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Koe no Katachi
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Master10K Jul 21, 4:33 PM
Never thought to read the writer's MAL comment section, until now (-_-). And you're right about there being a separate Kuroneko cameo in the series. Really pointless and added nothing.

On another note, I found there are some history buffs who have been obsessing over little details in Youjo Senki. Reminded me of a similar occasion, with the 2015 anime Junketsu no Maria that I seemed to not have enjoyed.
Master10K Jul 20, 7:32 AM
Not only are Eromanga and OreImo done by the same author, but they share the same Little Sister Cinematic Universe. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
Master10K Jul 18, 1:16 PM
With Attack on Titan, it's basically what you see is what you get, but what you get is so bloody intense that you may understand why people fanboy'd over it. But it's been out so long, that people have kinda stopped doing that.

On the other hand, what I can say about Demi-chan and Youjo Senki is that you should not judge a book by its cover. Because I doubt those shows are anything that you think they are going be. I didn't expect much from Demi-chan and it's decapitated girl, but it ended up be such a down-to-earth show that brought up issues that I've seen never brought up in any other monster girl show, so far. As for Youjo Senki, I was also ridiculing the duck-face look of the protagonist when I saw the promos... and then I watched the show... and now Tanya is one of my all time favourite characters.

Personally I don't find the incest in Eromanga or OreImo disturbing. More the fact that we can get an idea of what this particular author constantly thinks about.
Master10K Jul 15, 3:51 AM
I recently finished Eromanga-sensei and didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped. I think I found it worse than OreImo.

We as for what I'd recommend. I'm currently enjoying Attack on Titan season 2, which I'm surprised you haven't watched yet. There was the 4 episode Castevania anime that came out on Netflix, which turned out to be a surprise hit. Demi-chan wa Kataritai and Youjo Senki, were also surprisingly good ones from previous seasons that you should've watched, instead of the crap like Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu. And if you're in the mood for some light-hearted romance, that actually goes somewhere, then check out Tsuki ga Kirei.
Master10K Jul 13, 9:26 AM
Doesn't seem all that long for someone who's been waiting for well over a decade.

BTW... Are you watching anime still?
Tebaldi Jul 8, 8:52 PM
Hey, how's it going?
MidgetLova Jun 16, 12:42 PM
wow a Full Metal Panic fan. hi! xd
Master10K Jun 9, 1:30 PM
Damn the art style on this upcoming looks phenomenal...

Ikusagami Jun 7, 6:31 PM
Hah. I love that I can discuss this shit with you, because most people who have their own leftist beliefs just assume I'm an indentured Republican just because I don't subscribe to their own political agenda. I personally see it as all politicians being bad in some degree, and idealizing one party just to vilify the other isn't exactly helpful. Admittedly, Democrats are typically better at presenting a good image, and in popularity contests that's usually what matters.
Personally, I think we should have just kept Reagan as long as possible.

While I'm not political, and I'm quite "anti-left" I'd probably identify more as centrist. I do believe in equal rights, but I also believe in rights being earned. This is where I stand apart from capitalism, as it is often influenced by privilege--some are born lucky, some aren't. But taking away what somebody has earned just to give to somebody who hasn't isn't any better.

+100 for the rant, haha.
Nailed it.

"Meh. I am just tired of the world. I want to move, but I just don't now where to go. Or even if I should."
Shit, now you sound like me. Don't go turning bitter nihilistic misanthropist on me. I'll feel like a bad influence. :D

Ikusagami Jun 2, 4:37 AM
I'm not up to date enough on current events to keep up with you, haha. :P
Actually, I avoid that stuff anymore because it just makes me roll my eyes.
All these major problems, but everybody focuses on their first world problems. As you said, terrorism and such, but everybody's worried about SJW shit and what Trump ate for breakfast.
It's all bread and circuses aimed at entertainment. I'd rather not know anything and be less ignorant than those who buy into whatever story has a sensationalized liberal spin on it and take it for objective truth.

"Hitler murdered millions of people. All Trump has done is talk about grabbing a woman by the pussy."
I laughed at that! :D
I still can't believe how worked up people got over that. If it was Hillary saying you gotta grab a man by the balls, she'd be some kind of feminist idol and it would be on pro-Hillary billboards all across the nation.
Political correctness really just seeks to neuter everybody.

And it was the same with Bush. Yeah, the war was terribly mismanaged at first, that's the majority of what people had against him--war. Because war is bad mm'kay. Everybody wants to sit in their ivory towers and think about how the system that provides them their meals functions.
And Obama fucked up our healthcare, but everybody loves him just for being a black democrat. That seems to be how it goes. Republican=bad, no matter what they do. Democrat=good, no matter what they do.
There's no objectivity in seeing the shades of gray on both sides of the spectrum.

I don't know. We have a history of breaking government chains in America, but the way the class divide from capitalist darwinism seems to be going, I can see those dystopian fictions where everything is run by conglomerates eventually coming true. Not anytime soon, of course. But everything is run by the allmighty dollar, and it doesn't take much for the haves to start exploiting the have nots to excess.

"Japanese companies have some of the scummiest and sleaziest business practices. "
That extends to animation studios, too. I remember Master linking me some article about an animator who was worked to some insane degree (I forget how many hours a week, but it was literally unbelievable) until he died.
At least in America we have better labor laws.
Ikusagami May 30, 3:47 AM
Honestly, I think those are the exact reasons people voted for Trump; they actually believed he might do something about this degredation of society into radical leftist vaginas.
That's also the irony in him tweeting his own opinions of things to circumvent the media--sure, he's unreliable, but so is the media he's circumventing. I remember people making fun of his complaint the media never uses flattering images of him. It sounds petty, but I realized that years ago--a politician being reported on by a source that favors them, they use a flattering picture, someone they oppose, a candid pic of them in the middle of yelling, or making some strange expression, so it gives the subliminal sense of discrediting them even before reading the article.
That said, I don't like any politicians just as I don't like any media. The whole damn system is corrupt. I don't think we need to simply impeach Trump for a better America, I think we need to rebuild the whole damn infrastructure from the ground up.

I use the term "college kid" but that's because most of them are. I was an adult as a teenager, but when I was 22, I had a subordinate at work who was 38 I referred to as a kid. But that's the problem with today's coddling middle class system--people are encouraged to be overgrown children pretty much the rest of their damn lives.
In other words, I agree with everything you just said--including that your 11 year old is probably more mature than most of the "kids" you'll find on MAL.

Oh, it's not just SEGA and Squeenix. Konami has done some pretty stupid shit too, and letting Kojima go, their greatest creative mind who has a lot of fan support worldwide... it showed they weren't even in touch with their fanbase. Evidently they've fucked up a bunch of other franchises, too, but not anything I'm familiar with, so all I've heard are woes in reviews and such.
Really, I think the way the big Umbrella publishers are going, indie devs are the wave of the future. All the best games I've played lately are from indie developers, or small developers who still have creative control of their work.
Makes me think I will be better off self publishing--if some suit tells me to rewrite my books to be more like Twilight or 50 Shades of Gray, I won't burn the manuscript; I'll burn the fucking editor.

I resell games I don't plan to replay, so I'm usually renting them anyway, just for more money (buy at 50 and get 20 back a couple weeks later). And yeah, renting for 20 vs buying for 30, buying is obviously smarter, but since it's for a subscription and not per game, I see it more like renting X number of games vs buying each one for 30. The games featured that caught my eye are DLC only ones I'd delete after playing that are only like 10 hours long anyway. I tend to value a game as 1 hour = 1$ for value. I usually exploit Game Stops return policy to get a refund on anything I beat in two days anyway.
HidamariSeashore May 29, 6:13 PM
I know Aqua is supposed to be annoying, but I still wasn't able to like her so much. Sure, every now and again, there is a moment where she makes me laugh, and I'm sure that Konosuba wouldn't be what it is without her; however, there are just times where I really, REALLY want to smack her. (Again, I hope my opinion isn't a problem. If the problem is that I'm too vague, it's because even when I know what my reasons are for liking or disliking someone or something, I find trouble putting my reasons into words, for a certain reason that I don't know if it is the actual reason or if I'm just using said reason as an excuse, so I'll only say what that reason is if you really want to know.) As for the rest of the cast, though, I did end up liking them, especially Darkness; her personality may be quite masochistic, but she always made me laugh, for some reason. For some reason, I also loved those moments throughout the series where someone would say Kazuma's name, and Kazuma would say, "Yes, I'm Kazuma." That's just what I think, though.
Ikusagami May 29, 6:54 AM
"With how bad the media and education system have gotten I have found that I almost assume at this point everyone is lying to me now. How cynical is that?"
I'd say more realistic than cynical. I don't trust anything either, haha. But that's why my own personality quirk is that if I'm asserting something, I usually gather the intel first, otherwise I just admit it's merely a possibility.
Social media and cultural bias have fed so much fire to actual media, everything's just a rumormill these days.

Haha. Should have known you'd judge the guys in FFXV for being too metrosexual. I admit, I thought the same, but you know I judge by the characters first... which I also have no faith in. The game is entirely geared to a budy-buddy bonding road trip adventure.

I admit, I actually considered that PS Now just to squeeze out some shorter games I don't want to buy. I only play most games once, anyway, so if I can pay $20 to play three or four games that would cost me $30 a piece to purchase, I think it's a fair trade.
It's certainly not something I'd keep a regular subscription for.
Actually, what pisses me off is PS+. One of the advantages over Xbox was free multiplayer. Since I don't usually play multiplayer games, that's not an issue... except the "free" games they release every month have a fucking catch. I got a few games from the two months I did have a subscription, and when you let it lapse--THEY DEACTIVATE!
Part of the reason I even subscribed was to get them (so they weren't really free), and now they're locked and unplayable.
Fucking bullshit. They're still on my hard drive, but cannot be accessed, and evidently can't be reactivated once the subscription laps. I know it's to make sure I stay subscribed, instead it just ensures I never will again.

"Your old. I am still a soft supple flower in the prime of life with tight skin and and firm breasts."
Provide evidence or I call bullshit. ;)