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Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji.
Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji.
Jan 15, 5:03 PM
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BanG Dream!: Asonjatta!
BanG Dream!: Asonjatta!
Jan 14, 8:25 AM
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Koe no Katachi
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Mar 25, 2016 1:08 PM
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Psajdak 5 hours ago
Congratulations on your 2000th anime, even more since it´s Macross - title I am really connected with.

Hope you enjoyed it at least a little.
DojinshiSenpai Yesterday, 9:19 AM
Sorry for the book!
To the first part:

That was what I was going for with Sailor Moon. I heard some stories from old time fans that were pretty fun to hear, I haven't considered your country when asking though that was my bad. Like, people getting cramped up in one room watching on one TV with 20 people. It sounds great. Guess part of the charme back then was that it was all people were talking about? But maybe that lack in variety also kind of sucked. It still feels like anime had a lot more to do with direct social contact compared to nowadays. I mean you still have all kinds of conventions and it's getting more and more popular so that's great! But the actual way of talking about it changed a lot. :)

Through all these stories I also heard what Orion Home Video, Streamline, or Urban Vision is. Never even knew those existed until then. But it's a lot of fun hearing these stories. I liked how it developed from - nobody knowing about it to everyone renting VHS to buying DVDs and now we have BluRays, streaming and I can agree it's so much easier now.

To the second:

That's pretty much what I meant - I will eventually check out Ace wo Nerae and Yawara to suffer with you! I'm new to anime (started actively watching 2 years ago) so my perspective is completely different, that's why I was interested. I have to admit that it's easier to be tempted for me to watch shorter series. I rarely start something big but when I do I pretty much never regret it - I mean if you have healthy watching habits and don't enjoy it you just stop right? Sometimes I feel like the sort of short lived comes from all the variety - it's hard to keep peoples interest with so much competition. At the end of the day it's a business for most. :/ It's interesting to see someone actually preferring the way series are handled nowadays, old school anime fans seem to be pretty split about it. There's a fair share of grumpy people that have a hard time enjoying something without the name Ranma, Robotech or Voltron in it.
DojinshiSenpai Mar 14, 7:18 AM
I'm a young buck that has recently discovered Urusei, read your review and here I am. It's really cool to see animoms on this website. Wish my mom was more into it than just Wolf Children and some innocent ghibli movies like Kikis Delivery Service. I have a sweet spot for the older stuff but I bet it's even cooler when you've followed them alongside growing up like you said with Sailor Moon! Wasn't Sailor Moon kind of the only hot stuff avaiable for some time? I'm trying to catch up with stuff I wouldn't normally watch but people (for better and worse) took their sweet time with shows back then.

It kind of makes you appreciate the whole cast more the more time you spend with them. Do you prefer the way it's handled nowadays or do you ever have the feeling some shows are to short lived? What's a show that you would love to see a sequel of that no one has talked about in years?
LipstickOnMyDick Mar 13, 10:25 PM
Don't come back to mal
mitsuki7777 Mar 3, 8:44 AM
hi want to be friends
Master10K Mar 3, 12:33 AM
It's a shame you may not finish Houseki no Kuni, because I also struggled to finished, as only the visuals on bits of world building kept me going early on. Then it's starts developing its characters and the show becomes amazing because of it and it has led to a shit ton of youtubers over-analyzing it.

Glad to see one of us is moving up on our lives. Would love to get a job in another country. Well hope things work out for you and your fams.

As for this season, one thing I've notice is that we have 3 gorgeous looking shows and I feel you would enjoy:
- Koi wa Ameagari no You ni ... Dealing which forbidden romance.
- Violet Evergarden ... Best looking show of the year.
- Sora yori mo Tooi Basho ... If you like the looks of Opening, chance are you'll like the show.
Ikusagami Feb 9, 7:44 PM
Internet's getting disconnected in a few days, so replies will be even more belated for a couple months. Really had my hands full with all these fucking appointments. Rather than drug me for the procedures, I wish they could just put me into a coma and wake me up when all the procedures are complete.

Speaking of open world, the latest Dragon Quest is coming to the west this year, too. I'm particularly eager for that one.

I agree about HYD. But the fact a likeable character cares at all about unlikeable asshats is what throws a wrench in it for me. I'm hoping she just washes her hands of all the douchebags and doesn't wind up with anybody, but it's shoujo, so I don't see that as a possibility.

No, I don't quite understand, and hope I never will, but I will attest some vaginas are scary looking, too. Granted, I won't go into something that looks like it's going to devour me.
My joke about the term "vaginal cavity" : it's bad enough if you've got teeth down there, you can at least take care of them.

"Unless your in a dingy, in that case... your SOL"
HAH! You made me laugh out loud with that one. Will have to remember it. :D

Good luck on the big (and I do mean BIG) move. The way the far left is spreading though, I'm sure that insipid cultural mentality will eventually catch up to you anywhere you go. I saw this article earlier:
What the actual fuck? Why does it matter? At all? Aren't we all descended from monkeys anyfucking way? If a scientist proposed some dark-skinned ethnicity had white ancestors it would bring on public outrage. I'm so goddamn sick of the most violently outspoken racism, nationalism and sexism coming from the hypocrites who claim to be against it. Ever read Animal Farm? That's exactly how society works. The pigs become the new humans, and the horse still gets turned to glue. I shudder to think of what it'll be like in 20 years, where white heterosexuals are treated like humans were in Planet of the Apes.

I don't think I ever really talked to you about Personality Cafe, did I? I wasn't exactly fascinated. I was only active from February till November, and I met Anissa after just a few weeks there, and she's been much more an impact the past year than everybody else.
It's a psychology forum, so it was educational; I learned quite a bit there about various subjects, and it was a good outlet for socializing in the process. And I met some really intelligent people too (a couple who make me feel like an idiot in contrast) and some good friends for a time. But yeah, like every forum, it has its toxic elements who ruin it for everybody else.

"knew what trolls were. I was young and naive and I thought I could change minds with reasonable conversation."
Nailed it on the fucking head right there. The reason I lasted so long on Personality Cafe was because most ENTJs are logical and don't offend easy, but personal values seems to be our weak point. So just like Anissa would flip from genius into psychocunt when it came to talking about her family, some of those bitches seemed reasonable but really went of the fucking deep end when gender differences came up. Really shines a light on the mirror of how unhinged I am when it comes to my own emotional weakness, romantic relationships, hahaha.

hah, I remember BBS'. I played a lot of DOOR games back in seventh grade. Legend of Red Dragon was all the craze, but I loved Falcon's Eye above all.

And lol, we're both just a couple'a bitter old fucks. :D
My problem is my mood always restores and I decide to brave society again, and it winds up a repeat. Gotta say, the fact you're still here after I've hit bottom a few times speaks a lot to your quality, since most of the people I acquire while at my peaks bail the instant they see me dethroned.

ninjaguy2511 Feb 8, 2:10 PM
Awesome review of strawberry panic and I felt the same way. Only thing I would disagree with is hikari was not even that moe.
OnegaiSensei666 Feb 1, 3:17 PM
i accidentaly stumbled across your profile couple times now...
saeed1m Feb 1, 1:50 AM
hi, hajimemashite. I just read one of your reviews and come here to see your profile (out of curiosity). wow, you watched 2000 animes, I think you are an encyclopedia of anime now! did you watch Toshokan Sensou too? if you didn't watch it before, I suggest trying it, maybe you like it.
Ikusagami Jan 29, 3:37 AM
Hah. Everything is open world these days. That does raise the appeal for me, too. It's why I'm considering skipping the PSP Monster Hunters I've had backlogged forever to play Monster Hunter World. Having that seamless free-roam exploration element really got my interest.
And I hear you on franchises, as I wound up playing all the way through a really mediocre PS2 Berserk game just for love of Berserk. The problem is that licensed games almost always suck, because they're relying on the brand to make the sales. I think Lord of the Rings games are the official exception to this, and I hear the batman games are really good.

I hadn't even heard of Yawara until now. And I did like HYD, it just didn't grip me enough to keep me invested for more than like 14 episodes, and I never bothered getting back to it yet. While it is more serious and mature, and the darker elements really worked with my tastes (haha) it still had all the moon-eyed rose covered glistening crush shoujo stuff that really overfeminized it. And I identify with teenage girl tastes even less than teenage boy tastes, haha.

Haha. That is funny. And I hear that a lot from more experienced women; those who go on about size being what matters seem to all be younger who haven't had that much, or simply haven't had any talented partners.

I'm the most anti-PC person you will ever meet. :P
And actually, most ENTJs on the forum are hard-ass businesswomen. Anissa closes million dollar deals for a living, for a little insight into why she could always win be back. Some of them though are just fake posers, trying too damn hard to seem "tough" when there are obvious insecurities under the surface.
But as you guessed, INFPs with daddy issues also swarmed to the forum. They seem to have a collective fetish for ENTJ daddy-doms taking care of them.
But I actually met some really smart people on there, even if my breakdown after all last years drama led to my exile. One of the "yapping dog" posers decided I'm a misogynist because I criticized her constant barrage of sexist drivel,and standing up to a long-time established member led to clashes with admins.
Fuck 'em.
tomahawk1985 Jan 27, 4:16 AM
Yo. It's amusing to find someone around the same age watching anime. Most people around me in their 30s~50s years are total douchebags when it comes down to anime. "Aren't you too old to be watching cartoons?" "That's kiddy stuff, get a life", then someday they're randomly watching tv and some old ass cartoon from their childhood from 1960s~70s is airing and they stop whatever they're doing. "Oh but that's different, yours are childish", said the douchebags.

Some of your reviews led me to watch quite a few shows (Kobato, Kimi ni Todoke, Strike Witches) that otherwise I wouldn't have bothered period. Since I'm biased towards mecha/musical/tear-jerking anime, sometimes I tell my friends to read your reviews and decided wether or not they're interested because I can't put into words the pure awesomeness of these shows. Merely discussing about often makes me tear up and they fail to understand why.
Aoi_hana Jan 25, 5:01 AM
Wow, you got to 2000th anime. That's an achievement and a major milestone. Congrats! :D

Maybe you can watch Devilman: Crybaby for the 2k?
Ikusagami Jan 22, 2:03 AM
nah, I just have absurdly high empathy and am attracted to drama queens. Ever see the series Hannibal? I'm basically Will Graham in my relationships, and I only fall for Hannibals, haha. Maybe I'm the Drama King.

Actually, Dynasty Warriors 2 was one of my first PS2 games. I'd played a demo in a store before I had a PS2, and it blew me away. But it's one of those franchises they make a slightly revised edition of every single year, so I just haven't really bothered with any of them, 'cause fuck, where do you even start in a series a thousand games long that all have the exact same fucking gameplay? (on that topic, I finally got around to Assassin's Creed Brotherhood after 4 years, and it disappointed me even more than AC2)

Don't worry, that doesn't sound like my thing, so it's not even on my list. I'm on another hiatus from anime (never even finished Hana Yori Dango). Watching Peaky Blinders and The Blacklist currently.

Well I was being facetious, because it's obviously my personality that is magic and not my penis! :D :P
(only thing magic about that is the illusion of adequacy of average size equipment on an underaverage size man, hahaha)
But no, I mean it, I was courted by several women on that forum alone. Anissa used to be a calendar girl, and in October I had a nascent rebound (cut short after 2 weeks because it made Anissa jealous enough to talk to me again, which made the new girl jealous enough to cut contact) who is 21 years old and I swear is a perfect 10. Well, physically, anyway. It's never the stable ones that chase me.
But seriously, there was a flirting thread on the ENTJ board made entirely because chicks were always flirting with me in every thread and people were sick of it, so then that thread became mostly me flirting with people for dozens of pages.
What the fuck is wrong with women? I'd really rather draw a single consistent reliable female than a swarm of hot flies who lay eggs in me that hatch and fester for months after.
(but no, you would not drop your panties, obviously! You just wouldn't resist when I'm tearing them off. ;) [I'm awful, I know. But you expect it by now. :D ])

Master10K Jan 20, 11:24 AM
Yeah, I've become more and more picky now, with the anime I watch, since I'm getting sick of watching garbage all the time. Plus I have been enjoying manga and light novels more lately. Especially when I come across works like Mushoku Tensei, which has a story that I can't imagine getting a good anime adaptation.

Anyway why make a big deal over which anime to watch next, just because it's your 2000th. Just flip a coin and choose. Or you can just blitz through a short anime like Tsurezure Children or Youjo Senki. :P