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'Übel Blatt' Unveils Main Staff, Additional Cast, First Promo, Winter 2025 Premiere

by Hyperion_PS
Jul 5, 6:21 PM | 10 Comments
The Übel Blatt (Ubel Blatt) panel at Anime Expo 2024 unveiled the main staff, additional cast, the first promo, and a key visual (pictured) on Friday. The television anime is scheduled to premiere in January 2025.

Hina Tachibana (Maougun Saikyou no Majutsushi wa Ningen datta) is joining the cast as Peepi.

Takashi Naoya (Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita?) is directing the television anime at Satelight and Staple Entertainment. Tatsuya Takahashi (Saihate no Paladin) is in charge of the series composition, and Kiyoshi Tateishi (Kinsou no Vermeil) is designing the characters.

Übel Blatt adapts Etorouji Shiono's dark fantasy manga, which was originally published in three chapters in Gangan YG (now Young Gangan) in January 2004, later published as Übel Blatt 0 (Ubel Blatt 0). The dark fantasy manga continued in the magazine in December 2004 and ran until November 2009. Following a two-year hiatus, the manga resumed in Big Gangan in December 2011 and ended in March 2019.

Square Enix published the 23rd and final volume in June 2019. The third issue also published the first chapter of the Übel Blatt II: Shiseru Ou no Kishidan sequel manga on Saturday.

Yen Press licensed the manga in English in February 2014 for an 2-in-1 omnibus release and shipped the 11th volume—containing volumes 22 and 23—in December 2019. The manga has also been published in Spanish, German, and Italian.


Source: Comic Natalie

10 Comments Recent Comments

Honestly, I expected more. Looks like another average thing with a cool name.

Jul 7, 7:05 PM by AcD4c

I hope they don't censor the naked women that appear in the manga. :'3

Jul 7, 5:06 PM by Jonas-K

From the PV alone, it doesn't look terrible but nothing stands out as particularly noteworthy either. A lot of the action scenes in it looks to be sliding stills or stills with some special effects in the background, of the lower quality kind. Maybe enough variation will make up for it.

Curious how they'll handle all the adult content though cause the earlier parts of the series has a bunch.

Jul 6, 2:25 PM by Paul

Truly the Age of Elfs in Anime...

Jul 6, 1:22 PM by Fabris

If the animation in the main show would be similar to what we had in this trailer(which I kind of doubt), then this adaptation is looking good.

Jul 6, 11:01 AM by Softhenic03

This takes me back. Never expected this to get animated, I wonder how far they'll get and how much of it they'll censor.

Jul 6, 9:43 AM by desusama

Animation quality looks very good. Satelight has improved very much.

Jul 6, 1:45 AM by OeKusoBaba

I Remember reading this like 5 year back. It was dark fantasy revenge story with bit ecchi in it. It looks good definitely gonna give a chance

Jul 5, 10:39 PM by Abomination_suah

Tbh I expected something a little darker than your typical average isekai

Jul 5, 9:47 PM by 18927

a see a bunch of dudes and no simp worthy looking girl.... meh... ill try an episode or 2 and see

Jul 5, 8:56 PM by EcchiGodMamster

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