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Mar 17, 5:53 AM
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Natsume Yuujinchou Go
Natsume Yuujinchou Go
Mar 14, 7:44 PM
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Rumiko Takahashi Anthology
Rumiko Takahashi Anthology
Mar 14, 7:28 PM
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Mar 14, 7:44 PM
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Tokyo Ghoul:re
Tokyo Ghoul:re
Mar 14, 7:32 PM
Reading 116/? · Scored 8
Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
Mar 14, 7:31 PM
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ironace Mar 18, 5:36 AM
Sorry my nets been shit lately so even if i logged in i couldnt reply to many people cause one minute internet is fine and the other 15 minutes the dns server is not responding :(

Baam's backstory was so damm clever. And ive seen the forshadowing pics in S! and like DAYUM man, all those background picks make ALOT of sense right now lol. And enryuu was just so awesome. from line webtoon's comment, after enryu spear bombed the people and left thorn ''keeep the change, ya filthy animal" lol

I couldnt find any lukedonia page that gave spoilers, all were out dated. So i just read the summery of what happens in the wiki, i have to say, i dont like that fact that rai used his final reserves against a pathetic beast with a lazy name.

My exams just finished so im taking a 2-3 day relaxation period where i just binge all the anime i have downloaded lol
Alfyan Mar 17, 8:04 PM
I would say I am the least known name of the list.

Pretty good, lots to learn but also quite thrilling. Haha not as much as I hope for
Comic_Sans Mar 15, 11:00 PM
Nej, dagis
logic340 Mar 15, 8:12 PM
DICE "X"!!!!! Hype he's so damn OP. I've actually seen the next three raws for it and I think your on the right path though I cannot confirm. I love "X" as a character but won't give you the spoilers.

Tower of God is in another level right now. Holy shit I'm loving every thing that SIU is doing right now. Saw the next 3 chapert raws and spoiler summary. We're going to be even more amazed than we already are no lie.

Wind Breaker (manhwa)'and The Promised Neverland (manga) are two others I'm absolutely in love with right now.
Shocked Mar 15, 9:30 AM
Yeah, it got rough. With regards to Kino, yeah.
Alfyan Mar 14, 7:02 PM
Hey Allen,

It should be a PM about making a thread in the wrong board, I just moved it for you.

I am indeed one of the new mods :)
shotz Mar 13, 8:31 PM
mods do ban people daily yet i see people daily on ce posting antisemitic and racist shit. either the mods just pick off unlucky users or they are lax on ce shitposters. the fact they have more mods now but that's still happening further proves my point.

i don't doubt that a lot of people higher up in media are jewish. but using that to support zionist conspiracy theories is just loony.
shotz Mar 13, 8:19 PM
i am anti-zionist and i still think your threads are antisemitic. come on dude blaming jews for interracial porn is straight out of the stormfront playbook.

i just think the moderation bans people on a very logically inconsistent basis. i don't know whether it's out of laziness, apathy, or double standards, but it's always been a problem in the forums.
shotz Mar 13, 8:00 PM
dude you regularly post threads bashing jews. regardless of whether you actually believe what you post, i'm pretty sure that's against the rules yet the mods haven't perma'd you. just asking because i try hard to follow the rules nowadays yet i can't get the moderation's foot out of my ass.

if there is a mod i can fellate to ease this situation please tell me because it seems there's a double standard of lax moderation on certain people on ce/cd just because their shitposting is "political opinions."
shotz Mar 13, 7:45 PM
nah i don't want anything in particular. was just talking about how weird it is the mods let you make shit threads in ce regularly. which mod's dick did you have to suck to make that happen?
SeasonADay Mar 13, 7:27 PM
I'm an innocent angel.
SeasonADay Mar 13, 7:23 PM
Samii Mar 13, 9:05 AM
I doubt she is going to do that so easily. I mean, look at Hunter x Hunter's author. Even he never got someone to do the art for him and released chapters with just sketches (I haven't read the manga, but that is what my sister told me).

Haven't watched Inuyasha, yet. So Mermaid Forest is horror? Seems interesting so I'll drop it in my PTW list.

Yeah, I've seen the news about Natsume S6, but only just now I was told that it is going to air this spring. Looking forward to it!
Hirax Mar 11, 5:49 PM
Thanks :)
RafaelDeJongh Mar 11, 3:07 PM
oh the ; key next to the M, just a random key that didn't had anything assigned yet.