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HidamariSeashore May 25, 7:58 PM
Hey, Skadi! Long time, no talk, huh? (Actually, we don't really talk much in the first place, if you really think about it....) How have you been doing lately, if you don't mind me asking?

I see you've watched Konosuba. It's definitely entertaining (although I will admit that I found Aqua kind of annoying, and I hope my opinion of her isn't a problem), but I still have yet to finish season 2.
Ikusagami May 24, 5:37 AM
I'll respond to the rest later, just wanted to reply to the last part that I actually checked to see if you replied to that guy, because I was actually tempted to for you, haha.
If it was just him being a goof, no problem, but considering his wall is a testament he goes around giving red checkmarks as a hobby... and I've been drinking... I am compelled to reply! :D

Ikusagami May 23, 3:19 PM
Squeenix offing the project isn't what pissed people off, per se--a professional published version is always best. It's the way they handled it. Every other project they've terminated they did so promptly. For Type-0, they contacted the group openly, and made it look like they supported the project. It drummed up anticipation, and then they issued the C&D AFTER the project was completed.
Very unethical business practice.
I'm reminded of the time somebody was working on Brandish: Dark Revenant. Tom from XSeed, much as I hate the guy, approached him publicly, on the Falcom forum and said, "hey, can't make any official announcements, but just want to say while it's great you're doing this, you really shouldn't waste your time on it. Can't say more, but the time would be better put somewhere else, and there might be complications."
And the guy dropped it. No C&D, no threats, no lawsuits. It was handled tactfully, so nobody was pissed when there was an official release.
Encouraging like fifteen people to work their asses off a year straight just to hit them with legal documents once they finish is bullshit.

But then, I hear Square has gotten better with public relations since FFXV. I don't know the details, but I heard the director was really big on public feedback and being in touch with the fans. Which is exactly what they've lacked ever since the Enix merger.

Oh, what do you have against FFXV? I wanted to play it, but evidently the game is mostly driving, and unlike GTA, it's on fucking autopilot. Boring as fuck.
Final Fanatasy really hasn't been Final Fantasy since Hironobu Sakaguchi left Square. The games used to have a magic to them, each one was a masterpiece that broke boundaries in gaming. Since his departure they range from good to mediocre, but none are exactly "masterpiece" status.
Now that I have a 360 I still need to get Lost Odyssey. That and The Last Story on the Wii are both Sakaguchi games, and I loved The Last Story.

Oh, and I found this comical depiction of his career at Square. (that's actually him)

Speaking of shitty DLC practices, have you played Total War: Warhammer? I was so excited for it, but they fucked it up. I actually got it free with a $12 subscription to Humble Bundle, but to get the complete game will still cost another sixty. They released it with like three races, and released the cut content at $15 a piece. It actually costs like $3 for BLOOD! It's a fucking war game, about brutal military combat, and they make you BUY the blood!

Don't forget Ubisoft. Even the people who work for them hate them.
But I agree CD Projekt RED is the best. I've read interviews with the CEO, and I'd like to buy the guy a drink. Not to mention, they actually own GOG. People whine about not releasing their games without DRM because it could get pirated, but they put Witcher 3 right out there for the public and don't even care it will get shared online. That kind of relationship with the community makes people want to support them more.

Heh. We're both old. :(
I'm the same. I haven't bought a CD in like 10 years. I don't even know anything modern, anymore. I've got Rob Zombie, Linkin Park, Korn, Papa Roach, Metallica, etc. There's more than enough I already know I like.

"I am sorry but I am not going to pay 30 different TV channels/media companies a monthly sub so I can watch all of their content on 50 different services."
Oh yes. That pissed me off A LOT. Amazon Prime has so much Netflix doesn't, and then after subscribing it turns out almost every movie or show I want to see requires.... ANOTHER SUBSCRIPTION!!!
What. The. Fuck.
Thankfully, I got a free week trial of Starz, so I got to watch the first couple seasons of Ash vs The Evil Dead free. Seriously, if I have to pay a fee just to watch something, why not buy the fucking bluray instead and actually own it?
Seyfert May 20, 11:35 PM
'Due' is not 'do' (on sugar fairy's review).
Ikusagami May 13, 10:10 PM
Happy Mothers Day!
Ikusagami May 13, 10:43 AM

Admittedly, I gave her that impression after taking her back, what? Three, four times? Jesus. I really do let women get away with too much while still attached. Even if I do have a pretty clear weakness. (No. We're just friends. I will stay on as a therapist to continue helping with your psychological issues... oh, you're naked. Okay. I DO deserve SOME kind of payment, after all....*cycle repeats*)
But the fact I hated her with a Negan-like passion (swing batta-batta!) after a couple months, the fact she thought I would regard her as anything more than a sickening amoral sub-human pustule of revolting filth after two fucking years... amoral conscienceless cunt must really have some fucking balls.
But then, that's how she works. She collects friends like pokemon, and just uses them as they suit her, often discarding some and then taking them back up when she finds use for them again. She pretends to be such a good person with a big heart, when she really just wants to win affection and validation, and once she has it, she doesn't need that person anymore. Hence people who manipulate or criticize her being her favorites, as there's the constant need to please. It has nothing to do with making people happy and everything to do with wanting that pleasure directed at her.
(hah. Was discussing ISFPs with Scarlet recently. So spot on haha)

"I like to known why the herd behaves and moves the way it does and could care less why one individual is sick. "
Probably a more socially acceptable approach than dissecting the sheep individually to make sense out of every nuance of the herd dynamic. haha. I guess I approach psychology a bit TOO much like Hannibal Lecter.

As for Type-0, no it was actually pretty big news at the time. And the fan translation was a very big deal--biggest project to date, having I think like a dozen translators working on it, thousands of followers and daily page hits. It crashed on occasion from too much trafick. (I was one of the people following the project from the start, I was observing these things as it all unfolded)
They even advertised on their blog when Square contacted them, and the blog was shut down the same day it was released, hours afterward--same day Squeenix made the announcement.
It was all over the internet at the time, as it was a pretty big deal. Many people were awaiting the patch, and had purchased Japanese copies of the game to patch, and then the rug was pulled out literally the very instant it was out, to be followed immediately by an announced one-month release date (most official releases get more fanfare than this, E3, news coverage, and all that--they didn't need to drum up anticipation, they needed to jump on it while it was still alive, so people who had donated money to the project could still get their game before they forgot about it).

"And anyway, the people the fan translators contacted may have had no idea about the project or they didn't have plans at the time but the fact that they gave their blessing to a fansub group is not going to change their minds on how to proceed. "
It was actually Square's legal division, if I recall correctly.
They reached out to the fan group, and ostensibly supported the endeavor, but also requested personal information from all those involved early on. I recall most remained anonymous, but the project head was transparent--and he got the brunt of the legal retaliation when it was finished a year later. The documents were posted online afterward, when people were still trying to figure out why the biggest translation project to date vanished from the internet, but I don't remember where, and it's probably been taken down since.

"Plus I doubt anyone would bother to contact them to stop either because honestly they could care less. "
You missed what I was saying about Squeenix being big on issuing Cease and Desist orders. They've halted quite a few projects that way. Not through other means, like copyright boards; their legal department personally threatens litigation against fan projects that garner enough attention. Everybody shuts down at receiving the Cease and Desist (basically a "keep it up and we will sue" warning), so there's no need to go to other legal bodies.
Sorry, I was forgetting you don't even use emulators or follow indie work, so you probably didn't realize how big romhacking communities and independent projects can be--things can get pretty big even if it's just internet publicity and not official periodicals advertising them. The only reason the Ys series has gotten Western releases was because of a thriving fan community, and XSeed not only purchased the fan translations for use in official localizations, but hired on one of the translators (Tom Lipshultz) in an official capacity, and kept Jeff Nussbaum as a freelancer. This is an increasingly common practice. I believe Carpe Fulgar is another group that started independent, and has published games officially, and even assisted in the Trails in the Sky localization.

I would never buy a DLC season pass. Wait for the DLC to be released, and see if people even think it's any good first, is my approach. So much is useless add-on cash grab shit.
I prefer to just wait for a GOTY edition with everything included.
I DETEST the whole DLC craze. I know it's just a part of modern gaming, but there was a time you bought a game complete. Now some games even have content cut from initial release so it can be sold as day one DLC. I haven't even bought the Dark Souls III DLC, because I already beat the game twice, and don't feel like replaying it just to do an additional area. Remember when developers would spend the time to create actual sequels, or even just stand-alone expansions instead of this cash grab shit to keep monetizing off the same old product?
Hell, I'll have to re-buy Horizon Zero Dawn when the DLC is released, because it had a sequel bait ending and evidently the DLC will wrap up the story.
Had I known it wasn't finished I'd have just waited another year to play it.

I agree on the piracy topic. A lot of game-hacking groups put a message in saying to support the devs by buying the game if you like it. I've seen a lot of people on Steam saying they'll pirate something for a trial run, and then buy it if they like it.
And then there are all the people who live in countries where their money isn't worth shit. I had it out with somebody on a forum once (the aforementioned Xseed guy) when he called out people who pirate out of poverty--I pointed out that it's acceptable for people to borrow books and movies from libraries, so games shouldn't be some kind of special privilege. He had the gall to tell me, a fucking author, that books should be free to everybody, and writers shouldn't be greedy, but games are a different story, and people should save the money, even if it costs the equivalent to $300 USD/game in their country or just deal with the fact they cannot play.
But yeah, on the topic of music, it's the same, really. They complain about lost sales, but you know what, people were ripping cassettes off the radio decades ago. Most people who have the money are going to spend it just to have the real thing. Head hunting the minority for not contributing is just petty. (and there's no certainty that somebody who pirates something would have made a purchase either--I prefer real books, but most of the PDFs I've gotten from the internet archive/online library thingermabob are ones that cost over $30, and I simply don't care enough to pay for them and couldn't afford to at the moment if I did)
Ikusagami May 11, 9:59 PM
Ready for something utterly hysterical?
Abby, the selfish monster who used me up and threw me away without a modicum of humanity, made a bonding experience with her NPD friend of publicly ridiculing my anguish, and deliberately attempted to drive me to suicide with her emotional abuse, has this week sent me an email, a PM on here, and has texted my sister asking for my new number.
It is very. Very hard not to send her Anissa's calendar photos along with a "thank you" that if she hadn't driven me to cripple myself I never would have gone on that forum and found somebody who is not only smart enough to keep up with me, but veritably a female version OF me (sex drive included!).
I'm just astonished she has the fucking audacity after the extreme degree of cruelty she showed me. The sheer fucking nerve. Unbelievable.
And not even a word of apology, when if she has anything to say to me, it should be groveling on her fucking knees.
The only thing I can think is that some relationship didn't work out, so she started thinking of the man who treated her better than she could ever deserve, she randomly got nostalgic (she does that) and thought she could just pretend away the brutality with which she treated me, or that she's been stalking me all this time, and reading that I'm in a love square with a successful bombshell genius and a quirky beautiful lawyer made her want in on the action drama.
Because daaaaaayum does that bitch love her fucking drama.

"Honestly I am surprised sometimes at what comes out of my mouth or in this case, fingers, when i get worked up about something. :P"
That's true intuition at work! I do it too, sometimes. My most apt analogies that seem like something profound that would require hours of diligently working out, typically just flow out on their own. Anissa says it's like having her own personal oracle, haha.

"This is where we differ even though we have very similar interests. While we both have sociology interests, you more interested in actual psychology than I am while I am more interested in the way people behave in more generalities."
See, in MBTI terms, that's because you're an Ne (extroverted intuition) user, so you're more focused on broader connections than my focus on the nuts and bolts. :D
Yes, I am a nerd. Sorry. :P

"I probably shouldn't be so disgusted with my brother in law. eww did I just call that? Sorry lol, I did it again. "
You're terrible, but it's hysterical!

Yeah, evidently a lot of youtube personalities have boycotted Nintendo on account of their policies. It seems to be a Japanese thing--Joe has said he has a good relationship with Nintendo of America. I know Squeenix is absolutely ruthless. They've had a reputation going far back for shutting down fan projects that could potentially bring them more money (game mods and such are popular in the romhacking community, but fan spinoffs to Squeenix games get the CAD, which draws bad publicity, when open support would endear them to the community and inspire sales to the base product).
But what made me decide to NEVER buy a new Squeenix game was that Final Fantasy Type 0 fiasco. I will only buy used, and will not support them with my money.
Did you hear about that? They contacted the fan translation group that was doing an English patch for the game, and acted as though giving consent... until the day, the fucking DAY it was released. Then they shut it down with lawsuits, claiming the aim of the patch was to hurt Square Enix (by translating a years-old PSP game that was never released outside Japan). They then announced a current gen port the same day, which they rushed out the door, and even had to cut features to get it out in a timely fashion.
They fucking USED the fan translation to drum up anticipation so they could profiteer on their hard work and publicity. Terribly dirty tactic.

But anyway, I agree the laws need to have common sense applied. The ones who can finance lawsuits and big anti-sharing motions are those who don't need the money, whereas Indie talent who need the money can be leeched off of without anybody giving a shit. I mean, really Metallica, do you NEED every single penny you can get? You'd think the more people have, the more content they'd be. Instead it just seems to feed greed.
Seiya-Meteorite May 11, 8:06 AM
I see (I saw more of triangle noses in the 90's though)...

I actually have seen some good looking modern anime, like the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal, though the quality did drop a bit, has some of the best looking animation I've seen (though I don't like the bland looking greens, grays and purples it has at times). It's good, but there's something about hand drawn animation with cels and such that I prefer, I dunno why.

Then again, I haven't seen a whole lot of anime, and though I want to animate, I'm only an average artist and I haven't studied animation (and life is very busy for me), I'm more just a viewer. :P

Then again animation isn't really everything to an anime. Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold, had bad animation in it but it still had a good story and decent action.
Seiya-Meteorite May 10, 6:29 AM
It's alright, I just found it when I was watching someone review some terrible anime, then saw Bennett the Sage's review on it (it's hilarious).

Yeah, it's probably bad encoding or something. Frankly though, I think it's more of a lot of modern anime that tends to have poor quality and designs, I've only seen some 90's anime that I don't like the art style of, but then again, everyone does see art differently (I'm more of an old-school anime fan). :P

Yeah, there is time when the art/animation of Sailor Moon was badly done (I don't think it had those eyebrows and eyes visible behind the hair thing though), like episode 170 (when they're going to Nehellenia and we see Mercury and Uranus in action in that episode), the animation was fluid but the art was the worst looking episode of all the series and laughable looking. Considering Stars was suffering from a loss of ratings I can probably assume it's rushed. At least it wasn't as bad as Masami Obari's works (his art/animation are really ugly, trust me).

I wonder if some old anime benefit from stuff like grain or something though...
Ikusagami May 8, 9:05 PM
Got a thick and veiny one for you. :P
No riddle of steel though.

Well she's too damn dense and singlemindedly obsessed with the guy she does like that she doesn't even realize she's exacerbating conflict with the main bully kid with the way she's handling his own crush. The fact she doesn't even seem to realize he likes her and just takes everything as mean spirited (when he's really just an oversized kindergartner) makes her pretty oblivious. Granted, that's common in both genders of that age.
I do like the character writing though, and psychological aspects. I thought the bullies would just be archetypal villain types, but the fact the F4 kid is so insecure and image conscious, and the mean bitches are just insecure and jealous, I really feel bad for most of the characters on some level rather than liking or disliking them. Stupid kids.

"ENTJ forums... I didn't even know that was a thing. "
Personality Cafe is the big MBTI hub, and it has subforums for each type. I've frequented it for years as a lurker, mostly to look stuff up. It's mostly for insight into different types and functions; lots of dating questions, and how to handle situations with people and such.
The beauty of it is that the ENTJ sub forum is people who think like me, so even where we differ in opinion, nobody's going to get up in arms over a harmless joke, because they're all just as guilty. As MsBossyPants (the woman who wrote the horse metaphor) once said over pointing out a forum rule, "if it were up to me it would be no holds barred. We eat our young IRL."
Granted, lately, ENTJland is mostly me and Scarlet.Black going at it pretty heavy, right where everyone can see, haha. And before I joined I thought she was so sweet and innocent. :O

I'm with you on all the juvenile social media. Never saw the point of all that attention-hungry crap. I was only on PerC to kill time till my surgeries, and got lucky meeting some smart people.
And if you thought the mods were bad back then--I think they have teenagers running the place now. And woefully, each generation seems to be more immature than the last.

"Will we recite to me the riddle of steel while showing me his snake? That sounds divine."
What a nerd!
That was funny. :D

"And I can picture her boyfriend/husband/dog/man-thing in a zipper mask while she pours hot wax on his balls. "
Haha. I love when you talk about that guy. The disgust is palpable.
And it makes me feel less bad about how much shit I let women get away with.
Although, I have made some insights into WHY it's my Achille's heel, as you said. I always wanted the wife and kids thing, but since so few even meet my standards I just gave up on the concept. But then when somebody gets through, and I can see a future with them, the failure is like having not just a meaningful relationship, but also my future ripped away.

"I dont really know what he sees in her. Not that Pernilla is not very pretty, she is, but I would have pegged him as playing for the other team "
Maybe that domineering quality makes her more manly than any man he's been with.
Now you get to picture her fucking him with a strap-on. Enjoy snickering with amusement every time you see him from now on!

"Alot of women want to be the boss and change their man. Which the later I dont get. So you were attracted to however you man was at the time you snagged him but now all of that is unacceptable and you now want to mold him into something different based on some nonsense you read in Cosmo. Then after you succeed you wonder why you don't like him anymore. Because you changed him you twit!"
Sometimes the wisdom you speak is just too much for mortal minds to comprehend. I need to start a text file for saving your more insightful nuggets for publication. (posterity deserves that fire truxuality/vroom vroom rant, at the very least!)

As for women, I've also noticed a bizarre love for love triangles. It seems to be the prominent theme in romance of any genre aimed at females. So aside from winning something away from another woman, I think there's some unconscious desire for emotional drama in immature women girls.

That sucks about Nyaa. They always had the shit you couldn't find on baka
But then, since my luck has gone to shit, the past couple years I don't risk anything of the sort. Don't want to tempt the fates any more. The way copyright claims are going, soon we can expect to get arrested for watching music videos on youtube.
(don't know if you're familiar with Angry Joe, but Nintendo has waged a war against him claiming all his videos with any of their content--FOR REVIEW PURPOSES! They try to get money out of even favorable reviews, and shut down GOOD PUBLICITY. It boggles the mind how some of these corporations think)
Seiya-Meteorite May 8, 5:10 PM
Hey, just wanted to let you know I just read your review on Virgin Fleet (just discovered that anime yesterday), and I mostly agree with ya, but I thought the art/animation was actually good for a 90's anime (that's just me though, there are worse looking anime out there like Superior Defender Gundam Force, Generation of Chaos and especially Vampire Holmes, that art/animation is really, really worse looking, trust me) and that Russian villain from episode 2 (whom I don't know her name) was actually quite cool in my opinion. I'm sure the Japanese voice acting is superior, but not by much (and I say, Mami Koyama, what are you doing in here?)

The only other good thing about that anime is that it seems to have drifted into obscurity, where it deserves to belong.

Also voted your Sailor Moon (classic) review as helpful, at least that anime will always be well known.
Ikusagami May 6, 10:28 PM

I'm still liking it. So far, the classy model chick who came back from France is probably the only character I really like. Protagonist is great, but also really dimwitted. Want to kill her parents.

Hah. The cancer metaphor is exactly what I always use for Anissa's situation. All the convoluted excuses and distractions and what she thinks will be best for the long term and the kids; I always say, "you can't slap a band-aid on cancer. And I refer to her baby-daddy as a tumor. lol
Ugh, but while I was drawn to her because she is the opposite of my type, and very much like me, I do know a woman who IS my typical type, who I thought I was safe from any kind of drama with because I was involved already... well... turns out the flirting, on her end, wasn't entirely joking. I told her she's a bitch for making me think of her like that when I'm alredy chest deep in shit. haha
I am now very confused. The latter lives seven time zones away (Finnish), rather than seven hours, so it's not like it's going to develop to the same degree as Anissa, but it's either good for my self esteem... or just very fucking complicated. (seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these women?! They know all the shit wrong with me, and that I'm dirt poor. Every forum I've been on has been hatred and "flame wars" and then I go on an ENTJ forum and I'm treated like a prize stallion. lol)

"I want Conan to throw me over his shoulder and take me into his cave for some lively frolicking."
Now my nerdy ass is picturing Conan the Barbarian voiced by James Earl Jones...while fucking.

"So I still want the wild stallion but tame enough for me to jump on his back and make him take me where I want to go... :P"
Haha. We're alike in that regard. Well, 'cept women, here, obviously. My mother always said that because I'm bossy I need a docile woman, but jesus would that be boring! I need an equal, who isn't afraid to stand up to me. But an equal also knows when the fuck I'm right, and to just shut up and listen. :D

Actually, somebody on that forum posted an interesting metaphor about how to control men that may amuse you.

"I forgive the lack of walls of juicy text. This time."
My text is big and veiny. haha
I'm awful.

Ikusagami May 4, 2:05 AM
Forgot to mention, I finally started Hana Yori Dango. As of three eps in, I like it, but the shoujo romance aspects are also a bit too strong for my man genes. All the moon eyed crushing on pretty boys with roses in the background makes me want to watch gay ballerinas just to feel more manly. lol

Ikusagami May 4, 1:48 AM
"Its hurts my heart to read these things. "
Well it touches my heart to read that. After all the problems I've had with humans, it's good to have anyone who really cares.
And to update, she did call, although it took a lot of badgering emails--she thought, quite stupidly, that keeping me in the dark was "shielding" me from the situation so I wouldn't obsess over it. *head shake* Like not knowing isn't exactly what the fuck was making me obsess.
Long story short, without going into details she told me not to share, the deadbeat parasite who wanted nothing to do with her for nearly half a year told her if she keeps talking to me at all, he's going to sling mud and take her kids. After five years of this fucker blaming her for everything, she actually thinks it's possible, even though they aren't married, he has no job, and it's her fucking house. I told her to lawyer up and find out what her options are (or just toss him out on his ass and say, "do your worst.") but she wants to avoid a legal battle and is trying to find a way to get rid of him. We did talk for a while though, which put my mind at ease some.

"I did have one or two who thought they could tell me what to do by getting a little physical with me. I am sure you also can imagine how well that actually worked."
With you spending all night digging is the first thing that comes to mind. :D
Even when I was fully functional and in perfect form, I wouldn't fuck with you!

"But I think we all have that type we are attracted to and sometimes that type turns out to be destructive more often not."
The irony is, with Anissa, I initially didn't think she could woo me because she's NOT my type. People don't usually go for those who are perfect on paper. We go for our opposites.
What do I need with a female version of me?
But despite not having the bubbly girly qualities I typically go for, we really clicked, and I figured she'd be more mature and responsible... what I didn't take into account is that, in MBTI terms, ENTJs have inferior introverted feeling. Which basically means we're two OCD workaholic nerds who both turn into complete morons when it comes to emotions.

I can definitely see you going for bad boy types. Good you're strong enough not to have put up with it. But then, you're probably badder than they were. Didn't Michael Jackson do a song about you? :P
I can also see you wailing on Hodor, haha. Like I said, I wouldn't fuck with ya!

As for the medical shit, my nephew saw the same orthopedic surgeon I'm going to see for my wrists (he broke his foot on another kid in karate--still finished the fight and got the belt), and evidently the guy did a great job. So that's at least a bit reassuring, even if one of my procedures is rarer and more risky.

And thanks again for the kind words. When I do disappear again just assume it's surgery recovery.
Momot98 May 1, 11:18 AM
Greetings! I've recently just started a club with a very specific purpose and I was wondering if you were interested in joining and/or if I could use some of your reviews for it

The purpose of this club is to try and create a community of talented writers who would like to make a more reliable scoring system than the one currently provided by MyAnimeList. Instead of a show being scored by a hundred thousand no-names, we would have the scores for a show coming from well-written reviews by anyone who is willing to participate. All of these reviews will be able to be accessed through our forums, so the mean score for each show will be more personal, since you'll know who's contributing and who isn't, and you can read what everyone thinks.

If you're still not entirely sure if this club is for you, you can go HERE for more details

This is a very new club, so things are barely put together.

If you’re not particularly interested in joining, I would like to know if I can have permission to use some of your reviews for the aggregation.