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Aikatsu Stars!
Sep 12, 10:16 PM
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Netsuzou TRap
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Amanchu! Special
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After Hours
After Hours
Aug 26, 11:00 PM
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Aug 24, 12:33 AM
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calypsoo Yesterday, 3:41 AM
Oh, and what do you think of that manga, After hours?
calypsoo Yesterday, 3:40 AM
Aikatsu stars 73 - it's Koharu for Yume, all the way.
calypsoo Sep 13, 3:25 AM

When it comes to platitudes, Disney never fails: "Be true to your heart." :)
calypsoo Sep 8, 2:26 PM
Hahahahahaha! don't fret, dear! Well...knowing nothing about the grand Aikatsu Stars plan, I can say with perfectly groundless confidence that comes from zero forethought that Perfect Elza will be back. There's still the unresolved matter of Yume's wings and Perfect Elza's drive to claim the title of the Sun Queen (sp?). I listened to the intro of xxxholic and got into it, and then watched the episode and got really into the female lead's voice, and then sort of lost all interest. So odd.
calypsoo Aug 28, 7:06 PM
Your Ichigo :)
aqarbook Aug 26, 12:44 AM
"Appreciate you sharing, anime list
calypsoo Aug 22, 3:17 PM
Ichigo, seriously?! Talk about throwback. That's what I get for skipping the next episode preview. Ran and Yozora can do the mime/reflection schtick, and the voice actress can just talk to herself for a scene or two :P
I started watching this Welcome to the ballroom series, and I sort of really like it. Plus I'm now ankle deep into Ace no diamond (I vaguely remember that "no" indicates genitive case or possessive in Japanese, maybe?). I did like Kobayashi, I don't think I've really discussed that series with you.
calypsoo Jul 21, 4:31 AM
Observation is not boring when it's about power, my dear Watson :P Though my power of observation is more mundane, run of the mill stuff, so I'm more Watson than Holmes in finding it rather inscrutable that you were never a teenager -- i'll use the euphemism -- when it comes to the uncontrollable hormones. Bah, fucking hormones :P
7 seems low, to me, for a series that is honest, real, interesting and funny. Yeah, you're probably right about WWII happening. I made a mental note when Wonder Woman waxed didactic about human beings waging war under Ares' influence, and that she was stunned when nothing changed with that first confrontation in the tower. It was clear that the writer(s) had Chris Pine stammer-deliver the first part of the movie's credo in response, and if that had been where the story ended, I suppose I wouldn't have been unsure. But then Professor Lupin shows up in his CGI-muscle glory, and Wonder Woman delivers the rousing bookend to Chris Pine's statement of purpose (which had my friend in tears), and there's that HUGE explosion...and I thought maybe the writers were implying that with the end of Ares' influence, there would be no more wars. I'll have to look over your list of recommendations again -- I suppose I haven't finished Kobayashi. Love writing and saying that name :)
calypsoo Jul 18, 6:48 AM
Hahaha, well, yes, Diana is the sister of Ares in Greek mythology, but she is more traditionally depicted as the sibling counterpoint to Apollo in terms of moon/sun brilliance, and Athena is more often the female personification of war and Aphrodite is Ares' lover (i'm mangling the greek/roman names, gah). So there's that. I guess i meant more that in this movie, WWI does seem to have been the war to end all wars, i.e., would there really be no WWII given the unfolding of events? My friend who watched it with me teared up at the monologues about love, and when I kept asking her afterwards if she came to the same conclusion, it annoyed her terribly, since apparently, I missed the point as I so often do, and was only able to mend the peace by dropping that in lieu of agreeing that Chris Pine was beautiful :)

Gosh, I'd forgotten about poor Ecchan. Honest and real and not boring are good things. And if it also had the power to make you laugh, then well. I'm surprised at your 7. Maybe you should have stopped after episode 9, precluding the need to make sense of the adults in the story? In all sincerity, after watching 12 episodes, I kept wondering if abstinence really would have been the better option? There's that romantic benchmark of better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, but unlike you, the scummy taste I was left with (admittedly, I zipped through the series with only half-attention while working out, which probably colors quite a bit of what I watch these days) made me think it would have been better for those characters never to have had sex at all :P
calypsoo Jul 17, 4:25 AM
Hmmm, you may be on to something. Even though there's a general rejection of social divisions based on guy vs girl things, I still think there is something of that in subjective enjoyment and judgment, and which comes out front and center with certain works of art or entertainment. I think we talked about Flannery O'Connor's writing a bit? She writes violent male protagonists, and her prose style is totally different from say, Carson McCullers. But it's still more removed from Cormac McCarthy or Chuck Palahniuk. There are probably myriad reasons for this that the English major in you will point out to me, but one of them is that she's a woman and they are men. Scum's wish may be a show that guys enjoy as different and good, whether the situations are relatable or not.
Ergh...and that's another tl;dr :(
Oh! I watched Wonder Woman last night! It had to be an alternate universe setting, right? because WWI was only called the war to end all wars. That sounds weird, since this is DC comics, but maybe you know what i mean.
calypsoo Jul 16, 12:47 PM
Agreed, scummy can be funny, and high school sex and derision are interchangeable :P Was that a part of why you chose this one to watch?
calypsoo Jul 14, 8:40 PM
Scum's wish was almost deadening in its wretchedness. I can almost imagine how it might make you laugh, though are you talking about true hilarious enjoyment? or maybe exasperation at the unabashed mediocrity of the 4 main characters? I like sex and sexy, I really do. So I was baffled at the lack of sex even as everything seemed to revolve around it, and even the tantalizing ups and downs and teasing and pining that are sort of the underpinnings of sexy...just weren't there. It was boring, as if written by people who have never had good sex. Not my cup of tea. Okay, I'm really going to check where you are in the Netsuzou manga, since i can't decipher your answer :)
calypsoo Jul 13, 8:31 PM
Where is Netsuzou Trap heading, with what you've read so far? I stopped reading scanlations earlier this year because I needed to prioritize with things getting so hectic, but I remember not liking the self-loathing direction being taken by one of the female characters. And I agree, the first two episodes feel more like excerpts than storyline.
I can see Yuzu just popping up -- maybe on the back of a dolphin -- as the next after Mahiru, too. You and your Citrus...will be soon united; how's that for prognostication :)
calypsoo Jul 12, 9:49 PM
I actually had to think for a minute to remember who Yuzu was ...
So then who's next after Mahiru? Rei? I couldn't have cared less about Rei up this episode, but Yozora never fails to be likable for me, and she makes others likable by association; her discussion with Rei about the loneliness of being perfectly peerless was really sweet, I remembered that episode when Yozora hung suspended on that ridiculous mini moon in midair and Mahiru expressed a similarly lonely sentiment to find her big sister so unreachable. So that joke comparing herself and Mahiru to the legend where two lovers separated by the Milky Way are finally united as she glomps on her baby sister was on point.
Are you reading the Netsuzou manga? Rats, I meant to check...anyway, my memory is that it's by that odd artist responsible for Renai Manga, so if the anime ends up farcical, it would probably not be by intent. I ended up having to take a break from Fairy Tail -- all the screaming was about to do me in -- so I decided on the straight romance genre with a muted tone as a change of pace, and Emma has been really enjoyable overall. I recognize the character designs as similar to the original Marimite anime -- is Nozomi a studio name?
calypsoo Jul 12, 4:27 AM
Why Mahiru? Sismance in my brain looks like seismic. And I did sort of feel a fluttery quake of pleasant happiness to see Yozora after basically giving up hope that she'd make a reprise appearance, despite the teaser in the OP. But now that you mention it, Tsubasa showed up, and so it only makes sense about Yozora, and Yozora is always used as a foil to Mahiru, and Elza was looking at those wing dresses with a red-head, white-head and a pinwheel-head, so the natural blonde would be the fourth idol, naturally, and the writers are still building to the Yume climax, and voila! Mahiru! Hahahaha! Can't remember if you are reading Netsuzou Trap, but why is the anime adaptation only 8 minutes long? Does that imply it will be one of those campy sex/nudity farces, a la Bikini...warriers (was that the name? blech, my memory is pitiful).