotacons

That's a pretty cool synopsis for the LN you're reading, it's being adapted into an anime.

Yes, I filed this under "ojousama heroine" when I heard about it, though unfortunately it's like Tanya the Evil where she is aware of her past life so the character is more like her old personality in a new body.

my dad is still at the all anime is Pokemon sister thinks it's mostly hentai, or at least says that to troll me

I want a Prisma Illya poster with just Tohsaka and Luvia on it, but apparently that doesn't exist
*sad glass*
Together those two are basically the Lina and Naga of the 21st century

Oh for sure; last nights episode also gave me two more screen grabs.

dat fivehead <3
glassknuckles Oct 13, 2019 5:17 PM
Maybe some tsundere type shota's; like always all standoffish but defends the MC-chan at a good moment? I think we need a kuudere, or a wishy washy one... and that makes the golden 5 members.

one of them has to be the little brother; the one who goes "o-oneesan..."
I'm reading My Next Life as a Villianness rn and since the MC is escatic at being called oneesan, I figure this must be a thing the female audience will eat up

Hahaha, my pops asked me the other day to play some chinese music while I was driving him to the mechanic, made me smile.

that's nice. I try to avoid to showing too much about my interests to my family. I seem to be becoming a bigger weeb each passing year though.

Fun bit of Tanuki-lore; I failed Spanish in highschool- twice, lol


paused at a choice moment and grabbed a nice screen of her, lol, which made me feel slightly proud.

share pls
glassknuckles Oct 11, 2019 4:05 PM
I know it would be vilified by western fans, but I think that sounds entertaining as hell.

I'd watch it too. Not sure what acrhetypes there would be since "shota" is like an archetype itself; maybe a chuunibyo shota; an effeminate shota, a tryhard manly shota?

Necronomidol (lol love that name) and this band, JyuJyu might be of interest to ya then.

I check these out.

that's some pretty hardcore sounding stuff

Listening to Tadaima, right now. First song with the nyan and wan's is pretty dope, ngl, song 2 especially is groovy and VET is something I could prolly mosh to. Good stuff, makes me want to go driving around at night. Has some of that post-punk vibe to it, yeah that's playlisted now.

I'm glad you like it! My favorite track is the last one, Rose Garden.

Mortified my moms when I told her I prolly understand Japanese better than Spanish lol

your mom is a native Spanish speaker, I'm guessing? my dad is an immigrant, I can't speak the old country language at all and I think it causes him some consternation while I'm bragging about my toddler Japanese and high school German.

Maybe I can live out my own Armitage fantasy one day.


I'm both cringing and laughing at the idea that the word "morality" comes into play when nailing your bought and paid for robot waifu. Can't wait for that to be a topic of discourse- oh man, get the pop-corn and pocky.
I'm both cringing and laughing at the idea that the word "morality" comes into play when nailing your bought and paid for robot waifu. Can't wait for that to be a topic of discourse- oh man, get the pop-corn and pocky.[/quote]
well, the tech writers on the news circuit have wasted no time talking about these kinds of hypotheticals, let alone SF media. It'll just become a matter of more substance though I guess in the future.

. Sorta like with good lewd art, it's not so much in what you see, but what is implied- so like hard nipples through suit or wetness and stuff, yeah lol never really know who's behind the costume so there's that too

that sounds pretty hot for some reason