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Jul 3, 2022 8:39 AM
May 2020
I was expecting 200 ch but it’s was 20 and really good as always from fujimoto the art also was fine
Jul 3, 2022 8:43 AM

Jul 2021
Eh didn’t find this as memorable as I would wish to (20 more pages maybe?) because the whole setup, in the beginning, is kinda the typical school life that I'm reminiscing out of any shoujo series lol so it wasn’t surprising to see the “I LOVE YOU PLEASE ACCEPT MY CONFESSION”. But anyways It’s clear that a song exists to be very controversial in different areas of culture from languages or laws and politics to using various symbolism with unusual imagery in the background and translations (Most likely differ in meanings and hard to find its own precision) that is rather ambiguous for this case and got me like, “What’s he cooking?”. Wonder, how did this boy get so many views on Youtube very suddenly, the world is very mainstreamed to his type of song huh? I kinda like the lyrics though, in the end, that was a really nice confession showing the boy’s way to picture the women he wants to confess to but could use a little polish with more extension to the lyrics.
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Jul 3, 2022 8:46 AM

Mar 2021
Based Fujimoto dropping another wild story, this time in only 18 pages!! Shoutout to the artist too, it almost looks like Fujimoto drew it himself.

I love how the story is (most probably) criticizing the phenomena of overanalyzing and looking for things that aren't there.
MugiwaraJopaJul 3, 2022 9:48 AM
Jul 3, 2022 8:57 AM

Jun 2014
we got 2 deep, thought-provoking one-shots from the man himself, now he's back with his usual wacky woohoo wtf plot again.
Jul 3, 2022 9:15 AM
Hello World!:))

Oct 2015
Love the last panel. Wish it was longer, still brilliant as always.
"I'll be done soon. If you wait nicely, I'll buy you some sweetbread." said Lawrence.

- I'll thank you not to treat me like a child.

"Oh, you don't want any?"

- I do.

Jul 3, 2022 9:18 AM

Jun 2014
Should've been a few pages longer, but a fun read nonetheless. Looking forward to CSM part 2 after this. Feels like he's calling out people overanalyzing his work?
PernodiJul 3, 2022 9:25 AM

Jul 3, 2022 9:19 AM

Jul 2017
It was fine if you ask me, art was good and the plot was weaker than his other works but it had 20 pages so this was quite expected. Kinda fun overall
Jul 3, 2022 9:36 AM

May 2020
Nothing much to say if it's 20 pages long honestly, that's like the length of your one average chapter lol.

Also yes this one shot really depicting the current state of YouTube, people digging the sense out of the stupidest things.
Jul 3, 2022 9:38 AM

Aug 2021
If you stop at page 8 of this one-shot, there's a ghost
Jul 3, 2022 9:39 AM

Jun 2014
Lol this reminded me of when you're reading something for English class and the teacher comes up with all this analysis and deep meaning for what the author meant with "this line" or "that description." Criticism of American gun culture, denying the existence of God....JUST LISTEN TO THE SONG PEOPLE 💀

Anyway, I was expecting another long one-shot like Goodbye Eri but this one was still pretty decent. I just wish things actually went somewhere further with that random girl who warned him not to delete the video.

Also the way people were taking his song and creating new meanings out of the lyrics reminded me of this picture lol.
thebrentinator24Jul 3, 2022 9:43 AM
No one hates anime more than anime fans.

Jul 3, 2022 9:52 AM
Nov 2021
'Form is meaningless' was a quote from Heart Sutra
Jul 3, 2022 10:06 AM

Sep 2021
This was short but good, i would have love It to be 200 pagues but with only 18 that was a really well Made story in a short time
Jul 3, 2022 10:14 AM

Nov 2021
Not trying to overanalyze, but did his crush has a change of heart at the end or something?
Jul 3, 2022 10:32 AM
Feb 2021
It was surprisingly short but I quite liked it.
I feel like it's supposed to represent the expectations people have of CSM part 2 and the pressure that comes with it.
Jul 3, 2022 10:39 AM

Apr 2013
Social media theorists and over-analyzers in shambles. Fujimoto went for the throat.

4/5, CSM part 2 in 1.5 weeks, not sure what to expect but cannot wait.
Jul 3, 2022 11:00 AM

Oct 2017
Lmao that was so over the top, was hilarious how the song was analysed a bit too much. Reminds me of some theory videos of animes/mangas/games. Sweet ending thou.
Jul 3, 2022 11:25 AM

Oct 2019
Man I love Fujimoto. I love the way he writes his stories. Even short one shots like this one is still pretty good
Jul 3, 2022 11:52 AM
Jan 2021
I think this was trying to tell us something hmmm...
Jul 3, 2022 12:07 PM

Aug 2018
"Just Listen to the Song"
It was curious. At first it seemed like something was going to happen, but then everything was normal. The question is, will she be with him?
That's left to the imagination I guess xd. It was good.
Jul 3, 2022 12:21 PM

May 2010
Short and sweet. To many people on here are complaining that it needed to be longer but this was a well crafted and executed story. Its a short story, also most one shots are not 200 pages and its strange people expected that. Glad we got one more fun story before returning to Chainsawman.
Jul 3, 2022 12:37 PM

Jun 2014
Love how the score for this one is the lowest his work has gotten, really seems to have irked some of the people here lmfao.
Jul 3, 2022 1:03 PM

Jul 2019
where do you guys read it?
y'all should watch haibane renmei
Jul 3, 2022 1:08 PM
May 2021
quiuzus said:
where do you guys read it?
Shonen Jump app, it’s free atm.
Jul 3, 2022 2:03 PM

Dec 2009
Another (short but) very good One-Shot from Tatsuki Fujimoto. 6/10.
I've read all of his work except for Chainsaw Man (yet) and his two lost untranslated One-Shots (Sense of Justine & Paper Plane) so I can't fully judge him accordingly to my opinion, but I can definitely say he's talented.
Fire Punch is overrated, but overall, most of his work is very good with some great One-Shots.

He has an intriguing originally unique and genuine humanity/personality in the portrayal to some of his characters,
along with entertaining themes he presents.
In this case, it's another relatable and realistic story of how a teenager can reveal a passion in honesty with a confession to a girl he likes, get rejected and be bullied for it to then be ashamed of the results, while it gained popularity in odd ways of how this generation can entertain themselves by glorifying specific things in a "simple" video.

Throughout becoming viral, fans asking for more, he posts another song called "Just Listen to the Song" ... which is a direct plea of what it's called.
Unfortunately, it fails to deliver to the public which leads him to delete the video. Later on, as he's sitting alone in the subway, his crush sits next to him, putting her left earphone into his ear to listen to his first video of the confession to her.
To his surprise, she reveals to him that the video still exists from fans having downloaded it. "Both songs... are about when you sketched me in middle school art class, right? So cringey."

A she's solely watching the video nonchalantly, he, in response hides his face on his bag in embarassement ... and, that's the end.

... Overall, it's very good.
I'm just left very curious of (two things;) the girl who warned him that he'd be cursed if he deleted the video due to the spirit on his video haunting his room- which lead to nothing. Unknown as far as I can interpret.
As well as, to what his crush's feelings for him are... Her first reply to his song of confession through a public YouTube video was "Sorry" while she laughed about it and mocked him for it in unison with the class... but, now after the second video, in his moment of solitude of gloom, she sits next to him and reveals the continued existence of his video, while recognizing the origin of his love song- their time in middle school...

There's an odd but subtle sense of arguable care since she took the action to possibly acknowledge his confession, even though she called it "cringey".

In the end, it's conflicting to me, because I'm left perplexed at what her intention and feelings are.
Is she disrespectfully hinting at accepting his confession now, or is she completely bullying him to mock him more with the facts she pointed out?

Reviewing her character from the start, I think it's just bullying, unless this ending is potentially intended as development of a future where she accepts his confession to start dating.
Her whole attitude though feels less caring and more mean-spirited then that potential, because from the start she's very uncaring to his confession, only to show great joy upon ridiculing him with the class, to then ridicule him again after he deletes the video with the fact that he hadn't realized that the video still exists and call him cringey for creating a love confession where he seemingly fell in love with her while sketching her.

[The Irony:]
After reading Bronk's review, I just realized that this One-Shot, "Just Listen to the Song" is partly a representation of what I did "wrong" which was overanalyze, lol. "Just Read the Manga."
waalex11Jul 3, 2022 2:18 PM
Jul 3, 2022 3:35 PM
Sep 2019
It's all about symbolism
The lesson is people neglect your effort just for the things that interest them, except the ones who really deeply cared even if they didn't show at the beginning.
Jul 3, 2022 4:05 PM

Oct 2013
Brilliant roast coming from Fujimoto-sensei himself and pointed towards all edgy overthinkers who love to overanalyze basic stuff and build up theories based solely on their imagination.

I thought this manga would be longer, but its length was enough to tell that story and do it well.

HEDGEHOG10 said:
we got 2 deep, thought-provoking one-shots from the man himself, now he's back with his usual wacky woohoo wtf plot again.

I don't think of it that way. If you take a look at few random essays about CSM characters, you will see basically headcanon chasing headcanon, and strawmanning elements that were not even present in the story, just for the sake to build up certain theory about, dunno, how circle is actually square. AoT fandom started to be perceived stereotypically as such. I guess CSM fandom might be next.
Jul 3, 2022 4:10 PM
Jan 2009
its anticlimactic i thought they gonna explore the apophenia or supernatural phenomena like ghosts and hidden messages of the love confession video he uploaded but it ended abruptly saying even if you deleted the video it will never be erased on the internet anyway

and who was that light haired school girl that warned him she is a better romantic ship to him than his teacher
Jul 3, 2022 4:31 PM

Dec 2017
just here to say that this was peak fiction and top tier as always. arigato-gozaimasu, fujimoto-sensei :pray
Jul 3, 2022 4:40 PM

Oct 2013
uninstallthegame said:
just here to say that this was peak fiction and top tier as always. arigato-gozaimasu, fujimoto-sensei :pray

As many people say nowadays:
True, fr and ong.
Jul 3, 2022 5:10 PM
Aug 2018
Okay I haven’t finished Chainsaw Man so don’t spoil but is there any meaning or point to the girl that tells him not to delete the video? Like she just appeared and that was it. Idk how people are comparing this to his one shots cause this felt like the dude wanted to rant about something and instead of making a twitter post about it he decided to make an uninteresting one shot..kind of petty since the majority of people simply just like the story of Chainsaw Man and wasn’t overanalyzing it like some are and it feels like he was bothered by a small ratio of people
Jul 3, 2022 5:11 PM
Aug 2018
Gattz said:
Love how the score for this one is the lowest his work has gotten, really seems to have irked some of the people here lmfao.

No ones irked it just wasn’t a super interesting one shot
Jul 3, 2022 5:35 PM
Jan 2021
another open ending... wtf
Jul 3, 2022 8:44 PM

Jul 2010
Honestly it's not bad, just mid. Not everything can be "Sayonara Eri" or "Look Back" in terms of enjoyment and story but hey, this manga doesn't even try to pass as "breakthrough masterpiece". Just listen to the song. And wait for CSM 2. Now that's where the real hype is.

...oh damn, that's manga about people like me who expect too much from the sequel?! I am part of the problem!!
11/10 Fujimoto genius as always would read again blindfolded
Jul 3, 2022 10:21 PM

Jun 2019
That's exactly what I think. The scores truly prove what he was trying to say... my GOAT.
Jul 4, 2022 12:37 AM
Jan 2018
Looks like he’s trying to get a point across
Jul 4, 2022 5:07 AM

Oct 2021
I love how Fujimoto seemingly played a lot of people with the school girl and her random remark on the ghosts that were hiding in the main character's Youtube video, which ultimately lead to nothing. It feels almost ironic and was probably just part of Fujimoto indirectly trying to tell his viewers not to overanalyze irrelevant plot points that don't really add anything to the core story he wants to tell. He pretty much set the girl up as a red-herring to reinforce his statement of people trying to find deeper meaning in something that isn't actually meant to be deep at all
Psycho_GokuJul 4, 2022 5:10 AM
Jul 4, 2022 9:22 AM
Jul 2021
i found myself over-analyzing and overthinking about the story just like people did for the music. that was brilliant:)
Jul 4, 2022 9:55 AM

May 2019
Short, simple, and to the point. 8/10
Jul 4, 2022 6:51 PM

Aug 2020
Lacked the nuanced approach Fujimoto always seem to have but still not a bad read.

Jul 6, 2022 2:40 PM

Jan 2022
Short but sweet. I'm a sucker for meta commentary and this one applies to the work that's telling it itself, and I like the message being told, so it was a nice and funny read. 7/10.

Jul 8, 2022 2:42 AM

Nov 2008
Did americans really think that Gun Devil in Chainsaw Man was intended to be a metaphor for their perpetual country-wide gun drama? <- the largest collection of anime Openings & Endings on the Web <- guess an anime from your list by it's Opening/Ending music browser game
Jul 8, 2022 5:31 AM

Jan 2011
Just when you think it's gonna be about ghosts, Fujimoto pulls a fast one again.

The long ass oneshots are great and all, but wouldn't mind him putting out some more short ones again.

Isn't thinking of this as a metaphor for over analysing Fujimoto's works in itself over analysing? :>
ReaperCreeperJul 8, 2022 5:36 AM
Jul 8, 2022 11:24 PM

Jul 2021
Great oneshot but the ending was too quick! anyways this chapter kinda reminded me of the song "Stairway to Heaven" for some reasons
Jul 10, 2022 7:19 AM

Jul 2021
it was good but just ppl should just not fucking overanalyze it
Life sucks
Jul 17, 2022 9:31 AM

Jul 2021
story by : tatsuki fujimoto .
art by : oto toda .

i dont know what is the point of this one-shot :
- only 18 pages ?

- fujimoto wanted to troll the readers ?

- fujimoto wanted to train toda to become fujimoto 's assisstant ?

- the publisher shueisha wanted to launder their money ?


i guess fujimoto is a mas0chist , so he loves sadi$t girls , like the black-hair girl in this one-shot , lol .

page 4 : note that only main boy are handsome , while his 4 friends are ugly , fat , bony , with lame hairs .

page 5 :
- the curves of your b00bs and a$$ are beautiful , lovely ...

page 9 : this white-hair girl is mieruko-chan / the girl who sees spirits ? nah , just kidding , she is probably just an edgy , chuunibyou girl who likes to say deep stuffs , lol . she even dyed her black hair to the white color .

page 12 : the spanish words are :

curva . hermosa y .
es muy pintoresco .
usa un lapiz y se educado .
dibujan un esquema .
se transmite para que se transmita amar .


curve . beautiful and .
it is very picturesque.
use a pencil and be polite.
they draw an outline.
it is transmitted so that love is transmitted.


fun fact : the name "oto toda" sounds manly , but this mangaka is actually a woman . you can buy this volume and see for yourself :

in the omake , extra , bonus pages of this volume , the mangaka talks about her past experiences .
daywithoutgamesJul 18, 2022 10:40 AM

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Jul 17, 2022 9:39 AM

Jul 2021
i just found the youtube channel of the boy in this one-shot :

and youtube watchers really like to over-analyze things , here is an example : they took sides and went to war with each other in the comment section , just because the video uploader used the normal , simple "T word" :
daywithoutgamesJul 17, 2022 9:53 AM

Hello everyone , please check out and subscribe to my youtube channel , DayWithoutAnime 2.0 DayWithoutGame , that has many meme , funny anime / manga videos , thank you :
Jul 23, 2022 9:12 AM

Dec 2016
Wait.. was I trolled into thinking (before reading) that "explosion art" that I saw on twitter was in this oneshot or it was from different oneshot?
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Dec 17, 2022 4:17 AM

Jan 2021
This was funny. I'd say it's the perfect length for a funny short one-shot. The song lyrics made me burst out laughing. Not as good as his other one-shots but still good
Jan 20, 4:22 AM

Dec 2020
People were busy trying to find hidden meanings and didn't realise what he wanted to convey i.e. his love for that girl. So...the second song is titled "Just listen to the song" in an effort to remind everyone what his first song was about.

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