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Mar 25, 8:27 AM

Nov 2011
This episode managed to get in one more 'torture' for the season!

Glad to see Vanilla becoming friends with Hime though. There were some misunderstanding but both seems to be on good terms now. The ice skating segment imo was gold. Finale is entertaining showcasing a variety of characters with even the Demon King appearing in front of Hime. Also got a rare fight in this finale.

Manga is still ongoing with 225+ chapters. However, I do feel like the anime did a decent job at getting the overall tone of the show.

Season 2 also announced!
Mar 25, 8:28 AM

Jul 2017
Vanilla, suffering through her first defeat when she "tortured" Hime, made her very first friend...and she wants to do more than just be her friend.

Hime wanting to go skating again, and Vanilla takes her out to ice skating. The Peschutz Family is in an upheaval just because they can AND will go to lengths to see it through, and it's hilarious as heck that they booked the entire ice-skating rink just for both their daughter and their unassuming prisoner friend, Hime herself. Too bad that Vanilla's torture, like the last, she's incredibly insufficient once again, and Hime, as an ice-skating professional, teaches her to have fun.

Tortura is back for another torture, but Hime is clearly close to being sick, and Tortura has her covered for recovery, even towards meals and pudding for dessert. And once she recovers, it's another torture session, though Tortura isn't satisfied because there're personnel transfers in Hellhorde...and this makes Hime all the sadder because everyone is involved. And thankfully, everyone is still one piece together as a team.

Hime, Ex...and the Hell-Lord being Isekai-ed to a parallel world, and the latter knows how to speedrun against the generic Isekai setting with the generic Black Monarch evil group lols. was a cinch for someone who LOVES Japanese culture, and taking advantage of the vibes playing the OP song during the final battle, all in 2 hours, and a well-deserve basketball match together.

This is a fun show lols, by the regard. And the fun does not end, because Season 2 is on the way!
KANLen09Mar 25, 7:13 PM
Mar 25, 8:28 AM

Dec 2021
'Tis time for ice skating.

On a sunny day, Hime and Vanilla became friends. Despite Vanilla's initial confusion about having her first friend, she gathered courage and invited Hime to go ice skating. Vanilla had only intended to hang out as friends, but Hime misunderstood it as "torture". Will Hime's misunderstanding be resolved? Meanwhile, it's also the season for personnel changes in the Demon Army. Surprisingly, Tortura's "torture" towards Hime might end today. Determined not to yield, Hime faces the final (?) "torture" today!

I'm pretty sure humans are a mess and demons are surprisingly nice. Like when Vanilla mentioned bringing a friend, her parents rented out the whole skating rink, which was hilarious. Vanilla herself acts all tough, but she's probably just shy. Hime uses her chain as a smartphone holder, which is smart. But seriously, Hime, stop saying you won't give in if you always do. Anyway, as long as everyone's happy, I'm good. And I don't remember the Queen being a torturer before... weird. Then we're whisked away to another world and back in minutes, thanks to the Demon Lord. He's more into baking cookies than fighting dark lords. I guess that makes him the main character now.

As for Hime's "torture", they will continue, at least Tortura's the one doing it, and hopefully, Hime won't give in... we hope, lol.

This season had a lot of feel-good shows, and this was one of my favorites. I'm gonna miss it. Though not for long, because the "torture" sessions continue!
IzanaSolosMar 25, 8:32 AM

Mar 25, 10:10 AM

Feb 2021
Vanilla is working to overcome her tsundere-ness! Her parents are amazing.
10:01 Kyo Yoshizawa must be a reference to Ryo Yoshizawa (a Japanese actor. Never heard of him, just googled lol. He apparently voiced Rody from the 3rd MHA movie tho.). The truck with Bamboo poles, Hige and Nazca must be references too.

14:31 Horyo (捕虜) - prisoner of war; captive

ED at 15 minutes? The earliest I've ever seen. And I still love the goofy faces.
18:31 我流王 (garyuuou) - lit. "own style king"

I assume everything after the ED was anime-original. It was really fun lol.
漆黒 (shikkoku lit. lacquer black) - jet black.

Was 8 at first, but I changed it to 9 after this episode. You may say it's too much for this, but screw you, I rate everything based on enjoyment.
This was so fun. I loved all the ridiculousness and absurdity xD
Plus this looked surprisingly good, there are many super well animated moments.

SEASON 2 ANNOUNCED LET'S GO. Sequels being announced right after a season finishes has become so common in the last year or so, we are so blessed ToT
Mar 25, 10:13 AM
Sep 2015
The overall aspect of this anime is weak but the last part is very strong. I'd love to explore this world, or another world, rather than confining in a cell, even if there's delicious food waiting for me in a cell. I don't think isekai joke will comeback in season 2 so I don't feel the hype around it.
Mar 25, 10:17 AM

Mar 2021
Really nice finale to an really good show am so excited that season 2 has been confirmed.
Mar 25, 10:42 AM

Nov 2023
Just give me season 2 right away.

Very good show and I cant wait for S2.

Wonderful characters and all. ♡

Geh-Geh-Geh will be missed too.

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Mar 25, 11:07 AM

Apr 2012
This anime is something else lol
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Mar 25, 11:11 AM

Mar 2019
This show has been so cute and fun! I loved all of the out of place humor, like Hime-sama watching home videos of herself online on a smartphone from her cell or the group taking a car ride into the mountains to have a riverside barbecue. At first I thought the format would get repetitive after a while, but I really enjoyed it all the way through. And I'm glad she finally got a bed in the end (Sleepy Princess would be proud).
Mar 25, 12:39 PM

Dec 2022
Vanilla takes her first friend to the family owned ice rink, Tortura and the Princess worry over personnel changes, and the Demon King speedruns a shitty isekai. Remember, he likes it when the theme song plays during the final battle!

Time for Torture Princess had a rocky start, but it got much better as new characters were introduced and the gags got more variety to them. What I enjoyed more than anything else were the scenes of the Demon King's family life. Wacky and wholesome is how I would describe this show. I'll give this a 7/10 and sign on for the second season. Would get tortured again.
MALoween 2023 Candy: ///
Mar 25, 12:41 PM

Oct 2017
What better way to end the season than with more Vanilla and Tortura. Vanilla's parents overreacting had me loling but they are good parents. The skating stuff was fun and even Ex can ice skate wow. Glad they'll all be together and none of them got transfered. Btw lmao they really completed their isekai adventure in just the epilogue and even came back to play basketball, sheesh.

The most wholesome show this season and I loved it. Really happy we got s2 announcement. Looking forward to it. More Tortura incoming.
Mar 25, 12:46 PM

Apr 2012
This anime is so defiantly silly friendly that it actually made me feel uncomfortable lmao. I can't wait for the second season!
Mar 25, 12:53 PM
Feb 2024
Season two has been officially confirmed!!! I’m looking forward to seeing what future torture awaits!

I know Excalibur said he could skate, but I wasn’t expecting to get to see it 😂 There are so many good parental figures in this show, I love it so much. They’re all so sweet and supportive- even Tortura, who isn’t even a parent (as far as we know) is great at taking care of others. I’m glad we got to see the Princess get some rest.

THEY’VE BEEN REINCARNATED IN ANOTHER WORLD!!! Everything about it was awesome! I’m glad the Hell-Lord got to live out one of his anime fantasies, definitely my favorite Hell-Lord ever! I bet if he teams up with Mr. Villain they can rule the world.
Mar 25, 1:07 PM
Aug 2020
"I get really hyped when they play the Opening during the final episode!" And the King actually got to live this moment, incredible!
Mar 25, 1:09 PM

Mar 2022
Great Season, but...

That after Credit Scene/Anime/Isekai was frikkin funny as hell, am I the only one who would watch a full length anime of that?

Mar 25, 1:22 PM

Dec 2013
I loved every second from this show, always watching it with a smile, so colorful, the OP was my favorite of the season and that little bit of them dancing is just too darn cute.

I'm so glad there will be a second season T-T

Mezino said:
That after Credit Scene/Anime/Isekai was frikkin funny as hell, am I the only one who would watch a full length anime of that?

The world needs a full theatrical release of those 2 hours of Maou saving the world.
Mar 25, 1:56 PM
Nov 2018
Tortura Torture saved this anime, so beautiful.
Maomao ugly as heck, nothing cute about her
Only 1st ep was good I guess. Watched the rest to pass time but used the skip key many times
Mar 25, 2:02 PM

Sep 2016
This was a really good final episode. The isekai section was really fun and I liked how they went Slam Dunk mode at the end XD
Mar 25, 2:37 PM

Jun 2017
I was thinking was getting a little repetitive around the 8th Ep or so but then it started to pick up for me and sealed its place with Tortora-san’s Nakao & Oyakodon’s addiction, because, that, I totally empathise!

I was a little confused when the ED started playing around the 15-min mark and when the Demon Lord opened the next segment with them being transported to an Isekai, I knew we’d be in for a ride, lmao. Op in the background reminded me how I liked this track and it really fits the show! Both the demon king and the hero simultaneously, how do you beat that?

First half was the Vampire antics and the group surviving the class shuffle were top moments too! I would’ve watched this Ep immediately while tv airing but I just woke up in the middle of night just earlier, lol.

Solid 7/10 from here. Glad to hear about the 2nd season confirmation and definitely looking forward to it!
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Mar 25, 3:09 PM

Feb 2019
What an anime man. Great finale. One of the coziest and sweetest anime I’ve ever seen. Hime might have seemingly been “abducted” by the demon lord’s army, but she really ended up turning that castle into her true home. So many wholesome moments in this show that it’s impossible to pick my favourite, but today’s scene with Hime and Tortura celebrating Tortura’s staying on as her torturer was so cute.

They managed to keep things fresh by adding some cool new characters and scenarios. Simple gag, but executed very well essentially. Stayed funny and engaging throughout.

I wish we’d get a little OVA of them in that isekai world fully,lol. But I’ll settle for season 2. Can’t wait for that!
Marinate1016Mar 25, 3:35 PM
Mar 25, 3:30 PM

Mar 2022
I loved it.

It has limited appeal(that it luckily hasn't lost too much), and the overall arc/story/the knight rescue is going... somewhere, but for what it was, a cozy wholesome 24 minutes of TV, it did it's job superb. Not only that, but it genuinely had some lessons that everyone SHOULD take to heart. Demon realm definitely looks like a great place to be and I would want to be friends will all of those... people? demons? Also, Tortura is definitely a waifu of the season nominee.

PS: God damn an isekai speedrun LOL, soory, KE KE KE
Mar 25, 3:36 PM
May 2022
Best isekai of the season frfr
Mar 25, 3:55 PM
Jan 2024
I love this series so funny & wholesome. Fantastic last episode & I look forward to season 2.
Mar 25, 4:22 PM
Dec 2021
Did not like this much
Mar 25, 4:30 PM

Nov 2016
What in the name of isekai? Lmao. Maou is HIM, period.

Way to end S1 of this wacky comedy. Can't wait for the sequel. Cute Girls Doing Cute Torture aka CGDCT should get it's own tag.

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Mar 25, 4:42 PM

Aug 2017
So glad I didn't dropped it. I was worried that they would just re-use the same gag for 12 episodes, but gladly I was proven wrong. Every episode got something unique, which made it interesting to watch.

Storm1988 said:
I get really hyped when they play the Opening during the final episode!"
That was one of the funniest gags the whole season and I laughed so hard, when they really made an allusion to it in the final episode.

Shoutout to the Demon King (a.k.a Mr. "Khe-khe-khe") the nicest and most caring boss ever. Some superiors can learn a thing or two from this guy. 😅

Never thought that an anime with "torture" in its title would be the "Feel-Good"-Anime of the season.😂

Our 'torture' from now on: Impatiently waiting for a second season
Mar 25, 5:31 PM
Oct 2019
Like i said before, Hime-sama life are much better here, she will never go back to Imperial Army again lol

What a fun Season Finale.

That post credit scene was so hilarious.
When the OP song play during Maou-sama battle the Black Monarch, i was like Hell YEAH!!

Never have i thought Anime with "torture" in the title would be this Wholesome.

I'm so happy they announced Season 2 right away.
Mar 25, 5:46 PM
Jun 2021
Second season lets goo!! A first for pine jam to make a sequel to one of there projects
Mar 25, 6:54 PM

Nov 2023
A good finale with a funny isekai post-credits scene.

I'm glad this is getting a season 2, I need more wholesomeness.
Mar 25, 7:49 PM

Jul 2022
Great final episode. I didn't expect much from this anime, but it turned out to be fun, relaxing to watch, and I got attached to its characters, especially the Dark Lord, who turned out to be quite an example to follow. He's the best dad in the world, a charismatic leader, and a wise ruler. On top of that, he has god-tier tastes and did an isekai speedrun.

Also, there's a confirmed second season, so there will be more adventures and torture for Hime.
Mar 25, 7:52 PM

May 2019
The finale was pretty good with quite a few humorous moments such as when the group was going through potential job reassignments which looked like school classroom reassignments and then in the 2nd half with Maou speed running the isekai portion and also having to deal with inflated power levels lol.

Overall I thought this was a pretty good chill-type anime with a bunch of comedic moments and some tasty looking food. My concern of this turning repetitive was mostly unfounded and I welcome a 2nd season. 7/10
Mar 25, 8:23 PM

Dec 2019
That post-credits scene was hilarious as fuck, it was basically just the average isekai anime in 5 minutes. I hope the 2nd season is a bit less tedious and I hope it comes out soon enough.
Pretend there's something flashy and cool here.
Mar 26, 1:23 AM
Jan 2021
Vanilla is so precious, must protect her at all costs.
Bruh that after credit scene was hilarious, thought they were setting up the plot for a season 2 but the Demon King just speedran the generic isekai lol

Honestly this one is great, every character is amazing and have a lot of personality.
It's a 9/10 for me, it's so wholesome and fun. Happy to see season 2 get announced so fast, I hope it comes out soon.
Mar 26, 7:47 AM

Nov 2013
so the princess got a little sick and she finally got a futon, took them long enough haha

we even had the usual scene about classmate changes, but as expected, out kind hearted maou would never make his people sad, so it was obvious they would stay together

poor vanilla just wants a friend, but ends up saying wrong stuff lol good thing Hime still understands her
also was crazy how fast Hime went from outside the ring to save her from falling, damn

that ending song scared me, i thought the episode ended too fast, but was still 15 minutes .............

the other world had some crazy power levels, but nothing that our op demon lord would even be worried about, 2 hours was all it took lmao

this was one of those animes that not much happens, but every episode is fun, every character is amazing on their own way (or almost all, fuck that Louch guy lol)
i was actually thinking about checking the manga BUT... already got confirmation about season 2, amazing :D
i'll give it an 8/10 (maybe even 9 lol), can't wait to watch more :D
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Mar 26, 8:01 AM
Aug 2020
Reply to lumjulian
So glad I didn't dropped it. I was worried that they would just re-use the same gag for 12 episodes, but gladly I was proven wrong. Every episode got something unique, which made it interesting to watch.

Storm1988 said:
I get really hyped when they play the Opening during the final episode!"
That was one of the funniest gags the whole season and I laughed so hard, when they really made an allusion to it in the final episode.

Shoutout to the Demon King (a.k.a Mr. "Khe-khe-khe") the nicest and most caring boss ever. Some superiors can learn a thing or two from this guy. 😅

Never thought that an anime with "torture" in its title would be the "Feel-Good"-Anime of the season.😂

Our 'torture' from now on: Impatiently waiting for a second season
@lumjulian I'm glad you gave this one a chance!
Mar 26, 8:11 AM

Mar 2009
genuinely enjoyed this anime the most besides the mainstream ones this season. its wholesome, cute and it made me laugh out loud every episode which hasn't happened with any comedy anime in a while. really happy to see the 2nd season announcement! looking forward to it
Mar 26, 8:13 AM
Isekai Trucker

Oct 2015
I know this is like a gag series or whatever but I'm really wondering why she doesn't escape. She could've easily escaped so many times during said "torture" moments. Also majority of the "secrets" are trash info. But that what makes this a series to have fun watching but still questioning.
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Mar 26, 2:02 PM
Mar 2020
It's nice to see the rating finally got into 7.2, last week it's still 6.8.

I'm not sure why the manga rating is kinda low on Mangadex, is it because non-Japanese didn't like the idea or something? I like this show very much and will miss it dearly until the S2 arrives.
Mar 26, 6:07 PM
Jul 2008
I'm actually interested with this anime because of this poster.

Turned out it's a gourmet gag anime lol. Just found out that the author was Senyuu's creator, no wonder it's so goofy lol.

Looking forward to 2nd season.
Mar 27, 8:46 PM

Jan 2011
So glad to see the isekai chapter got adapted.

Was half expecting the final ep to adapt a certain part of the manga, but I guess it's being saved for season 2.
Mar 28, 10:09 PM
Dec 2014
Mar 31, 12:39 AM
Sep 2012
this is peak content, i dont care what anyone says
Mar 31, 8:10 AM
Feb 2015
Ahhhh I'm gonna miss this one so much, I think this one was in my top 3 this season it's just so much fun and really wholesome which I wasn't expecting coming into this show 😂
The reincarnation to another world was amusing and woulda thought Hime woul help Maou but no need, he literally got the job done in 2 hours too ahahahahhahah

Will miss this sho- OMG A SEASON 2!?!??! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I wonder when it'll come out I'm so excited!
Apr 2, 1:02 PM

Nov 2014
Such a precious little gem. Comedy was nothing special and obviously there was no story. But those characters were so good. One of the better SoLs.
Apr 3, 11:59 AM

Nov 2013
Lol, who'd expect this show to go isekai! Demon Lord casually saving another world.

More torture next season :D
Apr 5, 4:59 PM

Nov 2022
The level of satire this series is is absolute genius, that on top of every single character being genuinely endearing in their own right. Just brilliant, can’t wait for more torture!
Apr 6, 12:37 PM
Sep 2019
unironically a very good show!
Apr 9, 7:18 PM

Feb 2014
Damn~ very nice anime. Easy 8/10 and 9/10 wouldn´t be unfair.

I was reading and enjoying the manga in the past (which in my opinion is a solid 7/10 up until the last chapter I have read), but the anime made it even more enjoyable.

I am glad there will be a 2nd season.
TechOtakuApr 10, 6:46 AM
Apr 14, 6:25 AM

Apr 2015
I liked it. The premise is restrictive but they changed things around just enough that it somehow didn't really feel repetitive.
Good natured demons are kind of overused by this point but the demon lord was so wholesome it wasn't annoying.

6/10 I think, Not sure it deserved a S2 but I would happily watch it.
Apr 28, 6:32 AM

Feb 2021
I thought that it's gonna be a sad ending but it turned out to be a happy ending XD
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