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Undead Unluck
Undead Unluck
3 hours ago
Watching 10/24 · Scored -
Kanojo mo Kanojo Season 2
Kanojo mo Kanojo Season 2
Yesterday, 12:36 PM
Watching 10/12 · Scored 4
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 3
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 3
Yesterday, 11:49 AM
Watching 10/12 · Scored 7
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Edens Zero
Edens Zero
Yesterday, 11:24 AM
Reading 267/? · Scored 7
Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Yesterday, 11:20 AM
Reading 409/? · Scored 5
One Piece
One Piece
Yesterday, 12:01 AM
Reading 1101/? · Scored 10

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FedeMetal Nov 21, 6:46 PM
Nice profile
bronycon42 Nov 18, 8:10 AM
barisu Nov 10, 11:51 AM
Probably but then again atleast for the netherlands, the asians here r rich asf wtf. Im about to watch the new jjk ep but the last 2 weeks it was fucking amazing bruh

Fav so far is probably frieren/apothecary series these 2 are insanely good, wby?

So that appointment got postponed to yday, but it was really amazing. It was a pretty big company with heavy expensive gear because they make chips (the stuff in ur pc, phone, passport, credit card etc) so the techniques were really secure and stuff made me feel like im in psycho pass.

Honestly thats what I thought and I doubt it ill actually do it. Rather much go in the industry and switch jobs after a few years in order to get raises sadly the modern tactic in getting a pay raise

LMFAOO the frieren ones? good thing u told me cuz shit im planning to get it.

My mum came from istanbul and she jsut brought me a zenitsu and giyu pop figure thats funny af because she knows fuck all about anime LMAO but it fits right infront of my collection
bronycon42 Oct 29, 4:25 AM

barisu Oct 23, 1:07 PM
LOL. Chapter was pretty good. The anime episode though holy shit Mappa is overworked I just know it

I basically sort seasonals by score and watch whichever looks good atp.

Not now but in a month lool I have some catching up to do on books I need to get before its too late LOL. Great to hear man hope it'll keep going well. I have a graduation internship appointment on thursday hopefully its something interesting. Also really debating if I should continue with my masters after this final year.

Dont blame u at all, I save all the seasonals for saturday/sunday and binge them. INNIT Frieren is so fucking good. I heard from it before and now I am defo intrigued into buying it too
barisu Oct 15, 11:36 AM
this break feeling like ages, I think this week new chapter? heard some dudes say another break but idk how reliable

idk breh I honestly always think im up to date with new shows coming out and some random gem that gets popular spawns out of nowhere

I got the job, first day tomorrow so I'm glad I can finally spend money on mangas again after the first paycheck LMAO. Also my internship interview tomorrow so busy day, how is it on ur end?

U know what a sleeper show is this season, shangri-la frontier. Lowkey love it
barisu Oct 2, 9:37 AM
They done made Sukuna even more op breh who is beating bro??

brother 2 chapters been out my days social media got into ur head

Felt that breh but parttime job interview tomorrow and soon full time internship with a bit of pay so hopefully then I can spend again but for now saving fr
barisu Sep 25, 11:07 AM
lmaoo ngl he got off-screened so I do feel like some type of shit is still going to happen surrounding Gojo whether its kenjaku stealing his body or him and yuji being in a dream or whatever. I JUST NEED YUJI TO GET THIS GET BACK MAN. This week felt mad long waiting for the new leaks. It might be cope but I do feel somewhere that Sukuna got like bodied multiple chapters after eachother and this is Gojos first actual body but in the end I do think he'll die for plot reasons

Lmaoo I refuse to read it as of now because of all this trolling icl.

They have a lot and the prices r insane. This will be my new go to icl
barisu Sep 23, 2:51 PM
Yeah, just on the probability of finding a job + the pay you get. Obviously higher degree = higher salary (in most cases)

mate what did I tell u LOL hes going to die. I did say i love sukuna but I reread from the hakari vs kashimo fight since I stop reading from there a year ago yday and I do kinda feel bad LOL. I just need Yuji to do something breh. also yeah that shit is so odd like at the end of the day its fiction

mate fucking hell dont start everytime I open tiktok and hear that kagura bachi audio and the meatriding captions LMFAO manga readers r so weird.

bro let me put you on. Scifier insane site to buy manga/lns that is insanely cheap and has discount codes + shipping is cheap as hell (5 for me and they ship from UK so it could be cheaper for u). its like the european rightstuf and they also have a lot of sales and 1st volume half price mate this site is the best any european could use atm
barisu Sep 22, 1:18 PM
yeah I did 1 last year but I need to find a graduation internship for february - july. Yeah final year. Imo its weird cuz our system has like a separate level of education which is called uni in english but its not.

mate forget about OP have u seen JJK ROFL and the ep from yday too. I just know uve seen this shit too breh

I did get some hints at the start of her being sick and I could already guess where a 24 ep with a romance theme was going towards
BumbleBeez Sep 17, 4:26 AM
Hii! I've been doing good, wbu? 😊
Sadly yeah... i've been at school for 6 weeks now 😭 I'm in Year 12 now! Luckkyyyy you still have a whole week now? of freedom left. So jealous fr πŸ₯² But also ur psychoiotherpay (idk how to spell it) masters sounds rlly hard so, GL FOR NEXT WEEK!!

OH DAMN ALL THAT JUST TO WATCH IT, I should def watch it then but i need the motivationnn... Hehe I will be sure to enjoy it! Even though I'm binging through it at a snails pace. I WILL WATCH ZOM.... THIS WEEK! REALLY THIS TIME I SWEAR, tI'm gna officially try to get back into anime. I SWEAR ILL ACC WATCH IT THIS WEEK!!! AND NOT FORGET!!!🫑🫑
Oh I've never heard of horizon. It sounds interesting tho, plus its short so i can read it during class, hehehe. Have a nice dayyy!!!
barisu Sep 14, 3:56 PM
my guy im in uni ROFL. I had found a job which fit my agenda rly well but the dude suddenly stopped replying so gg

Man I liked 1 jjk post now my whole feed full of jjk and jjk theories.

dawg when I watched that it had me icl LOL
Kamisato_Ayaka Sep 14, 9:12 AM
You also have good favorite anime too! like Bleach, Monster, Gintama and others :D

Kamisato_Ayaka Sep 14, 1:34 AM
Thanks for accepting!
Nice to meet you :)
barisu Sep 10, 10:41 AM
brother I am tired most of the time so I half open my eyes anyway lool

Mate all these memes of JJK im seeing on tiktok where theyre telling certain characters to not go to shibuya is killing me (no pun intended). The visuals of the op r sick too especially the yuji sukuna tranistion.

Yeah if its a romance its even bett-
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