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Mugen no Juunin: Immortal
Mugen no Juunin: Immortal
Oct 16, 1:19 PM
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NHK ni Youkoso!
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Soba e
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Aku no Hana
Aku no Hana
Oct 10, 1:39 AM
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Guin Saga
Guin Saga
Oct 7, 8:22 PM
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Kakumeika no Gogo
Kakumeika no Gogo
Oct 6, 8:26 PM
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RogerSmith2004 Oct 7, 6:27 AM
If you read the credits of any episode you will not find Aya Watanabe's name anywhere on the project. (No credits in the staff list here) (No credits on any of the episodes)

You would think that someone who supposedly played a huge role in the series would actually be credited in the series proper.

Furthermore, your very first statement was saying that she could not write an anime script. I am not sure what you meant by that statement when you said it. Did you mean she literally could not write one and did not write one? Can you give me any other examples of someone who supposedly wrote Series Composition who was not credited at all? She left during pre-production. You don't have to believe me on this, my source is folks I know who follow the industry pretty closely and are in contact with people from the industry. However, I can't really think of why exactly this would make news in the first place. When has any production going through rough patches ever made news? The only people who would report on that production issues would be either 1. Sakuga Blog or some equivalent and/or 2. if fans in Japan were complaining a lot about it. Which, I don't know how much of a crossover there is for Japanese fans and this production in the first place. Maybe a little more than expected because it's a +Ultra title so it was on right before Sarazanmai, but I dunno. It's not like the production was infamously bad or anything like My Sister, My Writer last year. It took a lot for the staff of Marchen Madchen to speak out about the rough production that series went through and they had to do so anonymously.

As far as script writers "taking over the show", I don't know how exactly they approached writing the show, but if you look at how the series functions, it feels less tight than it probably should and like some ideas weren't given enough time to fully think them through. And if you look at the dips in quality the show has, it's very clear that the show wasn't well scheduled ( Scripts not being done means that storyboards can't get started which means that the animation can't get started.

However I suppose we will find out for sure the specifics when liborek writes his post on C&T.
RogerSmith2004 Oct 5, 7:52 AM
Aya Watanabe did not write on Carole & Tuesday. She was announced as the main writer at the time because production on the show didn't happen until after it was announced. Then after that she dropped out and the folks working on the series got together a bunch of script writers to write the show. It's extremely likely considering how early she dropped out that she legitimately had next to no involvement with how the final show turned out.
RoterMann Sep 28, 1:11 PM
No worries about reply times! We're kinda having a huge conversation between comments. I find it takes the right mood to sit down and write a few paragraphs so y'know - all good :)

I might just start the JoJo manga. I think it'll depend on just how long this wait will be for a part 6 adaptation

The friend that got me into JoJo is also in the same predicament - he bothered me and bothered me to watch JoJo, and then I sped by him watching and am now fully caught up with the manga bothering HIM to read it, but he can't get into it without the anime added charm hahaha. Honestly though I do agree that - the music, voice acting, and sound effects all add a significant amount to the experience.
I would personally recommend waiting. It's been around 2 years in between anime adaptations for each part, so it's not a terribly long wait. I believe (though I'm lazy and haven't looked up a source) that David Productions has also stated they are committed to adapting all the parts.

Fair enough about you planning to watch the shows either way. I suppose I just like going off of recommendations as I've slowed down with watching anime lately. Don't know when I'll get a burst of energy to binge a lot again.
About Nasu though - I was surprised by it! I'm not one for sports anime but I was engaged the whole watch. I liked how it kinda throws the viewer in - made me feel like these characters actually exist and I'm just seeing a highlight of their life together (even if that life/story is a realistic one). My favourite part of it was the family vibes the cast gave off, especially when Pepe won and they were celebrating and talking afterwards. I will probably watch the sequel at some point!
I will most likely be watching Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni next weekend, going down to the friends that I watch anime movies with, so I will get back to you on it! :)

Glad you enjoyed NNB! I agree with you on the antics bit - though I imagine there is probably a lot going on in the NNB movie (though I haven't got to it yet, still on season 2 due to anime slow down :<). Koma is definitely up there, one of my favourite episodes is when she mistakes Hotaru for an adult the entire time they are out together hahaha. My favourite character is definitely Renge though - she just personifies that childlike wonderment and the mood that gives me country nostalgia in the first place. I feel like the four make a great group though and I enjoy the show the most when they are all playing or interacting with each other :)

For Monogatari. I don't blame you at all for not getting into it - for me I watched the first 3 or so seasons at a snails pace, and then the hooks got in and I banged out the rest of it in half a week. The earlier seasons are slower due to for the most part being used to set up the intricate relationships and dynamics between characters - the harem romance is for the most part actually explained as the show progresses and the reasons that certain characters feel towards Araragi are explained (Araragi isn't always the narrator) and used to play towards certain directions (for example, hatred or disdain of Araragi - no spoilers who [or who plural] though :p). I would say the show definitely shines the deeper you go. If you are struggling to get into it, I would recommend breaking release watch order and watching the 3 Kizumonogatari movies. They help explain motives and the relationship between the starting cast of Hanekawa, Oshino, Shinobu, and Araragi. Kizu also has a lot more action scenes compared to the anime.

For LotL, yes, yes and yes!!! Hahaha it's one of my favourite shows (and my favourite manga) and Phos has got to be my favourite protagonist out of everything that I've read or watched. I'm really happy you liked it despite the flaws you mentioned. It has been awhile but I would agree that Phos-Cinnabar dynamic isn't focused even in the manga - though I would say it is in part due to more important things popping up that Phos focuses on as well as losing inclusions /memories from losing pieces of their self (I don't really know with the gender thing myself, I just go with 'they' - I do really like the androgynous aspect of the character design). Though I agree with the Antarcticite totally. They felt like more of a vessel to further Phos' development rather than their own character (though, no spoilers, but there is more on Antarcticite in the manga).
It has been a long time since I read the first few volumes of it but it is an accurate adaptation - the only thing being if I remember correctly is that the confrontation scene at the end doesn't happen until later on - which when I first started reading the manga I thought was a really dumb reorganization of events to do for the anime plot-wise but in hindsight doesn't matter too much. It makes sense that it was put at the end, as a hook to buy the manga like it got me to do (the covers are absolutely beautiful!).
I don't want to go off too much as it has been awhile since I've watched the anime, and I just got done reading the 9th volume yesterday so I don't want to accidentally spoil the major plot points beyond the questions you asked. The manga is a monthly chapter release, so as much as I love it I wouldn't recommend reading it up-to-date as it is easy to forget what exactly is going on, and who is who due to it being in black and white. I have been buying and binge reading each volume as they release in English as a sort of ways to remedy this. The manga is definitely worth reading though, and I'd say once it finishes publishing it will be binge-tastic. It has beautiful art, and each plot point past the anime just gets better and better.
To answer your questions though. My answers will likely be highly influenced by the manga but I won't spoil beyond what you've asked specifically -
What are the things you love so much about it?

This will sound like a very generic answer, but I love everything about it. The mystery and intrigue that is slowly revealed - and man oh man are things ever opened up as the story progresses, the character development (as I said before a lot of problems while not being necessarily fully addressed are at least improved with the manga), and the unique-ness of the story and things within the story - from the lunarians to the gems. It hasn't ceased to blow my mind from when I started to watch it and now that I'm reading it.

How does it change as it progresses in the manga--does it get much better?

I don't want to say much in fear of major plot spoilers but there are times where how you view certain things in the story may be turned on their head - the manga plot has only kept getting better and better as it progresses. Things are not always shrouded in mystery and some plot revelations just grip you and your attachment to the characters harder.

Also aside from Phos, who is your other favourite gem?? Oh and does the big bald guy ever get more likable?

Of what you've seen my favourite gems are Rutile and Padparadscha. As well as a couple that haven't been revealed in the anime yet :) - And yes Kongou gets even more likable. No spoilers, but there is a lot of character development for Kongou - up there in amount with Phos.

Also can you either confirm or deny whether Phos gets any more power-ups?

Confirmed. However I won't say what, or why :p

I have the impression that she will given the seemingly important theme of her losing parts of herself/what makes her her as she does this. I definitely feel like she still has a bit more to go before the lesson is learned.

That is a big part of why I love Phos so much as a character. To be vague in fear of spoilers, loss is quite literal and in the gems world the loss of a part of yourself is a huge deal. This is used a lot in the manga as the stakes are raised for ALL the characters, not just Phos. I also find how Phos changes to be quite relatable - that same childlike wonder that I like in Renge from NNB is in Phos at the start, but due to changes in environment and knowledge changes and sacrifices have to be made - in a sense just like growing up.

Sorry for the huge Land of the Lustrous tangent. I love it so much haha. Any shows you've been watching that you're feeling strongly about? I'm not fully caught up, but I saw you gave Carole and Tuesday a 5, what don't you like about it? :o
I'll hopefully be getting back to you as mentioned before about a couple shows/movies you recommended :) don't know when I'll be feeling the mood to binge anything though.
xiulis Sep 18, 1:02 PM
I am coming here after some days and I must say that seeing your reply made me really happy as I was nervously waiting for a chance to open a conversation with you about Meiken Lassie. I was also feeling so lonely while watching it and your topics about the episodes just really made my day as I was slowly getting deeper into it. Also I really wanted to clean up my image and explain you how I found you, even though it seems like you are some steps before me. Well, to answer your question, basically the episode nine just appeared like updated on the platform where I was watching my shows and I got really curious and tried the first episode. But, the funny thing is that I cried so much when I saw the little puppy there that I just couldn't think at anything else for like two days, until I was already out of subbed episodes. And then, I found you, my perfect victim to stalk and stress with my new-discovered obsession to Lassie.

I can't believe there's also someone else who is dying to read those tags! I remember that before to add you, I was reading everything I found in your list and I stopped specifically at the Marnie's tags and said in my mind: 'I can't believe how many things I have in common with this person, I MUST add him!' Then I compared the scores and everything until this point where we are now. I also loved the pacing, the characters and the gradual development in the relationship between Marnie and Anna. I had no idea that it was going to become such a roller coaster of emotions for me. And as you said, I DEFINITELY DID NOT CRY in the last couples of minutes. The ending song, I am still playing it sometime and it gives me shivers. Simply amazing. I am glad I found you and we have this special thing that we both treasure, I believe, in the same proportions.

What do you like so much about Paprika? I recently watched it and I can't find any proper words to describe it as it was so intense. I was curious about your opinion being one of your favorite. Also, sorry for the late reply.

Rsurect Sep 17, 1:49 AM
i'll dm you my #, the one in your profile doesn't seem to work
Rsurect Sep 16, 9:38 AM
i can make an exception for you and add you on discord to discuss this gem sir
Rsurect Sep 16, 3:18 AM
not even going to lie, that vid makes me want to jump into meiken lassie
xiulis Sep 12, 8:15 AM
Thank you for accepting my friend request!
Arcus_Deer Sep 6, 9:51 PM
No problem man, you were interesting in the r/anime thread and I want to read your full profile when I'm in the mood for it! Dunno if you saw my comment but you seem like a good guy to get an underwatched classic recommendations from as well :)
RoterMann Aug 31, 2:23 PM
Hell yeah. You banged through that really fast! Glad you enjoyed it. I especially recommend the manga if that's your sort of thing, understandable if not though. Different medium so it doesn't have the completely same feel as the anime adaptation.

But yeah, for part 5: I really enjoyed the character shots. The chains thing is especially interesting with the theme of fate; 'the chains of fate' and Giorno breaking the chains in the OP. Part 5 in my opinion is probably one of the best groups of JoJo & JoBros. For me, Mista is definitely my favourite as well. Just because I enjoy his quirks and personality a lot.

I'll give Nasu a watch sometime this week! Anime that evoke those type of emotions for various people are special so I'll give it a try. Even though it may not have the same impact for me, you're trying out Non Non Biyori so I better try too (though it seems like it'll be better story wise beyond cute country kids doing country things hahaha).
I still haven't watched anymore SAO so maybe I'll end up watching it so slow I wont mind how bad it gets because I'll forgot whatever bull awaits me hahaha.

Okay, noted. Come to you for movie recommendations. Sometimes when I visit old friends we watch an anime movie or two and I've struggled with finding ones that seem decent aside from the popular ones.
I dont know if I'll end up watching Lassie as it gets subbed weekly. I'm bad at keeping things up to date as they release but I'll definitely give it a go. Added to my watchlist so I wont forget as well :) I'll do my best to help not have the forums for it be so lonely as well as I watch hahaha. It does seem cute and the art looks very charming based off of the OP you linked - the use of colour seems like itll be a highlight of the show. I'll also give In This Corner Of The World a watch - it's your profile picture so you don't even have to sell it to me :p I don't know how long it has been sitting in my plan to watch but apparently I had already looked at it before. I'll also add Okko's Inn so I won't forget. Perhaps this week I'll binge a couple movies so I can get back to you sooner :)
You are very passionate about what you have recommended me there so I'm sure I will enjoy them. I have been watching anime a lot more slowly lately just due to a shift in workload balance but I'll let you know when I finish them all!

Unfortunately I don't have very many anime under my belt, and further fewer that I'd consider good enough to recommended that I've watched and you haven't. So I will have to get back to you on any recommendations. The only thing I can say is keep going with Land of the Lustrous. It's one of my all time favourites including the manga. I could probably talk all day about it but I'd wanna wait to talk about it though to avoid spoilers :) - and same with the Monogatari series. I see you started with one episode of Bakemonogatari. I enjoyed it so much I've been reading through the novels (the novel translations are popular apparently - soon they are gonna go past the anime adaptation!) What are your first impressions of those two shows though?
charlieman999 Aug 30, 3:11 PM
Thanks man, you have really nice taste too, it looks like that movie is not very known but it surprised me how good it is, it looks like most people here prefer T.V series instead of movies and so many great ones like Okkos inn end flying under the radar and that´s a shame : ( l also must say that sometimes i check your anime list before i watch a new anime to check how you score it and almost everytime i end rating it almost exactly the same number as you haha, and your tags are also very good and descriptive, i hace accepted your friend request, best wishes : )
charlieman999 Aug 30, 1:13 PM
Hey i watched the movie you had in your profile, Okko's Inn, and it was great!! Thanks for letting me know about it, what a lovely and charming story, such an underrated gem.
RoterMann Aug 18, 7:00 PM
No worries! Late reply from me too, usually use the mobile version to update my list but can't see notifications on there.
I was in the same boat man. My friend sat me down and forced me to get through the middle of Phantom Blood. It clicked when I saw Joseph pull out the Tommy gun on Straizo and I binged it just like you're doing now.
You're already on Diamond is Unbreakable now though since I last saw, so you can see that beyond Stardust Crusaders the characters (specifically villains) get a bit more well written past the polar opposite good v. evil it is in the earlier parts. Araki's writing only gets better with every part in my opinion.
Hell yeah. The OPs and EDS are so amazing. Now that you've finished Stardust, Last Train Home probably gives you a feels trip now too. Bloody Stream is also great, probably the most popular JoJo OP.

You haven't seen it yet, but my favourite OP is Fighting Gold from Golden Wind. For the ED, I'd say Walk Like An Egyptian just because I love the visuals for it. Last Train Home will always hold a special place for the feels trip though.
My favourite animated part and JoJo. That's a tough one as my two favourites haven't been animated yet, but I'd have to say old Joseph in Stardust for my favourite JoJo, just because I find him to be the most memorable of the early parts. Of the animated parts Golden Wind is definitely my favourite though (no spoilers, but as I said before, Araki's writing just gets better and better!).

Holy crap those subs are amazing. I almost want to go back and rewatch Phantom Blood with them hahaha. Good find even though they aren't exactly the most accurate :p

With Non Non Biyori and SOA; I couldn't recommend Non Non Biyori enough. I grew up in the country and found the relaxing atmosphere and characters very relatable. It made me feel very nostalgic for my home town, which is why I scored it so high. Definitely one I will likely be rewatching who knows how many times in the future. SOA on the other hand, I'm just slowly getting into it. Only watched one episode thus far but I felt like I needed to give it a chance instead of just judging it based on all the negative opinions online. I doubt I'll like it but figured why not haha.

I would ask the same but most of the stuff you've updated recently I haven't heard of. Perhaps you have some recommendations though? I'm just trudging through the seasonal anime slowly and watching older stuff even slower haha. I imagine since our affinity is so high I'd like whatever you might recommend! :)
RoterMann Aug 11, 8:59 PM
Ooooh, started watching JoJo eh? Hope you're enjoying it man. It's quite the treat imo :)
Zip_Zip Jun 27, 3:20 PM
Your welcome :) Im not usually giving compliments often on Mal but yours was deserving it.
Thanks! Im not really creative when it comes to creating cool profiles, was the best I could come up with ^^