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Akanesasu Shoujo
Akanesasu Shoujo
Yesterday, 10:47 PM
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Hug tto! Precure
Hug tto! Precure
Yesterday, 10:47 PM
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Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san
Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san
Yesterday, 1:05 AM
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Akarui Kioku Soushitsu
Akarui Kioku Soushitsu
Oct 6, 6:14 PM
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Nanashi no Asterism
Nanashi no Asterism
Oct 6, 12:15 AM
Reading 9/23 · Scored -
YuriCam: Yurika no Campus Life
YuriCam: Yurika no Campus Life
Sep 10, 6:56 PM
On-Hold 23/45 · Scored -


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Austro Oct 6, 10:14 PM

I think I've watched all the Yuri / Shoujo-Ai I am interested in.

Are you able to recommend any all-female cast slice of life?

I don't like violent/ sad/tragic stuff

likable characters and good writing would be a bonus haha
MOZI-P Sep 25, 1:48 PM
I also enjoyed seeing a character who only moved on her owned agenda and seldom spoke of the importance of fans and whatnot but seemingly charmed every member of Venus Ark or elsewhere with her talent alone. She wasn't exactly looking for friends. Reminds me of the time she expelled a member of Venus Ark who was falling behind on her Aikatsu.
Hey! One thing I wanted to talk about is how the designers and production staff of fuwa fuwa dream did Ako dirty by choosing Kirara out of the blue. lol
JustCallMyName Sep 20, 10:16 PM
Yeah! i see you review about Aikatsu!
JustCallMyName Sep 17, 1:59 AM
MOZI-P Sep 15, 2:17 AM
One of the reasons I liked Elza was because of her voice actress, Yoko Hikasa. I also liked the fact that she was overwhelmingly strong and was an authoritative figure because of her director status in Venus Ark but I wasn't to keen when she tried to isolate herself near the ending but oh well.

The combination of Laura's tears shed throughout the series and my personal preference for cool type idols are reasons why i liked Laura.
Ako was majorly pushed aside near the ending and was only relevant through her interactions with Kirara but she no longer was a rival to anyone.
I never liked Rei as her motivations for being an idol irked me.
Mat2468xk Aug 27, 5:29 AM
Nice favourites.
Miyamossan May 12, 8:16 PM
I admit to thinking you were funny to describe Amanchu as lesbian divers. But this latest episode brought season 1 Sound euphonium episode 8 feels...
Miyamossan May 10, 8:42 PM
What do you think of the Steins gate reboot? i thoroughly enjoyed Kurisu in the series, only to feel deflated by the special, and so i waffle. Consider it vicariously through your impression :)
Miyamossan May 9, 4:57 AM
You’re making me imagine a wide variety of scenarios...
I hear you, though. When your mouth starts going at a pace faster than your brain is comfortable with, it’s the quiet hours after when you get to ruminate, with your brain unkindly holding up some of the most unflattering moments or impressions, that can make you cringe. I’m not keen on the common sense idea that talking things out eases the sting, so I won’t ask you to relive it by telling me about it — unless you really want to :p
Miyamossan May 8, 5:42 AM
How could that slip of a girl give you traumatic flashbacks? Unless she plays in band, too :P
Miyamossan May 7, 3:47 AM
I am still enjoying this guitar in the ED.
Miyamossan May 7, 3:45 AM
What is Aine?
That's true what you say, that you would think Touko's character in the play would realize she was different around different people. The impression I received was how disturbing this human chameleonism was for the play's characters -- was it the cause of the trauma that led to amnesia? I think there's quite of bit of this "who am i really?" in young adult fiction, and anguish associated, too.
Miyamossan May 6, 6:59 PM
What ending were you thinking made sense for the play's premise? How does volume 4 end? I remember that Touko was starting to have an effect on Yuu (?), is that at the end of volume 4?
I really liked A place further than the universe. I really liked how the four, led by Kimari, were determined to grow in independence as well as friendship. And I really liked that ending theme/guitar.
Miyamossan May 5, 5:00 AM
Hahahahha! Patient yet terse. Love it :)
So, if you found it the same as the last time, I am going to read that to mean you LOVED that the romance got better through volumes 3 and 4. Revisited an anticipatory suspense of the good kind because of the anime announcement :P
Have they performed the original play by the end of volume 4? I liked the swift feeling of the initial chapters, much like you did, but started to notice the inertia when the council members were practicing the play. Did the mangaka handle the threads of Touko's sister and that vice president well?
Miyamossan May 4, 4:25 AM
You're a patient person. It's a brightness to consider that the people around you benefit from that virtue.
How are you doing with your reread of Bloom into you?