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Giuliia Jun 16, 1:53 PM
Right now I'm trying to do 1 by 1, but I also want to get on with One Piece a bit. But now that I've tried again, I prefer to concentrate on 1 anime at a time. In doing so, I realized that sometimes watching only 3 episodes per series cut me off from the anime's emotions, and as I stopped, I didn't get the emotions at the right time.
Giuliia Jun 15, 4:33 AM
Yes and I think watching seasonal anime is good too and by watching them you progress pretty fast as generally you want to be up to date so watch them all and to coast advance a long. That's why I'm hesitating, for example, about a full-length anime and at the same time moving on to "shorts" like 7DS, free, radiant another etc...
AnimeCreed Jun 9, 9:07 PM
Well its cosplay thing & also brought my volleyball lol
The theater was dead except for me & my friend
They did adaptation well really, there some minor detail miss from manga but overall it was great

Imao yep
Fast food joints for UK & US the size portion is different
Bro the Nandos there hit different

Do you keep with any UK youtuber or nah?

For sure
What are some destination you want to go to?
I'm going Japan later this year so i'm excited for it

Giuliia Jun 7, 11:15 AM
I finished Erased I find this anime is super easy to watch and super interesting, Kayo is endearing with her story and music, suspense frankly this is an anime I really like!

I put all my watching in Hold On, I asked for advice because every time I put anime in watching all the rest in hold on then everything in watching etc.. So now I'm going to concentrate on one anime at a time and from time to time watch a long anime like black clover, one piece, naruto ??.. or I'll concentrate on little witch academia then toradora and I'll go on to one piece for about ten episodes or black clover etc... Just to get ahead a bit or really HxH, I'll concentrate like crazy on it until I finish it.

Someone told me, I asked for advice, that by watching 1 at a time you're really into the anime, the emotions, and it goes faster etc... Which is true, so I don't know?

Also watch the movie Re:Zero and then start season 1, finish seasons 1 Beastars, food wars, demon slayer, kakegurui...

How do you do it when you watch HxH, naruto etc.? Did you see them all at once, in a row?
Giuliia May 31, 2:57 PM
And that something “The voice of all things” that Luffy and Roger can hear and the fact that Luffy has the “gift” of rallying everyone to his cause even his former enemies/adversaries.
Giuliia May 31, 2:52 PM
There's also one about Roger being “the old Joyboy” who, because he couldn't fulfill his dream, was reincarnated by Gold Roger. He didn't finish either, but they arrived too soon (why?), but Luffy will!
Giuliia May 31, 2:50 PM
As far as this theory is concerned, Roger said: he and his crew arrived at Laugh Tale too early. He knew very well that the famous joyboy would reappear. By the way, there are lots of theories, one of which I've seen for a long time, but it's about Luffy's real “dream” being to have a gigantic banquet at Laugh Tale with everyone from the start (kid, law, the bad guys...). I can't remember exactly, but I don't know. In any case, the “one piece” on Laugh Tale made Roger laugh. Or maybe it's the meaning of the “D”, frankly the day this masterpiece ends oulala :(
AnimeCreed May 31, 10:21 AM
Hell ya its gonna be peak i'm gonna watch it this weekend
Gonna be wearing my karasuno jersey

I guess london since things to explore, like what exactly?
I ate English breakfast idk if that counts lol

LA is sick but expensive lol

Will you going in the future?
Giuliia May 26, 6:16 AM
There are many theories about Luffy's mother, whether it's Im and that she's very high up in the government, or others who say it's Crocodile (his famous secret during Impel Down with Ivankov). And Shirley's prediction about Fish Island, I think Luffy will destroy Fish Island but not in a “bad” way, he destroyed it but will rise to the surface something like that I'd seen a theory about and then Fish and humans would finally live in peace and harmony, together. And since Luffy is a joyboy, by doing this he's apologizing for the promise he couldn't keep years ago, and he's coming to fulfill it and free the fish-men.
AnimeCreed May 25, 12:42 PM
LMAO i know who won i forgot how they won
I know who they lost and why too \
Yea true

Nice, i haven't been there. I went to London, Manchester, Leeds, & Liverpool
Imao its nice

You should
Where do you want visit? NYC? LA?
Giuliia May 24, 11:20 AM
I don't think so, at least I hope not, but One Piece is a masterpiece and I can't wait for it to end. In fact, I'm in between the 2 and I want to know all the mysteries (I hope he won't forget any because almost every arc has mysteries, the Cool Brothers, Im-sama, Shanks, many say he's a villain, etc.).

I don't know, but I think that for Luffy to become King of the Pirates, he'll have to face him at some point. The giant straw hat in the cold room of im-sama before there was a theory that it belonged to Joyboy who was a giant, I feel like saying now we know that Luffy with Nika Nika no mi = Nika = JoyBoy so it could have belonged to luffy in his giant size. Luffy vs Lucci at egghead luffy can take on giant body proportions, so he can probably be giant and wear the hat. The hat: Joyboy, Gol D Roger, Shanks, Luffy, or the fruits of the devil, florian's triangle, luffy's mother, ancient weapons, THE forgotten century, the will of the D etc.... I hope he doesn't mess it up and takes his time when we know it's all going to be amazing!
Giuliia May 18, 3:56 AM
Dragon Ball is really fight, fight, fight well after I don't have too much of an opinion I've only seen about ten episodes. I liked Naruto I had seen about 120 episodes but every time my favorite arcs are in the beginnings Naruto, exams to become ninja after chunins etc., Hunter x Hunter the hunter exam...

Coming back to One Piece, the skypiea arc seems to have something to do with Joyboy/nika, I think... it's been a long time ^^'
Giuliia May 18, 3:53 AM
Nah, it doesn't bother me at all, I'm already spoiling myself so xD Eiichiro Oda is a master, he's the God of mangaka, there are secrets that were introduced at the beginning of the story or around episode 100 etc. but we don't know the answer until 1000 episodes later and I'm really hoping for the best. all the mysteries that we still don't know the answer to, he's really not going to forget anything at the end of One Piece, it's going to get even crazier, and then after a while I think there's bound to be a Marine/Pirate confrontation, and just imagine with all Luffy's allies on every arc, The fleets of mugiwaras that come to help them, we can assume that during the great war Garp will defend luffy as he already lost Ace but this time he won't want to stand idly by. And Luffy has had a gift from the very beginning, although it's in relation to Nika, but he manages to rally everyone to his cause and turn his former enemies into allies. This anime is just unbelievable, I can't wait for it to end. And even though heroes in shonens don't usually have a mother, there's still the mystery of who Luffy's mother is, and so much more...
Giuliia May 17, 11:27 AM
Well, a long time ago I'd started watching One Piece but I'd skip a few episodes so I'd get mad at myself later, but then I wanted to start again. But no, plus I've just got to the Alabasta arc so One Piece I'm picking up where I left off and this time I'm not making the same mistake I'm watching one by one and when I've finished hunter x hunter I'll start another but I'll have to switch to 2 if there's more I'm more dedicated to some so I'm only going to keep “2” anime watching.

And One Piece and Hunter x Hunter are among my favorite anime so I don't mind rewatching them ^^.

On the other hand, I really need to get into dragon ball later, seriously, I don't know if I'd like to, I've only seen about ten episodes.
ARand0mPers0n May 16, 2:40 PM
nah i dont tend to watch seasonal cause i get annoyed when eps end on cliff hangers XD i prefer to binge in one go... theres a few ill probs be watching after they end though :) black butler and blue exorcist new seasons mainly. you?
and same! enjoy FT a lot... a series i grew up with in a way... was an early one i watched when i first got into anime like 13-14 years ago and still go back to it now and then (even if i havent watched the final season yet XD)
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