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Poll: Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei Episode 2 Discussion

Jan 2, 1:17 AM

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The dialogue slowed a bit but still has those moments where its hard to take it in while looking at what's happening on screen.
Mar 22, 4:29 PM
thot patrol
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I still don't understand what the hell is happening lol
Apr 5, 10:36 AM

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So I'm guessing we'll see this loop many times till he makes the right decisions and the reason for the bad endings are either Ozu or not keeping his promise to Akashi or both.

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May 16, 1:40 PM

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Yay the dialogue slowed down

So far this is incredible. In love with this shows storytelling, art, and characters so far. Really damn creative and easily relatable.
Aug 22, 7:15 AM

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It seems that they slowed down a bit.

Time travel, huh?

I'm really liking this show.
Life has no meaning.
Aug 28, 9:33 AM

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It's a time loop!! And holy shit the ED theme is so good

Akashi always finding Watashi's films entertaining and paying attention to them, even when no else was, was such a cute and pure thing. My cold heart was warmed once again. T_T
I wonder how long it'll take for him to realise the meaning behind all these little things she does and says. I can't blame him though.

Like the spin-off movie, this show seems to have quite the strong message of seizing the day, and realizing what's actually there with/for you in the present. I love it. Akashi is such a great tsundere, and Watashi such a lovable nerd--I can't wait to see their relationship develop more.
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Sep 15, 7:53 AM

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Im still confused about the story of this, if I'm not wrong I noticed that the time went back, but this time with a different story and some thing remain unchanged. I had fun at this episode, basically a revenge episode against Jougasaki, especially the Alexander movie that was the funny part. People love non-fiction, and yeah wall of boobs. Ozu is the master of pranks and I love his works, and also Akashi best girl.
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