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Sousou no Frieren
Sousou no Frieren
Yesterday, 8:04 AM
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Yesterday, 6:25 AM
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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
Yesterday, 6:21 AM
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Kokou no Hito
Kokou no Hito
Yesterday, 2:55 PM
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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
Yesterday, 6:21 AM
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JeremiahOrange Sep 22, 5:12 AM
anyways, if u caught up with latest chapter of oshi no ko, you'd know why aqua and ruby are front and center while kana cries and akane is depressed.

OMusicoNerd_ Aug 27, 9:25 PM
haha, that really is a great profile picture lmao
ThatAnimeSnobRE Jun 18, 4:03 AM
I gave FMAB a 10
ThatAnimeSnobRE Jun 18, 3:05 AM
Voting everything high does not make you serious either
Mikkonn Jun 3, 6:41 AM
Thank you! Have a nice evening ^^
ZephSilver Mar 21, 9:59 AM
Glad you liked it :0)
xkroku Mar 20, 12:21 PM
Hi! Thanks for the nice comment :)))
You're based too my friend.
Verty_ Mar 18, 3:42 PM
Of course the 3rd world dude who has seen 5 anime is offended by Onimai LOL.
PopoAdamko Jan 24, 7:33 AM
nice page
Mikkonn Dec 27, 2022 7:46 AM
Thanks! I really like your reviews. よろしく!
Hibbington Dec 11, 2022 1:28 PM
Greetings UnknownGhost5 I am the Head Admin of a Seasonal Club called the Anime Guild.
I did look over a few of your reviews and was curious if you'd like to participate in our Review Event in the Club which is a collaborative effort in our community to share your handiwork -
To participate in the Review Event all you need to do is submit your reviews in the Review Hub Thread ^.^. A few members are starting up their submissions -
NorthmostIsle Nov 21, 2022 4:32 PM
nice forum avatar and pfp ya got there
x4163 Nov 1, 2022 6:45 AM
Yo, just wanted to drop by and say a (few) things ^_^

I've seen user @SuperAdventures' reviews and I don't agree on most of them. I somehow ended up reading this entire back and forth between you two.

So far I have only seen the first episode of Uchi no Shishou and have loved it thus far, I feel that it's a series that given more episodes can be better or if not can just stay consistent with what it's trying. Of course that could just be being based as I love my slice of life anime (^///^).

I do not think you personally attacked SuperAdventure with those comments, your comments made valid points and pointed out what you didn't like about the review in question.
Seeing SuperAdventure's reply comments actually makes it look like he/she's the one attacking you.

You said the following; "Secondly you complain about not understanding the rakugo. Like no shit. It's a cultural thing and it's obvious that the translation won't be as good as the real thing." YES- YES VERY TRUE, I'm no japanese expert or anime expert at that I simply just enjoy watching shows, but rakugo is I think something that one cannot understand fully unless you're a part of the culture. I'm not saying that people cannot and can't understand it, BUT certainly not to a 100% full extent. I at least can appreciate the rakugo in this show acknowledging that I don't understand most/any of it (it being actually decent/good or not).
The ED explanation somewhat explains what was actually being performed, but in quite the literal sense. Even if one did understand the literal events in the performance, I don't think most people would understand the meanings behind it or the cultural references being made. (I certainly didn't :p)

The thing where Bunko being harsh towards Mameda; yes you could've phrased it differently but I was able to at least understand what you were trying to say. In the first place I don't even think Bunko was being harsh, it's just her character in general and how she interacts with people. Even IF she was being harsh, I would consider it as what people call 'tough love' as it feels Bunko really cares about Mameda in such ways.

The show's genre is tagged as comedy and supernatural, I don't think we'll get any meanings deeper that what show has provided thus far, so I don't get why SyperAdventure is expecting something "profound" from this show. If so still, that is very welcome, this series is already amazing enough as is in my opinion <3, and if we were to get more that'd be awsome.

A little side note; a really liked Uchi no Shishou's casting

I've never really written anime reviews or much reviews of anything, I sometimes just add comments to shows to my list. Probs just wanted to get my opinion out there somehow :p. I also see you've favorited and given some of the shows I like pretty high scores! Everyones' opinions about anime will differ somehow, it's normal to see differing scores/opinions on these, but its nice seeing people with the same opinions! Keep watching anime fam o7
SuperAdventure Oct 30, 2022 1:38 PM
It's interesting how you have to insist that the person you're arguing with is the one with the problem.


That is not accurate. You brought your problem to me, and I would have been delighted to discuss the anime with you on equal terms; but instead you unleashed a nasty takedown of my review saying it's shit, implying that I'm incapable of understanding it, and that I have some kind of 'problem' because I dared to criticize it.
If you don't have a good argument to defend something, doing personal attacks is NOT the way to make a point. All you had to do was say you liked some aspects that I may not have noticed, to try and change my mind. Would probably have been easy, but you chose hostility instead.
SuperAdventure Oct 30, 2022 8:49 AM
I want to point out one place where you directly contradict yourself: "complained that Bunk was very harsh towards Memeda which is simply not true. Yeah she's a little harsh"
Like you say I'm shit because I point out that she's harsh, then in the second half of the same sentence, you admit she's harsh.
So if you can't even understand what you're writing and contradict yourself- you can see how someone would be pretty skeptical about any claims you make about their own writing...

If I could give you a friendly advice, it would be to stop getting triggered by something someone wrote online. Like if I had sent this to your inbox or said it about you- fine. Even though I didn't actually say the show was shit or that it was even bad- which you blatantly said about my review. Try opening up with a discussion rather than profanities. ^This above is not a discussion- this is accusation and nasty and not effective, or necessary.
All the best,
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