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Sep 2008
Manga Discussion Rules

In addition to the Site & Forum Guidelines, the following rules apply to the Manga Discussion board and the Manga Series sub-boards.

1. Anime/Manga specific threads should go into their respective sub-boards.
    e.g. Did anyone feel this way after the end of ____ ?
    e.g. What order should I watch ____ in? Do I need to have watched ____ before ____?
    e.g. Which movie/season is your favorite from the ____ franchise?
    e.g. What chapter should I start from?
    e.g. Season 1 vs. Season 2, anime version vs. manga version.
    e.g. Any questions about characters in a specific anime/manga.

    Thread topics which cover several database entries and/or series of a franchise (e.g. best viewing order) should be posted in one of the sub-boards of the franchise.

2. Please refrain from creating threads that do not encourage meaningful and/or civil discussion. Examples include:
    a. picture collecting

    b. random "xx vs. yy"
      e.g. Goku vs. Lelouch, Gintama vs. Clannad, etc.

    c. discussing social media/community members or their works
      e.g. What do you think about YouTuberA? Do you agree with blog B? Why is userC so hated? etc.

    d. personal storytelling, narration, ranting, and/or blog-style posts
      e.g. Rate my list/favorites, Post your ___ and I'll rate it, review and/or rant texts about an anime, etc.
      These topics only encourage a one-way discussion where members are commenting on the poster's idea (or vice versa).

    e. MAL community data
      e.g. Questioning the score/ranking/character favorite counts
      e.g. Saying that series X should have a higher/lower score/count
      e.g. Specific reviews, moderation of data/community content/reviews, etc.
      Concerns about the website should be reported using the appropriate buttons or designated MyAnimeList boards.

    f. labeling and/or berating groups of people
      e.g. What is the most toxic fandom? Fans of ___ are toxic, Elitists think ___, ___ have "shit taste", etc.

    g. categorizing generalized opinions as popular/unpopular
      e.g. Why does everyone like/hate ___, Why is studio ___ so hated, Post your unpopular opinion about ___, etc.
      These threads are designed to assign people into black/white categories which then instigate wars between each "side". Either use the overrated/underrated thread or think carefully about what it is you want to discuss and avoid generalizing.

3. Do not create threads that ask about information that can easily be seen on user profiles or database entry pages.
    e.g. What is your favorite anime/manga/character?

4. Do not ask where to download/watch anime or where to download/read manga.

5. Please refrain from creating threads which extend beyond the discussion of anime/manga as an entertainment medium to highly-debated and/or sensitive issues liable to incite rule violations (trolling, flaming, abuse).
    This includes but is not limited to:
    • gender/racial equality
    • sexual orientation, homophobia
    • sexual assault
    • pedophilia, lolicon/shotacon, incest, teenage-adult relationships

    Unfortunately, these threads always devolve into the same final scenario: users are assigned into black/white categories where one side is "SJWs", the other side is "Nazis/rapists/etc", insults/abuse are being fired off from both sides, and trolls come in to feed the drama. Please choose more appropriate settings for these discussions than in a public forum on an entertainment website.
LunaJun 22, 2021 11:07 AM
This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.
Nov 9, 2012 10:53 AM

Sep 2008
Manga Series Chapter Discussion Rules

These rules are specific to chapter discussion threads and supercede the Anime/Manga Discussion Rules whenever there is a conflict.
  1. Do not start a chapter discussion before you have actually read it.
  2. Refrain from writing chapter summaries or running commentaries. Please use your blog for this purpose.
  3. Posts must not contain more than one manga page or other image.
  4. Single phrase responses (e.g., "Good chapter") do not contribute to nor promote discussion and will be removed without notice.
  5. Do not ask when scanlations/raws will be released, or where to download/read a chapter.
  6. Refrain from comparing/conversing about whose scanlation to use or read in the Chapter Discussion.
Keep in mind that a discussion involves dialogue between users about a topic extraneous to oneself. An opinion of a chapter can initiate discussion, whereas summaries and pictures do not.
Oct 12, 2019 12:01 PM

Sep 2008
Rule #2 Modified; Expanded. "Simple listing" has been removed from examples of threads which do not encourage discussion, and existing examples have been expanded to include gossiping and blog-style posts.
Jun 22, 2021 11:09 AM

Sep 2008
All rules clarified with examples and modified formatting.

Rule #2 Expanded. We are seeing an increase in threads intentionally or accidentally designed to fuel wars around community scores and/or audience reception of titles. These threads do not encourage civil discussion and so have been added as examples to avoid their continuous creation.
This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.

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