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Aikatsu Stars!
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Akarui Kioku Soushitsu
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Akuma no Riddle
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After Hours
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calypsoo Nov 10, 9:25 PM
That is some serious carnage. But surprisingly bloodless. Pitted against a dragon with the claws and wings and tail -- oh and breathing fire, mustn't forget that -- those soldiers didn't stand a chance. I will confess that if you hadn't told me it was Ichigo, I don't know if I would have been able to hear the "Aikatsu! Aikatsu!" But you did, and I think I can almost hear it, too :)
calypsoo Nov 10, 3:40 AM
YOu are an Aikatsu nerd. An Aikatsu NERD :P
Let me watch this video. "Aikatsu!"
calypsoo Nov 6, 8:25 PM
I hear you on generational differences being a factor in enjoying certain books. Mowing down mobs of villains? with automatic rifles? heavy artillery? magic? lawn mowers?
Sorry for the idiotic comment; my defense is that I am being driven slowly but systematically mad from listening to my housemates' endless reading of the mindless comments posting about some "badass" rap where the punchline is apparently that it isn't as badass as it's posing to be? but which has now unleashed some sort of internet brewhaha that refuses to die :P
calypsoo Nov 5, 5:24 PM
I totally missed your comment at first, yikes. Everyone hated Tom Sawyer? what about you? Hmmm, better keep the Twain comments to myself until you watch Princess Principal. Fire emblem warriors?
calypsoo Nov 2, 11:29 AM
Your beloved Kajiura Yuki was responsible for the soundtrack for Princess Principal :) Looking at your list, you don't appear to have watched that series yet. Do you read much Mark Twain? I was trying to decide if you would enjoy it, and a part of me thought you'd appreciate aspects of it even as the series would frustrate you :P
Kamara-Alya Oct 22, 9:14 PM
Hey there :) I scrolled through your anime list and I really like you taste! Do you have any personal recommendations you'd like to make? ^^ I'm up to watching anything atm
-Grapeboy- Oct 21, 11:59 PM
Skadi Oct 17, 2:17 PM
Yeah it vomited out alot of story elements and followed up on very few of them. I needs more episodes though it needed more from the start so it could develop properly. It teased some really awesome things but I was left being disappointed at the end. The ending was just meh. But it was still really fun to watch for its craziness.

Tsuki is a top 5 romance though. Definitely worth checking out sometime. I liked how it dealt with things in a more natural and realistic manner. None of the typical otaku tropes. I liked the Konbini one from last season too but that was definitely more of a trashy teen melodrama though. But the thing I liked there was the guys were hunky guys and not the usual losers. The girls were typical but like typical girls. They did a good job on focusing on the characters that really mattered too and not all the side characters. But I couldn't help wonder why they had all those characters if they weren't going to use them. But the lead guy though was still way too bashful and meek around his crush. Forgettable show but it made me feel good for a while.

Ha, thats what I expected. I will check it out someday. Well as long as no one is getting carved up or having the head put in a gym bag.
Skadi Oct 11, 4:53 PM
Well if you want to see something different Kakegurui is your thing. A welcome change from the same old art style that is in everything and moe blobs. Even if I love those blobs too :P Sakura was really a pleasant surprise. I like that it was about adults, which we get so little of so maybe I felt differently about it simply because it wasn't another middle/high school setting.

I saw another from a couple seasons ago, a romance, Tsuki ga Kurai. Actually I would have considered this one of my favorite romance anime in years but a worn out trope used at the end annoyed me alot. Worth seeing for sure if you havent seen that one either.

I heard some things about the Scums Wish one though I am thinking it might really kind of anger me. I am guessing the characters are not particularly likable. Its still on my radar but I will probably wait until that kind of thing wont annoy me. Right now in my current mood I just want to see things that will make me happy or smile.
Skadi Oct 11, 7:03 AM
That doesnt sound familiar. I think the premise was a couple that were kind of faking being together everyone thought they were the perfect couple but they were messing around with several people. I thought it was yuri but maybe I am wrong. Keep in mind I havent seen any of these I am basing all of this on what I read on the anime chart website. I thought I saw more anime with shoujo ai/yuri tag than just that. Felt like there were alot more than the ones you have mentioned.

Well the one that I was really fascinated with was Kakegurui. Because I loved the unique art style and it had alot of potential but it simply wasn't long enough to take advantage of it. I liked Sakura Quest which I just finished and that was much better than I was anticipating. Most everything else I have seen has been trash or disposable anime that will be forgotten by the end of the year. You can cross off Hajimete no Gal if you had any plans of seeing that piece of garbage. One of the worst things I have ever seen and I have no idea why I watched it. I'm stupid apparently.

New Zealand. At the very least we are going to buy a vacation house out there. We went out the over the summer and I spent alot of time looking around. I liked the south island the best so I have been looking into what it will take to apply to move there. My son is still young and It wont really affect him much I dont think. Its my daughter I worry about most since she is nearly a teenager now. But if I wait until she finishes school then my son will be in that situation. The other option would be to wait until they both grow up and then just retire to there. But then we are talking about 12-15 years from now.
Skadi Oct 10, 9:40 PM
Dragon Maid was good, I guess it was yurish. Not serious enough for me to really count.

Seemed like there was more than that. One from the same season as Dragon Maid too. I didn't watch it either. I havent looked into next seasons anime yet. I rarely watch them as they are airing. I have been catching up on alot of stuff. I dont watch as much either. I will watch a bunch for a week or two then watch nothing for a couple months.

I am thinking about moving to another country so thats kind of the big news for me. But I havent decided since I am torn on how it would affect my kids. I wont make a decision until the year is up so we will see. Its a big thing obviously to consider. I feel like an outsider in my own country and some things have happened, I just feel I need a fresh start somewhere else. My parents are gone and my husbands parents are too so its not like we have alot of ties here. I only have my sister and we have never been particularly close anyway.
Skadi Oct 10, 2:31 PM
Hey! Whats new?

Lots of yuri anime this year it seems. Have you seen any of them that are any good? Several seem like they have almost the same plots, girls with bfs in love with other girls. Funny how so many of the same type of show seem to all come out at the exact same time.
calypsoo Sep 25, 8:38 PM
Difficulty. Face-eating. Uhh...yeah. Adapting while deviating from the source material is a tricky balance; improvement to one person is an abomination to another, as you point out.
calypsoo Sep 23, 9:51 PM
Not predictable. Consistent :)
School-live was that zombie anime, right? The one with the dog. We definitely discussed it, the old familiar shivers are surfing their way up and down the waves of gooseflesh as I try not to remember the potential brain-eating. What raised your esteem on rewatch?
calypsoo Sep 22, 4:29 AM
And don't forget the wings! Earth wings? or something like that, it's sounding all interplanetary and Sailor Moon-y. I can practically feel the heat of the Sun Queen coming 'round the mountain. I missed the rainbow connotation totally. So many bright colors between the pink and the berries that my retina must have gotten crowded out.
I was wondering when you would mention the Yume harem :P
It's too bad about After hours, then. I was debating reading it.