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Sticky: Order your Tsundere MEMBER CARD! ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
1,601 replies by PitchBlack99 »»
01-22-15, 6:51 PM
Poll: Tsundere or Not: Mogami Kyoko
10 replies by »»
Poll: Tsundere or Not: Kurisu Makise ( 1 2 )
24 replies by -MadScientist- »»
12-14-14, 1:42 AM
Poll: Tsundere or Not: Chidori Kaname ( 1 2 3 )
42 replies by kamuinoyume »»
11-05-14, 6:30 AM
Poll: Tsundere or Not: Fujibayashi Kyou ( 1 2 3 4 )
77 replies by Karin-Covenant »»
11-05-14, 3:17 AM

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Club Comments
Chloe-tsundere | 01-15-15, 1:54 AM
Anyone who agrees mao from GJ-bu is tsundere? I think i will add her to the list.
Claire rouge is added as well

Chloe-tsundere | 01-15-15, 1:48 AM
I added her, i update in my own group but i forget to add here as well lol

tsundereharasser | 01-14-15, 9:59 PM
I watch Nichijou and there is Tachibana Misato, very, very interesting tsundere XD maybe you should add her to relations. She's so lovely and unique in some way :P

love her expressions XD

PrevE | 12-29-14, 3:33 AM
Ewwww at least put that shit in spoiler >.>

XXsjogsXX | 12-22-14, 7:08 AM
al it needs is for people to realise they can just come here and talk about other things besides tsundere characters too. like what animes they like or just stuff in Rl if they really want to and than when they want to talk about something tsundere related they can do that too. problem too is that clubs is like hidden on your profile so you actually have to click the club tab before seeing anything club related making it so not many people ever see what happens in a club. maybe it would be better to implement it on their profile or something so they see it whenever they log in

Chloe-tsundere | 12-21-14, 1:00 AM
Yeah i got a claim a tsundere club indeed, so feel free to join

joey101937 | 12-20-14, 7:30 PM
don't worry, chloe, I got the advertising department covered XP

PrevE | 12-20-14, 7:18 PM
Then I would join it XD

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