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Aikatsu Stars!
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Hakumei to Mikochi
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Aoi Hana
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Akarui Kioku Soushitsu
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Miyamossan Today, 4:17 AM
What did Elza do this time? I'd say technically the story is driven by her now, with the Academy girls-only episodes feeling more like fillers. Still, can you imagine her doing Yume's little 5 second monologue at the beginning? maybe as a parody...
Plus, this site would have to update its picture.
Miyamossan Jan 21, 6:31 PM
Oh, good, i'm glad someone else sees it, too. So you decided the volume was bad, but managed to stick around for 2 or 3 more until the mangaka got a grip again? Jiminy, you're patient.
Okay, so I'm going to add to my list of immature observations. I remember writing to you about this boxer in Hajime no ippo who thought it was the funniest thing to go around grabbing and comparing penises? At the time, I thought THAT was over the top screwball anime comedy. But Citrus calls Hajime no ippo's bet when Harumin proceeds to straddle Yuzu after looking through her oneesama manga, as if it were some sort of yuri tutorial. Hahahaha!
Miyamossan Jan 21, 4:51 AM
Are those the two silver haired girls in the op? Let me try to think. Was that when a character showed up out of the blue to announce that Mei was her destined person? and there was another character who stared fixedly at people? I remember the manga pages being black and white at that point, so i don't remember if the girls were silvered haired or not. That development may have marked the 2nd time I stopped reading the manga :P Let's hope they don't decide to end the anime story there.
But no less important was The Bed! Do the stills in the ED remind you of Utena and Kannazuki no miko? maybe it's just me.
DrTenmarulez Jan 16, 1:32 PM
Speaking of Pulse, a manga with a bit of similar art; What does the fox say; It's good but I had to drop reading it because I was feeling so bad towards one of the characters, I just predicted the end will be so painful so I was like NO.

Miyamossan Jan 15, 6:20 PM
I feel like I may reference Heavenly Creatures too often, sorry. And this is about Citrus the anime!
Miyamossan Jan 15, 6:16 PM
Hahaha! good call on my bullshit! Ahem, well, I'm not going to deny that you make a valid point about Marimite and my scoring. I admit that the anime scores are as much an appreciation of Konno Oyuki's light novels as they are a reflection of my evaluation of the series. I just really enjoyed reading the translations, and how even translated, her narrative voice came through, filling in the interior worlds of her characters; it doesn't make what they do any less silly, as the anime clearly showed, but I liked how she showed a person making good and bad choices, starting at point A and arriving at point Z. And the characters often expressed feeling baffled and bemused at their silliness -- after the fact. But yes, Marimite can be quite...overwrought :)
DrTenmarulez Jan 15, 6:06 PM
Yes, yes, I second that. And oh God you've read Pulse? I love it so much - almost all the characters were so easy to love. I wish I can forget it and reread it xD
Miyamossan Jan 15, 6:14 AM
Well, sexually aggressive would be more accurate than precocious. And I think that’s a part of what you wrote about before, describing Mei as the slow burn and Yuzu as the more relatable one. She’s funnier at least: when she started fretting about being creepy for holding on to Mei’s bedding for the scent, she scored a laugh from me.
Miyamossan Jan 15, 5:03 AM
Did Yuzu figure out what her feelings for Mei were this quickly in the manga? As for the episode feeling off a bit, maybe it's the voices? they don't fit what you heard in your head when you read the manga? I remember not liking the mangaka's tone, so serious about things that seemed awfully silly, and I couldn't tell if it was comical or told straight from the perspective of a teenager...or something. Early on, Yuzu's friend's assessment that it's a community of females in heat is dead-on. And for now, Mei appears to be cast as having had a sheltered and isolated upbringing only to be sexually precocious because of the predations of a male teacher/fiance. Have you seen the movie Heavenly Creatures? that came to mind.
But yeah, I can appreciate how terrific it is to see on your favorite manga animated :)
DrTenmarulez Jan 15, 12:12 AM
Aww, thank you that made me feel better.

Everything Yuri +FMAB + HxH as they're two of my favorite. Your list has so much variety I love this too. I AM SORRY I bet you never had someone fangirling over a list before. ;-;
Miyamossan Jan 13, 6:49 PM
I google "aikatsu stars eng 88" and choose from one of the search results :) I remember spending time downloading and uploading using bittorrent back in the day, since i liked watching anime while exercising. But when I got more serious about working out, it became too time-consuming. Now, if i can't stream it, i find the series in disc format, and if that isn't available, it's time to move on to another series. But you're right about Aikatsu stars and no licensed distributor. I'll look at your link.
I did notice you were watching more regularly! and i know you don't check my shows; that was...something or someone else and me being silly. Is it just me, or is the Citrus anime moving pretty fast? Can't be long before "the bed" makes its appearance :P
Miyamossan Jan 12, 4:22 AM
I just tried the Stats option you mentioned, and yes, that's it. Probably. Thanks, i think :)
I stream it? I used to download anime episodes years ago, before streaming became so convenient. How do you watch Aikatsu?
I've been watching a lot of these cooking/baking shows/anime and they seem to have triggered some primal urge...to make baked goods. It's terrible for my image and I'm rather embarrassed about it, but i just bought a refurbished kitchenaid stand mixer like an old grandmother. Shhh! don't tell the cool kids!
They did sort of just sway, didn't they? and the animation was oddly clunky. But no complaining :)
Miyamossan Jan 11, 10:11 AM
But seriously, i've been grinning all morning remembering hot school nurse Koharu :P
Miyamossan Jan 11, 10:09 AM
quick question, Ms Retired Moderator: does this site allow members to track who is watching what? I mean apart from "friends" updates. I might be feeling a little paranoid...
Miyamossan Jan 11, 4:24 AM
I watch the fan sub, too. How about that "hello nurse" Koharu? and the academy girls in white blouses, suits and slacks is like a gift specially for me every time :P