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March 4th, 2019
Precursor: This is more for myself than anyone else. I love anime films and there's too much coming up to easily keep track of what I like and want to keep a watch of (looking it, I'm starting to think we're in some sort of industry golden age for ani films in my opinion. From the increasing amount of high budget feature-length hits we've had in these last few years and looking at the increasing amount coming.. And then all the new directors making a name for themselves and being able to continually produce films in a cycle such as Hosoda...).

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February 17th, 2019
Anime Relations: Megalo Box
All in one huge YouTube playlist:

I'm forever adding to this, so will also be happy for suggestions.

Posted by Zaugr | Feb 17, 2019 9:22 PM | 3 comments
I don't know why but I've always loved trailers and I've always loved revisiting old great ones to remind me of the show or film-- and there's so many of them I lose track of the ones I really loved, so I'm making this. Also good trailers need more appreciation.

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Anime Relations: Zankyou no Terror
Some of the scenes I keep coming back to (that I can find on a video platform)
This list is more for myself than anyone else. I wanna list these somewhere for those rainy days. I'll be adding to it as I watch more things and revisit others.
I love anime.

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